Focused History Taking for OSCEs

A Comprehensive Guide for Medical Students

Author: David McCollum,Graham McCollum,Priha Shukla

Publisher: Radcliffe Press

ISBN: 9781846195815

Category: Medical

Page: 229

View: 2510

This straight-forward guide to taking patient history comprehensively covers all of the commonly seen OSCE scenarios within the current undergraduate medical curriculum. Focused History Taking for OSCEs includes an introductory chapter with general OSCE guidance, including tips from recently qualified doctors and highly respected physicians and surgeons who commonly examine OSCEs. It covers over 50 histories based on presenting complaints - more than any other text on the market - thoroughly testing both knowledge and examination technique. Each history is based around what the candidate is required to consider, with mnemonics and list-based breakdowns to aid prompt recall. It then concludes by outlining key aspects for each differential diagnosis as well as a list of investigations and management options. Benefits Covers over 50 histories - more than any other book in this area Simple presentation - uses mnemonics and list-based prompts to aid fast recall Comprehensive - covers all the commonly examined history-taking OSCE scenarios in the undergraduate medical curriculum Includes tips from examiners and recently qualified doctors

The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Final Year Medical Students

Author: Nazmul Akunjee,Muhammed Akunjee

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846191238

Category: Clinical medicine

Page: 417

View: 425

Aimed at final year medical students preparing for the Objective structure Clinical Examinations, this concise work covers, in a self-test format, over 100 sample OSCE stations inclusing the standard history, examination and general skills stations.

The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Specialties

A Step-by-step Guide to OSCE Success

Author: Muhammed Akunjee,Syed Jalali,Shoaib Siddiqui

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846192501

Category: Medical

Page: 420

View: 2024

Clinical OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) in specialty subjects are hard to prepare for, and this is the first book to address this need. This book covers the key medical specialties and the key topics of Patient Discharge and Communications Skills. End-of-OSCE station case summaries provide examples of what students are expected to present under exam conditions.

Essential OSCE Topics for Medical and Surgical Finals

Author: Kaji Sritharan,Vivian A. Elwell,Guy Molyneux,Sachi Sivananthan

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846192188

Category: Clinical medicine

Page: 444

View: 4401

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) are commonly encountered at all levels of medical school including the final MBBS examination. OSCEs also play an important role at postgraduate level and are used to assess competency in the Foundation Years. One of the fundamental requirements of passing the OSCE is an understanding of the standard which is expected and an appreciation of how to demonstrate this. This book discusses 170 commonly encountered OSCE scenarios, with a step-by-step approach to maximise your chances of success in the examination. The scenarios are presented with sufficient background information to enable candidates to tackle variations. This comprehensive book, covering both surgery and medicine, overcomes any problems of a tick-box approach and insufficient detail faced by some alternative texts. The clear, straight-forward style and logical layout make this book perfect preparation for OSCE examinations.

The Easy Guide to Focused History Taking for OSCEs

Author: David McCollum

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781138743281


Page: 280

View: 5191

This straightforward guide to taking patient history comprehensively covers all of the commonly seen OSCE scenarios within the current undergraduate medical curriculum. The Easy Guide to Focused History Taking for OSCEs includes introductory chapters with general OSCE guidance, mapping onto the Calgary-Cambridge model. These include tips from recently qualified doctors and highly respected physicians and surgeons who commonly examine OSCEs, as well as a sample OSCE marking scheme. � The book then covers 56 histories based on presenting complaints - more than any other text on the market - thoroughly testing both knowledge and examination technique. Each history is based around the exam requirements, with mnemonics, �red flag� symptom boxes and list-based breakdowns to aid prompt recall. Common and serious differentials are highlighted, as well as investigations to help rule out the serious conditions. Each section concludes by outlining key aspects for each differential diagnosis as well as a list of investigations and management options. � With this book, every student will be well equipped to tackle any clinical problem, in the OSCE examination and also in their continued professional practice.

The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Communication Skills

Author: Muhammed Akunjee

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846193389

Category: Medical

Page: 232

View: 392

It is increasingly recognised that communication plays a pivotal role in obtaining successful clinical outcomes. However, despite an increase in communication skills teaching, much of literature on this topic is targeted at senior doctors and researchers, and many medical students still find demonstrating competence in communication skills OSCEs a challenge. This book lightens the load by simplifying communication skills, explaining key theories and concepts simply and illustrating them through practical role plays. It covers a wide variety of common dilemmas in clinical and examination settings, and tackles challenging and increasingly familiar areas such as cross-cultural sensitivities, communicating with a patients whose first language is not English, and communicating with patients who have complaints about their treatment.

