How to Starve Cancer

Author: Jane McLelland



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A modern-day 'Cancer Sherlock Holmes', Jane discovered that a cancer-starving diet, powerful supplements and a handful of old, forgotten, low-toxicity drugs, when taken together, acted synergistically, magnifying each of their anti-cancer effects many times. Like magic, her terminal cancer just melted away. In this truly ground-breaking book, Jane takes us through her remarkable, heart-breaking journey, and the medical discoveries she made on the way. Using herself as a human guinea pig, she worked out the best drugs and supplements to starve her own cancer in an easy-to-follow 'Metro Map'. She has expanded this route map to show which fuel pipelines you need to block for every type of cancer, so you too can create your own cancer-starving cocktail. Tragically many simple old drugs have been overlooked in the race for the latest patentable 'game changers'. Is the answer already out there? Jane believes it is. Bit by bit she has pieced the puzzle together, demystified its complexity, and produced a simple protocol. This book will answer all the burning questions you face when you begin to explore complementary cancer care. Which 'off-label' drugs and supplements should you take? Should you try the ketogenic diet? Should you fast? Is fat safe? How much and when should you exercise? Jane explains why each patient needs a personalised approach and, importantly, how to work this out. This book, part Erin Brockovich, part Dallas Buyers Club, is a compelling story of resilience and determination in the face of impossible odds. If you or a loved one has cancer, you absolutely must read this book. Even if you have been told that nothing more can be done, Jane will show you this is almost certainly not true.

Starve Cancer and Cook Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Author: Narges Dardarian

Publisher: WestBowPress


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“Starve Cancer and Cook Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle” is a collection of recipes that I developed to help the millions of women living with breast cancer, like me. It focuses on removing alcohol, caffeine, canned products, dairy, red meat, or added sugar from your meals, while helping you in maintaining a delicious and balanced diet. However, this cookbook isn’t just for people suffering from cancer. It’s also beneficial for anyone who simple wants a healthier diet. “Starve Cancer and Cook Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle” includes recipes for a variety of delicious appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts. They are all easy to follow and take very little time to prepare. A portion of the proceeds from this cookbook will go to breast cancer research. “We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” -Adelle Davis (1904-1974)

Keto Manifesto

Your 7-Day Recipe Guide to Starve Cancer, Improve Energy, and Lose Weight

Author: Angelica Stone

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



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Lose Fat by Eating More of It-Seriously! Are you ready for world-class health and energy? Tired of random YouTube videos, podcasts, or articles that didn't show you how to flourish on a ketogenic diet? How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself? Upgrade to Olympic Level Nutrition Imagine waking up as the Olympic athlete version of yourself. How do you feel? How does your life improve with world-class nutrition? You can choose to reach your personal peak. But you must do what is required to care for your body. Keto Manifesto shows you why this diet is so popular with athletes, scientists, health professionals. and many more. Discover the physical impact of diet on your body. Make better daily diet decisions. And determine your destiny with every bite! Feel Immediate Benefits Feel rapid improvements in your focus. Feel energized throughout your day. Feel your body flourish through the little-known secret of "brown fat." Keto Manifesto is your practical guide to the why and how of ketosis. Enpower yourself for effective, sustainable weight loss. And learn to stop hunger-crashes and cravings completely. Keto Manifesto benefits your athletic training, energy levels, focus, treatment of disease, and overall health. Why wait? Live at your best today. Move forward on first-class fuel! IGNITE Your Natural Ketosis Engine! Weight loss can be daunting. But imagine you knew a counterintuitive truth. A truth proven by an avalanche of overwhelming evidence. A truth that changes how you think about nutrition forever. This truth is a biochemical process called ketosis. "The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar." - Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner. Healthy cells can use ketones for energy. But cancer cells cannot because they are "metabolically damaged." They only use glucose: often much more than healthy cells. This dependence on glucose was observed over 80 years ago. But only now is this evidence reaching the general public. Love and understand your body. Take a chance on Keto Manifesto today! Exactly What You Will Learn How To... Lose Weight Through Ketosis Choose Fats, Proteins, and Carbs Confidently Answer FAQ'S About the Ketogenic Diet Optimize Ketosis for Exercise Performance Stay Completely Healthy Throughout Understand the Science of Ketosis and Disease Get Started: 7-Day Eating Plan with (Mouthwatering) Recipes! One-Click for Better Health and More Energy! Full 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. (That's How Confident We Are!) Don't lose another day without demanding the best for yourself!

