CSA Cases Workbook for the MRCGP, Second Edition

Author: Ellen Welch




Page: 618

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CSA Cases Workbook 2eis a unique workbook designed to be used by GPrevision groups practising for the CSA examination – it is written by three GPs who recentlypassed the CSA. Buildingon the success of the first edition, this new edition includes over 20 newcasesaligned to the RCGP curriculum areas and latest guidelines. The ringbounddesign makes the practice consultations as exam-like as possible – allowingeach member of the revision group to act as ‘doctor’, ‘patient’ or ‘observer’and to take out just the pages they need ahead of the next revision session. Alongwith easy to use marking schemes for every case, the cases also now includesmartphone links to guide readers to useful resources. To help further with revision, each curriculum area is split up into: • possible cases– lists the casesmost likely to come up in the CSA (including emergency and ‘special’ cases) • revision notes– fully updated toprovide the latest NICE and SIGN guidelines, along with other helpfulreferences and websites, to help direct your revision • material for the patient– a listof resources that you could usefully guide the patient towards in the consultation(including after you have passed the CSA!) • practice explanations– topics,tests and procedures that you should be able to describe to the patient in acouple of minutes • practice examinations– proceduresyou should be able to undertake confidently Furthermore,the authors suggest a combination of 13 cases which could be used to run yourown mock exam in preparation for the real thing. Your revision group needs just a singlecopy of CSA Cases Workbook rather than multiple copies of any other book, andno photocopying needed either! - WINNER OF THE BMA YOUNGAUTHORS AWARD -

The MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) Workbook

Author: Monal Wadhera

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing


Category: Medical

Page: 294

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Includes a range of scenarios representative of those MRCGP CSA candidates will encounter, each created with direct input from an MRCGP examiner


Author: Trent Johnson

Publisher: ناشرون الدار العربية للعلوم


Category: Wheels

Page: 16

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This book describes different types of wheels and how they are used to produce motion.

An Appeal by Shirin Ebadi to the world - Ein Appell von Shirin Ebadi an die Welt - Arabische Ausgabe

That's not what the Prophet meant - Das hat der Prophet nicht gemeint

Author: Shirin Ebadi

Publisher: Benevento


Category: Philosophy

Page: 48

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Shirin Ebadi – Iranian, Muslim, lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize laureate – has personally experienced violence, oppression, and terrorism in the name of religion. Rising above these tribulations, she became a fighter for human rights and an activist for peace and stability. Her weapons are words: the only way to convince people that religion can never justify violence and murder. Shirin Ebadi, Iranerin, Muslimin, Juristin, Friedensnobelpreisträgerin, hat Gewalt, Unterdrückung und Terrorismus im Namen von Religion am eigenen Leib erfahren. Da hat sie zur Kämpferin für Menschenrechte, zur Aktivistin für Frieden und Stabilität gemacht. Ihre Waffen sind die Worte. Weil man nur mit ihnen Menschen überzeugen kann, dass Religion nicht als Rechtfertigung für Gewalt und Mord dienen darf.