Die Bibel nach Biff


Author: Christopher Moore

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3894809965

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 839

Im Buch der Bücher fehlen einige Kapitel: Unter den wachsamen Augen von Engel Raziel soll Biff diese Lücke füllen und alles über die Kindheit und die turbulente Jugend von Jesus Christus berichten. Biff ist der einzige glaubwürdige Zeuge dieser Zeit, schließlich ist er in all den Jahren Jesus' bester Freund gewesen und stand ihm schon zur Seite, als dieser noch versuchte, vertrocknete Eidechsen zum Leben zu erwecken ...

The Blood of the Lamb

A Novel

Author: Peter De Vries

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022614917X

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 542

The most poignant of all De Vries's novels, The Blood of the Lamb is also the most autobiographical. It follows the life of Don Wanderhop from his childhood in an immigrant Calvinist family living in Chicago in the 1950s through the loss of a brother, his faith, his wife, and finally his daughter-a tragedy drawn directly from De Vries's own life. Despite its foundation in misfortune, The Blood of the Lamb offers glimpses of the comic sensibility for which De Vries was famous. Engaging directly with the reader in a manner that buttresses the personal intimacy of the story, De Vries writes with a powerful blend of grief, love, wit, and fury.

The Smile of the Lamb

A Novel

Author: David Grossman

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1466803738

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 1212

In a chorus of voices David Grossman's The Smile of the Lamb tells the story of Uri, an idealistic young Israeli soldier serving in an army unit in the small Palestinian village of Andal, in the occupied territories, and his relationship with Khilmi, a nearly blind old Palestinian storyteller. Gradually as the violent reality of the occupation that infects both the occupier and the occupied alike merges with the old man's stories, Uri, captivated by Khilmi's wisdom, tries to solve the riddles and deceits that make up his life. Originally published in Hebrew in 1983, The Smile of the Lamb is a novel of disillusionment and a piercing examination of injustice and dishonesty.


A Novel

Author: Christopher Moore

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748114483

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

View: 3426

The birth of Jesus has been well chronicled, as have his glorious teachings, acts, and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday. But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God, the missing years - except Biff, the Messiah's best bud, who has been resurrected to tell the story in this divinely hilarious, yet heartfelt work 'reminiscent of Vonnegut and Douglas Adams' (Philadelphia Inquirer). Verily, the story Biff has to tell is a miraculous one, filled with remarkable journeys, magic, healings, kung fu, corpse reanimations, demons, and hot babes, Even the considerable wiles and devotion of the Saviour's pal may not be enough to divert Joshua from his tragic destiny. But there's no one who loves Josh more - except maybe 'Maggie,' Mary of Magdala - and Biff isn't about to let his extraordinary pal suffer and ascend without a fight.

The Testament of Jessie Lamb

Author: Jane Rogers

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 085786419X

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 2950

Women are dying in their millions. Some blame scientists, some see the hand of God. As she watches her world collapsing, Jessie Lamb decides she wants to make her life count. Would you let your daughter die if it would save the human race? The Testament of Jessie Lamb is the story of one daughter's heroism and one father's love.

Lamb in Love

A Novel

Author: Carrie Brown

Publisher: Algonquin Books

ISBN: 1565127633

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

View: 5256

Carrie Brown's triumphant first novel, Rose's Garden, garnered high praise from the critics for its "simple, beautiful language," and for "plumbing the emotional depths of ordinary human beings." Just a year later, she does it again. Lamb in Love is set in a rural English village the year of the Apollo moon landing and tells of two people surprised, halfway through their lives by...what? passion? desire? love? They haven't the experience to quite identify it. Norris and Vida have known each other forever. Neither has had any idea how to go about falling in love. Vida Stephen has been nanny for twenty years to the mentally handicapped son of a rich American widower. Every day for most of her life, she nods to Norris Lamb, the postmaster, when calling for her mail. Sometimes Norris offers pretty stamps to the boy. A fussy, stamp-collecting bachelor and church organist, Norris has fallen suddenly, amazingly, and secretly in love with Vida. Witness to Norris and Vida's halting, at times embarrassing courtship is Vida's charge, Manford - mute and clumsy and yet possessed of an odd and gentle intelligence. It is through Manford, even thanks to him, that Norris and Vida finally come to recognize each other and themselves. Carrie Brown has an affinity for the way love transforms the most ordinary and imperfect people. In Lamb in Love, she celebrates a man and a woman who discover in themselves a bravery that allows them to become the heroes of their own story.

