Die Geburt der modernen Welt

eine Globalgeschichte 1780-1914

Author: Christopher A. Bayly

Publisher: Campus Verlag


Category: Globalization

Page: 650

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Negotiating the Secular and the Religious in the German Empire

Transnational Approaches

Author: Rebekka Habermas

Publisher: Berghahn Books


Category: History

Page: 244

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With its rapid industrialization, modernization, and gradual democratization, Imperial Germany has typically been understood in secular terms. However, religion and religious actors actually played crucial roles in the history of the Kaiserreich, a fact that becomes particularly evident when viewed through a transnational lens. In this volume, leading scholars of sociology, religious studies, and history study the interplay of secular and religious worldviews beyond the simple interrelation of practices and ideas. By exploring secular perspectives, belief systems, and rituals in a transnational context, they provide new ways of understanding how the borders between Imperial Germany’s secular and religious spheres were continually made and remade.


Publisher: Springer-Verlag




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Prospects and Future Tasks of Universities

Digitalization - Internationalization - Differentiation

Author: Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: Education, Higher

Page: 418

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Universities are undergoing an extraordinary transformation. Digital technologies have altered research and teaching, while modern communication media and social media promote an interactive exchange of information with society that has accelerated international knowledge transfer. At the same time, new educational careers are available in growing higher education fields. How can universities meet these and other challenges? Reputable experts come together in this book to design scenarios for universities in the 21st century. (Series: Research and Science / Forschung und Wissenschaft, Vol. 2) [Subject: Research Studies, Higher Education]

Modern World




Category: Economic history


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Annual review of international relations and political science.

On the Seventh Solitude

Endless Becoming and Eternal Return in the Poetry of Friedrich Nietzsche

Author: Rohit Sharma

Publisher: Peter Lang


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 293

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Much as Nietzsche has gained in popularity during the last century, his poetry still has not received the scholarly attention it deserves. On closer scrutiny, his aposiopetic style, along with the labyrinthine and self-referential nature of his writings, subtly hint toward the recurring and parallel presence of poetry in his writings. This fact cannot be ignored, and his poetry should therefore be included in any reading of Nietzsche. This study investigates Nietzsche’s poetic output while simultaneously regarding him as a poet-philosopher. This reading allows juxtaposing all Nietzschean key concepts while avoiding the temptation to simplify Nietzsche by centering his thought on any particular one. The author ends by highlighting a hitherto neglected term that allows a simultaneous reading of Nietzschean keywords while also including the essential notions of movement, flux, and play.