Depositions in a Nutshell

Author: Albert Moore,David Binder,Jason Light,Paul Bergman

Publisher: West Academic Publishing

ISBN: 9781634598958


Page: 644

View: 8511

This Nutshell, which replaces Binder, Moore and Bergman's Deposition Questioning Strategies and Techniques (2001), provides comprehensive descriptions and concrete illustrations of effective strategies and techniques for taking and defending depositions. The book can serve as a text for a 2-4 unit stand-alone depositions course (either live client or simulated) or as a supplement to a civil pre-trial lawyering course. It devotes separate chapters to such fundamental skills as obtaining helpful answers to critical questions, undercutting harmful testimony, obtaining a deponent's version of significant events, and obtaining information from evasive deponents. Other chapters include topics such as responding to inconsistent or implausible testimony, overcoming opposing counsel's objections and obstructionist tactics, and preparing a client to be deposed.

Nolo's Deposition Handbook

The Essential Guide for Anyone Facing or Conducting a Deposition

Author: Paul Bergman,Albert Moore

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413325637

Category: Law

Page: 440

View: 2542

Getting deposed? Conducting a deposition? Here's the book you need to take the mystery out of the deposition process and answer questions with confidence. You'll even learn the three "golden rules" for answering questions and the trick questions lawyers often use to influence testimony. A perfect book for law students, lawyers, legal assistants, witnesses, expert witnesses, and anyone who wants to represent themselves in court, Nolo's Deposition Handbook provides all the information you need to sail through the deposition process with confidence. This edition contains updated statutes, cases, and rules -- plus, new material on "electronic discovery" which applies to information stored in computers, including records and emails.

Pretrial Litigation in a Nutshell

Author: R. Lawrence Dessem

Publisher: West Academic


Category: Law

Page: 378

View: 2366

This Nutshell focuses on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, covering changes that resulted from major amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence that became effective on December 1, 2000. Since state counterparts to these federal rules have been adopted in a majority of jurisdictions, the pretrial skills considered in this text are essential in both state and federal practice. Coverage includes client interviewing, attorney-client relationship, pretrial planning and investigation, the complaint, responses, discovery, interrogatories, depositions, production requests, examination, and admissions. Also explores judicial intervention into the discovery process, pretrial motion practice, and judgments.

Elementary Particle Physics in a Nutshell

Author: Christopher G. Tully

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691131163

Category: Science

Page: 303

View: 7734

The new experiments underway at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland may significantly change our understanding of elementary particle physics and, indeed, the universe. Suitable for first-year graduate students and advanced undergraduates, this textbook provides an introduction to the field

Effective Deposition

Techniques and Strategies that Work

Author: David M. Malone,Peter T. Hoffman,Anthony J. Bocchino

Publisher: Ntl Inst for Trial Advocacy

ISBN: 9781601560476

Category: Depositions

Page: 417

View: 6480

Criminal Law

A Desk Reference

Author: Paul Bergman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781413325768

Category: Law

Page: 432

View: 6169

With this easy-to-read desk reference, readers can develop an understanding of a criminal law concept in a moment's time. It's for anyone--including students, writers, and people personally involved in the justice system--who wants to know about criminal law but doesn't want to spend hours combing through legalese.

Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell

Author: Michael H. Graham

Publisher: West Group


Category: Law

Page: 624

View: 9608

This comprehensive guide presents each federal rule of evidence in the order it appears. Each rule is followed by expert commentary explaining the concepts underlying the rule. The relationship between each rule is also discussed. Reflects recent amendments and judicial interpretations from the more than 5,000 citations appearing since the last edition.

California Civil Procedure in a Nutshell

Author: William R. Slomanson

Publisher: West Academic

ISBN: 9780314187963

Category: Law

Page: 359

View: 5247

California has one of the most complex procedural systems in the nation. This Nutshell provides an overview of the many significant differences that impact the choice between state and federal courts in California. The authors succinctly analyze California procedure and expose different solutions to the practice problems found in a state containing parallel systems of state and federal procedure.

Evidence in a Nutshell

State and Federal Rules

Author: Paul F. Rothstein,Myrna S. Raeder,David Crump

Publisher: N.A


Category: Evidence (Law)

Page: 644

View: 3273

Interpreting the Rules and Other Basics: Offers, Objections and the Judge's Function; Judicial Notice, Presumptions, and Burdens: Substitutes for Evidence; Relevancy, its Counterweights and Related Exclusionary Rules; A Special Relevancy rs. Counterweights Problem Area: Similar Acts, Character, Propensity; Privileges; Witnesses: Competency, Examination and Impeachment; Opinions, Experts and Scientific Evidence; Hearsay: Basic Theory and Rationale; Hearty Rule Modifications for Admissions and Witnesses' Prior Statements; Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule; Authentication, Exhibits and the Best Evidence Rule.

