Flying Scotsman

LNER Class A3 Pacific 4472, 1923 onwards

Author: Philip Atkins

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781844257065

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 3821

The legendary '4472' - better known as the Flying Scotsman - receives the famous Haynes Manual treatment with the full co-operation of the National Railway Museum. Here is a unique perspective on what is involved in maintaining, operating and restoring this Class A3 Pacific, the first steam locomotive to achieve 100mph. This highly detailed manual, based around 4472's recent overhaul and subsequent return to main-line operation, also looks in detail at every aspect of its engineering and construction, providing a feast of information and insight.

Tornado Class A1

New Peppercorn Class A1, 2008 Onwards

Author: Geoff Smith

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781844259892

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 3018

This is a manual about the construction of 60163 Tornado, the new steam locomotive that has been making its first public runs in recent months. The locomotive has been built by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, a charitable trust founded in 1990 to build Tornado and possibly further locomotives. Tornado was conceived as an evolution of the LNER Peppercorn Class A1 class, incorporating improvements likely had steam continued, and changes for cost, safety, manufacturing and operational benefits, while replicating the original design's sound and appearance. Tornado, completely new-built, is considered the 50th Peppercorn A1, numbered next in the class after 60162, Saint Johnstoun, built in 1949. The 49 original Peppercorn A1s were built in Doncaster and Darlington for the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER). Tornado was built in the trust's Darlington works. The original 49 locomotives were scrapped by 1966 after an average service of 15 years. None survived into preservation, and Tornado fills a gap in the classes of restored steam locomotives that used to operate on the East Coast Main Line.

The Thomas the Tank Engine Man

The Life of Reverend W Awdry

Author: Brian Sibley

Publisher: Lion Books

ISBN: 0745970281

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 356

View: 3101

The Reverend W Awdry was a devoted pastor and family man, who adored trains. He started to tell stories about Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends, in order to entertain his son Christopher. Those stories have gone on to entertain generations of children around the world. Awdry was a man of courage, who believed that you should live by certain rules. He built his imaginary world on the island of Sodor on these rules, and showed how those who transgressed them would always be 'punished, but never scrapped', as he said. A convinced pacifist, he was thrown out of one curacy and denied another during the Second World War, because of his beliefs. Never afraid to fight for what he thought was right, he argued with his publishers and his illustrators, demanding the best for his favourite creations - the trains and their friends.

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust Tornado - New Peppercorn Class A1, 2008 onwards

An insight into the construction, maintenance and operation of the first new main line steam locomotive built in Britain since 1960

Author: Geoff Smith

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9780857338488

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 8768

This is a Haynes Manual with a difference. Published in association with The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, it explains the construction, operation and maintenance of 60163 Tornado, the new steam locomotive that attracts huge crowds wherever it appears. Based on the LNER Peppercorn Class A1 design, of which 49 were originally built but eventually all scrapped, Tornado is a magnificent and fully operational replica that is totally faithful to the original Peppercorn A1s in all respects except for modernisation to suit today's safety requirements. This manual about a unique steam locomotive will fascinate all railway enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate British engineering excellence.

Steam Locomotive Driver's Manual

The step-by-step guide to preparing, firing and driving a steam locomotive

Author: Andrew Charman

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781844259427

Category: Transportation

Page: 176

View: 6000

A fully up-to-date publication, heavily illustrated with both photographs and drawings, detailing the complete procedures needed to handle a steam locomotive. It is often said that steam locomotives appear to be living machines, casting a spell over spectators young and old, from lifelong steam enthusiasts to those witnessing live steam for the first time. This extensively illustrated manual provides a fascinating practical insight into the hard work, knowledge and skills required to safely drive a steam loco. The unique Haynes Manual approach, marrying the engaging text with step-by-step photographs and fascinating illustrations, puts the reader firmly on the footplate to experience the raw power and energy of a steam locomotive in action.

Thomas the Tank Engine Manual

Author: Chris Oxlade

Publisher: Haynes Manuals

ISBN: 9781844258352

Category: Counting

Page: 39

View: 2253

by Chris Oxlade Aimed at the 3 7 age group, this innovative book applies the Haynes treatment to one of the most popular children s characters. Inspired by the world-famous Haynes manuals, this book explains how Thomas works, how his driver operates him, and how the engineers of the Sodor railway keep him in tip-top condition. Some of Thomas s friends also feature, with Henry s overhaul, for example, offering the chance for young readers to see how a steam engine is taken apart and refitted. This brightly designed book will delight children and parents alike. ideal for youngsters Style Magazine

GWR/BR (WR) Castle Class Manual

A guide to the history and operation of one of Britain's most successful express passenger steam locomotive types

Author: Drew Fermor

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9780857332714

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 1931

The Great Western Railway 4073 Class, or Castle Class locomotives were the pride of the GWR when introduced in the mid-1920s, and were heralded as Britain's most-powerful express passenger locomotives. 171 Castles were built or converted between 1923 and 1950, and eight preserved examples survive today.

