How to work as a Freelance Journalist

Author: Marc Leverton

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 160

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This book contains all you need to know to work as a freelance journalist. It is the perfect introduction for career changers, writers, university graduates, school and college leavers, communications professionals and anybody who just wants a rewarding part-time challenge. In it you'll discover: *the tools of the trade - news, views, reviews, opinion pieces, feature writing, travel writing, music writing, sports writing and business writing *what it's like to step into the unknown and become self-employed *how to pitch your ideas to editors *how to brainstorm ideas *how to market yourself as a freelance journalist. You'll also find tips and advice from successful freelance journalists and editors, plus a useful self-employment checklist.

Al Jazeera

How Arab TV News Challenged the World

Author: Hugh Miles

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Social Science

Page: 464

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With more than fifty million viewers, Al Jazeera is one of the most widely watched news channels in the world. It's also one of the most controversial. Set up by the eccentric Emir of Qatar, who turned a failed BBC Arabic television project into an Arab news channel, Al Jazeera quickly became a household name after September 11th by delivering some of the biggest scoops in television history, including airing a taped speech from Osama bin Laden. Lambasted as a mouthpiece for Al Qaeda, little is actually known about Al Jazeera and its operations. Financed by one of the weathiest countries in the world, Al Jazeera quickly established itself as the premiere news channel in the Islamic world by covering events Arabs cared about in a way they had never seen before. However, accusations of ties to Al Qaeda continue to plague it. Their journalists have been accused of spying for everyone from Mossad to Saddam Hussein, sometimes simultaneously. This the story behind the Arab news channel that makes the news.

The Magazines Handbook

Author: Jenny McKay

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

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The Magazines Handbook is a comprehensive introduction to the magazine industry. It traces the development of magazine publishing and explores the business of magazines and the role of the magazine journalist. Using examples from consumer magazines, trade journals, periodicals and specialist publications, Jenny McKay discusses the key jobs in the industry from sub-editor to fashion assistant and journalist through to publisher.

Local Journalism and Local Media

Making the Local News

Author: Bob Franklin

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 336

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The local media - local newspapers and radio, regional television, cable television and local news on the internet - represents a diverse and rapidly-changing sector of the British media landscape. Bringing together media academics, local journalists and other media professionals, this text presents a thorough, up-to-date and authoritative account of recent developments and future prospects for Britain's local newspapers, local media and local journalism. Drawing on current research and relevant literature, the book covers: *key developments in the local media scene *the distinctive editorial format of local newspapers *news sources and other sources available to local journalists *recent developments in media policy *online journalism *ethics and regulations *the impact of new technology. Situating the study within the context of local, national and multi-national media networks, this unique text provides students with a well-written and wide-ranging assessment of all aspects of the local media in the UK and as such, will be a welcome addition to the current literature.

Professional Feature Writing

Author: Bruce Garrison

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 430

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This text offers the basics of news media feature writing and guides motivated beginners down the right path toward success as professional feature writers. It looks at newspaper, magazine, newsletter, and online publications, with emphasis on daily newspapers and consumer magazines.

They Called Me Kite

Author: Nancy Needham

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

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Rebellious Katie Darlene was the youngest of three children until her baby brother was born with a heart defect. The bright teenager tells her story of growing up in a military family during a time when boys are dying in Vietnam, men are landing on the moon for the first time and her father, a mess sergeant in the Air Force, is ordered to a remote mission to Alaska. They move to her fathers hometown in Texas to have access to a military hospital and to be near family. To complicate Kate's problems, her immediate family, led by a Yankee mother, is faced for the first time with Southernisms, especially involving race relations. The feisty Kate- which is pronounced Kite in a Texas accent- keeps readers captivated and cheering for her throughout. Her story recalls eighteen months in a town full of people who can't help but admire her but wish she'd hurry up and conform so she will become the precious young lady they all know she can be. Life with her is never dull as Kite shares intimate moments such as when she tries to shave her legs, learns how to deceitfully fill the top of her first formal, experiences her first kiss and discovers boys can be teased without any effort at all. She takes life as it comes and tries to make it bend to her will. This isn't easy for a person who is colorblind in a segregated town. Her story is something to be cherished and pondered. The book is full of emotion as she struggles through a time in the late sixties when the raging Vietnam war was taking away boys as soon as they turned eighteen and wasnt always sending them home. The blood, sweat and tears of the civil rights movement was flooding much of the country and causing enormous change. But it had made not a trickle into some small towns, including where Kite must live while her father is away. Kites life changes rapidly. She would have preferred her biggest worry be about how to wear her hair. But, she can't keep societal changes out of the context of her personal life. She cant just be a kid anymore, with a hula hoop and a bag of jax. The story begins with a forward explaining the workings of her family, opens a door into her personality and tells how Kite came to live in a small Texas town in 1968 where no one seemed to know about the Beatles or that racism was against the law. She is accepted in the town because she is kin to almost everyone. Her Texas kinfolk believe there is one Glory Child born into their family each generation that is destined for some kind of greatness. Kite seems to be the chosen one since she is beautiful, has a genius I.Q. and is very outspoken. Kite takes this Glory Child business all in stride, mostly because that is her personality and the title loses significance to her since her father was supposedly his generations Glory Child and she knew of nothing exceptional he ever did. Kite does appreciate being accepted and enjoys - as most teens would - fitting in as quickly as possible. Especially since her parents moved her into such a peculiar place where people speak slower and think unlike anyone shes met while growing up on multi-ethnic Air Force bases. The transition is not as easy for the rest of her family and her mother is somewhat of an outcast since she comes from a state that fought against the confederacy. A confusing point for Kite who thought the war between the states was over except for its historical relevance. The story moves quickly with something consequential occurring on each page as Kite and the town grow up together. The people are unusual but real. Kite is an honest soul and does not hold back as she moves the story along with her innocent and often self-centered insights into a complicated world when perspectives about women, race and other important issues were changing in a way that would affect generations to come.

