Football Clichés

Decoding the Oddball Phrases, Colorful Gestures, and Unwritten Rules of Soccer Across the Pond

Author: Adam Hurrey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698409272

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

View: 1603

A fun, intelligent, and useful guide to understanding the nuanced language of soccer Every week, year-round, legions of devoted soccer fans across the country rise at the crack of dawn or quietly sneak out of work to watch their favorite teams play across the pond—complete with a soundtrack of two cheeky Englishmen spouting a stream of trite phrases and curious words that make maddeningly little sense. They’ll chat about flying teacups and cultured left feet, or point out a player who’s jinking through the corridor of uncertainty, hoping to bag one with aplomb. Confused? Many Brits are, too. In Football Clichés, London-based soccer writer Adam Hurrey amusingly translates the idioms of the sport, from the quaint to the ridiculous. Here you’ll find words for parts of the field and parts of the body; for ways to score a goal and ways to run, walk, or fake an injury. You’ll learn to read the shifting moods of fans at a soccer match and encounter the game’s oddly expressive gestures, which include the muted celebration and the beleaguered manager clap. Perfect for the die-hard or fair-weather fan, Football Clichés celebrates the world of soccer in all its glory.

Business and the Beautiful Game

How You Can Apply the Skills and Passion of Football to be a Winner in Business

Author: Theo Theobald,Cary Cooper

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749446706

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 6911

For years, the clich?s of the football world have been used as everyday boardroom language, with phrases such as 'what's the score?' and 'we're playing the long game' becoming commonplace. Business and the Beautiful Game cleverly applies the analogy of football to the world of business and in doing so compares and contrasts the key elements in the world of commerce to the parellels of the beautiful game. This unique book uses signposts founded in football folklore to help the reader absorb as much information as possible. For example, 'Tactics' replaces the customary 'Summary' signpost to emphasise the key points whilst maintaining the football theme. Chapter headings draw on essential components of the beautiful game that can be equally well applied to management, for example 'Captaincy' represents 'Middle Management'. This clever and non-linear structure allows readers to dip in and out of the sections they want to focus on. Combining the vital elements of wit and wisdom, this book makes useful observations without taking the business world too seriously. It's an entertaining read for anyone wanting a fresh outlook on the world of business.

Moon Michigan

Author: Paul Vachon

Publisher: Moon Travel

ISBN: 1631214055

Category: Travel

Page: 450

View: 3426

Discover Michigan in a New Way Travel writer and Michigan native Paul Vachon shares his expert perspective on the Great Lakes State, guiding you on a memorable and unique experience. Whether you're hoping to go ice fishing, sample local fudge and wine, or explore Detroit's rhythmic roots and auto museums, Moon Michigan has activities for every traveler. With itineraries like “A Romantic Weekend on Mackinac Island” and “Historic Lighthouses,” expertly crafted maps, gorgeous photos, and Paul's trustworthy advice, Moon Michigan provides the tools for planning your perfect trip! Moon Michigan covers can't-miss sights and the best destinations including: Detroit The Thumb Ann Arbor and the Heartland Traverse City Mackinac Island Upper Peninsula Southwest Coast

Who Ate All The Pies? The Life and Times of Mick Quinn

Author: Mick Quinn,Oliver Harvey

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448131472

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 8824

Mick Quinn, the boy from a Liverpool council estate dubbed 'Little Beirut', always loved his birds, booze and betting. They said Mick had a sixth sense for great accuracy in his playing days - he could find a party from any range. Quinn says he only put £50 on each horse race - but liked to stay in the bookies for twenty races a day! Sentenced in 1987 to three weeks in prison for twice driving whilst banned, Mick's been accused of punching Peter Schmeichel on the football pitch and John Fashanu off it. On retirement, though, Quinn switched to horse racing, the Sport of Kings, but controversy led the blue bloods of racing to hang the scouse oik out to dry and he was suspended from training for two and a half years. Who Ate All The Pies? is the funniest and most honest football book you'll read for a long, long time.

