Henry V

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 9781840224214

Category: Fiction

Page: 153

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Henry V is the most famous and influential of Shakespeare's history plays. Its powerful patriotic rhetoric has resounded down the ages.

The Oxford Shakespeare: Henry V

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780199536511

Category: Drama

Page: 352

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Henry V, the climax of Shakespeare's sequence of English history plays, is an inspiring, often comic celebration of a young warrior-king. But it is also a study of the costly exhilarations of war, and of the penalties as well as the glories of human greatness. Introducing this brilliantly innovative edition, Gary Taylor shows how Shakespeare shaped his historical material, examines controversial critical interpretations, discusses the play's fluctuating fortunes in performance, and analyses the range and variety of Shakespeare's characterization. The first Folio text is radically rethought, making original use of the First Quarto (1600).

König Lear

ein Trauerspiel in fünf Aufzügen

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: N.A



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The Oxford Shakespeare: Richard II

Author: William Shakespeare,Anthony B. Dawson,Paul Yachnin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019960228X

Category: Drama

Page: 297

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Shakespeare plays, texts.


Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Peterson's

ISBN: 9780192834164

Category: Drama

Page: 406

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Hamlet is not only one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, but also the most fascinatingly problematical tragedy in world literature. First performed around 1600, this a gripping and exuberant drama of revenge, rich in contrasts and conflicts. Its violence alternates with introspection, its melancholy with humour, and its subtlety with spectacle.

Henry V, War Criminal?

And Other Shakespeare Puzzles

Author: John Sutherland,Cedric Thomas Watts

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780192838797

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 220

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'Shakespeare loves loose ends; Shakespeare also loves red herrings.' Stephen Orgel Loose ends and red herrings are the stuff of detective fiction, and under the scrutiny of master sleuths John Sutherland and Cedric Watts Shakespeare's plays reveal themselves to be as full of mysteries as any Agatha Christie novel. Is it summer or winter in Elsinore? Do Bottom and Titania make love? Does Lady Macbeth faint, or is she just pretending? How does a man putrefy within minutes of his death? Is Cleopatra a deadbeat Mum? And why doesn't Juliet ask 'O Romeo Montague, wherefore art thou Montague?' As Watts and Sutherland explore these and other puzzles Shakespeare's genuius becomes ever more apparent. Speculative, critical, good-humoured and provocative, their discussions shed light on apparent anachronisms, perfromance and stagecraft, linguistics, Star Trek and much else. Shrewd and entertaining, these essays add a new dimension to the pleasure of reading or watching Shakespeare. 'Few modern academics are doing quite so much as Professor Sutherland to connect the "common reader" with great books' Independent

Della pittura

Author: Leon Battista Alberti

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783534151516

Category: Caribbean Area

Page: 244

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The Life and Death of King John

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780192836076

Category: Drama

Page: 303

View: 1573

This important new edition of one of Shakespeare's more neglected plays offers a wide-ranging critical introduction, concentrating on its relevance to Elizabethan political issues and on the role played in it by women, the family, and the law. There is a comprehensive stage history, and full and helpful annotation pays special attention to the play's language and staging.

The Oxford Shakespeare

Richard II

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198186428

Category: Drama

Page: 297

View: 1761

Deftly combining history and tragedy, Shakespeare's tale of bad government and usurpation had great political immediacy for its first audiences. This version of the text is based on the early quartos and first Folio of 1623. It is complemented by an introduction that places the play in its own time, thorough textual notes, and full commentary.

The Oxford Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780192834201

Category: Drama

Page: 275

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A Midsummer Night's Dream is perhaps the best loved of Shakespeare's plays. It brings together aristocrats, workers, and fairies in a wood outside Athens, and from there the enchantment begins. In the introduction to this edition, Peter Holland pays particular attention to dreams and dreamers, and to Shakespeare's construction of a world of night and shadows. Both here and in his commentary he explores the play's extensive performance history to illustrate the wide range of interpretations of which it is capable. - ;A Midsummer Night's Dream is perhaps the best loved of Shakepeare's plays. It brings together aristocrats, workers, and fairies in a wood outside Athens, and from there the enchantment begins. Simple and engaging on the surface, it is none the less a highly original and sophisticated work, remarkable for both its literary and its theatrical mastery. It is one of the very few of Shakespeare's plays which do not draw on narrative sources, which suggests that it reflects his deepest imaginative concerns to an unusual degree. In his introduction Peter Holland pays particular attention to dreams and dreamers, and to Shakespeare's construction of a world of night and shadows. Both here and in his commentary he explores the play's extensive performance history to illustrate the wide range of interpretations of which it is capable. -

Shakespeare and Textual Studies

Author: Margaret Jane Kidnie,Sonia Massai

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107023742

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 448

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A cutting-edge and comprehensive reassessment of the theories, practices and archival evidence that shape editorial approaches to Shakespeare's texts.