Routemaster Bus

1954 Onwards (All Marks)

Author: Andrew Morgan

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781844259380

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 3633

The Routemaster bus – instantly recognizable as the classic red double-decker London Transport bus – is a British icon, and a symbol unmistakably associated with London. Now the Routemaster receives the famous Haynes Manual treatment. This book provides a unique perspective on owning, restoring and operating a Routemaster, as well as an insight into the design, development and anatomy of this remarkably resilient machine, which saw continuous service in London for over 45 years.


A Cultural History of Alcohol

Author: Iain Gately

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440631269

Category: Cooking

Page: 560

View: 8960

A spirited look at the history of alcohol, from the dawn of civilization to the modern day Alcohol is a fundamental part of Western culture. We have been drinking as long as we have been human, and for better or worse, alcohol has shaped our civilization. Drink investigates the history of this Jekyll and Hyde of fluids, tracing mankind's love/hate relationship with alcohol from ancient Egypt to the present day. Drink further documents the contribution of alcohol to the birth and growth of the United States, taking in the War of Independence, the Pennsylvania Whiskey revolt, the slave trade, and the failed experiment of national Prohibition. Finally, it provides a history of the world's most famous drinks-and the world's most famous drinkers. Packed with trivia and colorful characters, Drink amounts to an intoxicating history of the world.

The Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines (Black & White)

Author: William Green

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781326096762

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 109

View: 1426

Mamod steam engines are great pieces of engineering from the past that can range from up to nearly 80 years old. In this book holds the complete history of Mamod from 1936 to present, everything about how to steam your engine up and much more. As well as this, it is a complete guide to restoring, repairing and maintaining Mamod steam engines with separate chapters covering the SE/SP/MM range TE1/a, SR1/a, canopy roof and LW1 lumber wagon. This book holds educational value, where there are chapters which take thermodynamic principles to explain just exactly what makes Mamod steam engines work, with diagrams to aid these explanations. With the assistance of many associates including Mamod themselves, this book is truly one for anyone interested in Mamods or steam engines for that matter and for restorers of these engines too. From the creator of, this is a full 109 page book with nearly 250 images and over 37,500 words. This is the Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines.

East-Asian Archaeoastronomy

Historical Records of Astronomical Observations of China, Japan and Korea

Author: Zhenoao Xu,W. Pankenier,Yaotiao Jiang

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9789056993023

Category: Science

Page: 440

View: 7180

Historical astronomical records can play an important role in modern research, especially in the case of ancient Chinese observational data: sunspot and aurora records are important for the study of solar variability; solar and lunar eclipse records for the study of the Earth's rotation; records of Comet Hally for the study of orbital evolution; "guest star" records for the study of supernova remnants; planetary conjunction records for research in astronomical chronology. In the past, Western scientists have not been able to exploit these valuable data fully because the original records were difficult to gather and interpret, and complete English translations have not been available. East-Asian Archaeoastronomy is the first comprehensive translation into English of such historical records for modern research. The book also features an introduction to East Asian astronomy and offers guidance on how to use the records effectively. It will not only be a valuable research tool for astronomers but should also be of great interest to historians of China and Chinese science.

English Electric Class 50 Diesel Locomotive manual

Author: Jarrod Cotter

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781785210600

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 4090

The Class 50 locomotives were built by English Electric between 1967 and 1968. Fifty examples were built, and were initially used to haul express passenger trains on the, then non-electrified, section of the West Coast Main Line between Crewe and Scotland. They were originally hired from English Electric Leasing, and were eventually purchased outright by BR around 1973.Class 50s were nicknamed "Hoovers" by rail enthusiasts because of the distinctive sound made by the air-filters originally fitted (these proved unreliable, and were removed during mid-life refurbishment, but the "Hoover" nickname stuck). Once the electrification of the line from Crewe to Glasgow was completed, the locomotives were moved to services in the south west of England, primarily on the mainline from London to Exeter, and were eventually retired from service in 1994 after being progressively replaced by the InterCity 125 High-Speed Trains (HSTs).

SS Great Britain 1843-1937

An Insight into the Design, Construction and Operation of Brunel's Famous Passenger Ship

Author: Brian Lavery

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9780857331052

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 4904

The SS Bristol, a world first with new technologies was built in 1843, went around the world 37 times, retired 1889 and now resides back home in Bristol, England where today she is conserved. Now launched in the Haynes manual treatment, her innovative technology (screw propeller, iron hull and 1000hp steam engine) are all explained along with specially commissioned photographs of the ship’s anatomy.

Thomas The Tank Engine

1945 onwards (all aboard)

Author: Chris Oxlade

Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK

ISBN: 9780857338518

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 5367

NEW IN PAPERBACK. Aimed at the 3â??7 age group, this innovative book applies the Haynes treatment to one of the most popular children's characters. Inspired by the world-famous Haynes manuals, this book explains how Thomas works, how his driver operates him, and how the engineers of the Sodor railway keep him in tip-top condition. Some of Thomas's friends also feature, with Henry's overhaul, for example, offering the chance for young readers to see how a steam engine is taken apart and refitted. This brightly designed book will delight children and parents alike.

