So You Want to Go to Oxbridge

Tell Me About a Banana

Author: Oxbridge Applications Staff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780955079771


Page: 320

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This comprehensive guide to Oxford and Cambridge applications is packed full of research-led insights and support for applicants, parents and teachers. Written by Oxbridge-graduates and admissions experts, this guide gives students the guidance they need to excel at every stage of the Oxbridge admissions process.

Pascalian Meditations

Author: Pierre Bourdieu

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804733328

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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A brilliant example of Bourdieu's unique ability to link sociological theory, historical information, and philosophical thought.

Degrees of Choice

Class, Race, Gender and Higher Education

Author: Diane Reay,Miriam E. David,Stephen J. Ball

Publisher: Trentham Books

ISBN: 9781858563305

Category: Education

Page: 180

View: 7814

An account of the overlapping effects of social class, ethnicity and gender in the process of choosing which university to attend. The shift from an elite to a mass system has been accompanied by much political rhetoric about widening access, achievement-for-all and meritocratic equalisation.

The State Nobility

Elite Schools in the Field of Power

Author: Pierre Bourdieu

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804733465

Category: Political Science

Page: 504

View: 5389

Examining in detail the work of consecration carried out by elite education systems, Bourdieu analyzes the distinctive forms of power—political, intellectual, bureaucratic, and economic—by means of which contemporary societies are governed.

How to Write a Winning UCAS Personal Statement

Author: Ian Stannard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781909319899


Page: 240

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The personal statement can be the most challenging section on the UCAS application form. This title will guide applicants through the process of putting together a great personal statement, that sensibly conveys their skills and that will help them to win a place at the university of their choice.

Child of a Turbulent Century

Author: Victor Erlich

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810123517

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 227

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Victor Erlich was born in 1914, at the threshold of what the great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova called "the real twentieth century," in Petrograd, a place indelibly marked by that century's violent dislocations and upheavals. His story, begun on the eve of the First World War and taking him through Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and the U. S. Army, is in many ways a memoir of that "real twentieth century," reflecting its lethal nature and shaped by the "fearful symmetry" of the age of totalitarianism.To read about Erlich's life growing up at the intersection of the century's darkest currents is to experience history firsthand from the Russian Revolution to the end of the Second World War--and to know what it truly is to be a child of the century.Throughout, despite the darkness, even the horror, of much of what he describes, the author maintains the beguiling tone and the warm manner of one who has reached the new millennium with rare and hard-won insight into the human comedy of his time."

Whatever You Do, Don't Cry

Author: Hannah Kawira


ISBN: 0244076995


Page: N.A

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Dangerous Work

Diary of an Arctic Adventure, Text-only Edition

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022604999X

Category: Science

Page: 368

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This e-book features the complete text found in the print edition of Dangerous Work, without the illustrations or the facsimile reproductions of Conan Doyle's notebook pages. In 1880 a young medical student named Arthur Conan Doyle embarked upon the “first real outstanding adventure” of his life, taking a berth as ship’s surgeon on an Arctic whaler, the Hope. The voyage took him to unknown regions, showered him with dramatic and unexpected experiences, and plunged him into dangerous work on the ice floes of the Arctic seas. He tested himself, overcame the hardships, and, as he wrote later, “came of age at 80 degrees north latitude.” Conan Doyle’s time in the Arctic provided powerful fuel for his growing ambitions as a writer. With a ghost story set in the Arctic wastes that he wrote shortly after his return, he established himself as a promising young writer. A subsequent magazine article laying out possible routes to the North Pole won him the respect of Arctic explorers. And he would call upon his shipboard experiences many times in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, who was introduced in 1887’s A Study in Scarlet. Out of sight for more than a century was a diary that Conan Doyle kept while aboard the whaler. Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Adventure makes this account available for the first time. With humor and grace, Conan Doyle provides a vivid account of a long-vanished way of life at sea. His careful detailing of the experience of arctic whaling is equal parts fascinating and alarming, revealing the dark workings of the later days of the British whaling industry. In addition to the transcript of the diary, the e-book contains two nonfiction pieces by Doyle about his experiences; and two of his tales inspired by the journey. To the end of his life, Conan Doyle would look back on this experience with awe: “You stand on the very brink of the unknown,” he declared, “and every duck that you shoot bears pebbles in its gizzard which come from a land which the maps know not. It was a strange and fascinating chapter of my life.” Only now can the legion of Conan Doyle fans read and enjoy that chapter.