Das Blut des Lammes


Author: Thomas F. Monteleone

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783453432024


Page: 539

View: 3810

The Horn of a Lamb

A Novel

Author: Robert Sedlack

Publisher: Anchor Books

ISBN: 9780385659710

Category: Fiction

Page: 393

View: 8080

From the author of the internationally acclaimed The African Safari Papers comes a story of a man caught between civic responsibility and sweet revenge. Meet Fred Pickle. He has a severe brain injury. For the past seven years Fred has lived under the loving guardianship of his uncle Jack on his sheep farm. Fred’s annual creation of a perfect neighbourhood rink is a joyous quasi-religious ritual for him. And his local NHL team means more to him than it would to the average fan; it renews hope and happiness. So when the team’s owner announces he is moving the team, Fred’s world begins to fall apart. Torn between the law-abiding influence of Uncle Jack and the radical urgings of Badger, an 81-year-old anarchist, Fred must decide whether a plot of vengeance against the owner is a path to independence or oblivion. The Horn of a Lamb charts an unforgettable year in the life of the incomparable Fred Pickle, a year that begins with the promise of another hockey season, and ends in a way few could have foreseen -- especially the lambs.

Sweet Lamb of Heaven: A Novel

Author: Lydia Millet

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393285553

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 5701

Longlisted for the National Book Award for Fiction: Blending domestic thriller and psychological horror, this compelling page-turner follows a mother fleeing her estranged husband. Lydia Millet’s previous work has been shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Likewise greeted with rapturous praise, Sweet Lamb of Heaven is a first-person account of a young mother, Anna, fleeing her cold and unfaithful husband, a businessman who’s just launched his first campaign for political office. When Ned chases Anna and their six-year-old daughter from Alaska to Maine, the two go into hiding in a run-down motel on the coast. But the longer they stay, the less the guests in the dingy motel look like typical tourists—and the less Ned resembles a typical candidate. As his pursuit of Anna and their child moves from threatening to criminal, Ned begins to alter his wife’s world in ways she never could have imagined. A double-edged and satisfying story with a strong female protagonist, a thrilling plot, and a creeping sense of the apocalyptic, Sweet Lamb of Heaven builds to a shattering ending with profound implications for its characters—and for all of us.

Blood of the Lamb

Author: Sam Cabot

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0451466896

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 4175

Dispatched to reclaim a centuries-old Vatican document containing a world-changing secret, American Jesuit priest Thomas Kelly and Italian art historian and secret vampire Livia Pietro follow cryptic clues while being pursued by a dangerous adversary.

I Know This Much Is True

Author: Wally Lamb

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780060391621

Category: Fiction

Page: 901

View: 8241

Dominick Birdsey, a forty-year-old housepainter living in Three Rivers, Connecticut, finds his subdued life greatly disturbed when his identical twin brother Thomas, a paranoid schizophrenic, commits a shocking act of self-mutilation

Wishin' and Hopin'

A Novel

Author: Wally Lamb

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061968167

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 679

Wally Lamb, the beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Hour I First Believed, I Know This Much Is True, and She’s Come Undone, delivers a holiday treat with Wishin’ and Hopin’—an unforgettable novella that captures the warmth and joy of the holiday season. Poignant and hilarious, in a vein similar to Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story and David Sedaris’s The Santaland Diaries, Lamb’s Christmas tale focuses on a feisty parochial school fifth grader named Felix Funicello—a distant cousin of the iconic Annette!

The Hour I First Believed

A Novel

Author: Wally Lamb

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061980312

Category: Fiction

Page: 768

View: 4636

When high school teacher Caelum Quirk and his wife, Maureen, a school nurse, move to Littleton, Colorado, they both get jobs at Columbine High School. In April 1999, while Caelum is away, Maureen finds herself in the library at Columbine, cowering in a cabinet and expecting to be killed. Miraculously, she survives, but at a cost: she is unable to recover from the trauma. When Caelum and Maureen flee to an illusion of safety on the Quirk family's Connecticut farm, they discover that the effects of chaos are not easily put right, and further tragedy ensues.

