The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group

Author: Tama Janowitz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671871501

Category: Fiction

Page: 314

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Pamela Trowel finds her bad luck changing when Abdhul, a little boy, follows her home one day, and soon she and Abdhul are setting off on a cross country adventure

Gay and Lesbian Subculture in Urban China

Author: Loretta Wing Wah Ho

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135256578

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

View: 1361

This book contributes to a critical understanding of how Chinese same-sex identity in urban China is variously imagined; how it is transformed; and how it presents its resistances as China continues to open up to global power relations. Equally important, the book will 1) sharpen knowledge of China’s recent socio-economic change and political agenda, 2) build a greater awareness of Chinese cultural, sexual and ethical values and 3) offer new perspectives on ‘Chineseness’ and Chinese same-sex identity. Uniquely, it explores the emergence of Chinese same-sex identity through understanding the everyday, lived same-sex experience, amid China’s opening up to cultural, sexual and economic globalisation. This understanding is based on a culturally sensitive framework which accommodates the diverse and sometimes paradoxical articulation of same-sex identity in urban China. It come sto the conclusion that same–sex identity in china is articulated in a paradoxical way: open and decentred, but at the same time, nationalist and conforming to state control. This book will be of interest to scholar and students in Chinese studies, Gender Studies, sexuality and cultural studies.

Two Women Are Opposite Sex

Author: Marcus Westfall

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449070493

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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This book tells all the cultural things that discriminate against straight men and gay men every where they go but especially on the job.

Wrestling with Starbucks

Conscience, Capital, Cappuccino

Author: Kim Fellner

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813545064

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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You can find a Starbucks coffeehouse almost anywhere, from Paris, France to Paducah, Kentucky, from the crowded streets of Thailand to shopping malls in Qatar. With nearly 200 of them in New York City alone, this coffee retail giant with humble beginnings has become an actor and icon in the global economy. As we sip our cappuccinos, frappuccinos, and our double half-caf venti low-fat mochaccinos, many of us wonder if Starbucks is a haven of civilization or a cultural predator, a good or bad employer, a fair trader or a global menace. In this entertaining and provocative ramble through Starbucks's ethos and actions, Kim Fellner asks how a coffeehouse chain with a liberal reputation came to symbolize, for some, the ills of globalization. Armed with an open mind and a sense of humor, Fellner takes readers on an expedition into the muscle and soul of the coffee company. She finds a corporation filled with contradictions: between employee-friendly processes and anti-union practices; between an internationalist vision and a longing for global dominance; between community individuality and cultural hegemony. On a daily basis Starbucks walks a fine line. It must be profitable enough to please Wall Street and principled enough to please social justice advocates. Although observers might argue that the company has done well at achieving a balance, Starbucks's leaders run the risk of satisfying neither constituency and must constantly justify themselves to both. Through the voices of Central American coffee farmers, officers at corporate headquarters, independent café owners, unionists, baristas, traders, global justice activists, and consumers, Fellner explores the forces that affect Starbucks's worth and worthiness. Along the way, she subjects her own unabashedly progressive perspective to scrutiny and emerges with a compelling and unexpected look at Starbucks, the global economy, our economic convictions, and the values behind our morning cup of joe.

A Manager's Guide to Sexual Orientation in the Workplace

Author: Bob Powers,Alan Ellis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136662189

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 209

View: 344

For the first time ever, managers will have a tool that will enable them to effectively grapple with the controversial, and sometimes explosive issues surrounding sexual orientation. Cultivated from Bob Power's 25 years business experience with some of the world's finest organizations, A Manager's Guide to Sexual Orientation in the Workplace provides managers with the knowledge, skills and resources to foster higher productivity and performance through an all-inclusive work environment.

Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career

Author: Blanca De La Rosa

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452537585

Category: Self-Help

Page: 168

View: 9494

Who says you cannot climb the corporate ladder? Your boss, coworkers, jealous peers? Has your career turned into a job? Do you ever sit and wonder what ever happened to your career? Where and when did you get off track? How do you revive your career after it has derailed? In this book author Blanca De La Rosa details and reveals what she has learned after thirty-four years in the corporate environment. If you want to get your career back on track, empower yourself so that you can create an amazing career. Empowering yourself and using a holistic approach will help distinguish you from the competition and demonstrate to your organization how you can positively impact the bottom line. Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career contains a wealth of information about personal career mistakes and is invaluable to anyone that dreams of building a successful career. This book incorporates personal stories and strategies for overcoming adversity in the workplace. You will discover how to assess the journey of your career, how to manage a bad manager, how to deal with career failure, and how to develop a career road map with uplifting and inspiring advice. The Author offers a fresh approach on climbing the corporate ladder by combining practical, commonsense advice with inner wisdom and providing strategies to increase the chances of success in the workplace. “In the aptly titled, “Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career”, the author offers helpful advice from her 34-year career. In this resourceful book the author is refreshingly transparent about her own mistakes, encouraging others to learn from theirs. Recommended for employees needing guidance in navigating the corporate maze.” — BookBub Review “This valuable book of insights can be used by anyone, in any job, at any level, who is striving to get ahead.” — New England Book Festival

Red Hot Blues

Author: Mickey J. Corrigan

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1628306521

Category: Fiction

Page: 67

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Growing up in the fast lane… Sixteen year old Telluride Marshall loves her sex kitten mother, but the woman is a thug magnet. Kittie's love affairs always end the same—packing only what they can carry for a middle of the night escape. On the road once again, Tellie tries to warn her mom about the dangers they'll face in the stolen hot rod with thousands of dollars belonging to Kittie's abusive ex. But while Tellie wants to shape a different kind of life, all Kittie wants is another man. The question becomes, who does the road belong to when you're racing down the interstate in a red hot sports car?

