People Who Keep You Safe

Author: Cathy French

Publisher: Benchmark Education Company

ISBN: 1616722398


Page: N.A

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People Who Keep You Safe discusses the people whose job it is to make sure that we are safe. Some of the people included in this book include a police officer, firefighter, and doctor.

I'll Keep You Safe

the sensational new Hebrides-set thriller

Author: Peter May

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1784294950

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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** AUTHOR OF CAST IRON, COFFIN ROAD AND THE BLACKHOUSE ** ** OVER 4 MILLION COPIES SOLD ** ** AN EXPLOSIVE NEW THRILLER SET IN THE OUTER HEBRIDES ** WHATEVER HAPPENS Niamh and Ruairidh Macfarlane co-own the Hebridean company Ranish Tweed. On a business trip to Paris to promote their luxury brand, Niamh learns of Ruairidh's affair, and then looks on as he and his lover are killed by a car bomb. She returns home to Lewis, bereft. I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU Niamh begins to look back on her life with Ruairidh, desperate to identify anyone who may have held a grudge against him. The French police, meanwhile, have ruled out terrorism, and ruled in murder - and sent Detective Sylvie Braque to shadow their prime suspect: Niamh. I'LL KEEP YOU SAFE, NO MATTER WHAT As one woman works back through her memories, and the other moves forward with her investigation, the two draw ever closer to a deadly enemy with their own, murderous, designs. 'Peter May is a writer I would follow to the ends of the earth' New York Times

Keep You Safe

Author: Melissa Hill

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0008217157

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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‘If you like Jodi Picoult try Melissa Hill’ Woman and Home Good mother or bad ... who decides?

Keep You Safe

A gripping psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming

Author: Rona Halsall

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 178681482X

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Keeping You Safe

A Book about Police Officers

Author: Ann Owen,Eric Thomas

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9781404800892

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Describes some of the things that police officers do to help keep people safe.

Let the Angels Keep You Safe

A Polish Woman’s Journey to Freedom through Nazi-occupied Europe

Author: Matthew Illaszewicz

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468565664

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 408

View: 8141

Let the Angels Keep You Safe is based on a true World War II story about a brave and determined young Polish woman who chose her own life path, defying her parents and then evading the German and Italian armies. Cecylia Illaszewicz risked her life to be reunited with her husband who left Warsaw with secret documents on the day of the first bombings in September 1939. Cecylia or Cesia, as she was more commonly known, traveled through four war zones, survived hunger, an Italian prison and was just able to escape several bombings. She had a spirit that was unstoppable. She triumphed in the harshest conditions while overcoming great adversity, and this is her story.

Keep You Safe

Author: Melissa Hill

Publisher: HQ

ISBN: 9780008217136


Page: 416

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'If you like Jodi Picoult try Melissa Hill' Woman and HomeGood mother or bad ... who decides? Widowed nurse Kate and mum of two Madeleine couldn't be more different in their approaches to parenting. Kate knows her husband's death has made her more protective of her daughter, but she's not going to apologise for it. Madeleine feels there's no such thing as a perfect mother and while her parenting style may be controversial it works for her children and that's all that matters. But when Madeleine makes a fateful decision that upends her own family, and has devastating consequences for Kate, suddenly the world is lining up to vilify her and she must defend every parental choice she's ever made... Why is she accused of being a terrible mother when all she did was try to keep her children safe? 'Guaranteed to kick-start book club debates'Good Housekeeping 'This emotive story will touch your heart ... a thought-provoking take on an issue that is not all black and white'My Weekly

The Lord Keeps You Safe

Words of Assurance from the Bible to Calm Your Fears

Author: Canadian Bible Society

Publisher: Canadian Bible Society

ISBN: 1771240121

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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There are days when our world feels increasingly dangerous – and small! Even those who have not witnessed acts of terrorism or violence first hand, or who have not lived through a dramatic natural disaster and its consequences, are made aware of the tragic cost and painful aftermath through the ever present media. These experiences have a profound effect on each one of us, often bringing feelings of fear, anxiety, helplessness or abandonment. Trained caregivers tell us that these emotions, accompanied by some very physical symptoms – recurring nightmares, panic attacks, difficulty in concentrating, nervousness at sudden noises, difficulty in establishing relationships and hypervigilance (a heightened sense of awareness) – can be indications of post traumatic stress disorder. If this is what you are living, you should take comfort in the fact that these are very normal reactions and that your struggles are real. Taking the brave step of seeking support from a trained counsellor, and perhaps a few close friends, will in turn help you to be a solace to loved ones who may also be suffering with you. In the midst of your fears, you also need to know that God is with you – comforting and strengthening you, and assuring you with words that are repeated frequently throughout the Bible: “Don’t be afraid!” This Scripture booklet contains a selection of some of the best loved words of comfort and assurance from the Bible that we pray will remind you about the love of a God who promises never to let go or abandon you.