Becoming Austrians

Jews and Culture between the World Wars

Author: Lisa Silverman

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 346

View: 147

The collapse of Austria-Hungary in 1918 left all Austrians in a state of political, social, and economic turmoil, but Jews in particular found their lives shaken to the core. Although Jews' former comfort zone suddenly disappeared, the dissolution of the Dual Monarchy also created plenty of room for innovation and change in the realm of culture. Jews eagerly took up the challenge to fill this void, and they became heavily invested in culture as a way to shape their new, but also vexed, self-understandings. By isolating the years between the World Wars and examining formative events in both Vienna and the provinces, Becoming Austrians: Jews and Culture between the World Wars demonstrates that an intensified marking of people, places, and events as "Jewish" accompanied the crises occurring in the wake of Austria-Hungary's collapse, with profound effects on Austria's cultural legacy. In some cases, the consequences of this marking resulted in grave injustices. Philipp Halsmann, for example, was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his father years before he became a world-famous photographer. And the men who shot and killed writer Hugo Bettauer and philosopher Moritz Schlick received inadequate punishment for their murderous deeds. But engagements with the terms of Jewish difference also characterized the creation of culture, as shown in Hugo Bettauer's satirical novel The City without Jews and its film adaptation, other texts by Veza Canetti, David Vogel, A.M. Fuchs, Vicki Baum, and Mela Hartwig, and performances at the Salzburg Festival and the Yiddish theater in Vienna. By examining the lives, works, and deeds of a broad range of Austrians, Lisa Silverman reveals how the social codings of politics, gender, and nation received a powerful boost when articulated along the lines of Jewish difference.

The Complete Career Makeover

Author: Nic Paton

Publisher: Guardian Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 577

Have you reached a crossroads in your career? Do you want to start your own business or go freelance? Would you like some easy-to-follow guidance on making a career change? In these times of economic uncertainty, it's natural to find the idea of switching jobs daunting. However, it is precisely during a downturn that shifts in the employment market can lead to unprecedented and exciting opportunities to try something new. Of course, there are major questions to be asked and considerations to take into account when you're thinking of changing career path - finances, time, age, family and location, to name but a few - and in this unique guide the Guardian's careers experts lead you through the employment minefield with clear and practical advice. Whether you need to retrain, are looking for finances to fund a new business or simply want to know the best way to move into a different role within your current company, this timely guide is packed with expert advice, personal case studies and contacts to help you give your career (and your life) and total makeover.

Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business and More

Copywriter, Proofreader, Copy Editor, Journalist

Author: Entrepreneur Press

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 148

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Are you ready to free yourself from commuter traffic, office hours and boring writing projects? Then it’s time to take your writing career into your own hands—and start your professional freelance writing business! One of the fastest and least expensive homebased businesses to start, the business of freelance writing lets you turn your writing talent into professional independence—set your own hours, choose your own projects and take charge of your income! This complete guide arms you with all you need to know to not only start your freelance writing business but to make sure it’s a success. Learn how to: • Start your business instantly and for little money • Operate your business using freelance business basics and rules • Choose your writing niche • Use your writing expertise to advertise and find clients • Increase your income by improving your writing skills and expanding your client base Start your freelance writing business today—and begin earning income tomorrow!