Junk DNA

A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome

Author: Nessa Carey

Publisher: Icon Books

ISBN: 184831826X

Category: Science

Page: 288

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From the author of the acclaimed The Epigenetics Revolution (‘A book that would have had Darwin swooning’ – Guardian) comes another thrilling exploration of the cutting edge of human science. For decades after the structure of DNA was identified, scientists focused purely on genes, the regions of the genome that contain codes for the production of proteins. Other regions – 98% of the human genome – were dismissed as ‘junk’. But in recent years researchers have discovered that variations in this ‘junk’ DNA underlie many previously intractable diseases, and they can now generate new approaches to tackling them. Nessa Carey explores, for the first time for a general audience, the incredible story behind a controversy that has generated unusually vituperative public exchanges between scientists. She shows how junk DNA plays an important role in areas as diverse as genetic diseases, viral infections, sex determination in mammals, human biological complexity, disease treatments, even evolution itself – and reveals how we are only now truly unlocking its secrets, more than half a century after Crick and Watson won their Nobel prize for the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1962.

Genomic Elements in Health, Disease and Evolution

Junk DNA

Author: Kyriacos Felekkis,Konstantinos Voskarides

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1493930702

Category: Medical

Page: 315

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Over 98% of the human genome contains non-coding DNA sequences. For many years molecular biologists referred to this component of the genome as the “junk” DNA since it does not code for any “useful” protein product. Over the last years this notion changed significantly as scientists discovered that a large part of this DNA contains various genomic elements that have important roles in cell physiology. Genomic elements such as non-coding RNAs, transposons, splicing RNAs, DNA repeats and others were shown to play a significant role in regulating gene expression. In addition, all these elements were implicated to contribute in the pathogenesis or progression of various human diseases. In this book, the editor will attempt to describe all these genomic elements that constitute the junk DNA of the genome. For every genomic element, the physiologic role in the organism, its role in evolution and any possible involvement in human diseases will be discussed. Additionally, interaction between these elements in normal or pathologic condition will be discussed. Since a large amount of new knowledge is generated daily in regards to these genomic elements, this book will attempt to combine all the information in a single publication that can serve as a reference for future studies. The first part will discuss RNA elements such as microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, piRNAs and splicing RNAs. The second part of the book will deal with transposons, retrotransposons and DNA transposons. Finally the third part of the book will discuss DNA elements that include DNA repeats, conserved non-coding sequences, distal genomic elements, introns, pseudogenes, CpG islands and telomeres. For miRNAs and CNVs a separate chapter will be dedicated to their role in human diseases since an extensive amount of information exists about these two elements.

Junk DNA

Author: Tania Glyde

Publisher: Codex Books

ISBN: 9781899598199

Category: Fiction

Page: 189

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When sex therapist Regina incorporates stolen pharmaceuticals into her unconventional work, the women she treats develop a terrifying aversion to children. Not one of her best ideas. Disillusioned, she embarks on a work of scientific satire, a living exhibition of genetic poetry starting with mice and working up the evolutionary scale. In the flat upstairs, ten year old Lucy, a dyslexic, creative genius, was born into a family on the wrong side of dysfunctional. As society starts to fall apart, Lucy quits school, orphans herself, and sets to work as Regina's assistant. Lucy is now a very powerful little girl, and life is getting more twisted by the day. Finally, somebody 'up there' has had enough of human beings tinkering with nature, and Junk DNA reaches its apocalyptic climax.