The Cancer Odyssey

Discovering Truth and Inspiration on the Way to Wellness

Author: Margaret Brennan Bermel, MBA

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


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Chemotherapy is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American public. This statement must reach the public consciousness. The Big Pharma-FDA complex must be exposed as a cartel colluding, not on curing cancer, but on generating profits. Does chemotherapy work? Maybe, sometimes, with some specific cancers. But very often, it does not work. The “best weapon” used in the “war on cancer” traces its genesis to mustard gas. The cancer may die, but the collateral damage is the patient’s life. Approximately 600,000 Americans die each year ostensibly from “cancer”—but are they actually dying from treatment? A very provocative question. Bill Henderson interviews Margaret Bermel about her new book called “The Cancer Odyssey.” Bill says, "I really enjoyed your book. If everyone would read it BEFORE they get the cancer diagnosis (and go into "fear orbit"), the millions of unnecessary "cancer" deaths would end." Here is a direct link where you can listen to it or download it (plain mp3 audio file). How to Live Cancer Free – “The Cancer Odyssey” by Margaret Bermel

Cancer Cell Rehabilitation in 30 Days

Reduce Your Risk of Cancer in 30 Days, Cancer-Free Living for Long-Term Health

Author: Robert Redfern

Publisher: Naturally Healthy Publications



Page: 52

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Cancer Cell Rehabilitation in 30 Days is the latest book from renowned health coach and author Robert Redfern. This book brings together his knowledge along with a lifestyle and nutrient plan that anyone can follow to find cancer cell rehabilitation and relief within as little as 30 days.

Never Fear Cancer Again

How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer

Author: Raymond Francis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Health & Fitness

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Most cancer research dollars have been wasted by asking the wrong questions, looking in the wrong places, and recycling the same failed approaches while expecting different results. Conventional cancer treatments damage health, cause new cancers, lower the quality of life, and decrease the chances of survival. In fact, most people who die from cancer are not dying from cancer, but from their treatments! That's the bad news. Here's the good news: We can end the cancer epidemic. In Never Fear Cancer Again, readers will gain a revolutionary new understanding of health and disease and will come to understand that cancer is a biological process that can be turned on and off, not something that can be surgically removed or destroyed with radiation or toxic chemicals. So whether cancer has already been diagnosed or if prevention is the concern, it is possible to turn off the wayward production of these malfunctioning cells once and for all by reading this book and implementing its strategies. The key to any disease has one simple cause: malfunctioning cells that are created by either deficiency or toxicity. By switching off the malfunctioning cells, you switch off the cancer. Never Fear Cancer Again guides readers along six pathways that cause deficiency or toxicity at the cellular level: nutritional path, genetic path, medical path, toxin path, physical path, and the psychological path. By making key lifestyle changes, people truly have the power to take control of cancer and transform their health. This radically different, yet holistic approach restored author Raymond Francis back to health just as it has helped thousands of others, many of whom were told they had no other options or that their cancer was incurable. Take back your health with this book and never fear cancer again.

Cancer No Chemo

Author: Robert LaPlante

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Medical

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Fifty-nine-year-old Robert LaPlante gave up cigarettes in his twenties, was never overweight, practiced good health habits, and had run marathons and many other foot races. He lived his life in a way he believed would ward off terrible things like cancer. But in November 2008, LaPlante received the devastating diagnosis of signet ring cell adenocarcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer that begins in the appendix. In Cancer No Chemo, LaPlante documents his three-year battle with cancer—from the initial diagnosis, to surgery to remove ten inches of colon and twenty-two lymph nodes, to winning the fight. Through journal entries, he shares his innermost thoughts during his treatment and recovery, including the fearful decision to forgo chemotherapy in favor of holistic healing methods that are gaining a place in the battle against cancer. In this memoir, he shares how he believes a positive attitude is the most important tool that inspires positive action. Cancer No Chemo provides an inspiring look at how one man battled a foreboding cancer diagnosis and won.

