Demystifying Transition Assessment

Author: Colleen A. Thoma,Ronald Tamura

Publisher: Brookes Pub

ISBN: 9781598572148

Category: Education

Page: 150

View: 1831

This practical guide demystifies the what, when, why, and how of collecting transition assessment data-and using the results to help students with disabilities prepare for adulthood. Includes ready-to-use sample forms and a quick-reference guide to mor

Handbook of Research-Based Practices for Educating Students with Intellectual Disability

Author: Michael L. Wehmeyer,Karrie A. Shogren

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317566246

Category: Education

Page: 516

View: 8065

The Handbook of Research-Based Practices for Educating Students with Intellectual Disability provides an integrated, transdisciplinary overview of research-based practices for teaching students with intellectual disability. This comprehensive volume emphasizes education across life stages, from early intervention in schools through the transition to adulthood, and highlights major educational and support needs of children and youth with intellectual disability. The implications of history, recent research, and existing information are positioned to systematically advance new practices and explore promising possibilities in the field. Driven by the collaboration of accomplished, nationally recognized professionals of varied approaches and philosophies, the book emphasizes practices that have been shown to be effective through multiple methodologies, so as to help readers select interventions based on the evidence of their effectiveness.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Identification, Education, and Treatment

Author: Dianne Zager,David F. Cihak,Angi Stone-MacDonald

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317743741

Category: Education

Page: 474

View: 8982

The fourth edition of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Identification, Education, and Treatment continues the mission of its predecessors: to present a comprehensive, readable, and up-to-date overview of the field of autism; one that links research, theory, and practice in ways that are accessible to students, practitioners, and parents. During the last decade, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have emerged as the fastest growing developmental disability, and, in response to the dramatic increase in diagnoses, diagnostic criteria in the newly published DSM-5 are significantly different than they were in the DSM IV-R. The structure, content, and format of Autism Spectrum Disorders, 4th Edition have been revised to accommodate changes in the field and to illuminate the current state of the art in the study of autism. New information on early identification, transition education from adolescence through to adulthood, neurobiological research, and technology-based solutions is included.

Inclusive Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Author: Rhonda G. Craven,Alexandre J. S. Morin,Danielle Tracey,Philip D. Parker,Hua Flora Zhong

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1681230003

Category: Education

Page: 347

View: 8133

As a social justice endeavor, one of the goals of inclusive education is to bolster the education of all students by promoting equal opportunities for all, and investing sufficient support, curriculum and pedagogy that cultivates high selfconcepts, emphasizes students’ strengths rather than weaknesses, and assists students to reach their optimal potential to make a contribution to society. Dedicated to the identification of international strategies to achieve this goal, Inclusive Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities presents examples of theory, research, policy, and practice that will advance our understanding of how best to educate and more generally structure educational environments to promote social justice and equity. Importantly, this discussion transcends research methodology, context, and geographical locations and may lead to farreaching applications. As such, the focus is placed on researchderived educational and psychoeducative practices that seed success for students with intellectual disabilities in inclusive educational settings and the volume showcases new directions in theory, research, and practice that may inform the education and psychosocial development of students with intellectual disabilities globally. The chapter contributors in this volume consist of 31 scholars from ten different countries, and they come from a great variety of research areas (i.e., teacher education, educational psychology, special education and disability policy, special needs and inclusive education, health sciences). This volume, with a series of subsections, offers insights and useful strategies to promote meaningful advances for students with intellectual disabilities globally.