Flying Scotsman

The Extraordinary Story of the World's Most Famous Train

Author: Andrew Roden

Publisher: Aurum Press Limited

ISBN: 1845137515

Category: Transportation

Page: 204

View: 1931

DIV The incredible biography of the most famous steam locomotive in the world. Think of the Golden Age of Steam and one train leaps to mind above all others: the Flying Scotsman, Nigel Gresley’s elegant masterpiece of a locomotive. She broke the world speed record in 1934 and has enthralled millions with her beauty and power. Uniquely, her post-war career has been even more varied and exciting than her early triumphs. Now Andrew Roden tells the Scotsman’s remarkable story, from her construction and the glory days between the wars through the decline of steam and her rollercoaster fortunes in the subsequent years: nearly abandoned on a tour of the United States after the money ran out, crossing the Australian interior, then put up for sale yet again when the company that owned her went bankrupt in 2003. A massive public campaign saved her for the nation and the Flying Scotsman’s restoration began in 2005 at the National Railway Museum. With the aid of numerous interviews with those involved with the Scotsman over the years, Roden brings her story memorably to life. Above all, he asks: why do grown men risk their life savings to own her? Why do thousands of people still line the trackside when she’s due to race past? And just what is the eternal appeal of the Flying Scotsman? /div

The Flying Scotsman

Speed, Style and Service

Author: Andrew McLean

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781785510250

Category: Transportation

Page: 176

View: 403

No other train has entered the British national consciousness in the same way as the Flying Scotsman. It has been the star of films, music, dances, literature and even a cocktail - designed at the train's own cocktail bar in the 1930s. The Flying Scotsman first ran in 1862; it still runs today, passing through incarnations like stations through the years. In its heyday of the 1920s and '30s it was seen as the pinnacle of modernity: a stylish, glamorous feat of engineering. Now it is viewed through the heady steam of nostalgia; an iconic image of days gone by. This book follows the story of the Flying Scotsman in a way that no other history has, expertly weaving together the tale of the locomotive with a wider historical narrative. Furthermore, it delves into the less-known stories of the train - such as its sabotage by striking miners in 1926 - and features superb examples of poster art and other publicity materials commissioned by the LNER to promote the service, and documentary photography from the nineteenth century to the present. Written by the current curator of the National Rail Museum, the story of the Flying Scotsman has never been told so well."

The Flying Scotsman Story

Author: James S. Baldwin

Publisher: History PressLtd

ISBN: 9780752494524

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 128

View: 8462

Revealing the esteemed history of the world's most famous locomotive Few locomotives are as widely known or excite so much interest as the Flying Scotsman. Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley in 1923, the locomotive became a flagship for the London and North Eastern Railway and represented them at the British Empire Exhibition in 1924 and 1925. Thus began Flying Scotsman's fame, which only continued as the locomotive broke records, becoming the first to exceed 100mph in 1934 and taking the longest journey of any steam locomotive in 1988–89. Passing through such hands as Alan Pegler's and Pete Waterman's after her retirement from British Railways, Flying Scotsman is now in public hands for restoration. Here James S. Baldwin uses his expert knowledge and unrivaled collection of images to highlight the illustrious career of this world-famous locomotive.

War and Nature

Fighting Humans and Insects with Chemicals from World War I to Silent Spring

Author: Edmund Russell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521799379

Category: History

Page: 315

View: 8781

A social narrative documents the close ties between chemical weapons development and “peaceful†applications in insect warfare, discussing the role of chemists and chemistry in military history and the changing attitude of war departments toward chemists.

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, Vol. I (in Two Volumes)

Author: Andrew D. White

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1616402733

Category: Religion

Page: 446

View: 648

The battle between science and religion in American popular life is as old as America itself. By the late 19th century, it had reached a fever pitch, culminating in the two-volume 1896 work A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom. The result of thirty years of research by historian and educator ANDREW DICKSON WHITE (1832-1918), a founder of Cornell University, this is White's attack on intellectually stifling religious dogma and his explication of the "conflict thesis" of outright warfare between science and religion. While scholars today generally see the situation as more nuanced, the conflict thesis remains a popular metaphor in the mind of the general public, and White's work continues to speak to us today. H.L. Mencken called this "one of the noblest monuments of American scholarship," and it will fascinate anyone who is troubled by the ongoing influence by religious authorities into secular science. In Volume I, White looks at the transformation of our understanding of the world from a primarily religious one of divine creation to a primarily scientific one informed by evolution, astronomy, and biology.

The Pocket Guide to Oxford

A Souvenir Guidebook to the -Architecture, History, and Principal Attractions of Oxford

Author: Philip Atkins,Michael Johnson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780953443857


Page: 96

View: 3452