OSCE Cases with Mark Schemes

A Revision Aid for Medical Finals

Author: Susan Shelmerdine,Tamara North,Jeremy Lynch,Aneesha Verma

Publisher: Anshan Pub

ISBN: 9781848290631

Category: Medical

Page: 424

View: 2078

Medical students often feel they understand the theory behind the clinical aspect of medicine but seldom have enough chance to put what they learn into practice. In addition, clinical examinations pose a challenge to students who may be technically and theoretically excellent, but who have poor examination technique. It is quite common for students to lack understanding of how they will be marked, how much emphasis to place upon certain actions or how much detail is expected of them. 'OSCE CASES WITH MARK SCHEMES' is intended to fill this gap. It provides OSCE mark schemes to reflect the real OSCE experience, by encouraging self assessment when practicing the clinical scenarios. The book includes chapters on communication skills, medical ethics, explanation stations, paediatrics and obstetrics and gynaecology subjects which are sometimes neglected elsewhere. All four authors have taken part in medical student teaching and OSCE examinations. They understand what will earn marks in the actual exam. All the OSCE scenarios are from stations previously examined in the UK's top medical schools. This book prepares the student for what the actual finals exam will be like. CONTENTS: SECTION ONE, COMMUNICATION STATIONS - Presenting Complaints - Psychiatry History Taking - Pediatrics History Taking - Obstetrics History Taking - Gynaecology History Taking - Medical Ethics - Difficult Communication Scenarios - Pharmacology - Consenting - Explanation of Management and Results SECTION TWO, PERFORMANCE STATIONS - Examination Skills - Practical Skills - Data Interpretation - Closing Remarks

The Long Case OSCE

The Ultimate Guide for Medical Students

Author: Beth C. Walker,Marsha Y. Morgan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781908911575

Category: Medical

Page: 251

View: 2465

A solid knowledge base and good clinical skills don't necessarily guarantee examination success in the long case OSCE. This book really is the ultimate guide for medical students needing to combine their knowledge and skills with an ability to interpret the clinical findings, the proficiency to present them clearly and the confidence to deal with the examiners questions. Adopting a proven, highly effective approach, this revision aid uses role play with simulated patients to hone clinical examination and presentation skills. The fifty cases are divided into six areas; cardiology, respiratory, abdomen, neurology, musculoskeletal and surgery. Written by successful candidates and examiners, the guide poses a number of important and commonly asked examination questions for each case to assist in preparation and confidence, and model answers are provided to ensure an understanding of exactly what is required. Working in groups or independently, students will welcome the large, colourful format, the breakdown of marking schemes, an overview of examiners expectations, a guide to presenting clinical findings and innumerable insider' tips throughout.

History Taking in Medicine and Surgery

Author: Fishman,Jonathan M. Fishman,Laura M. Fishman,Ashley Grossman

Publisher: PasTest Ltd

ISBN: 1905635680

Category: Diagnosis

Page: 404

View: 7138

This new edition has been thoroughly updated for today's undergraduate, offering: 65 presentations in an A-Z format; symptoms-based chapters; practice scenarios with answers; extensive information on the structural basis of History Taking; suggested prompt questions for core presentations; case scenarios; a section on asking difficult questions.

The MRCPCH Clinical Exam Made Simple

Author: Stanley Tamuka Zengeya,Tiroumourougane V Serane

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199587930

Category: Medical

Page: 197

View: 6472


History Taking for Medical Finals

Author: Joshua Michaels

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781911510222

Category: Medical history taking

Page: 166

View: 7064

History Taking for Medical Finalsprovides a succinct review of how to take a historyto the standard expected of a final year medical student. The purpose of the clinical history, specifically during a clinical exam, whichis a high pressure and intense situation, is to provide the examiner with aninsight into your thought process. This book shows you how to achieve this byshowing you how to ask the 'right' questions, demonstrating you are SAFE andcompetent. History Taking for Medical Finalsuses a standard structure and a set number of questionsfor each presenting complaint to act as an absolute failsafe. The book uses arepetitive and consistent structure to reinforce the key techniques of historytaking. Each scenario covers all the necessaryaspects of the history for each presenting complaint and all the red flags arehighlighted. The core material is enhanced with full colour 'TechniqueAlert' and 'Hint Alert' boxes which provide essential tips to make your historytaking even more polished and professional.

Essential Examination

Step-by-step Guides to Clinical Examination Scenarios With Practical Tips and Key Facts for Osces

Author: Alasdair K. B. Ruthven

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907904103

Category: Physical diagnosis

Page: 155

View: 2255

The new edition of this hugely successful book has been revised and new sections added, whilst retaining its unique systematic format. If you are learning how to examine patients, or preparing for an OSCE, then you need "Essential Examination"!

