Keepers of the Game

When the Baseball Beat was the Best Job on the Paper

Author: Dennis D'Agostino

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1597978701

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 259

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The inside stories from baseball's legendary beat writers

Keepers of the Game

Indian-Animal Relationships and the Fur Trade

Author: Calvin Martin

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520046375

Category: History

Page: 226

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Examines the effects of European contact and the fur trade on the relationship between Indians and animals in eastern Canada, from Lake Winnipeg to the Canadian Maritimes, focusing primarily on the Ojibwa, Cree, Montagnais-Naskapi, and Micmac tribes.

Indians, Animals, and the Fur Trade

A Critique of Keepers of the Game

Author: Shepard Krech, III

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820331503

Category: History

Page: 216

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Exploring the motivations of Indians involved in the fur trade, the contributors to this volume challenge the spiritualist interpretation set forth by Calvin Martin in Keepers of the Game, which dismisses the lure of European goods--the power and leisure that firearms and other tools afforded the Indians--and instead attributes the Indians' willingness to overkill wildlife to the epidemics that decimated their ranks, that not only shattered their religious bonds with game but also unleashed a furious revenge against the animals.

Oke's Handy Book of the Game Laws

Containing the Whole Law as to Game Licenses and Certificates, Gun Licenses, Poaching Prevention, Trespass, Rabbits, Deer, Dogs, Birds, Poisoned Grain, Sea Birds, Wild Birds, and Wild Fowls, and the Rating of Game, Throughout the United Kingdom: Systematically Arranged, with the Acts, Decisions, Notes, and Forms

Author: George Colwell Oke

Publisher: N.A


Category: Game laws

Page: 527

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Keepers of the Animals

Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children

Author: Michael J. Caduto,Joseph Bruchac

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

ISBN: 9781555913861

Category: History

Page: 266

View: 7979

A program for wildlife ecology, interweaving Native American cultural heritage with environmental lessons.

A Treatise on the Game Laws

And on Fisheries; with an Appendix, Containing All the Statutes and Cases on the Subject

Author: Joseph Chitty

Publisher: N.A


Category: Fisheries

Page: N.A

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Keepers of the American Dream

A Study of Staff Development and Multicultural Education

Author: Christine E. Sleeter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415694523

Category: Education

Page: 243

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This book reports an ethnographic study of thirty teachers from eighteen schools who participated in a staff development programme in multicultural education. The study examines how multicultural education was actually presented to teachers, and areas in which their classroom teaching and perception of students changed over the two-year period. Although most of the teachers reported learning a good deal, changes in their teaching and their discussions of teaching were fairly limited. After reporting the data, the book examines why changes were limited, analyzing three areas: the nature of staff development and how multicultural education was packaged; the structure of schools as institutions; and the identities and life experiences of teachers as White women, often from working class backgrounds.

Keepers of the Central Fire

Issues in Ecology for Indigenous Peoples

Author: Lorelei Anne Lambert Colomeda

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763709235

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 250

View: 6215

The health of Native Americans is intimately tied to the health of the environment. Yet abuses of land, water, and air continue to compromise the health of native people and their land rights. This fascinating book explores this intimate relationship between people and the land, and environment and health. Here is an important message for health care providers, ecologists, and those who attempt to live their lives in harmony with the earth.

The Law-dictionary

Explaining the Rise, Progress, and Present State, of the English Law, in Theory and Practice; Defining and Interpreting the Terms Or Words of Art; and Comprising Copious Information, Historical, Political, and Commercial, on the Subjects of Our Law, Trade, and Government

Author: Sir Thomas Edlyne Tomlins

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: N.A

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Keepers of the Earth

Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children

Author: Michael J. Caduto,Joseph Bruchac

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

ISBN: 9781555913854

Category: History

Page: 209

View: 446

A selection of traditional tales from various Indian peoples, each accompanied by instructions for related activities dealing with aspects of the environment.

Keepers of the Flame

NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media

Author: Travis Vogan

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252096274

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

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NFL Films changed the way Americans view football. Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media traces the subsidiary's development from a small independent film production company to the marketing machine that Sports Illustrated named "perhaps the most effective propaganda organ in the history of corporate America." Drawing on research at the NFL Films Archive and the Pro Football Hall of Fame and interviews with media pioneer Steve Sabol and others, Travis Vogan shows how NFL Films has constructed a consistent, romanticized, and remarkably visible mythology for the National Football League. The company packages football as a visceral and dramatic sequence of violent, beautiful, graceful, and heroic gridiron battles. Historically proven formulas for presentation--such as the dramatic voiceovers once provided by John Facenda's baritone, the soaring scores of Sam Spence's rousing background music, and the epic poetry found in Steve Sabol's scripts--are still used today. From the Vincent Price-narrated Strange but True Football Stories to the currently running series Hard Knocks, NFL Films distinguishes the NFL from other sports organizations and from other media and entertainment. Vogan tells the larger story of the company's relationship with and vast influence on our culture's representations of sport, the expansion of sports television beyond live game broadcasts, and the emergence of cable television and Internet sports media. Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media presents sports media as an integral facet of American popular culture and NFL Films as key to the transformation of professional football into the national obsession commonly known as America's Game.

Keepers of the Flame

Literary Estates and the Rise of Biography

Author: Ian Hamilton

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571281680

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 352

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Literary biography is an endlessly fascinating form, not least because of the fierce controversies that attend the question of how much of a writer's real life ought to be related to readers. Ian Hamilton, a first-rate biographer who encountering his share of adversity in writing the life of J.D. Salinger, is the perfect chronicler of such controversies in this brilliant study, first published in 1992, which charts the course of literary biography from Donne and Shakespeare to Plath and Larkin. 'Such a compelling read.' Antonia Fraser, Times 'Lively and informative, powerfully and humorously written.' Anthony Burgess, Observer 'Surely the funniest book ever written on the doom-laden issue of posthumous literary fame.' Jonathan Keates, Independent