Demystifying Outcomes Assessment for International Educators

A Practical Approach

Author: Darla K. Deardorff

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 1620361302

Category: Education

Page: 242

View: 7201

For many in international education, assessment can seem daunting and overwhelming, especially given that such efforts need to involve much more than a pre/post survey. This book is a practical guide to learning-outcomes assessment in international education for practitioners who are starting to engage with the process, as well as for those who want to improve the quality and effectiveness of their assessment efforts. Assuming no prior knowledge, the book offers an accessible and clear road map to the application of assessment. Recognizing that a “one size fits all” approach cannot capture the diversity of goals and settings of international education, or the rich variety of programs and organizations involved in delivering it, author Darla Deardorff provides the reader with foundational principles and knowledge to develop appropriate assessment approaches for evaluating and improving student learning outcomes, which are the drivers of higher education internationalization She provides the background for assessment, highlights how the characteristics of international education pose unique challenges for assessment, considers the contexts to which assessment may be applied – whether in cross-border or “at home” institutional experiences, such as in curricular, co-curricular or extracurricular settings – and distills a seemingly convoluted process into a manageable approach. From the basics of getting started in assessment to highlighting pitfalls to avoid, this book offers a holistic and practical approach to assessment that moves beyond seeing assessment as a discrete activity to on-going process that is integrated into student learning. There is also a unique chapter for education leaders on assessment essentials from a leadership-perspective. The appendices include worksheets for implementing assessment, creating an assessment team, and getting buy-in from stakeholders. Other appendices include a list of standards adapted to international education outcomes assessment, guidance on assessing intercultural competence, and resources. This book reflects the author’s experience of over a decade of work with international education programs and higher education institutions around the world, and synthesizes what she has learned into an easy-to-use resource for anyone who wants to understand and utilize effective assessment in the field of international education.

Demystifying Sustainability

Towards Real Solutions

Author: Haydn Washington

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131760668X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 242

View: 9213

What is sustainability? Much has been said about the terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘sustainable development’ over the last few decades, but they have become buried under academic jargon. This book is one of the first that aims to demystify sustainability so that the layperson can understand the key issues, questions and values involved. Accessible and engaging, the book examines the ‘old’ sustainability of the past and looks to the future, considering how economic, ecological and social sustainability should be defined if we are to solve the entwined environmental, economic and social crises. It considers if meaningful sustainability is the same as a ‘sustainable development’ based on endless growth, examining the difficult but central issues of overpopulation and overconsumption that drive unsustainability. The book also explores the central role played by society’s worldview and ethics, along with humanity’s most dangerous characteristic – denial. Finally, it looks to the future, discussing the ‘appropriate’ technology needed for sustainability, and suggesting nine key solutions. This book provides a much-needed comprehensive discussion of what sustainability means for students, policy makers and all those interested in a sustainable future.

Demystifying the Nurse/therapist Consultant

A Foundation Text

Author: Robert McSherry,Sarah Johnson

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748780891

Category: Medical

Page: 204

View: 8962

This unique text explores the role and responsibilities of nurse and therapist consultants, providing a clearer understanding of the terms. The information clarifies the advanced specialist practitioner post and how it relates to the nursing and healthcare professions and specific posts. East chapter is based around reflective activities, case studies and summaries of key points, giving further references to recommended reading and useful resources.

Demystifying the School Psychology Internship

A Dynamic Guide for Interns and Supervisors

Author: Daniel S. Newman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136639055

Category: Psychology

Page: 190

View: 6634

If you are a doctoral or non-doctoral student about to begin your internship in school psychology, you may have several questions about the process and what it will involve, and you may even be facing some anxiety about it. If you are a site or university supervisor preparing for the beginning of the internship year, you may be looking for ways to improve the internship experience for your students or for yourself and your fellow supervisors. Newman has used his many years of experience working with interns and field supervisors to create this guide to the school psychology internship process to address these common concerns. He provides a comprehensive overview of the school psychology internship process from start to finish, describing actions that can be taken to promote a high quality, dynamic internship experience. Emphasis is placed on the idea that the internship year is a dynamic and formative experience, not a static event, and that interns and supervisors both must be active planners, coordinators, and shapers of the experience. Each part of the book explores a different phase of the internship, from the first days through job applications and interviews. Helpful and pragmatic tools are included throughout, such as evaluation tools, best practice guidelines, and sample forms. Online resources are also available to complement the book and include reproducible material from the book, videos students can use to practice their interviewing skills, and links to helpful resources.

Demystifying Job Development

Field-based Approaches to Job Development for People with Disabilities

Author: N.A

Publisher: Training Resource Network Incorporated


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 105

View: 4699

Die Laufformel

Author: Jack Daniels

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783902712233


Page: 285

View: 2661

Demystifying Secondary Inclusion

Powerful Schoolwide and Classroom Strategies, 2nd ed.