OSCE Stations for Medical Finals

Author: Adam Feather,Ashling Lillis

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905635801

Category: Clinical competence

Page: 403

View: 2306

This second new OSCE title delivers another set of up to date popular cases encountered on the wards and in the exams. OSCE Stations for Medical Finals Book 2: Scenarios is created to reflect current exam topics, each scenario is subdivided into 4 to 6 related tasks. The reader is guided through stations covering: history taking, clinical signs, data interpretation, and clinical therapeutics. By working methodically through the tasks the authors hope to promote the application and utilisation of knowledge and skills, asking candidates to think and act on the clinical information they have gathered. As the stations and tasks are linked, the candidate starts at station 1, and moves through each of the subsequent stations in the given order. Mirroring the real world, each task would be performed on the same patient.

The Ultimate OSCE History Guide

Simple History Frameworks for OSCE Success, 100 Practice Histories, Detailed OSCE Mark Schemes, All Medicine & Surgery Presenting Complaints, Includes Differential Diagnosis, Investigations and Treatment Section, Uniadmissions

Author: MIGUEL. SEQUEIRA CAMPOS,Aayushi Sen,Rohan Agarwal

Publisher: Rar Medical Services

ISBN: 9781912557011


Page: 196

View: 9686

"I've been experiencing funny turns" "I'm tired all the time" "Do I have cancer?" OSCE histories are daunting. You could be asked anything and it's easy to draw a blank. That's when having a framework can make the difference between failing, passing and excelling. The Ultimate OSCE History Guide is the most comprehensive OSCE History book available. It consists of simple yet effective frameworks to help you tackle every possible presenting complaint for Medicine & Surgery. Each presenting complaint comes with Full OSCE Mark Schemes and Example Histories to allow you to practice with a partner. Furthermore, there are also detailed Differential Diagnosis, Investigations and Management Plan to help you present to your examiner. Authored by students and doctors in the Top One Percent of their cohort, this is your ultimate companion to OSCE histories and a MUST-BUY for those looking to ace their exams.

Communication Skills for OSCEs

Author: Rachel Wamboldt,Niamh Loughran

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907904998

Category: Communication in management

Page: 308

View: 1371

Communicationskills are the cornerstone of being a good doctor and there is a growing trendto incorporate these skills within the medical school curriculum. Medicalstudents are normally well-versed in the medical knowledge needed for theirOSCEs but often struggle with the key communication techniques required. Thisbook helps to overcome this by combining a practical approach to communicatingwith the essential clinical knowledge needed for a successfulconsultation. It is written bymedical students and junior doctors formedical students and junior doctors. Communication Skills for OSCEsis the first medical OSCEs book to focus on the keycommunication skills the medical student needs. Communication Skills for OSCEsprepares you for the examination setting but, indoing so, also provides the building blocks for good communication skillsthroughout your career.

The Ultimate Guide to Passing Clinical Medicine Finals

Author: Mohammed Faysal Malik,Asiya Maula,Dominic Greenyer

Publisher: Radcliffe Pub

ISBN: 9781846195242

Category: Medical

Page: 346

View: 7886

The key to passing clinical finals is not a secret; adequate preparation and the ability to think logically and speak clearly are all hallmarks of a successful candidate. This unique guide gives final year students the knowledge and confidence required to pass their examinations with insiders' tips on particular information and skills required to be a top candidate. It is ideal as both a revision aid in the weeks leading up to the examination, and as an aide-m moire the night before.

Clinical Skills for OSCEs

Author: Neel Burton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907904660

Category: Clinical medicine

Page: 358

View: 8788

This full-colour fifth edition of "Clinical Skills for OSCEs" has been updated, revised, and extended by a dynamic team of medical students and junior doctors from all over the UK.

OSCE PASSCARDS for Medical Students

Author: Farhana Akter

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315343657

Category: Medical

Page: 90

View: 2936

Mrs Smith was prescribed Flucloxacillin despite being penicillin allergic, and suffered an anaphylactic reaction. Her husband now wishes to speak to you. You were not present at the time and you are not sure of what happened, however, he demands to speak to you as you are a doctor and part of the team looking after her. What do you do? These 96 invaluable flashcards thoroughly test OSCE candidates on correct procedure for a wealth of topics from taking blood to managing advanced life support, scrubbing for theatre to breaking bad news. Each topic is presented in an easy-to-read table, detailing best practice, including pertinent questions, tests to perform, possible responses and suspected diagnoses. Expertly laid out, the small, A5 format makes for easy handling - ideal for revision and self-examination.