Governing India's Northeast

Essays on Insurgency, Development and the Culture of Peace

Author: Samir Kumar Das

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8132211464

Category: Political Science

Page: 93

View: 2186

​This book focuses on issues of governance and the nature and complexities of social transformation in India’s Northeast -- a ‘problem’ zone for policymakers -- particularly since the early 1990s. While governance is the thread that runs through the volume, the latter at one level addresses the challenges of governing in global times a region historically marked by acute violence, interethnic conflict and insurgency; and at another, traces macro changes in the very forms and technologies of governance. The essays in this volume point to how changing forms and technologies of governing insurgency, development and culture do not remain mere instruments of peace, but define the very nature and content of both peace and conflict and their interrelationship in the region. For the first time in the history of scholarship on the region, the three crucial issues of insurgency, development and culture have been analysed through the lens of governance. This volume, therefore, marks an important addition to the scholarship on the region.

Concise Oral Pathology

Author: K Manjunath

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 8131249328

Category: Medical

Page: 600

View: 9748

The second edition of this book is significantly revised and presented in four-colour format. It is designed to meet the needs of UG students but will also be helpful to PG students for their curriculum. It provides all the essential concepts of oral pathology to give better insight to students and helps them to prepare for both theory and practical examinations. Salient Features Easy to understand and systemic presentation of answers in examination. Presents text in well-structured format including definition, pathogenesis, clinical features, radiographic features, histopathology, prognosis and predictive features Bulleted points help in rapid revision and self-assessment before examination Hand-drawn histopathological diagrams, flowcharts, tables and schematic illustrations helps to understand subject in a simple format. Contributors are added for a broader scope of knowledge Additional Feature Complimentary access to enhanced e-book with chapterwise frequently asked questions and answers


Democracy and Violence

Author: Samir Kumar Das

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199451838

Category: History

Page: 280

View: 6841

Papers presented in a couple of workshops on the theme of 'Understanding Collective Action and Violence in a Postcolonial Democracy', organized by Calcutta Research Group (CRG) in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), Shimla, in New Delhi from 19 to 20 March 2011 and in Shimla from 26 to 28 September 2011.

Perspectives on Violence and Othering in India

Author: R.C. Tripathi,Purnima Singh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 8132226135

Category: Social Science

Page: 237

View: 5479

This volume brings together important and original perspectives from South Asia on the relationship between violence---an increasingly important issue in multicultural societies---and the process of othering. The contributors state that societies create 'others' through deliberate acts of selection over a period of time. The objective of the process of othering is to deny rights and privileges that one sets for one's own group. This volume affirms that central to the understanding of violence in any society is the understanding of othering processes. Violence and nonviolence are influenced by the nature of othering processes as well as the kinds of others in a society. Groups engaged in mutual othering are also the ones that are often involved in violent relationships. Renowned scholars from diverse fields provide multidisciplinary perspectives on violence and othering, discussing the concepts of violence and nonviolence in multicultural societies, communal harmony, constructions of the other, truth commissions, state censorship of 'sensitive' issues, fundamentalism and secularism in multifaith societies, and specific cases from recent violence-prone areas. This volume focuses on the South Asian, and more specifically, the Indian context, but is relevant for researchers seeking to understand these issues anywhere in the world.

Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis

First International Symposium, SIMPDA 2011, Campione D’Italia, Italy, June 29 – July 1, 2011, Revised Selected Papers

Author: Karl Aberer,Ernesto Damiani,Tharam Dillon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 364234044X

Category: Computers

Page: 213

View: 4640

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the First International Symposium on Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis held in Campione d'Italia, Italy, in June/July 2011. The 11 revised full papers were carefully selected from 31 submissions. In addition to the thorough review process, the lively discussions at the event itself also helped the authors to improve their papers and to foster interesting extensions. The selected papers cover a wide range of topics spanning from theoretical issues related to process representation to practical experience in process discovery and analysis.