Trial and practice skills in a nutshell

Author: Kenney F. Hegland

Publisher: West Group


Category: Law

Page: 347

View: 9643

Legal Problem Solving; Legal Argument; Legal Writing; Case Planning; Direct Examination; Goals and Ethics of Cross-Examination; Techniques of Cross; Closing Argument; Trial Demeanor; Opening Statements, Jury Selection; Last Minute Concerns; Interviewing; Discovery; Negotiation Process; Negotiating Business Deals and Evaluating Cases; Counseling.

Mass Communication Law in a Nutshell

Author: T. Barton Carter,Juliet Lushbough Dee,Harvey L. Zuckman

Publisher: West Academic Publishing

ISBN: 9780314238313

Category: Law

Page: 622

View: 9325

Expert authors discuss the First Amendment in detail, as well as defamation and mass communication. Includes a completely new chapter on Internet law, covering issues such as indecency, Web sites with bomb recipes, defamation and anonymous postings, blocking cookies, encryption, spamming, copyright infringement, domain names and convergence. Further highlights include recent Supreme Court rulings on "ride-along" cases, nude dancing, and commercial speech, covering issues such as banning advertising for lawful but harmful products such as tobacco. There is also an expanded discussion of journalists' access to courtroom proceeding and judicial documents.

Trial and Clinical Skills in a Nutshell

Author: Kenney F. Hegland

Publisher: West Academic


Category: Law

Page: 426

View: 8371

Provides expert advice that will help strengthen your trial and practice skills. Problem solving, legal writing and argument, case planning, and closing arguments are covered in this text. Also offers guidance for improving your office skills, interviewing techniques, discovery, negotiation, and counseling skills.

Fast Facts About Nursing and the Law

Law for Nurses in a Nutshell

Author: Paula DiMeo Grant, RN, BSN, MA, JD,Diana Ballard, JD, MBA, RN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826110460

Category: Medical

Page: 234

View: 916

Nurses are required not only to keep pace with a swiftly changing health care environment and make rapid decisions on critical issues, they must also be cognizant of the legal implications of these decisions. This Fast Factslegal reference provides the quick, reliable legal information that nurses need to protect themselves in practice, management, and education. The only resource of its kind, it has been authored by highly respected nurse attorneys and practitioners who present complex information in straightforward, accessible language organized into easily digestible segments. Key Topics: Malpractice/negligence issues Workplace, organization, and business law, Legal concerns in the classroom Disaster and public health emergencies Nurse Practice Acts and the disciplinary process Informed consent and patient rights Risk management and compliance Trials and alternatives in dispute resolution

Administrative Law and Process in a Nutshell

Author: Ernest Gellhorn,Ronald M. Levin

Publisher: N.A


Category: Administrative law

Page: 479

View: 5078

Delegation of Authority to Agencies; Political Controls Over Agency Action; Scope of Judicial Review; Acquiring and Disclosing Information; Informal Administrative Process; Procedural Due Process; Formal Adjudications; Procedural Shortcuts; Rules and Rule Making; Obtaining Judicial Review.

Masters of the Game

Inside the World's Most Powerful Law Firm

Author: Kim Eisler

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429921190

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 9761

Veteran legal issues reporter Kim Eisler takes us behind the scenes into mega law firm Williams & Connolly, guiding us on a journey through the many storied cases that have served to shape current policies in public and private sector alike For the past twenty years, author and journalist Kim Eisler has covered the law firm of Williams & Connolly, first at American Lawyer Magazine, then for Legal Times and since 1993 as National Editor of Washingtonian Magazine. More than any other writer, Kim has unprecedented and unusual contacts and relationships with the partners, as well as a background knowledge and familiarity with the firm's history and personnel over the past two decades. In Masters of the Game, Eisler sets out to demonstrate how the disciples of Edward Bennett Williams went beyond anyone's expectations and came to occupy key roles in American culture and business. In the last ten years of his life, Williams, the founder of Williams and Connolly, often said he was building not just a law firm but a monument. Masters of the Game is not only about a law firm, but about how the philosophy and practices of this particular law firm have spread out beyond Washington to dominate business, finance, sports and the American psyche itself through its influence with past, present and future political, corporate and media figures.