Eastern European journalism

before, during and after communism

Author: Jerome Aumente,Peter Gross,Ray Hiebert,Owen Johnson,Dean Mills

Publisher: Hampton Pr


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 222

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Medien & Kommunikationsforschung im Vergleich

Grundlagen, Gegenstandsbereiche, Verfahrensweisen

Author: Gabriele Melischek,Josef Seethaler,Jürgen Wilke

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531908081

Category: Political Science

Page: 480

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Die Bedeutung vergleichender Ansätze in der Medien- und Kommunikationsforschung hat zugenommen. An zehn Forschungsfeldern wird exemplarisch illustriert, wie solche Vergleiche bisher angestellt worden sind, welche Perspektiven sie eröffnen und welche Probleme dabei auftreten. Neben Zeitvergleichen stehen internationale und systematische Vergleiche im Vordergrund. Das Spektrum der Forschungsfelder reicht von der Mediengeschichte über den Mediensystemvergleich, die Journalismusforschung und Politische Kommunikation bis zur Rezeptionsforschung und zum Medienvergleich.

Political Communication and Democracy

Author: G. Rawnsley

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 023055489X

Category: Political Science

Page: 239

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Political Communication and Democracy provides a wide-ranging and inclusive study of political communications that uses current political events and debates to illustrate its arguments. Looking beyond the narrow view that political communication concerns only the media and spin doctors, Gary Rawnsley examines the subject in its myriad forms: political parties and pressure groups as a way by which people join together, referendums, public opinion and how communications contribute to the process of democratization around the world.

Medialisierung der Parteien, Politisierung der Medien

Interdependenzen zwischen Medien und Politik im postsozialistischen Polen

Author: Katarina Bader

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658036087

Category: Social Science

Page: 449

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In Westeuropa verändert die Dominanz der Massenmedien die Strukturen und Strategien der etablierten politischen Parteien. Für Ostmitteleuropa wurde das Phänomen der Medialisierung bisher kaum untersucht. Die Studie zeigt, dass die Parteien in einer jungen Demokratie wie Polen noch stärker auf die Medien ausgerichtet sind: Sie bilden kaum lokale Strukturen aus, setzen auf Personalisierung und Skandalisierung und versuchen zugleich immer wieder, politischen Einfluss auf Presse und Rundfunk geltend zu machen.

Entangled Evolutions

Media and Democratization in Eastern Europe

Author: Peter Gross

Publisher: Woodrow Wilson Center Press

ISBN: 0801868521

Category: Political Science

Page: 226

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The revolutions of 1989 swept away Eastern Europe's communist governments and created expectations on the part of many observers that post-communist media would lead the liberated societies in establishing and embracing democratic political cultures. Peter Gross finds that it was utopian to hold such expectations of the media in societies in transition. On the one hand, those countries' media professionals had all learned their jobs under the communist regimes and could not instantly transform themselves into guides for a politically enabled populace, Gross argues. On the other hand, newcomers to the media world, even those who were notable literary figures, viewed themselves as social and political leaders rather than mere informers and facilitators of the resocialization required to form new democracies. The news media have remained highly politicized and partisan. So how are the media, civil society, and political culture related in societies in transition? And can changes in these relationships be anticipated? To address these questions, Entangled Evolutions examines media in post-1989 Eastern Europe. It studies the effects of privatization of the media, journalists' relations to political figures, institutional structures such as media laws, professional journalistic culture, and the media's relation to their market. Sources include interviews with journalists and politicians, sociological and political data from national surveys, and media audience studies.

Feminist Interventions in International Communication

Minding the Gap

Author: Katharine Sarikakis

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742553057

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 337

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Critiques global mediascape through feminist perspectives, highlighting concerns of policy, power, labor, and technology. Starting with the state of international communications, this work covers cases on online news, pornography, democracy, policies for women's development, violence against women, information workers, print media and telecentres.

Communication in Latin America

Journalism, Mass Media, and Society

Author: Richard R. Cole

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780842025591

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 260

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How has mass communication evolved in Latin America? How has the political climate in that region shaped the role of the mass media? What are the special challenges facing this turbulent area? In Communication in Latin America, Richard Cole has assembled a selection of articles that explores these issues, with a special emphasis on journalism, given the traditional strength of the press in Latin America. The twelve essayswritten exclusively for this publication - examine either an aspect of the mass media in the region or the media in a particular country during a number of stages of its political development. Communication in Latin America opens with an overview of the state of mass communication in the entire region. Articles in the first part of the volume focus on topics such as the changing role of women in the media and the usefulness of propaganda in effecting political change. Essays in the second section discuss situations in individual countries, including freedom of the press in Mexico and Chile and the Argentine media's struggle to define their role under the new democratic government. Professor Cole concludes with a forecast of the future of mass communication in Latin America.