Author: Lisa Dieker

Publisher: National Professional Resources Inc./Dude Publishing

ISBN: 1935609785

Category: Education

Page: 198

View: 602

In the second edition of Demystifying Secondary Inclusion, acclaimed author, professor and teacher trainer, Dr. Lisa Dieker, provides practical, realistic and helpful ideas and techniques for including students with disabilities in the general education classroom. In truly inclusive classrooms, teachers focus on practices that are proven and promising for all students. Teachers understand the individualistic nature of learners, put students at the center of planning and instruction, and accept responsibility for teaching each and every student. Chapters 1-3 of Demystifying Secondary Inclusion detail ways of ensuring that students with disabilities are included in the general education environment. In Chapters 4-7, additional instructional strategies for embracing all learners are presented. This section also focuses on creating an inclusive classroom climate that facilitates successful learning outcomes. Chapter 8 provides concrete ways to prepare staff for the process of developing and maintaining an inclusive environment and offers examples of successful practices from strong schools. Each chapter ends with a set of questions to encourage reflection on current practice. Seven overarching and interdependent topics provide the basic structure for inclusion outlined in Demystifying Secondary Inclusion. These include: Creating an inclusive school-wide culture Celebrating the success of all students Developing interdisciplinary collaboration Implementing effective co-teaching Establishing acting learning environments Implementing successful instruction Improving grading and assessments The book specifically addresses the most frequent obstacles to inclusion at the secondary level and provides hands-on strategies for improving the teaching-learning process.

Demystifying crime and criminal justice

Author: Robert M. Bohm,Jeffery T. Walker

Publisher: Roxbury Pub Co

ISBN: 9781933220161

Category: Law

Page: 258

View: 1981

Bohm and Walkers thought-provoking edited volume addresses many of the American publics misconceptions about crime and criminal justice. Many of these understanding are inaccurate and based on myths. Each of the readers 27 articles demystifies or debunks one of these current myths, setting the record straight.DEMYSTIFYING CRIME AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE is organized to follow a logical progression through the criminal justice process. Part One addresses myths about crime; Part Two examines myths about law enforcement; Part Three investigates myths about the administration of justice; and Part Four focuses on myths about punishment and corrections.A unique feature of the book is that every chapter follows the same format. Each chapter opens with a brief section introducing a myth or a set of myths about a particular topic. Next follows the Kernel of Truth section, which identifies accurate aspects of the myth or myths. Since these are believable and accepted, they usually contain at least a kernel of truth. In the third section, The Truth or Facts, the authors debunk the myth or myths by providing evidence, followed by Interests Served by the Myth, which illuminates how the interests of specific individuals or groups are promoted by the creation and perpetuation of the myth or myths. Finally, Policy Implications of Belief in the Myth, highlights some of the practical and often undesirable consequences of belief in the myth or myths.Written in clear, accessible language, DEMYSTIFYING CRIME AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE engages readers with straightforward analysis and cutting-edge information and research. Designed to stimulate critical thinking and class discussions, this mindset-challenging anthology will give students a depth of understanding about crime and criminal justice that few other books offer.

Demystifying Outsourcing

The Trainer's Guide to Working With Vendors and Consultants

Author: Debbie Friedman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780787986483

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 8497

Demystifying Outsourcing emphasizes the importance ofbuilding partnerships with consultants and vendors to achieveresults. Training managers who utilize this resource will buildtheir confidence and strengthen their outsourcing capabilities asthey navigate complex outsourced projects. As a comprehensive toolkit, the book takes the reader step bystep through an outsourced initiative. Numerous stories bring thechallenges of outsourcing to light. Practical tips and tools, andworksheets on the accompanying CD can be tailored easily to anyproject. Topics include: Current trends and guiding principles in outsourcing A strategic sourcing decision model to help managers make wisechoices about what to outsource and what to retain Identifying and selecting outsourcing partners The RFP process and contract negotiations Positioning consultants and vendors in the organization Design, delivery and program evaluation of outsourcedinitiatives Special situations such as dealing with conflict, inheriting aconsultant and working with multiple consultants and vendors Debbie Friedman is Operating Vice President at FederatedDepartment Stores, where she heads up the Federated LeadershipInstitute, a training function whose mission is to strengthen theleadership capabilities of the top 1,800 executives.