Ambiguity in Shakespeare's History Play King Henry V

Author: Michael Trinkwalder

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3656200394


Page: 20

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Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1,00, Staatliche Berufliche Oberschule Fachoberschule / Berufsoberschule Kaufbeuren, language: English, abstract: "King Henry V" has always been considered as Shakespeare's most patriotic play, one could even argue his most nationalistic play. "King Henry V" appears to be the story of the ideal English king who is brave, charismatic, honourable and pious or as Shakespeare puts it, he is "the mirror of all Christian kings" who fights for what is righteously his and leads his "band of brothers" to victory against impossible odds. However, to truly understand Shakespeare's motivations, we have to take a look at the tumultuous time in which the play was written. Under the reign of Elizabeth I., England had either been at war or at the constant threat of one for decades. It was a time of frequent conspiracies to overthrow the queen and bloody rebellions. In this context the play can be seen as an attempt to raise the morale and to rally the English around a common cause. This interpretation becomes plausible given the fact that the play's popularity increased whenever England was threatened, for example in both world wars and the Napoleonic wars. Nevertheless "King Henry V" is not just simple wartime propaganda, it's an ambiguous play which can be interpreted both as a glorification of war or alternatively as a subtle critique of the cruelty and futility of war. It lies entirely in the eye of the beholder. Someone with a patriotic point of view might identify himself with the virtuous Henry or admire that - although weakened by plague and famine - the English soldiers and their king defeats a superior French army, whereas a more critical reader might question the legitimacy of waging a war of aggression in the first place. Furthermore particularly modern readers feel disgusted by the killing of the unarmed prisoners at the battle of Agincourt. Nowadays it would be considered a war cri

Der Staat / Politeia

Griechisch - Deutsch

Author: Platon

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3050092459

Category: History

Page: 1008

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Mit seinem Werk Politeia ("Der Staat") wurde Platon zum Begründer einer neuen literarischen Gattung: der politisch-philosophischen Utopie. Schon im Altertum versuchten eine Reihe von Autoren ihm nachzueifern (Theopompos, Euhemeros, Iambulos, parodistisch auch Lukian), und nachdem Thomas Morus mit dem namengebenden Werk "Utopia" (1516) die Gattung gleichsam neu belebt hatte, entstand eine nicht mehr zu überblickende Flut utopischer Entwürfe. Doch nicht nur durch die hier entfaltete Staatslehre erwies sich die "Politeia" als grundlegendes und richtungsweisendes Werk: Platons Ausführungen zu solch verschiedenen philosophischen Gebieten wie der Theorie der Erziehung, der Theorie der Dichtung, der Ethik und Tugendlehre, der Seelenlehre haben die Diskussion bis in unsere Tage beeinflusst. Platon ist aber auch ein Sprachkünstler, der seine Werke als Dialog-"Dramen" meisterhaft gestaltete. Dabei weiß er sich souverän von dem Medium Schrift zu distanzieren, das drei Hauptmängel aufweist: Sie sagt immer dasselbe, kann auf Fragen nicht antworten; sie wendet sich unterschiedslos an alle, weiß nicht, zu wem sie reden und zu wem sie schweigen soll; und wird sie angegriffen, so kann sie sich nicht selbst zur Hilfe kommen. Dass der Kern der platonischen Ideenlehre nicht in dafür ungeeignete Köpfe "gepflanzt" werden kann, beweist das Erste Buch: Das aufgezwungene Gespräch über die Gerechtigkeit mit Polemarchos und dem Sophisten Thrasymachos endet in einer Aporie (so wie Platons Versuche, seine politische Theorie in die Praxis umzusetzen, an der mangelnden Eignung des jungen Herrschers von Syrakus, Dionysios II., scheitern mussten). Erst als Platon (von Buch II an) mit seinen Brüdern Glaukon und Adeimantos das Gesprächsthema wieder aufgreift, kann der Funken der Erkenntnis überspringen, und "Einsicht leuchtet auf".


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Viel Lärm um nichts (illustriert)

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.

ISBN: 1635371465

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 121

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Viel Lärm um nichts ist eine Komödie um Liebe und Intrigen von William Shakespeare; sie unterscheidet sich von Shakespeares anderen romanesken Komödien durch den realeren Bezug zur Liebe. Claudio interessiert sich vor allem für Heros Erbschaft, Benedikt und Beatrice erliegen nicht der konventionellen Augenliebe, sondern finden sich erst nach Einmischungen der anderen Figuren. Besonders hervorstechend ist das Spiel mit dem Sein und dem Schein, worauf schon das Wortspiel im Titel hinweist – nothing und noting („nichts“ und „wahrnehmen, erkennen“). Damit sind einerseits die Intrigen gegen Hero, andererseits die Sitten der höfischen Selbstinszenierung, insbesondere bei Benedikt und Beatrice, gemeint. Geschrieben wurde das Stück 1598/99 und erstmals in der Quartoausgabe von 1600 gedruckt.