Development Challenges in Bhutan

Perspectives on Inequality and Gross National Happiness

Author: Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319479253

Category: Social Science

Page: 263

View: 9611

This book provides essential insights into Bhutan’s developmental challenges. It analyzes and scrutinizes the sovereign state’s developmental approach, including the idea of Gross National Happiness (GNH), which has replaced Gross National Product (GNP) as a measurement of prosperity. The authors also explore and deconstruct ideational and cultural aspects of knowledge production and present a critical overall assessment of the political economy of education policy, health, ICT and migration in Bhutan. The book is divided into five parts all taking a critical approach towards inequality: Part one offers an assessment of Bhutan’s developmental trajectories; part two deals with GNH, equality and inclusion versus exclusion; part three is devoted to culture, legal issues and the politics of change; and part four to governance and integration; section five addresses health, food and disparities. This book will appeal to all scholars of South Asian affairs and development studies, as well as to diplomats and professionals involved in development aid.

Peri-Urban Developments and Processes in Africa with Special Reference to Zimbabwe

Author: Innocent Chirisa,Elias Mazhindu,Elmond Bandauko

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319342312

Category: Social Science

Page: 142

View: 9023

This book focuses on peri-urban development processes in Africa, with special emphasis on Zimbabwe. The debates included highlight a number of issues in the peri-urban context, such as access to water, appropriate technologies and land management, political economy in the peri-urban space, peri-urban agriculture, and place marketing in peri-urban development, among others. The debates raised by the authors in this book revolve around locating the peri-urban space within the context of sustainability, in which key issues are addressed. The book essentially examines peri-urban development processes from various angles in an effort to understand how peri-urban areas develop, function, and how their residents survive. Per-urban dwellers currently face numerous challenges, including land tenure insecurity, poor infrastructure and services, land use conflicts, stringent planning law and land use planning regulations. This work seeks to address the “knowledge gap” on peri-urban development processes in Africa, and is also intended to inform urban policy practice in the African Cities and beyond. Offering policy makers valuable insights on the peri-urban space, it provides guidance for decision-making in the contexts of service delivery, land management, housing, new town development and place marketing, among others.

Reclaiming Africa

Scramble and Resistance in the 21st Century

Author: Sam Moyo,Praveen Jha,Paris Yeros

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811058394

Category: Political Science

Page: 269

View: 1443

This book presents the findings of research conducted by scholars and activists associated with the Agrarian South Network, based mainly in Africa, Asia and Latina America. The research articulates a Southern perspective on the “new scramble” for Africa, with a view to strengthen tri-continental solidarities. The book explains the significance of the new scramble in terms of the economic structures inherited from the late-nineteenth-century scramble and the subsequent post-independence period. The renewed competition for Africa’s land and natural resources and the resumption of economic growth at the turn of the millennium have revived concerns regarding the continent’s position in the world economy and the prospects for its development in the twenty-first century. In this regard, the book addresses two related issues: the character of the expansion of Southern competitors in relation to the more established Western strategies; and the impact of the renewed influx of investments in land, minerals, and associated infrastructure. The findings are presented with empirical rigor and conceptual clarity, to enable the reader to grasp what really is at stake in the twenty-first century – an epic struggle to reclaim Africa from the monopolies that exercise control over its land, minerals, labour, and destiny.

Internal Displacement in South Asia

The Relevance of the UN's Guiding Principles

Author: Paula Banerjee,Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury,Samir Kumar Das

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761933298

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 370

View: 3176

Papers presented at a workshop held at Colombo in 2003.


Beyond Kant and Hermeneutics

Author: Paula Banerjee,Samir Kumar Das

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781843313304

Category: Autonomy (Philosophy)

Page: 296

View: 8884

In the first decade of the twenty-first century autonomy has become one of the major concerns of our social and political existence. The right to autonomous life is now a political, cultural and social call of both the individual and group. The present volume is a critical attempt to understand autonomy from both historical and analytical perspectives. Autonomy, in this collective reading, emerges as deeply rooted in social practices and contentious politics.

