Erisa: The Law & the Code

Author: Bureau of National Affairs (Bna)

Publisher: Erisa: The Law & the Code

ISBN: 9781682672365

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 262

View: 636

This essential desktop reference contains the full, updated text of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, relevant portions of the Internal Revenue Code and Public Health Service Act, and more.

The Bluebook

A Uniform System of Citation

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789998255289

Category: Citation of legal authorities

Page: 415

View: 9365

Provides a guide to legal citation information inthe United States. Compiled from the Columbia LawReview, 105th edition, c2005; Harvard Law Review,118th edition, c2005; Univ. of Pennsylvania LawReview, 153rd edition, c2005; and the Yale LawJournal, 114th edition, c2005. New edition offersthe Bluepages for beginning law students.

Employee Benefits Law

Author: Jeffrey Lewis,Myron D. Rumeld,Ivelisse Berio LeBeau

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781570189364

Category: Law

Page: N.A

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Employment and Labor Law

Author: Patrick J. Cihon,James Ottavio Castagnera

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 130589359X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 800

View: 3013

Readers who are majoring in business or another non-legal professions will find EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW, 9E offers the ideal comprehensive introduction to employment and labor relations. This book uses excerpts from real law cases to illustrate how labor-related disputes arise and are resolved in the courts. Eye-opening features, such as The Working Law and Ethical Dilemmas, demonstrate how labor legislation and ethical decision-making impact employees at all levels -- from hourly workers to owners. Readers review the most up-to-date information on the NLRB and EEOC, the Fair Labor Standards Act, President Obama’s executive orders regarding undocumented immigrants and LGBT rights, Obamacare, the Defense of Marriage Act, and other employee-benefits developments. This edition also addresses relevant issues, such as FLSA and NLRB rights for unpaid interns, teaching assistants, and student-athletes. No other book combines such balanced coverage with a reader-friendly approach. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

ERISA Litigation

Author: Jayne E. Zanglein,Susan J. Stabile

Publisher: BNA Books

ISBN: 9781570187315

Category: Law

Page: 1664

View: 1725

Ohio Annotated Bankruptcy Law Handbook

Author: Publisher's Editorial Staff

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 1522156801

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 7267

​This newest edition of LexisNexis' Ohio Annotated Bankruptcy Law Handbook is a compact, easy-to-use reference guide. It contains indispensable information for bankruptcy practitioners and judges in Ohio, including expert analysis of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act from expert authors Alan N. Resnick and Henry J. Sommer, editors-in-chief of our well-known Collier bankruptcy publications. Updated every year so you have immediate access to current law, this is the reference your clients want you to have.

Understanding Bankruptcy

Author: Jeff Ferriell,Edward J. Janger

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 0327182865

Category: Law

Page: 989

View: 3007

This book provides a detailed introduction to bankruptcy and related state and federal debtor-creditor law. It is equally useful in an introductory Creditors' Rights course that emphasizes bankruptcy; a free-standing Bankruptcy course; or an advanced course in Chapter 11 Reorganization. It provides an ample explanation of the issues likely to arise in any of these courses, specifically including issues raised by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. It is also a useful and inexpensive single-volume guide for new and experienced bankruptcy practitioners. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Erisa Regulations, 2017-2018

Author: Sharon F. Fountain

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781682672341


Page: N.A

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The Law and the Code, 2007

Author: Sharon F. Fountain

Publisher: BNA Books

ISBN: 9781570186417

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 3611

California Legal Research

Author: Aimee Dudovitz,Hether C. Macfarlane,Suzanne E. Rowe

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781611638387


Page: 220

View: 6263

The third edition of California Legal Research continues to fill a unique niche in the literature available for California state law research, explaining both the sources of California law and the process of conducting research using those sources. After introductory chapters devoted to the basic research process and research techniques, California Legal Research explores judicial opinions, the state constitution, statutes and legislative history, and administrative law. The book then turns to updating research with Shepard¿s and KeyCite, using secondary sources and practice guides, and planning a research strategy. A final chapter explains legal citation, with information on the California Style Manual, the ALWD Citation Manual, and the Bluebook. The book should be valuable to a wide range of audiences¿from first-year students to seasoned veterans. Outlines of the research process and excerpts from key state sources make the book easy to use. The text includes brief discussions of legal analysis throughout, recognizing the interplay between research and analysis. California Legal Research supplements its detailed discussion of state research with brief discussions of federal research. Thus, it can be used as the sole text in a research course or in conjunction with texts focusing on topical or federal research.

Section 409a Handbook

Author: Regina Olshan,Erica F. Schohn

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781617460982


Page: N.A

View: 2011

ERISA 2010

The Law and the Code

Author: Sharon F. Fountain

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781570188794

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 8171

Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Author: ABA Center for Professional Conduct

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604425178

Category: Law

Page: 209

View: 9253

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct offers timely information on lawyer ethics. The black-letter Rules of Professional Conduct are followed by numbered Comments that explain each Rule's purpose and provide suggestions for its practical application. The Rules help lawyers identify proper conduct in a variety of given situations, review those instances where discretionary action is possible, and define the nature of the lawyer's relationship with clients, colleagues, and the courts.

