The Fruit of Lips

Of Why Four Gospels?

Author: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 168

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Rosenstock grew up in a Europe alive with the quest for the historical Jesus, as exemplified in Albert Schweitzer's own life on the one hand, and the demolition of the historical Jesus by Ernest Renan. Both men represented the triumph of Gnosis, the mind as the creator of real fact, the triumph of re-creating history as it might have been, and believing that it was that way. The nineteenth century preoccupation with biography cut Jesus off from his past, for biography ends with the death of the individual. Christian tradition had always been concerned with thanatography. The empty tomb, and the events which followed, seal antiquity, for as the Word became flesh, Jesus became the center in the history of Speech. Thus we must make the fruit of biographical Christianity of the last century into a seed for our understanding of Speech. Indeed, the passionate message of 'Fruit of Lips', exemplifying as it does Rosenstock's Speech-Philosophy, is permeated by the Logos. Our author sees in human language, divinely given, and its grammatical categories, a primordial fundament to all subsequent philosophical and scientific efforts to categorize reality. The moods of grammar he correlates with the interlocking modes of the Four Gospels. Together, they embody the grammar of the cross: the four cannot be separated from one another.

This way I learned the German language in Germany

German for English speakers Text- and exercises book

Author: Tirso Jose Alecoy

Publisher: Tirso Jose Alecoy


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German language for English speakers, textbook and exercises in elementary and middle level. The gramar and pronunciation are explained in English step by step. The main misión of this book is to explain the German grammar systematically. The most important thing to the student is to get a strong foundation in this the language. Cause this language is quite logical, if it is changed a little the grammatical structure the people will not be able to understand what you want to say, in other words, a little change has big effect. The pronunciation will be not so easy for English speakers, because there are many words that are pronounced as they are written. That is why the author of this book has focused on the logical construction of sentences. You can download this book Epub and Mobi format, in cheap preis: