Lecture Notes Haematology

Author: N.C. Hughes-Jones,S. N. Wickramasinghe,Prof Chris Hatton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405180501

Category: Medical

Page: 216

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The Lecture Notes series is ideal for medical students, junior doctors and other allied health professionals. Lecture Notes: Haematology concentrates on providing the required core subject knowledge and has been extensively revised and updated to reflect the considerable advances in the understanding of the molecular biology and pathogenesis of haematological disorders, while continuing the tradition of successfully integrating the physiological, pathological and clinical aspects of haematology. Each chapter begins with a list of learning objectives that identifies the key elements that students need to know, whilst also taking learning to the next level. This new edition includes brief sections on the approaches to investigation and treatment of haematological problems, the underlying mechanisms and relationships concerning lymphomas and other neoplastic diseases of the bone marrow, and the rapidly changing area of bone marrow transplantation. Illustrated in full colour throughout, with new illustrations and photographs of important normal and abnormal blood cells, this eighth edition is a comprehensive guide to haematology and an essential aid for anyone who wants a concise introduction to the subject.

Lecture Notes: Haematology

Author: Chris S. R. Hatton,Nevin C. Hughes-Jones,Deborah Hay,David M. Keeling

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118496647

Category: Medical

Page: 168

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Haematology Lecture Notes is an accessible and concise best-selling study guide, outlining the physiology, pathology and treatment of the most common blood disorders. Extensively revised and updated to reflect the considerable advances in the understanding of the molecular biology and pathogenesis of haematological disorders, it provides the core knowledge required by all medical students and junior doctors. Key features include: New material on coagulation and transfusion Expanded coverage of haematopoiesis A complete update of all malignant haematology content A brand new companion website at www.lecturenoteseries.com/haematology featuring interactive MCQs with feedback on each answer selected, chapter summaries and revision notes in PowerPoint and PDF formats, and all the figures from the book in PowerPoint format Whether approaching haematology for the first time, or looking for a refresher, Haematology Lecture Notes will enable students and junior doctors to develop an understanding of both the basic science and clinical aspects of this specialty.

Lecture Notes: Haematology

Author: Christian S. R. Hatton,Deborah Hay,David M. Keeling

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119264278

Category: Medical

Page: 192

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As the science and practice of haematology continues to advance at a considerable rate, Haematology Lecture Notes remains a comprehensive guide to this diverse subject, and provides support in understanding the pathogenesis and management of haematological disorders. Successfully integrating the physiological, pathological, and clinical aspects of haematology, this new edition includes new material on molecular and cellular diagnostics, expanded coverage on haemostasis, malignant haematology and transplant, and features self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter. Thoroughly revised and updated, Haematology Lecture Notes provides the core subject knowledge required by students and junior doctors to excel in this specialty.

Atlas der klinischen Hämatologie

Author: Herbert Begemann,T. Haferlach,Johann Rastetter

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642960871

Category: Medical

Page: 331

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Biology of Disease

Author: Nessar Ahmed,MaureenDawson,Chris Smith,Ed Wood

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1135728720

Category: Science

Page: 600

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Biology of Disease describes the biology of_many of the human disorders and diseases_that are encountered in a clinical setting._It is designed for first and second year students in biomedical science programs and will also be a highly effective reference for health science professionals as well as being valuable to students beginning medical school. Real cases are used to_illustrate the importance of biology in understanding the causes of diseases, as well as in diagnosis and therapy.

Harrisons Hämatologie und Onkologie

Author: Dan L. Longo

Publisher: ABW Wissenschaftsverlag

ISBN: 3864741017

Category: Medical

Page: 950

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Die Behandlung maligner Tumoren hat sich in den letzten zehn Jahren rasant und ganz entscheidend verändert. Spätestens seit der Einführung von Herceptin reden wir von der personalisierten onkologischen Therapie, inzwischen wird das bereits Präzisionsmedizin genannt. So ist die Hämatologie/Onkologie inzwischen sicher das innovativste Fachgebiet, was die Neueinführung potenter Therapeutika angeht. Harrisons Hämatologie und Onkologie bietet jetzt auf aktuellster Basis für alle Beteiligten an den interdisziplinären Tumorkonferenzen das notwendige Wissen. Checkpoint-Inhibitoren und Tyrosinkinase-Inhibitoren sind jüngste Beispiele, gefolgt von: PARB-Inhibitoren beim Ovarialkarzinom, anti-EGFR-Antikörper beim Dickdarmkarzinom, Tyrosinkinase-Inhibitoren beim Lungenkarzinom, BRAF-Inhibitoren beim malignen Melanom, anti-CD20 beim malignen Lymphom. Die Palette der neuen therapeutischen Ansätze ist groß. Das Buch vermittelt als weltweit gültiger Standard das aktuellste Wissen aus der Feder von internationalen Spezialisten sowie Experten der Charité und anderer wissenschaftlicher Institutionen im deutschsprachigen Bereich. Die relevanten aktuellen Leitlinien finden Aufnahme und werden entsprechend interpretiert.

Haematology at a Glance

Author: Atul Mehta,Victor Hoffbrand

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405179708

Category: Medical

Page: 127

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This new edition continues to provide a concise and accessible introduction to haematology. It follows the easy-to-use 'at a glance' format of double-page spreads comprising clear, memorable diagrams illustrating the key facts and essential textual information.

Grundlagen der Hämatologie

Author: A.V. Hoffbrand,J.E. Pettit

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662119153

Category: Medical

Page: 284

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British Medical Journal

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Biological Performance of Materials

Fundamentals of Biocompatibility, Fourth Edition

Author: Jonathan Black

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849339592

Category: Medical

Page: 520

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Bioengineers need a thorough grounding in biocompatibility - the biological performance of materials. Until now, there were no publications suitable for a neophyte in the field; prior publications were either not comprehensive or focused on rather narrow interests. Drawing on the author's 35 years of experience as a teacher, researcher, and consultant in biomaterials science and engineering (BSE), Biological Performance of Materials: Fundamentals of Biocompatibility, Fourth Edition focuses primarily on principles of biological performance at a relatively fundamental level, analyzing interactions between living organisms and nonliving materials used in medical devices - the subject that sets BSE apart as a distinct field of investigation. Following an introductory section, the book is divided into three sections: the material response to biological systems, host response to biomaterials, and test methods for determining biological response in vitro as well as in animal models and clinical settings. Supplemental "Interparts" summarize the physical properties of commonly used metallic, polymeric, and ceramic biomaterials. They also provide a guide to understanding the clinical performance of implanted biomaterials.

Lecture Notes: Oncology

Author: Mark Bower,Jonathan Waxman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118293002

Category: Medical

Page: 320

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Cancer is one of the most rapidly changing areas of medicine, affecting ever-increasing numbers of people, and this new edition of Lecture Notes: Oncology brings together all the information a medical student or graduate clinician needs in one accessible volume. It covers the scientific basis and social impact of cancer, describes the origins and presentations of cancer on a regional and system basis, and discusses the fundamentals of oncology treatment and patient management. Including a new section on epigenetics, clinical vignettes, clear illustrations, tables and diagrams, as well as a self-test section of MCQs, Lecture Notes: Oncology provides core knowledge for professionals involved in cancer care.

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First multi-year cumulation covers six years: 1965-70.

Essays in Good Practice

Lecture notes in contemporary General Practice

Author: Chris Heath

Publisher: Paragon Publishing

ISBN: 1782224823

Category: Medical

Page: 1200

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Good Practice: What it means to put the patient first, not politics, posturing, pretentiousness, protocols or process. This is a text book for all doctors but especially GPs, Appraisers and Registrars. It is written by a 40 year plus front line NHS doctor who for most of his career worked twice to three times the current doctors’ Working Time Directive limited week. Chris Heath has been a Paediatric Lecturer in a teaching hospital, an Anaesthetist, various junior specialists and a GP for over 30 years in 3 different practices. He has been a GP Trainer and Appraiser and has seen politics and political correctness harm patients’ interests constantly over the last half of his career. From the way the NHS selects young doctors to the way they are educated and assessed, the best interests of the patient are largely ignored. This is a text book but it also contains home truths, advice, insights and original, honest guidance on being a safe, effective doctor. As well as giving an assessment of what has gone wrong with the NHS over the last 20 years, the author explains why today’s politicians, medical schools, Royal Colleges and many doctors will resist the changes essential to put the patients’ needs first again. 1 Politics, Who we are, The CQC etc 2 Administration, Training, The Consultation and Teaching 3 Basic Biology 4 Acute Medicine in General Practice 5 Alcohol 6 Allergy 7 Analgesics 8 Anticoagulants, Clotting 9 The Breast 10 Cancer and Terminal Care 11 Cardiology 12 Useful Clinical Signs, Eponymous diseases 13 Dermatology 14 Diabetes, Metabolism 15 Diet, Vitamins and Nutrition 16 Driving 17 Odd drugs 18 Ear, Nose and Throat 19 Gastroenterology 20 Geriatrics 21 Haematology 22 Hormones 23 Immunisation and Vaccines 24 Infections, Antibiotics, Microbiota 25 Legal Issues 26 Liver 27 Miscellaneous 28 Musculoskeletal, Orthopaedics, Sports, NSAIDs 29 Neurology 30 Ophthalmology 31 Paediatrics 32 Pathology 33 Pregnancy, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Contraception 34 Psychiatry and Controlled Drugs 35 Respiratory 36 Sex and STDs 37 Sleep 38 Travel 39 Urology 40 Work References