I'll Take You There

Author: Wally Lamb

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473539110

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 8505

Behind every good man is a great woman - or three A New York Times bestseller: the kaleidoscopic new novel from Wally Lamb, author of She's Come Undone. Every Monday evening, Felix Funicello sets up a new film at an old vaudeville theatre for his weekly movie club. But one night, as this sixty-year-old scholar prepares the projectionist booth, he is confronted by an unanticipated guest: the ghost of Lois Weber. Once a trailblazing motion picture director from Hollywood’s silent film era, Lois invites Felix to sit back and watch a new feature on the big screen – scenes from Felix’s life. Though unnerved by these ethereal apparitions, Felix comes to look forward to his encounters with Lois. And as these magical movies play before him, he begins to reflect on the trio of unforgettable women who have profoundly impacted his life: his troublesome yet loving sister; his Generation Y daughter; and Verna, a fiery would-be beauty queen from the 1950s. An evocative and kaleidoscopic convergence of Hollywood, feminism and family secrets, I’ll Take You There is a radiant homage to a single life and to the resiliency, strength and power of women.

We Are Water

A Novel

Author: Wally Lamb

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062199021

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

View: 3440

We Are Water is a disquieting and ultimately uplifting novel about a marriage, a family, and human resilience in the face of tragedy, from Wally Lamb, the New York Times bestselling author of The Hour I First Believed and I Know This Much Is True. After 27 years of marriage and three children, Anna Oh—wife, mother, outsider artist—has fallen in love with Viveca, the wealthy Manhattan art dealer who orchestrated her success. They plan to wed in the Oh family’s hometown of Three Rivers in Connecticut. But the wedding provokes some very mixed reactions and opens a Pandora’s Box of toxic secrets—dark and painful truths that have festered below the surface of the Ohs’ lives. We Are Water is a layered portrait of marriage, family, and the inexorable need for understanding and connection, told in the alternating voices of the Ohs—nonconformist, Anna; her ex-husband, Orion, a psychologist; Ariane, the do-gooder daughter, and her twin, Andrew, the rebellious only son; and free-spirited Marissa, the youngest. It is also a portrait of modern America, exploring issues of class, changing social mores, the legacy of racial violence, and the nature of creativity and art. With humor and compassion, Wally Lamb brilliantly captures the essence of human experience and the ways in which we search for love and meaning in our lives.

Sacrificial Lamb: A Legal Thriller

Author: Nino Lama

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469113317

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

View: 9205

Sacrificial Lamb—a Legal Thriller is likely the most fast paced novel to be found anywhere. Two murders, two trials, conspiracies, twists and turns, a struggling defense lawyer and his lawyer son committed to saving their clients make this a fast page-turner, a novel you won’t want to put down. Vince DiMarco and his son defend two murders. One defendant is Vince’s best friend and doctor, Billy Andrews, M.D. The second, Sterling Pierce, is the senior vice president of a local bank involved in international internet banking. The book begins with the trial of a young boy charged with statutory rape. Vince and Mike get him acquitted, much to the rage of the girl’s father, Sterling Pierce. The boy is murdered, and Pierce is charged. The second murder takes place when Billy Andrews reveals to his wife he’s having an affair. She takes an overdose of prescription drugs, and Andrews is charged with illegally providing her with narcotics leading to her death—murder. Real trial proceedings, and a look behind the scenes of action packed criminal defense make this novel a must. Aging trial lawyer Vince Di Marco would like to sit back and let his son run the firm, but his friends won't let him. They keep getting involved in things like divorce, bank fraud, and murder. How can Vince refuse someone he once was an altar boy with? So turn off your Law and Order reruns. Nino Lama's second book, Sacrificial Lambs is full of surprises, and will keep you entertained and guessing until the final pages. Stephen Poleskie, author of The Balloonist -- The Story of T. S. C. Lowe, Inventor, Scientist, Magician, and Father of the U. S. Air Force Nino Lama writes with a hard-boiled, ironic voice that you would expect from a fedora-wearing gat-packing hotshot of the 1930's -- only his hero Vince DiMarco isn't that at all: lawyer, family man, lonely hearted lover man, Vince lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York and has a distinctly 21st Century sense of humor. In this quick paced legal thriller, he's trying to do the right things for the right people and figure the angles on the bad guys, too -- and wow, how tricky that can be! Peter Fortunato, author of Letters to Tiohero. A rape and a divorce turn into a double murder, and his banker is suspected of fraud. Lawyer Vince di Marco thinks he has it all under control - but when the bad guys looking to hit him mistakenly shoot his son and law partner, Mike, Vince loses it. Another fast-paced and engaging mystery from Nino Lama, featuring the funny and endearing father and son team of two lawyers fighting crime and corruption while trying to hold their own lives together. Anna Maclean, author of Louisa and the Crystal Gazer and the other Louisa May Alcott mysteries.