Pirates, Punks & Politics

Author: Nick Davidson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907524417

Category: Soccer

Page: 288

View: 1777

FC Sankt Pauli – the football club in the red-light district of Hamburg; a transvestite chairman; terraces populated by punks, pimps and prostitutes; a club run by anarchists, united under the skull and crossbones flag.This is the cliché that has been lazily peddled, one which attracts clueless stag parties from the Reeperbahn to the Millerntor stadium. But it’s not the real St Pauli.In Pirates, Punks & Politics author Nick Davidson puts the record straight, intermingling the history of FC St. Pauli, and the district it represents, with an account of his own involvement with the club. Back in 2007 Davidson travelled with his father to watch his first game at the Millerntor. What he found reinforced his faith in football.This book goes beyond the stereotype to seek out the real St. Pauli – a club with a passionate, left-wing fan base that has made a stand against, fascism, racism, sexism and both in football and wider society. As the author and countless others have discovered, the Millerntor is also a place which welcomes with open arms fans seeking an alternative to the rabid commercialisation of football elsewhere, encouraging them to stay for hours after the final whistle and immerse themselves in the vibrant fan culture. Read this book and fall in love with a different kind of football.

Potter Springs

Author: Britta Coleman

Publisher: Center Street

ISBN: 1599953242

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 7058

Britta Coleman's Texan background proves an asset in her first novel, infusing the language with a home-grown twang as she wittily and charmingly captures the larger-than-life characters and communities in urban and rural Texas.

Healing Takes Time

Author: David P. Gallagher

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 081463883X

Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 8656

Loss can occur in many forms, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or termination of a job. Healing Takes Time is filled with 52 meditations and reflections to help people experiencing loss start a journey of healing. This biblical resource draws on experiences from Galagher's life, and includes a theme, relevant Scripture passages, personal illustrations, and practical steps to take toward healing in each meditation. Just as a physical injury takes time to mend, emotional and spiritual anguish require time, patience, and faith to heal. Perspective is often lost during painful times, and the Scripture passages in this book are a fresh reminder of God's love and faithfulness. Most people have heard about the stages of grief, but knowing the stages academically is quite different from knowing them in the heart. Healing Takes Time helps those suffering loss, loneliness, and sorrow prayerfully walk through the stages of grief step-by-step. Healing Takes Time is ideal for support groups or people working at their own pace. This short, practical, and focused book is a helpful companion for anyone experiencing emotional or spiritual distress. Dr. Dave Gallagher is Pastor Emeritus at Palm West Community Church, Sun City West, AZ and Adjunct Professor at Moody Distance Learning and the University of Sioux Falls. He is also the author of Senior Adult Ministry in the 21st Century and Aging Successfully. He has written over 50 articles, including works for children and adult ministry.


Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms

Author: Tim Tebow

Publisher: WaterBrook Press

ISBN: 0735289883

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 6462

Most of us have been on the receiving end of rejection, a broken dream, or heartbreak. And while this is not an easy space to go through, when we are grounded in the truth, we can endure the tough times. In this powerful book, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow passionately shares glimpses of his journey staying grounded in the face of disappointment, criticism, and intense media scrutiny. Tebow talks about what he's learned along the way, building confidence in his identity in God, not the world. This moving book also features practical wisdom from Scripture and insights gained from others who have impacted him in life-changing ways.

Full Color Electric Football

Author: Earl Shores,Roddy Garcia

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989236324


Page: 124

View: 1987

Full Color Electric Football(tm) is an epic 124-page all-photo journey through the history of America's most iconic sports toy. It brings treasured memories of childhood to life, using over 250 color Electric Football images to create a collage of NFL and football dreams in miniature.Full Color Electric Football is the second book from the writing/design team of Earl Shores, Roddy Garcia, and Michael Kronenberg. It's the follow up to their acclaimed The Unforgettable Buzz, which in 2013 became the first book ever published about Electric Football.This time Shores, Garcia, and Kronenberg have combined NFL history, toys, and American culture into a seamless visual display that transcends the individual elements. Not only does Electric Football become the stuff of our dreams, in Full Color Electric Football the game becomes art.


Author: Kerstin Ekman

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312152475

Category: Fiction

Page: 434

View: 6700

The suspicious death of an artist sends Police Constable Torsson skiing north to the remote Lapland village of Rakisjok to investigate, and there he encounters a frozen wall of resistance from the townspeople. Reprint.