Junk DNA

Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA

Author: Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.,Kathy M. Scogna

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781502336613

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 282

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Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNAA completely fresh look at the DNA of humankind. This is the HOLISTIC version, the body, mind and spirit DNA, designed from the beginning to provide harmony and balance. To the western lab scientist, DNA is a rigid study, the physical aspects that can be seen with instruments. It must fall within certain parameters of chemistry. It is useful in solving crimes and in finding markers of certain diseases. It is estimated that only 2% of our DNA is being studied. What of the remaining 98%? In the western lab, it is considered “junk DNA,” so named by the co-discoverer of the double helical structure, Francis Crick. And yet, deep inside we know the truth. There is no junk DNA.We are products of Planet Earth. In this book, we explore all the tracks of energy possible —hydrogen, water, light & heavy elements, sugars, salts & crystals, proteins, fats & oils—this is what a human being IS and what makes up the earth, as well. The earth's electromagnetic energy field is mirrored in our own electromagnetic energy field. We are products of our ancestors on a cellular level, going back even earlier than Stone Age man, with all the beliefs, traumas and behaviors intact; and we are products of our environment (learning, people, places and events), as well as being products of what we eat, breathe in and drink. The reader will find on these pages that we Earthlings have not just five major senses, but access to 128 different sensing channels we could be using to perceive and understand our world…..if only we knew the language. What is the language of the gene? Vibration and sonic waves. All the healing knowledge we humans need to know about has been imbedded and stored in the crystals of our own DNA. Crystals can transmit information to us, about survival, about our past and about healing. We just need to access, to listen, and be open to the possibilities. This book presents life at the crystal level; so take a step back in time and discover what has been stored in the genes since the earliest moments of creation.

The Myth of Junk DNA

Author: Jonathan Wells

Publisher: Discovery Inst

ISBN: 9781936599004

Category: Science

Page: 170

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According to the modern version of Darwin's theory, DNA contains a program for embryo development that is passed down from generation to generation; the program is implemented by proteins encoded by the DNA, and accidental DNA mutations introduce changes in those proteins that natural selection then shapes into new species, organs and body plans. When scientists discovered forty years ago that about 98% of our DNA does not encode proteins, the non-protein-coding portion was labeled “junk” and attributed to molecular accidents that have accumulated in the course of evolution. Recent books by Richard Dawkins, Francis Collins and others have used this “junk DNA” as evidence for Darwinian evolution and evidence against intelligent design (since an intelligent designer would presumably not have filled our genome with so much garbage). But recent genome evidence shows that much of our non-protein-coding DNA performs essential biological functions. The Myth of Junk DNA is written for a general audience by biologist Jonathan Wells, author of Icons of Evolution. Citing some of the abundant evidence from recent genome projects, the book shows that “junk DNA” is not science, but myth.

wesentliche 18000 Medical Wörter Wörterbuch in Deutsch

Essential 18000 Medical Words Dictionary in German

Author: Nam H Nguyen

Publisher: Nam H Nguyen



Page: 1030

View: 3554

die wesentlichen 18000 Medical Wörter Wörterbuch in Deutsch ist eine großartige Ressource, wohin Sie gehen; es ist ein einfaches Werkzeug, das nur die Wörter, die Sie wünschen und benötigen hat! Das gesamte Wörterbuch ist eine alphabetische Liste der medizinischen Wörter mit Definitionen. Dieses eBook ist ein einfach zu verstehende Anleitung, um medizinische Fachbegriffe für alle sowieso zu jeder Zeit. Der Inhalt dieser EBook ist nur für Informationszwecke verwendet werden. Es ist immer eine gute Idee, einen professionellen Arzt mit Gesundheitsfragen zu beraten.


Author: Alvin Silverstein,Virginia B. Silverstein,Laura Silverstein Nunn

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books

ISBN: 9780761322573

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 4500

Explains the structure and function of DNA and discusses current relevant scientific research.


Author: Natalie Hyde

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778749486

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 1408

Introduces DNA and discusses its discovery, what can happen when the code goes wrong, how it replicates, and ways in which it is used to solve crimes.

Genes and Human Nature

From Atoms to "good & Evil"

Author: Hussein A. Amin

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1425926517

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 257

View: 1406

Mankind is defined not as the animals that have souls, but as the animals that can INVENT ideas, and then TALK about them, (inventiveness and language). Signs of these two momentous abilities are documented to have SUDDENLY started only about 30,000 years ago. The G-SAT Theory, detailed in this book, offers a SCIENTIFIC frame, for a master-planned, purely physical process, that initiated Mankind. DNA is NOT synonymous with 'GENES'. DNA is the ink and paper on which the encoded messages of the genes get recorded. Every year, we come closer to deciphering how these messages work. With this rapidly progressing scientific discipline, we are getting closer, by the day, to scientifically proving my pre-determined-encoded theory.