Coffin Road - Tödliches Vergessen


Author: Peter May


ISBN: 3732550249

Category: Fiction

Page: 383

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Wenn du jemanden getötet hättest, wüsstest du das ... Oder? Ein Mann wacht am Strand der kleinen schottischen Insel Harris auf, ohne zu wissen, wer er ist. Er trägt eine Schwimmweste und ist vollkommen durchnässt. Von den Inselbewohnern erfährt er, dass er offenbar Neal Maclean heißt und ein Buch über drei Leuchtturmwärter schreibt, die im Jahr 1900 von einer benachbarten Inselgruppe verschwanden. Auf der Suche nach seiner Erinnerung landet Neal schließlich genau dort, auf den unbewohnten Flannan Isles, wo er eine schockierende Entdeckung macht: In der verlassenen Insel-Kapelle liegt ein Mann mit eingeschlagenem Schädel. Und alles deutet daraufhin, dass Neal ihn getötet hat ... Ein atmosphärisch eindringlicher Krimi von Bestsellerautor Peter May

Bare Feet Keep You Safe

Author: Caroline Halliday

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781492931096


Page: 218

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Bare feet keep you safe is a sensuous uncanny journey twisting back and forth... blue boat drifting on the water, the river in flood, the churning water through the factory turbines; Bluebeard's locked rooms, ... these symbolic images will stay with you. In Bare feet keep you safe the central characters are the girl and the river, though her best friend and her lovers accompany her at times on the journey, and the river is lost and found again. Fairytale, fantasy, memoire, journal, poem; Bare feet keep you safe is about the internal isolation of growing up a woman, (Simone de Beauvoir: 'you are not born a woman, you become one'), and the work of an artist and poet to become La femme intégrale (Nicole Brossard). The book explores childhood in the 50's; teenager, young lesbian and then wife in the 60's, becoming a feminist and a lesbian in the 70's, and a lesbian mother in the 80's. Bare feet keep you safe evokes the grass in the park, and the river bed weeds, where the child walks with barefoot freedom. This is a rich tale for the present, for the third wave of feminism, opening out the struggle women have been through to knit their many selves together and reach the present... With her, the reader becomes she, her, you and I. A book to meander in, savour words and thoughts. If you have enjoyed Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage, or Jenny Erpenbeck's Visitation, this will be a book for you. 'trust me water and light trust me touch and sensation know it is exactly this..

Broken Memory


Author: C. J. Cooke

Publisher: Droemer eBook

ISBN: 3426450100

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 5842

Du weißt nicht, wer du bist. Du weißt nicht, wer sie sind. Aber sie kennen deinen Namen. Raffiniert, abgründig, manipulativ - Intelligente psychologische Spannung aus der Feder der preisgekrönten irischen Autorin C.J.Cooke, die Sie garantiert bis zur letzten Seite gefangen nehmen wird! Eine Frau erwacht am einsamen Strand einer Insel im Mittelmeer, verletzt und ohne jede Erinnerung. Zum Glück wird sie von vier Freunden, von Beruf Schriftsteller und Autoren, gefunden, die diese Insel als Rückzugsort gewählt haben, um sich in Einsamkeit und karger Abgeschiedenheit ganz dem Bücherschreiben und Schreibprozess widmen zu können. Sie wollen sich um die gestrandete Frau kümmern, bis sie ihr Trauma überwunden hat, ihre Erinnerung zurückgekehrt ist und es ihr gut genug geht, um die Insel zu verlassen. Doch irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit den zwei Männern und zwei Frauen, das kann ihr unfreiwilliger Gast, auch mit Gedächtnisverlust, fühlen: Jeder von ihnen scheint etwas zu verbergen - und: Was wissen sie wirklich über ihren Gast? Zeitgleich sucht man in London verzweifelt nach einer jungen Mutter und Ehefrau, die am helllichten Tag spurlos verschwunden ist. Ohne Geld und Ausweis, ohne Koffer oder Auto, ohne Flugticket und ohne ihre Kinder. Sie ist spurlos verschwunden. Der Ehemann verzweifelt. Stück für Stück lassen die Ermittlungen die perfekte Fassade von Ehe- und Familienglück bröckeln ... Auf intelligente und hochspannende Art und Weise spielt die Autorin C.J. Cooke, die sich an der Universität in Glasgow mit der literarischen Gestaltung psychisch labiler Helden beschäftigt, in ihrem Psycho-Thriller "Broken memory" mit Themen wie Erinnerung, Gedächtnisverlust, Identität und Mutterschaft.

