Dermatology Made Easy

Author: Amanda Oakley




Page: 438

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Dermatology Made Easyis based on the hugely popular DermNet New Zealand website and is designed tohelp GPs, medical students and dermatologists diagnose skin conditions withconfidence. The book starts by providing a series of comprehensivetables, complete with over 500 thumbnail photos, to aid diagnosis according tosymptoms, morphology, or body site. Once you have narrowed down the diagnosis,cross-references then guide you to more detailed descriptions, and another 700photographs, covering: � common infections � inflammatory rashes � non-inflammatory conditions � skin lesions Every section provides consistent information on thedisorder: � who gets it and what causes it? � what are the clinical features and does it causeany complications? � how do you diagnose it? � how do you treat it and how long does it take toresolve? The book concludes with a comprehensive section on furtherinvestigations and treatment options. Dermatology Made Easycombines the essential focus of the MadeEasybook series with the authority and knowledge base of DermNet NewZealand’s unparalleled resources. Printed in full colour throughout.

Dermatology Made Easy

How to Make the Diagnosis

Author: Thomas F. Poyner



Category: Dermatology

Page: 158

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Word Power Made Easy

Author: Norman Lewis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Education

Page: 528

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Exercises designed to develop vocabulary skills present words together with their pronunciations, definitions and use in sentences

Practical Veterinary Dermatopathology

Author: Sonya Bettenay

Publisher: Teton NewMedia


Category: Medical

Page: 214

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Practical Veterinary Dermatopathology is a practical guide for students, veterinarians, and technicians explaining the when, why, where and how of biopsy collection and submission of samples. The practical nature of this title is demonstrated by its heavy use of quick reference tables, high quality illustrations, and case review studies. This liberally illustrated guide, over 140 illustrations of which 78 are color photographs of clinical and histopathological lesions, is designed to correlate images with text making the material easy to understand and accessible. Techniques for collecting and handling biopsy samples are clearly depicted in numerous illustrations along with recommendations for the biopsy technique that is most suitable for the specific clinical lesion and/or its anatomic location. A special section is dedicated to assisting the user in formulating differential diagnoses of clinical lesions in various anatomic sites. The case review studies assist understanding on how to manage the biopsy sampling process, formulate clinical differential diagnoses, and interpret pathology reports. This practical guide does a wonderful job of making the subject accessible for practicing veterinarians. Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by Manson Publishing outside of North America.

DSM-5® Made Easy

The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis

Author: James Morrison

Publisher: Guilford Publications


Category: Medical

Page: 652

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In this indispensable book, master diagnostician James Morrison presents the spectrum of diagnoses in DSM-5 in an accessible, engaging, clinically useful format. Demystifying DSM-5 criteria without sacrificing accuracy, the book includes ICD-10-CM codes for each disorder. More than 130 detailed case vignettes illustrate typical patient presentations; down-to-earth discussions of each case demonstrate how to arrive at the diagnosis and rule out other likely possibilities. Providing a wealth of diagnostic pointers, Morrison writes with the wisdom and wit that made his guide to the prior DSM a valued resource for hundreds of thousands of clinicians and students. His website ( offers additional discussion and resources related to psychiatric diagnosis and DSM-5.

Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy

Author: Judith Garrard

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 211

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Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy helps students and practitioners better understand scientific literature by instilling the essential skills (via the matrix method) needed to critically evaluate article findings. The fundamental principles of searching, organizing, reviewing, and synthesizing are covered at the most basic level. Visual examples and a single case study are woven throughout the text. This easy-to-read and practical reference is an invaluable aid to students, researchers, and practitioners. The Third Edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect the switch out of "paper" mode and into electronic mode. Clinical practice examples and references to PubMed and PubMed Central have been added throughout along with information on reference management softwares such as endnote and refworks.

Iowa Medicine

Journal of the Iowa Medical Society




Category: Medicine


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Pediatric Dermatology E-Book

Author: Lawrence A. Schachner

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 1912

View: 498

The latest edition of Pediatric Dermatology, edited by Lawrence A. Schachner, MD and Ronald C. Hansen, MD brings you the detailed guidance you need to effectively diagnose and treat pediatric skin conditions. Review topics from keratinization to stem cell therapy, and gain expert guidance from international contributors. Now in a comprehensive format with 40% all new clinical photos, this resource is ideal for clinical practice. Refer to full-color photographs that accurately capture the appearance of a wide range of skin disorders. Access many new tables and therapeutic algorithms for at-a-glance guidance. Recognize distinguishing factors in skin lesions with 40% new and improved clinical photographs. Find extended coverage of topics like genodermatoses and disorders of keratinization, review excellent information on skin neoplasms in children, new systemic therapies, and viral disorders, and explore new concepts in autoinflammatory disorders and Kawasaki’s disease. Read up on best practices and stay at the forefront of your profession with new perspectives from a host of international contributors like new Associate Editor Antonio Torrello, who co-edits the Pediatric Dermatology journal.