Chemistry and the Human Genome

Author: Ted Lister

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN: 9780854043965

Category: Science

Page: 46

View: 3860

"On 15th February 2001, two groups of scientists published a draft that described the complete chemical makeup of human genes - the human genome as it is often called. The discovery of the sequence of the human genome has been hailed as one of the most important scientific advances ever. This would not have been possible without the work of chemists and chemical scientists. This resource aims to show students and teachers the chemical science behind the discovery at a level suitable for post-16 students of chemistry and biology and also to place it in the context of science in the 21st century." "It is hoped that teachers of both biology and chemistry at post-16 level will use it to enthuse their students to perhaps go on to study the proteome and beyond." "This book was produced as part of the Royal Society of Chemistry's programme for the support of education in the field of the chemical sciences."--BOOK JACKET.

Mobile DNA

Finding Treasure in Junk

Author: Haig H. Kazazian

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 9780132575256

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 6996

This book thoroughly reviews our current scientific understanding of the significant role that mobile genetic elements play in the evolution and function of genomes and organisms–from plants and animals to humans. Highly-regarded geneticist Haig Kazazian offers an accessible intellectual history of the field’s research strategies and concerns, explaining how advances opened up new questions, and how new tools and capabilities have encouraged progress in the field. Kazazian introduces the key strategies and approaches taken in leading laboratories (including his own) to gain greater insight into the large proportion of our genome that derives from mobile genetic elements, including viruses, plasmids, and transposons. He also presents intriguing insights into long-term research strategies that may lead to an even deeper understanding.

Genetics For Dummies

Author: Tara Rodden Robinson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118054598

Category: Science

Page: 384

View: 322

Zukunftsbranche Biotechnologie

Von der Alchemie zum Börsengang

Author: Cynthia Robbins-Roth

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322823512

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 349

View: 3017

Die Autorin zeigt, welche gigantischen Profitpotenziale biotechnologischer Fortschritt auf allen Stufen von Geschäft und Investment generiert. Sie gewährt Einblick in Forschung sowie Produkt-Entwicklung in neuen Geschäfts- und Finanzierungsmodellen. Hinweise zu profitabler Anlagestrategie runden das Buch ab.

Programming of Life

Author: Donald E. Johnson

Publisher: Big Mac Publishers

ISBN: 0982355467

Category: Science

Page: 136

View: 5205

"This is currently the best book covering the relationship between genome and computer architectures." - JOHNATHAN BARTLETT, Author / Publisher / Speaker / Director of Technology ----- This book highlights the informational aspects of life that are generally overlooked or ignored in chemical and biological evolutionary scenarios. Each cell of an organism has millions of interacting computers reading and processing digital information, using digital programs and digital codes to communicate and translate information. Life is an intersection of physical science and information science. Both domains are critical for any life to exist, and each must be investigated using that domain's principles. Yet most scientists have been attempting to use physical science to explain life's information domain, a practice which has no scientific justification. -- As you can tell by the preceding words this research is a fascinating approach to the question of the origin of life. - (PUBLISHER) ----- "Programming of Life is an excellent freshman level review of the formal programming, coding/decoding, integration, organization, Prescriptive Information (PI), memory, regulation and control required for a physical object to find itself 'alive.' DONALD E. JOHNSON is uniquely qualified to unpackage the strong parallels between everyday cybernetic design and engineering and the workings of the cell. I highly recommend this book." -DAVID L. ABEL, Director, The Gene Emergence Project Department of ProtoBioCybernetics and ProtoBioSemiotics The Origin of Life Science Foundation, Inc. ----- (ABOUT THE AUTHOR: ) DR. DON JOHNSON has earned Ph.D.s in both Computer & Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota and in Chemistry from Michigan State University. He was a senior research scientist for 10 years in pharmaceutical and medical / scientific instrument fields, served as president and technical expert in an independent computer consulting firm for many years, and taught for 20 years in universities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and Europe. He now maintains scienceintegrity.net to expose unsubstantiated claims in science and has made presentations on most continents.