Rude awakening

social and media change in Central and Eastern Europe

Author: Karol Jakubowicz

Publisher: Hampton Pr

ISBN: 9781572736481

Category: History

Page: 451

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This book examines processes of media change in post-Communist countries. Considerable attention is paid to the general process of transformation before turning to the media in particular. In this reexamination of the media under the Communist system and its role in the transition, the stress is on analysis of media policy and media systems. The author develops a model of change in Central and Eastern Europe and how it can be applied. As such, the intention is not to provide a full account of the debate but to illustrate the main elements and mechanisms of the process as exemplified by the situation in selected countries.

Encyclopedia of international media and communications

Author: Donald H. Johnston

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780123876737

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 660

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Everyone agrees that we're living in the Information Age. How have we shaped the Information Age, and how has it shaped us? The Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications exhaustively explores the ways that editorial content--from journalism and scholarship to films and infomercials--is developed, presented, stored, analyzed, and regulated around the world. For readers and researchers of all levels, the Encyclopedia provides perspective and context about content, delivery systems, and their myriad relationships, as well as clearly drawn avenues for further research. *Articles begin with easily understandable concepts and become increasingly sophisticated, satisfying the needs of all readers. *Articles by leading authors from major institutions, organizations, and corporations around the world *Contains approximately 220 separate articles, all original contributions commissioned for this work *Extensive cross-referencing system links related articles; further reading lists appear at the end of each entry

World Press Encyclopedia: N-Z, index

Author: Amanda C. Quick

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 9780787655846

Category: Mass media

Page: 1285

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Presents alphabetized, comparative essays on the press systems of 232 countries and territories, covering such aspects as press laws, censorship, state-press relations, attitudes toward foreign media, news agencies, broadcast media, and education and training; and includes graphs, statistical tables, and maps.

Russian Reports

Studies in Post-communist Transformation of Media and Journalism

Author: Jan Ekecrantz,Kerstin Olofsson

Publisher: N.A


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Media Practice in Iraq

Author: A. Al-Rawi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137271647

Category: Political Science

Page: 221

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A historical survey of the Iraqi media from its beginning up to the present day, focusing on the post-2003 media scene and the political and societal divisions that occurred in Iraq after US-led occupation. Investigates the nature of the media outlets and offers an analysis of the way Iraqi satellite channels covered the 2010 general elections.

Über Tyrannei

Zwanzig Lektionen für den Widerstand

Author: Timothy Snyder

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406711472

Category: Political Science

Page: 127

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Wir sind nicht klüger als die Menschen, die erlebt haben, wie überall in Europa die Demokratie unterging und Faschismus, Nationalsozialismus und Kommunismus kamen. Aber einen Vorteil haben wir. Wir können aus ihren Erfahrungen lernen. „Leiste keinen vorauseilenden Gehorsam.“ So lautet die erste von 20 Lektionen für den Widerstand, mit denen Timothy Snyder die Bürger der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika vorbereitet auf das, was gestern noch unvorstellbar zu sein schien: einen Präsidenten, der das Gesicht der Demokratie verstümmelt und eine rechtsradikale Tyrannei errichtet. Doch nicht nur in den USA sind Populismus und autoritäres Führertum auf dem Vormarsch. Auch in Europa rückt die Gefahr von rechts immer näher – als ob es das 20. Jahrhundert und seine blutigen Lehren niemals gegeben hätte. Snyders historische Lektionen, die international Aufsehen erregt haben, sind ein Leitfaden für alle, die jetzt handeln wollen - und nicht erst, wenn es zu spät ist. Lektion 8: „Setze ein Zeichen.“ Dieses Buch tut es. Tun Sie es auch.

Russian Media Challenge

Author: Kaarle Nordenstreng,Elena Vartanova,Yassen N. Zassoursky

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mass media

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Eastern European Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations

Other Voices

Author: T. Watson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137404264

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 126

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The National Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations: Other Voices series is the first to offer an authentic world-wide view of the history of public relations. It features six books, five of which cover continental and regional groups. This second book in the series focuses on Eastern Europe.