Gruppen- und Teamcoaching

Author: Christine Thornton

Publisher: Junfermann Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3955714683

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 7833

Komplexe gruppendynamische Prozesse so einfach und nachvollziehbar darzustellen, dass sich konkrete Handlungsmöglichkeiten ableiten lassen: Dieses Ziel verfolgt Christine Thornton mit ihrem Buch. Coachs finden hier Anregungen für die praktische Arbeit mit Gruppen und Teams. Wesentlich ist dabei, welche Ziele eine Gruppe verfolgt, in welchem Umfeld sie agiert und wie die Mitgliederstruktur beschaffen ist. Je eingehender ein Coach sich mit diesen Faktoren beschäftigt, desto besser kann er seine Interventionen gestalten. Doch auch Führungskräften liefert das Buch Denkanstöße für Veränderungen in Unternehmen. Einer Untersuchung zufolge sind überhaupt nur 30 Prozent aller Veränderungsprozesse erfolgreich. Warum das nicht so bleiben muss und welche Maßnahmen wirklich Erfolg bringen, wird ebenfalls beleuchtet.

Demystifying the Counseling Process

A Self-help Handbook for Counselors

Author: Arlene King

Publisher: Pearson College Division


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 126

View: 987

This informal, user-friendly book is intended to provide a journey for author and reader along some of the less-traveled roads of counseling. This book offers insight into some overlooked aspects of counseling, from subtle considerations of initial client contact to the preservation of the counselor's own vitality in a demanding profession. Topics covered in this journey include: attention to the powerful aspects of the language we choose to use; the elements of teaching that are integral to counseling; ethical and moral issues of concern; and potential pitfalls of a profession that draws from the essence of the counselor. For practicing psychologists and counselors.

Prozesse Organisationalen Lernens

Author: Martin Wiegand

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322891283

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 591

View: 4581

Organisationales Lernen und die Gestaltung Lernender Organisationen sind seit einigen Jahren ein zentrales Thema in Wissenschaft und Unternehmnespraxis. Martin Wiegand belegt in seiner Untersuchung die Relevanz Organisationalen Lernens für die Praxis und für die moderne Organisationsforschung und setzt sich kritisch mit den bislang diskutierten Ansätze n auseinander. Darüber hinaus entwickelt der Autor einen konzeptionellen Bezugsrahmen des Lernens in und von Organisationen, mit dessen Hilfe die dertzeitige Diskussion erweitert und fundiert sowie die Integration re levanter verhaltenswissenschaftlicher und organisationstheoretischer Konzepte und Forschungsergebnisse ermöglicht werden soll. Verzeichnis: Untersuchung der Relevanz Organisationalen Lernens für die Praxis und für die moderne Organisationsforschung und kritische Auseinandersetzung mit den bislang diskutierten Ansätzen.

Lernen sichtbar machen

Überarbeitete deutschsprachige Ausgabe von "Visible Learning"

Author: John Hattie

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783834014504


Page: 472

View: 6847

Fisch ist Fisch

Author: Leo Lionni

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783407760241


Page: 30

View: 9837

Als der kleine Fisch von seinem Freund, dem Frosch, erfährt, was es da so alles auf dem Lande gibt - bunte Vögel und Kühe mit rosa Säcken voll Milch, Menschen ud Farben und Lichter -, da will er das auch sehen und springt an Land.


Wie man in nur fünf Tagen neue Ideen testet und Probleme löst

Author: Jake Knapp,Braden Kowitz,John Zeratsky

Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft

ISBN: 3864149061

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 4697

Unternehmer, Gründer und Teams stehen täglich vor der Herausforderung: Womit soll man zuerst anfangen, worauf sich am meisten fokussieren? Und wie viele Diskussionen und Meetings sind nötig, bevor man ganz sicher die garantiert richtige Lösung hat? Die Folge ist, dass allzu oft das Projekt auf der Stelle tritt und man überhaupt nicht vorwärtskommt. Dafür gibt es eine geniale Lösung: Sprint. Die ist ein einzigartiger, innovativer und narrensicherer Prozess, mit dem sich die härtesten Probleme in nur fünf Tagen lösen lassen – von Montag bis Freitag. Der Entwickler Jake Knapp entwarf diesen Prozess bei und für Google, wo er seither in allen Bereichen genutzt wird. Zusammen mit John Zeratsky und Braden Kowitz hat er darüber hinaus bereits mehr als 100 Sprints in Firmen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen durchgeführt. Der Sprint-Prozess bietet praktische Hilfe für Unternehmen aller Größen, vom kleinen Start-up bis hin zum Fortune-100-Unternehmen. Die Methode ist auch für alle anderen bewährt, die vor einem großen Problem stehen, schnell eine Idee testen oder einfach eine Möglichkeit schnell ergreifen wollen.