Aviation Mental Health

Psychological Implications for Air Transportation

Author: Todd Hubbard,Dr Robert Bor

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409484912

Category: Transportation

Page: 376

View: 9656

This book provides an authoritative and practical guide to the assessment, management, treatment and care of pilots and other professional groups within aviation; covering a range of relevant topics, for health and human resources practitioners working in the airline industry. Pilot mental health has, hitherto, been regarded as a specialist topic in aviation medicine. Consequently, practitioners and researchers alike have been forced to consult specialist journals or seek out a relevant chapter on this topic in a general textbook to develop or update their understanding of the relevant issues. This book seeks to remedy this situation by gathering together all of the relevant insights into a single authoritative source gathered from the leading specialists in the field. It aims to cover all of the main relevant issues including the assessment, care, management and treatment of mental health problems, as well as the prevention of mental health problems among this occupational group.

Swifts in a Tower

Author: David Lack

Publisher: Unicorn

ISBN: 9781911604365

Category: Apus apus

Page: 260

View: 3058

First published in 1956, Swifts in a Tower still offers astonishing insights into the private lives of swifts, their lifestyles, and the environment they inhabit. Now more than sixty years later, swifts have been studied even more thoroughly, using technology unimaginable in the 1950s. This research has revealed more secrets of these indomitable flyers, which spend virtually their entire lives in flight, and so this new edition, edited by the author's son Andrew Lack and published in association with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for their Oxford Swift City project, includes a brand-new chapter by Andrew Lack that updates the story of this remarkable bird for the twenty-first century.

Live & Work in Australia

Author: Jodie McMullen Seal,Deborah Penrith

Publisher: Crimson Publishing

ISBN: 1854584189

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 498

View: 4411

Many of us dream about making a permanent move Australia, enticed by its laid-back lifestyle and delightful climate; but the reality of moving can be harder than you expect. Once you have settled in, however, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the Australian culture: from its friendly locals and multicultural cities to its beautiful beaches, intriguing animals and adventurous outback. Crammed with practical information, advice, and people’s personal experiences, Live & Work in Australia will save you time and help you avoid making mistakes. This book will help you learn about the country, its culture and its people, as well as help you: • Decide whether it’s right for you • Get any visas you need • Find somewhere to live • Choose the right schools • Get to know your area • Enjoy your time off

My Kenya Days

Author: Wilfred Thesiger

Publisher: Collins Doue


Category: Adventure and adventurers

Page: 224

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Journeys and Journals

Five Centuries of Travel Writing

Author: N.A

Publisher: Kubik Pub


Category: Travel

Page: 231

View: 2494

Traces the history of travel diaries, from the earliest, sometimes crude, collections of drawings and notes to volumes that are today considered works of art in themselves.

The Sacred Conspiracy

The Internal Papers of the Secret Society of Acephale and Lecturers to the College of Sociology

Author: Georges Bataille

Publisher: Atlas Press (GB)

ISBN: 9781900565950


Page: 480

View: 4710

Having spent the early thirties in far-left groups opposing Fascism, in 1937 Georges Bataille abandoned this approach so as to transfer the struggle onto the mythological plane, founding two groups with this aim in mind. The College of Sociology gave lectures attended by major figures from the Parisian intelligentsia - intended to reveal the hidden undercurrents within a society that appeared to be bordering on collapse. The texts in this book comprise lectures given to the College; essays from the Acephale journal and a large cache of the internal papers of the secret society of Acephale.

How to Help Your Autistic Spectrum Child

Practical Ways to Make Family Life Run More Smoothly

Author: Jackie Brealy

Publisher: White Ladder Press

ISBN: 9781908281982

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

View: 5865

Many books will tell you the latest theories about what causes Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ranging from severe autism to Aspergers syndrome, but what you really want to know is how to get a good night's sleep, or find time for your other children. This supportive guide helps parents understand their ASD child and offers practical advice.

The Arts in Schools

Principles, Practice and Provision

Author: Ken Robinson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780903319232

Category: Art

Page: 168

View: 7197

This book argues the case for the arts in schools and considers the consequent implications and conclusions. It maintains that schools must develop broader nor narrower curricula and that the arts have an important place within this approach.

Beginning Badminton

Author: Judy Hashman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781375789387

Category: History

Page: 108

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Buying a House in Spain

Author: Dan Boothby,Guy Hobbs

Publisher: Vacation Work Publications

ISBN: 9781854583406

Category: Travel

Page: 319

View: 5711

Thinking of buying a house in Spain? This book is for anyone - whether you're moving to live and work, start a business, invest or retire. With comprehensive listings of all types of properties and updated prices, regulations and taxation information this new edition is fully revised and richly illustrated. The regulations and practices surrounding house purchase can vary greatly from country to country & this book includes all you need to know including how to raise finance, find and deal with estate agents, what inspections and surveys are necessary, conveyancing, exchanging contracts, arranging removals and getting power and water connected etc. Also essential information for when the purchase is complete from how to deal with builders and other craftsmen when restoring or renovating to making money from a house by renting it out