DNA Fingerprinting in Plants

Principles, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition

Author: Kurt Weising,Hilde Nybom,Markus Pfenninger,Kirsten Wolff,Günter Kahl

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420040043

Category: Science

Page: 472

View: 9373

Given the explosive development of new molecular marker techniques over the last decade, newcomers and experts alike in the field of DNA fingerprinting will find an easy-to-follow guide to the multitude of techniques available in DNA Fingerprinting in Plants: Principles, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition. Along with step-by-step annotated protocols, the authors fully discuss the technical aspects and modifications of existing techniques, the influence of reaction components and conditions, and the analysis of the results. This second edition has been completely revised to address the exponential changes in the field since the first edition, focusing on PCR-based techniques but also including more sophisticated ones. The authors include numerous case studies to illustrate applications of the methods, more than 1600 references to the literature, and descriptions of reagent formulation, equipment, and computer programs used for evaluating molecular marker data. They compare the various methods, including the costs and benefits of each, helping readers determine which is best suited to a particular application. The well-rounded, cross-referenced, and unified nature of this book makes it intrinsically easier to follow than the edited, multi-authored books currently available. It is an absolute necessity on the lab bench of anyone involved in plant research, DNA profiling, and molecular markers.

The Bible Is Right!

About Dinosaurs and Evolution!

Author: James Edward Gilmer, Ph.D.

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1481745387

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 1672

The Bible Is Right about Dinosaurs and Evolution shows unequivocally that the Bible is correct in its teaching that we once coexisted with dinosaurs and that evolution—the theory that contradicts this Biblical teaching—is patently false. This book offers extraordinary evidence from a variety of sources, including science, that the Scriptures are accurate regarding our coexistence with dinosaurs. Proving coexistence automatically disproves evolutionary dating, but this book takes the extra step of disproving all of evolution! It does so by examining and destroying, with logic and science, every major assumption and claim made by evolutionists, including the absurd notion that dinosaurs became extinct before humans appeared on earth. The Bible Is Right about Dinosaurs and Evolution highlights evolution as a ruthless brainwashing machine that not only dupes us into denying that dinosaurs are in the Bible, but also fools us into falling for a host of other false ideas, including the theory that the universe and life itself began accidentally. As a matter of fact, this book will show that evolution is so wrong in so many ways, that it stands in constant conflict with both time-honored Biblical truths and proven scientific principles. Furthermore, demonstrating that the strongest pieces of evidence for evolution are actually hoaxes, this book will prove that evolution is not a real science at all! This book not only proves the reality of our past coexistence with dinosaurs and the fallacy of evolution, but also shows how the suppression of these facts has polluted our laboratories, classrooms, and media. Finally, this book highlights the scientific and educational implications of its conclusions and offers an intelligent alternative to evolution.

Understanding Genes and GMOs

Author: Colin J. Sanderson

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812703756

Category: Science

Page: 345

View: 9373

The rapid progress in genomics and related technologies has increased interest in genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This book equips you with information about what genes are, how they work, and how they can be modified and used in biotechnology. On environmental genetics, it also considers the risks of releasing agricultural GM plants.

Das Blutband

Der 11. Handyman Jack Thriller

Author: F. Paul Wilson

Publisher: Festa

ISBN: 386552298X

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 834

Der 11. Handyman Jack Thriller. Nach den schrecklichen Schicksalsschlägen in seiner Familie ist Handyman Jack überhaupt nicht danach, einen neuen Auftrag anzunehmen, aber dieser klingt ganz einfach: Er soll den Hintergrund des Mannes ausleuchten, der sich an die junge Tochter seiner Klientin herangemacht hat. Aber auch hier sticht Jack wieder in ein Wespennest, und hat es plötzlich mit einem psychopathischen Mörder, einem geheimen Militärprogramm der Regierung und einem seit Jahrzehnten vorbereiteten Plan zu tun, mit dem der Andersheit der Weg zurück in unsere Welt geebnet werden soll. Und jeder, der sich dem in den Weg stellt, muss sterben ... New York Daily News: 'Ist der Abfluss verstopft, ruft man den Installateur, wurde man überfallen, ruft man die Polizei, aber wenn die Du-weißt-schon-was am Dampfen ist, wird es Zeit Handyman Jack zu rufen.' David Morrell: 'Handyman Jack ist eine moderne Ikone. Falls Du ihn nicht kennst, bist Du wirklich von gestern.' Publishers Weekly: 'Unter den modernen unheimlichen Thrillern die spannendste und unerbittlichste Reihe.' Paperback 20 x 12,5 cm. Umschlag in der Festa-Lederoptik