The Rise of Right-Populism

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Australian Politics

Author: Bligh Grant,Tod Moore,Tony Lynch

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811326691

Category: Political Science

Page: 241

View: 5561

This book is framed by four over-arching narratives of inquiry. While all four are firmly anchored in Australia’s political milieu – and as such are of considerable interest to a range of actors therein (scholars and students, the media, the political class) – they will also be of interest to a global audience. First, ideation. More specifically, what is the nature of populist politics in Australia, why does it consistently resonate with particular electoral demographics, what is the basis of its appeal over and above electoral cycles, and how should we position it in relation to more familiar concepts such as democracy, nationalism and progressive-conservative politics? Second, election. Despite the disparaging tone that the mainstream media can sometimes adopt when discussing electoral outcomes for right-populism and Hanson in particular, why does right-populism consistently resonate with particular electoral demographics, characterized by various criteria – geographic, social class, gender? How does populism play out in electoral cycles, and how do mainstream political parties capitalize on it for political gain? Third, policy and politics. Much to the disappointment of many, right-populism in Australia generally and PHONP in particular has been influential in policy formulation across a range of domains. These include Indigenous policy and reconciliation, immigration and international relations, industry policy, and the politics of gender. Taking a broader perspective, how does the resurgence of right-populism in Australia today differ from two decades ago, and is the polity, generally speaking, shifting to the right? Fourth, Australia’s right-populism from a comparative international perspective. More specifically, what are the similarities and differences between right-populism in Australia on the one hand and in Europe and the US on the other, and are we justified in concluding, however tentatively, that the rise of right-populism is similar across these polities?

Surveillance, Privacy and Security

Citizens’ Perspectives

Author: Michael Friedewald,J. Peter Burgess,Johann ?as,Rocco Bellanova,Walter Peissl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131721353X

Category: Political Science

Page: 310

View: 1599

This volume examines the relationship between privacy, surveillance and security, and the alleged privacy–security trade-off, focusing on the citizen’s perspective. Recent revelations of mass surveillance programmes clearly demonstrate the ever-increasing capabilities of surveillance technologies. The lack of serious reactions to these activities shows that the political will to implement them appears to be an unbroken trend. The resulting move into a surveillance society is, however, contested for many reasons. Are the resulting infringements of privacy and other human rights compatible with democratic societies? Is security necessarily depending on surveillance? Are there alternative ways to frame security? Is it possible to gain in security by giving up civil liberties, or is it even necessary to do so, and do citizens adopt this trade-off? This volume contributes to a better and deeper understanding of the relation between privacy, surveillance and security, comprising in-depth investigations and studies of the common narrative that more security can only come at the expense of sacrifice of privacy. The book combines theoretical research with a wide range of empirical studies focusing on the citizen’s perspective. It presents empirical research exploring factors and criteria relevant for the assessment of surveillance technologies. The book also deals with the governance of surveillance technologies. New approaches and instruments for the regulation of security technologies and measures are presented, and recommendations for security policies in line with ethics and fundamental rights are discussed. This book will be of much interest to students of surveillance studies, critical security studies, intelligence studies, EU politics and IR in general. A PDF version of this book is available for free in open access via It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 license.

Security, Risk and the Biometric State

Governing Borders and Bodies

Author: Benjamin J Muller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135161399

Category: History

Page: 160

View: 2723

This book examines a series of questions associated with the increasing application and implications of biometrics in contemporary everyday life. In the wake of the events of 9/11, the reliance on increasingly sophisticated and invasive technologies across a burgeoning field of applications has accelerated, giving rise to the term 'biometric state'. This book explores how these ‘virtual borders’ are created and the effect they have upon the politics of citizenship and immigration, especially how they contribute to the treatment of citizens as suspects. Finally and most importantly, this text argues that the rationale of 'governing through risk' facilitates pre-emptory logics, a negligent attitude towards 'false positives', and an overall proliferation of borders and ubiquitous risk, which becomes integral to contemporary everyday life, far beyond the confined politics of national borders and frontiers. By focusing on specific sites, such as virtual borders in airports, trusted traveller programs like the NEXUS program and those delivered by airlines and supported by governmental authorities (TSA and CATSA respectively), this book raises critical questions about the emerging biometric state and its commitment and constitution vis-à-vis technology of ‘governing through risk’. This book will be of interest to students of biopolitics, critical security, surveillance studies and International Relations in general. Benjamin J. Muller is assistant professor in International Relations at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada. He completed his PhD in the School of Politics and International Studies at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2005.