Surviving the Flood

40 Survival Tips to Keep You Safe Before, After and During the Flood

Author: Andy Lock

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781546393818


Page: 28

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Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Surviving The Flood: (FREE Bonus Included) 40 Survival Tips To Keep You Safe Before, After And During The Flood "Surviving the Flood: 40 Survival Tips to keep you safe before, after and during the flood" is an excellent guide to those who have been learning to prepare for the worst in their life. Also for those who live in areas where flood is more likely to afflict. Emergency situations could really ruin our lives completely if we are not prepared enough and well. Situations like earthquake, land sliding, accident and flood do not come after an invitation instead they just happen and tend to ruin lives that have not anticipated them coming. So, what should one do if situation like flood occurs? Well, read this book to know the answer because if you want to be safe, you need to learn how to do it. Unfortunately, we are only born with survival instincts but not skills. So, take a look at the content of this book and decide for yourself, if the material is enough to teach you to escape the worst in flood. This book offers: Know the flood basics The goals of surviving the flood; 10 tips to prioritize Anticipate the worst; 10 tips to prepare for the flood Survive the worst: 10 tips to get through the flood Build a new life: 10 tips to clean up the aftermath So, if you are training to rescue people, or if you know someone who needs this book because they work or live in areas which are more likely to be effected by it then grab this book now because the sooner you help, the better they prepare. So, what are you waiting for? Just get it now! Download your E book "Surviving The Flood: 40 Survival Tips To Keep You Safe Before, After And During The Flood" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

Keep Safe!

101 Ways to Enhance Your Safety and Protect Your Family

Author: Donna Koren Wells,Bruce C. Morris

Publisher: Hunter House

ISBN: 9780897932868

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 164

View: 9655

This potentially lifesaving guide explains how to avoid crimes and dangerous situations through forethought and planning. The authors offer easy-to-implement suggestions from public safety experts, law enforcement officers, and security specialists for protecting family, home, car, and office.

May Your Angels Keep You Safe

Notebook Large Size 8. 5 X 11 Ruled 150 Pages

Author: Wild Pages Wild Pages Press

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781723274350


Page: 150

View: 5118

Notebook Large Size 8.5 x 11 Ruled 150 Pages

I Will Keep You Safe and Sound

Author: Lori Haskins Houran

Publisher: Cartwheel Books

ISBN: 9780545197519

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 6668

A variety of animals find special places for safety and shelter.

Patient Confidential

Tips and Advice to Keep You Safe As You Navigate the Healthcare System

Author: Richard J. Lang

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781628651119

Category: Health insurance

Page: 98

View: 4010

Patient Confidential will teach readers to be active players in their healthcare and to get the most out of the healthcare system with the least amount of risk. It prepares readers for medical office visits, surgeries, rehabilitation, insurance and more. Patient Confidential also functions as a handbook readers can consult before every encounter with the healthcare system.

Safe Keeping

Author: Barbara Taylor Sissel

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460328620

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9169

At the heart of every crime, there's a family… My son is a murderer…. So begins this chilling and emotionally charged mystery from highly acclaimed author Barbara Taylor Sissel. Emily Lebay had always thought of her family as ordinary. Sure, they've endured their share of problems, even a time of great trouble—what family hasn't? But when a woman's body turns up in the dense woods near their home, and Emily's grown son, Tucker, is accused of murder, Emily is forced to confront the unfathomable, and everything she believed about her life is called into question. This isn't the first time Tucker has been targeted by the police; a year ago he was a person of interest when another woman was found dead in the same stretch of woods. Still, neither Emily nor her daughter, Lissa, can reconcile their Tucker with these brutal crimes. Terrified, convinced there's been a tragic mistake, Emily and Lissa set out to learn the truth about Tucker, once and for all. And while his life hangs in the balance, what they discover proves far more shocking than their darkest fears…. "A gut-wrenching mystery…enjoyable and insightful." —RT Book Reviews on Evidence of Life