The Law of Health Care Organization and Finance

Author: Barry R. Furrow,Thomas L. Greaney,Sandra H. Johnson,Timothy S. Jost,Robert L. Schwartz

Publisher: West Academic Publishing

ISBN: 9780314279910

Category: Law

Page: 946

View: 3839

This book is designed for a specialized health law course focusing on the organization and finance of health care. It is also well-suited for health law courses in health administration or management programs. The 7th Edition focuses heavily on the many changes that the Affordable Care Act is bringing about in the regulation of health care and health insurance. The book begins with an introduction to fundamental concepts affecting health law and policy, and then explores conventional and emerging methods of quality control regulation applicable to health care professionals and health care institutions. The next section of the book examines in depth the policy and legal issues presented by varying approaches to providing access to health care and controlling its cost. This section explores in depth the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that are expanding access to health care, and analyzes the challenges to that law, including the National Federation of Independent Business Supreme Court decision. This section also considers legal issues presented by private health insurance, managed care, Medicare, and Medicaid, as well as obligations to provide medical services under state and federal law. The final section of the book explores legal issues that affect health care institutions and the relationships between professionals and institutions, including medical staff privileging, physician-hospital contracting, accountable care organizations, employment and labor law, tax exempt organization law, fraud and abuse issues, and antitrust law. The 7th edition has been completely updated, covering recent developments involving consumer-driven health care, ERISA, antitrust enforcement, labor law, and tax-exempt organization law, in addition to the Aff

ERISA Class Exemptions

Donald J. Myers, Michael B. Richman

Author: Donald J. Myers,Michael B. Richman

Publisher: BNA Books

ISBN: 9781570185410

Category: Law

Page: 2022

View: 9467

Legal Research

Author: William Putman,Jennifer Albright

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285439937

Category: Law

Page: 528

View: 9622

Learn to conduct legal research without wasting time or duplicating effort! This one-of-a-kind text covers every phase of the legal research process and includes examples, illustrations, and assignments based on real-life cases. Practical information in every chapter shows you how to identify key facts and issues in a case, how to conduct statutory and case law research and analysis, as well as how to brief cases, research secondary authority, conduct electronic legal research and counteranalysis, and cite authority. Designed to help you develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of legal research, the book guides you through each step in the research process, including how to determine what to research, how to identify key facts and terms, what to look for when researching, what to do with the research once it is found, and how to organize research. You’ll also find extensive coverage of primary and secondary research sources, including Internet and computer research, citation format, and case law analysis. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Affordable Care Act and Medicare in Comparative Context

Author: Eleanor D. Kinney

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107110556

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 488

View: 9467

This book provides a comprehensive and approachable overview of Medicare under the Affordable Care Act. The author illustrates how the ACA addresses the long-term fiscal and demographic challenges facing Medicare, as well as the potential for Medicare to become a single-payer system.

Essential Health Benefits:

Balancing Coverage and Cost

Author: Committee on Defining and Revising an Essential Health Benefits Package for Qualified Health Plans,Board on Health Care Services,Institute of Medicine

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309219140

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 2117

In 2010, an estimated 50 million people were uninsured in the United States. A portion of the uninsured reflects unemployment rates; however, this rate is primarily a reflection of the fact that when most health plans meet an individual's needs, most times, those health plans are not affordable. Research shows that people without health insurance are more likely to experience financial burdens associated with the utilization of health care services. But even among the insured, underinsurance has emerged as a barrier to care. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made the most comprehensive changes to the provision of health insurance since the development of Medicare and Medicaid by requiring all Americans to have health insurance by 2016. An estimated 30 million individuals who would otherwise be uninsured are expected to obtain insurance through the private health insurance market or state expansion of Medicaid programs. The success of the ACA depends on the design of the essential health benefits (EHB) package and its affordability. Essential Health Benefits recommends a process for defining, monitoring, and updating the EHB package. The book is of value to Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) and other U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agencies, state insurance agencies, Congress, state governors, health care providers, and consumer advocates.

United States Code Annotated

Comprising All Laws of a General and Permanent Nature Under Arrangement of Official Code of the Laws of the United States, with Annotations from Federal and State Courts

Author: United States

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 320

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

A 25 Year Landmark Study

Author: Julia M. Lewis,Sandra Blakeslee

Publisher: Hachette Books

ISBN: 0786870737

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 352

View: 4460

Divorce is at once a widespread reality and a painful decision, so it is no surprise that this landmark study of its long-term effects should both spark debate and find a large audience. In this compelling, thought-provoking book, Judith Wallerstein explains that, while children do learn to cope with divorce, it in fact takes its greatest toll in adulthood, when the sons and daughters of divorced parents embark on romantic relationships of their own. Wallerstein sensitively illustrates how children of divorce often feel that their relationships are doomed, seek to avoid conflict, and fear commitment. Failure in their loving relationships often seems to them preordained, even when things are going smoothly. As Wallerstein checks in on the adults she first encountered as youngsters more than twenty-five years ago, she finds that their experiences mesh with those of the millions of other children of divorce, who will find themselves on every page. With more than 100,000 copies in print, The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce spent three weeks on the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Denver Post bestseller lists. The book was also featured on two episodes of Oprah as well as on the front cover of Time and the New York Times Book Review.