Data Structures Using C

Author: Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131722381

Category: C (Computer program language)

Page: 324

View: 4222

Angiography and Plaque Imaging

Advanced Segmentation Techniques

Author: Jasjit S. Suri,Swamy Laxminarayan

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780203490907

Category: Medical

Page: 560

View: 8701

Recent, rapid advances in mathematical engineering and applied mathematics have opened the door to solving complex problems in angiography imaging. For the first time, this book presents the different medical imaging modalities--MR, CT, x-ray, and ultrasound--for performing angiography and its analysis. Pioneers from a variety of relevant disciplines address state-of-the-art issues related to angiography, pre- and post angiography imaging, and their applications, such as intravascular ultrasound and x-ray fusion, plaque imaging, and morphology analysis. Their presentations cover most of the segmentation algorithms for anatomic blood vessels of the body, such as the brain, aorta, and retina.

Climate Change and Human Security

The Challenge to Local Governance Under Rapid Coastal Urbanization

Author: Michael R. Redclift,David Manuel Navarrete,Mark Pelling

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 0857933094

Category: Science

Page: 192

View: 3220

The challenge presented by climate change is, by its nature, global. The populations of the Mexican Caribbean, the focus of this book, are faced by everyday decisions not unlike those in the urban North. The difference is that for the people of the Mexican Caribbean evidence of the effects of climate change, including hurricanes, is very familiar to them. This important study documents the choices and risks of people who are powerless to change the economic development model which is itself forcing climate change. The book examines the Mexican Caribbean coast and explores the wider issues of managing climate change in vulnerable areas of the tropics. It also points to the inability to integrate development thinking into climate change adaptation. The authors suggest that failures in local governance - the transparency of state actions and the local populations lack of effective power - represents a greater threat to adaptation than the absence of technical capacity in vulnerable areas. Using local case studies of communities, fishing villages and tourist destinations, this well-researched book will appeal to international students and academics working on climate change and professionals in development, conservation and tourism industries.

Hydro-Meteorological Hazards, Risks, and Disasters

Author: Paolo Paron,Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0123964709

Category: Nature

Page: 312

View: 3031

Hydro-Meteorological Hazards, Risks, and Disasters provides an integrated look at major atmospheric disasters that have had and continue to have major implications for many of the world’s people, such as floods and droughts. . This volume takes a geoscientific approach to the topic, while also covering current thinking about some directly relevant social scientific issues that can affect lives and property. Hydro-Meteorological Hazards, Risks, and Disasters also contains new insights about how climate change affects hazardous processes. For the first time, information on the many diverse topics relevant to professionals is aggregated into one volume. Contains contributions from experts in the field selected by a world-renowned editorial board Cutting-edge discussion of natural hazard topics that affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of humans worldwide Numerous full-color tables, GIS maps, diagrams, illustrations, and photographs of hazardous processes in action

Critical Security Studies and World Politics

Author: Ken Booth

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub

ISBN: 9781555878269

Category: Political Science

Page: 323

View: 8676

Realist assumptions of security studies increasingly have been challenged by an approach that places the human being, rather than the state, at the center of security concerns. This book is structured around three concepts - security, community, and emancipation - that arguably are central to the future shape of world politics.

Regionalism in power

the case of Asom Gana Parishad

Author: Samir Kumar Das

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political Science

Page: 195

View: 4343

Case study of Asom Gana Parishad, political party in Assam.