Eat to Beat Disease

The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself

Author: William W Li

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 496

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Is your diet feeding or defeating disease? Forget everything you think you know about your body and food, and discover the new science of how the body heals itself. Learn how to identify the strategies and the dosages for using food to transform your resilience and health in EAT TO BEAT DISEASE. We have radically underestimated our body's power to transform and restore our health. Pioneering physician scientist, Dr. William Li, empowers readers by showing them the evidence behind over 200 health-boosting foods that can starve cancer, reduce your risk of dementia, and beat dozens of avoidable diseases. EAT TO BEAT DISEASE isn't about what foods to avoid, but rather is a life-changing guide to the hundreds of healing foods to add to your meals that support the body's defense systems, including: Plums Cinnamon Jasmine tea Red wine and beer Black Beans San Marzano tomatoes Olive oil Pacific oysters Cheeses like Jarlsberg, Camembert and cheddar Sourdough bread The book's plan shows you how to integrate the foods you already love into any diet or health plan to activate your body's health defense systems-Angiogenesis, Regeneration, Microbiome, DNA Protection, and Immunity-to fight cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases, and other debilitating conditions. Both informative and practical, EAT TO BEAT DISEASE explains the science of healing and prevention, the strategies for using food to actively transform health, and points the science of well-being and disease prevention in an exhilarating new direction.

Eat to Beat Disease

The Body’s Five Defence Systems and the Foods that Could Save Your Life

Author: William Li

Publisher: Random House


Category: Health & Fitness

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Is your diet feeding or defeating disease? We are at a turning point in our understanding of how to prevent and fight disease. Rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity and other common health problems are skyrocketing. However, the latest scientific research and clinical evidence is revealing that the power to protect ourselves against these threats and resist them lies in a simple solution: the foods we eat everyday. In Eat to Beat Disease, Dr William Li explains that your body was designed to fight threats like these and we have radically underestimated how food can be used to amplify this hidden power. Your body has five natural defence systems that, if functioning well, can protect you: angiogenesis (growing new blood vessels), cell regeneration, the microbiome, DNA protection and immunity. The healthy working of each has been found to be intimately connected to the foods we eat – and the findings are sometimes surprising. Discover: · Why scientists think drinking hot cocoa boosts stem cells crucial for your body's regeneration · The role of cheese and wine in maintaining healthy gut bacteria · Why drinking coffee lowers your risk of dying Revealing more than 200 foods that you can incorporate into your life today to help you live longer, Dr William Li proposes a simple 5 x 5 x 5 framework, inviting you to choose five foods and eat them five times a day, to fortify your five defence systems. It is not about dieting or cutting out – it is about having the confidence to incorporate the healthy foods you already love into a plan for life-long change. It could save your life.

AARP The Water Secret

The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

Author: Howard Murad, M.D.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

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AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. Now you can look and feel ten years younger with the help of this revolutionary guide from one of the world's leading experts on health and skin care. He has been called one of the "Best Forward-Thinking Doctors" (Vogue magazine) and acclaimed as a "Beauty Genius" (Elle magazine). Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD is one today's foremost authorities on health and skincare, and his philosophies have helped men and women around the world look and feel as young and healthy as possible. With The Water Secret, Dr. Murad shares a new, scientifically proven strategy, cultivated over years of practice and treating over 50,000 patients, to help you look and feel better from the inside out. The Water Secret will: Reveal groundbreaking secrets to help you take years off your looks, feel better and healthier Debunk health myths through cutting-edge research and tell the truth about how inflammation, hydration, and other factors really affect your health Explain how damaged cells that leak water can sabotage your looks Introduce an integrated, multidisciplinary "Inclusive Health" approach to help optimize cellular strength Give you a complete 10-step action plan with recipes and meal plans to start you on the path to clear skin, fewer wrinkles, more energy, and better overall health Discover The Water Secret and learn to take control of the process of aging by improving the health of every cell in the body. Begin the program and you will see and feel the difference your healthy new lifestyle will make in as soon as one week!