An American Autopsy

Author: Charlie LeDuff

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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An explosive exposé of America’s lost prosperity—from Pulitzer Prize­–winning journalist Charlie LeDuff Back in his broken hometown, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie LeDuff searches the ruins of Detroit for clues to his family’s troubled past. Having led us on the way up, Detroit now seems to be leading us on the way down. Once the richest city in America, Detroit is now the nation’s poorest. Once the vanguard of America’s machine age—mass-production, blue-collar jobs, and automobiles—Detroit is now America’s capital for unemployment, illiteracy, dropouts, and foreclosures. With the steel-eyed reportage that has become his trademark, and the righteous indignation only a native son possesses, LeDuff sets out to uncover what destroyed his city. He beats on the doors of union bosses and homeless squatters, powerful businessmen and struggling homeowners and the ordinary people holding the city together by sheer determination. Detroit: An American Autopsy is an unbelievable story of a hard town in a rough time filled with some of the strangest and strongest people our country has to offer.

Understanding Community Economic Growth and Decline

Strategies for Sustainable Development

Author: Gerald L. Gordon

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 364

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This book presents a fully comprehensive look at what all communities—large and small, urban and rural—can do to grow and sustain their local economic bases. It examines the causes of economic decline for localities as well as the economic “product” being marketed to employers, the process of growth, and the means of sustaining economic growth over time. Drawing on the experiences of hundreds of communities and hundreds of leaders around the United States, Understanding Community Economic Growth and Decline outlines the various strategies that have or have not worked to enable or support a general local economic recovery. Exploring many facets of growth and re-growth following periods of economic decline, and offering practical, real-life tactics that have been successfully employed in local and regional economies across the US, this book is required reading for community planners and administrators, those currently working in public administration, and students studying regional planning or economic development.

The Detroit Wolverines

The Rise and Wreck of a National League Champion, 1881-1888

Author: Brian Martin

Publisher: McFarland


Category: History

Page: 222

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"The Detroit Tigers were founding members of the American League and Detroit's team for more than a century. But the Wolverines were the city's first major league club, playing in the National League beginning in 1881, capturing the 1887 pennant. This history of the Wolverines covers the team's rise and abrupt fall and the powerful men behind it"--

American Exodus

Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival

Author: Giles Slade

Publisher: New Society Publishers


Category: Science

Page: 288

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As temperatures rise, declines in agricultural production and freshwater supply will diminish US carrying capacity by 2/3, and rising sea levels will impact the country's most densely populated regions. A frightening survey of what's to come, American Exodus argues that mankind can survive the coming century of climate chaos if we act quickly to preserve our shelter of last resort.

The Trouble with Post-Blackness

Author: Houston A. Baker Jr.

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 304

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An America in which the color of one's skin no longer matters would be unprecedented. With the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, that future suddenly seemed possible. Obama's rise reflects a nation of fluid populations and fortunes, a society in which a biracial individual could be embraced as a leader by all. Yet complicating this vision are shifting demographics, rapid redefinitions of race, and the instant invention of brands, trends, and identities that determine how we think about ourselves and the place of others. This collection of original essays confronts the premise, advanced by black intellectuals, that the Obama administration marked the start of a "post-racial" era in the United States. While the "transcendent" and post-racial black elite declare victory over America's longstanding codes of racial exclusion and racist violence, their evidence relies largely on their own salaries and celebrity. These essays strike at the certainty of those who insist that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are now independent of skin color and race in America. They argue, signify, and testify that "post-blackness" is a problematic mythology masquerading as fact—a dangerous new "race science" motivated by black transcendentalist individualism. Through rigorous analysis, these essays expose the idea of a post-racial nation as a pleasurable entitlement for a black elite, enabling them to reject the ethics and urgency of improving the well-being of the black majority.

The Damned

A Novel

Author: Andrew Pyper

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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OPTIONED FOR FILM BY LEGENDARY PICTURES (Interstellar, the Dark Knight films, Godzilla) “The Damned underlines Pyper’s growing reputation as one of the most talented successors to the inimitable Stephen King.” —Daily Mail (UK) Most people who have a near-death experience come back alone...but not Danny Orchard. After he survived a fire that claimed the life of his evil twin sister, Ashleigh, Danny wrote a bestselling memoir about going to heaven and back. But despite the resulting fame and fortune, he’s never been able to enjoy his second chance at life: Ash won’t let him. She’s haunted Danny for twenty years and now, just when he’s met the love of his life and has a chance at real happiness, she wants more than ever to punish him for being alive—so she sets her sights on Danny’s new wife and stepson. To save them from her wrath, he’ll have to meet his sister where she now resides—and hope that this time he can keep her there forever.





Category: Detroit (Mich.)


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US Guys

The True and Twisted Mind of the American Man

Author: Charlie LeDuff

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Detroit: An American Autopsy “A fearless, clear eyed companion into parts of America that rarely see print.”—Entertainment Weekly Charlie LeDuff has made a career out of his extraordinary ability to capture the spirit of the people and places he profiles. US Guys is his odyssey in search of the truth behind the American man, from a jaded homicide detective in Detroit to a two-bit jockey at a racetrack in Miami to a pair of lovers at a gay rodeo. With audacity, humor, and no small amount of physical pain, he captures a broad diversity of voices as they wrestle with an America they love but increasingly fail to understand.

Boxing in America: An Autopsy

Author: David L. Hudson Jr.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: History

Page: 200

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This book presents a sweeping view of boxing in the United States and the influence of the sport on American culture. • Includes information from the early "bare knuckles" era of boxing up to modern-day stars and matchups, presenting the history of boxing in a chronological fashion