Downtown Owl

A Novel

Author: Chuck Klosterman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416580654

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 5252

New York Times Bestselling Author Chuck Klosterman's First Novel Somewhere in North Dakota, there is a town called Owl that isn't there. Disco is over, but punk never happened. They don't have cable. They don't really have pop culture, unless you count grain prices and alcoholism. People work hard and then they die. They hate the government and impregnate teenage girls. But that's not nearly as awful as it sounds; in fact, sometimes it's perfect. Mitch Hrlicka lives in Owl. He plays high school football and worries about his weirdness, or lack thereof. Julia Rabia just moved to Owl. She gets free booze and falls in love with a self-loathing bison farmer who listens to Goats Head Soup. Horace Jones has resided in Owl for seventy-three years. He consumes a lot of coffee, thinks about his dead wife, and understands the truth. They all know each other completely, except that they've never met. Like a colder, Reagan-era version of The Last Picture Show fused with Friday Night Lights, Chuck Klosterman's Downtown Owl is the unpretentious, darkly comedic story of how it feels to exist in a community where rural mythology and violent reality are pretty much the same thing. Loaded with detail and unified by a (very real) blizzard, it's technically about certain people in a certain place at a certain time...but it's really about a problem. And the problem is this: What does it mean to be a normal person? And there is no answer. But in Downtown Owl, what matters more is how you ask the question.

The Illustrated History of Football

Author: David Squires

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780895585

Category: English wit and humor, Pictorial

Page: 206

View: 5020

This is soccer comic-ery, but not as you know it. Welcome to the comically brilliant and politically engaging work of illustrator David Squires, artist extraordinaire. Soccer and comics. Once a hearty Saturday combination to match cartoons and cereal, in recent years they've drifted apart.Thankfully for us, David Squires is here to change all that. Based out of Sydney, his soccer comics have appeared everywhere from the Guardian to Pickles Magazine. In a sport full of handsome paychecks and corporate sponsors, his work casts a critical eye over corrupt backroom workings and helps pierce soccer's overblown balloon. This book is an anthology of some of David's best work. WARNING! Is sure to ignite debate and spark hilarity.


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Advertising

Page: N.A

View: 3800

Learn English Through Football

Author: Eoghan McGinty

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781999748609

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 118

View: 5477

The fun way for football fans everywhere to improve their English grammar and vocabulary. Each unit is based on the world of football. Suitable for teenagers and adults at intermediate and upper-intermediate levels. Contains interesting essays, word games, stunning pictures of players and tons of fascinating facts and stories about football.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Author: Susanna Clarke

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781608195350

Category: Fiction

Page: 800

View: 1365

At the dawn of the nineteenth century, two very different magicians emerge to change England's history. In the year 1806, with the Napoleonic Wars raging on land and sea, most people believe magic to be long dead in England--until the reclusive Mr. Norrell reveals his powers, and becomes a celebrity overnight. Yet the cautious, fussy Norrell is challenged by the emergence of another magician, the brilliant novice Jonathan Strange. Young, handsome, and daring, Strange is the very opposite of Norrell. He becomes Norrell's student, and they join forces in the war against France. But Strange is increasingly drawn to the wildest, most perilous forms of magic, straining his partnership with Norrell, and putting at risk everything else he holds dear. Time #1 Book of the Year Book Sense Book of the Year People Top Ten Books of the Year Winner of the Hugo Award New York Times Notable Book of the Year Top Ten of 2004 Winner of the World Fantasy Award Nancy Pearl's Top 12 Books of 2004 Washington Post Book World's Best of 2004 Christian Science Monitor Best Fiction 2004 San Francisco Chronicle Best Books of 2004 Winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel Chicago Tribune Best of 2004 Seattle Times 25 Best Books of 2004 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Top 12 Books of 2004 Village Voice "Top Shelf" Raleigh News & Observer Best of 2004 Rocky Mountain News critics' favorites of 2004

The Unforgettable Buzz

The History of Electric Football and Tudor Games

Author: Earl Shores,Roddy Garcia,Michael Kronenberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989236317

Category: Electric Football (Game)

Page: 654

View: 6110

""The Unforgettable Buzz is a thoroughly researched and cleverly written study of electric football. Every Baby Boomer who played the game - and that's all of us - will love this book."" - Ray Didinger, Pro Football Hall of Fame Sportswriter and NFL Films Emmy Award Winning Writer and Producer ""This is such a great book. It immediately took me back to those special moments of my childhood. Shores and Garcia have done their homework in opening a sacred portal to the past."" - Rick Burton, David B. Falk Professor of Sport Management, Syracuse University "The Unforgettable Buzz" is the first and only book ever written on the topic of Electric Football. Yet it's about much more than just a game. It's about receiving the best Christmas gift ever - that's what Electric Football means to millions of Baby Boomers who grew up between 1950 and 1980. Authors Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia have spent over a decade carefully weaving the timelines of Electric Football, Baby Boomer culture, and the NFL into perhaps the most complete "toy story" ever written. With over 300 images and a stunning cover-to-cover design by Marvel Graphic Artist Michael Kronenberg, Christmas morning is always just a page-turn away in "The Unforgettable Buzz."


Writing the Picture

Author: Robin U. Russin,William Missouri Downs

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781935247067

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 424

View: 7166

This is a complete screenwriting course -- from initial idea through final script sale -- providing in-depth discussions of theme development; story research; script plotting and structuring; character development; dialogue; writing and rewriting methods; formatting; the ins and outs of marketing and pitching scripts; writing for TV, the Web and video games, and much more. Well-written, comprehensive and filled with both innovative and tried-and-true writing techniques, illustrative screenplay examples and sage advice from veteran writers, Screenplay will help novices as well as working screenwriters improve and sell their scripts. This second edition of this popular manual is completely revised, reflecting current film industry practices, and includes new chapters on such subjects as Webisodes and video games, as well as updates to its many examples.

I Was Hitler's Chauffeur

The Memoir of Erich Kempka

Author: Erich Kempka

Publisher: Frontline Books

ISBN: 1781599726

Category: History

Page: 240

View: 4161

Erich Kempka served as HitlerÍs personal driver from 1934 through to the FÙhrerÍs dramatic suicide in 1945. His candid memoirs offer a unique eyewitness account of events leading up to and during the war, culminating in those dark final days in the FÙhrer's headquarters, deep under the shattered city of Berlin. He begins by describing his duties as a member of HitlerÍs personal staff in the years preceding the war, driving the FÙhrer throughout Germany and abroad, and accompanying him to rallies. The crux of his memoirs however covers his life with Hitler in the Berlin FÙhrerbunker. During this time he was responsible for a transport fleet of cars, and often drove the likes of Speer or Kesselring on inspection tours to the hot spots on the front; and in March 1945, he accompanied the FÙhrer to his final front-inspection tour. Kempka was also present when news came through of G_ring and HimmlerÍs efforts to seize power and negotiate a truce with the Western Allies. Crucially, Kempka also witnessed HitlerÍs marriage to Eva Braun, and his last dinner and personal farewell to all those present, before he and his wife committed suicide. HitlerÍs final order to Kempka was that he have ready enough petrol to burn him and his wife. Under constant Soviet artillery fire, Kempke, Linge and others poured petrol over the bodies and burnt them. The account concludes with KempkaÍs hazardous escape out of a burning Berlin more than 800 km through enemy-occupied Germany, home to find his wife at BE. There he was arrested by American C.fI.C. personnel and interrogated before being sent to serve as a witness at Nuremburg.


Author: Laaleen Sukhera

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9386950278

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

View: 8910

Heiress Kamila Mughal is humiliated when her brother's best friend snubs her to marry a social climbing nobody from Islamabad. Roya discovers her fiancé has been cheating on her and ends up on a blind date on her wedding day. Beautiful young widow Begum Saira Qadir has mourned her husband, but is she finally ready to start following her own desires? Inspired by Jane Austen and set in contemporary Pakistan, Austenistan is a collection of seven stories; romantic, uplifting, witty, and heartbreaking by turn, which pay homage to the world's favourite author in their own uniquely local way.