The German-American Encounter

Conflict and Cooperation Between Two Cultures, 1800-2000

Author: Frank Trommler

Publisher: Berghahn Books


Category: History

Page: 344

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While Germans, the largest immigration group in the United States, contributed to the shaping of American society and left their mark on many areas from religion and education to food, farming, political and intellectual life, Americans have been instrumental in shaping German democracy after World War II. Both sides can claim to be part of each other's history, and yet the question arises whether this claim indicates more than a historical interlude in the forming of the Atlantic civilization. In this volume some of the leading historians, social scientists and literary scholars from both sides of the Atlantic have come together to investigate, for the first time in a broad interdisciplinary collaboration, the nexus of these interactions in view of current and future challenges to German-American relations.

Germany and the Second World War

Volume VII: The Strategic Air War in Europe and the War in the West and East Asia, 1943-1944/5

Author: Horst Boog

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: History

Page: 892

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Volume VII of the 'Germany and the Second World War' series looks at Germany and her Japanese ally on the defensive after the tide of war turned in 1943. An exhaustive study of the air war over the Reich and the Luftwaffe's growing impotence is followed by an account of the invasion of occupied France and the Allies' advance to Germany's borders. A final section examines Japan's defeat and capitulation, and the creation of a new order in the Far East.

Politico-economic writings

An annotated reprint of 'Zeitungsartikel und Vorträge', edited by J.C. Nyíri

Author: Karl Wittgenstein

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing


Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

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This volume contains an annotated reprint of Wittgenstein's -Zeitungsartikel und Vortrage-, edited by J. C. Nyiri. The writings are preceded by an extensive introduction by J. C. Nyiri and Brian McGuinness. English summaries and notes have been provided by Barry Smith.

Die Amerikaner

Eine Studie Der Völkerpsychologie

Author: A. Maurice Law



Category: Ethnopsychology


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Author: Waldemar Besson



Category: Europe

Page: 382

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Die Neueren Sprachen

Zeitschrift für den neusprachlichen Unterricht

Author: Wilhelm Viëtor



Category: Philology, Modern


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Vols. 1-5 include a separately paged section "Phonetische Studien. Beiblatt."