Believe Me

Mein Leben zwischen Liebe, Tod und Jazzhühnern

Author: Eddie Izzard

Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage

ISBN: 3843715815

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 419

»Eddie Izzard ist der Jedi unter den Stand-Up-Comedians. Inspirierend, surreal, universal, visionär.« Michael Mittermeier Er liebt High Heels und lackierte Fingernägel. Er lief 27 Marathons an 27 Tagen, um an die Inhaftierung Mandelas zu erinnern. Er gilt als witzigster Mann Großbritanniens und trifft auch weltweit den Lachnerv — mit Gags über Hitler, Hunde, Darth Vader in der Todesstern-Kantine und Fische, die mit Fischen reden. Eddie Izzard, Humorgenie und Cross-Dresser, erzählt sein bewegtes Leben. In seiner Autobiographie »Believe Me« schildert der Entertainer lakonische, ergreifende und schreiend komische Episoden aus seinem Leben: von einer verlustreichen Kindheit, vom Entdecken einer komplizierten Sexualität, von ersten Comedy-Versuchen auf den Straßen Londons — und von seinem Plan, die Briten eines Tages zurück in die EU zu führen.


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Category: Transvestites

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The Dressing Station

A Surgeon's Odyssey

Author: Jonathan Kaplan

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447206533

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 5900

Winner of the Alan Paton Award and the South African Booksellers Choice Award Jonathan Kaplan has been a hospital surgeon, a flying doctor, a ship's medical officer and a battlefield surgeon. He has worked in places as diverse as Burma, Kurdistan, America, Mozambique, England and Eritrea. The Dressing Station presents a vivid, moving account of the varied faces of medicine he has encountered. In a mixture of reportage, confession and exposition Kaplan talks about the practice of medicine and of its shortcomings, because medicine is not always benign or balanced. At its extremes it is a process of treating the casualties, for life is a war, and being a doctor is serving in that war. 'His account is born of two talents: to save lives and to bear witness. The result is a unique mixture of biography and reportage, both personal and clinical' Time Magazine

Moments of Magical Realism in US Ethnic Literatures

Author: Lyn Di Iorio Sandín,R. Perez

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137329246

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 279

View: 8290

A collection of essays that explores magical realism as a momentary interruption of realism in US ethnic literature, showing how these moments of magic realism serve to memorialize, address, and redress traumatic ethnic histories.


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Category: Sports

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Sport, Adventure, Travel, Fiction

Author: Caspar Whitney,Albert Britt

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sports

Page: N.A

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Author: Poultney Bigelow,James Henry Worman,Ben James Worman,Albert Britt,Caspar Whitney

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sports

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View: 8355

Republicans Do the Dumbest Things

Author: Bill Crawford

Publisher: Renaissance Books

ISBN: 1580631738

Category: Humor

Page: 160

View: 7740

Bill Crawford follows up his hit books Rock Stars do the Dumbest Things and Movie Stars do the Dumbest Things with a volume that reinforces what we've known all along - Republicans do the Dumbest Things. From George Bush barfing on the Japanese prime minister to Ronald Reagan's announcement of nuclear war, Republicans do the Dumbest Things is the first book to celebrate and catalogue the hilarious heritage of the GOP. This collection includes all the misguided actions, bizarre statements, and embarrassing moments of notable GOP members, including Bob Dole, Helen Chenoweth, Pat Buchanan, George W. Bush, David Duke, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Rudolph Giuliani, Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Richard Nixon, and Dan Quayle. Republicans do the Dumbest Things is the perfect book for Election 2000, a funny, edgy examination of Republican antics this is sure to be as controversial as it is entertaining. Democrats will love it. Republicans will hate it. And everyone will want it.

The Man in the Red Velvet Dress

Inside the World of Cross Dressing

Author: J. J. Allen

Publisher: Birch Lane Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 687

Explains some of the reasons men become transvestites, discusses the sexuality of cross-dressers, and looks at the history of the cross-dressing movement

Cross-Dressing in Film and Television

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ranma 1⁄2, Psycho, Some Like It Hot, Glen Or Glenda, Mulan, Tootsie, Nuns on the R

Author: Source Wikipedia


ISBN: 9781230530765


Page: 88

View: 1408

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 86. Chapters: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ranma 1/2, Psycho, Some Like It Hot, Glen or Glenda, Mulan, Tootsie, Nuns on the Run, Ed Wood, Baldrick, The Boondock Saints, Young Americans, Con Air, Mabel Simmons, Mrs. Doubtfire, Samurai Pizza Cats, White Chicks, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, Big Momma's House, The Birdcage, Victor Victoria, Girls Just Want to Have Sums, Big Momma's House 2, Bosom Buddies, Yentl, My Life as a Dog, Connie and Carla, Breakfast of Champions, On Our Own, Berlin 36, She's the Man, Little Sister, Just One of the Guys, Sorority Boys, The Last of the Blonde Bombshells, The Big Snooze, The Associate, Anything for Love, Ask Harriet, Holiday Heart, Juwanna Mann, The Butcher Boy, Once in a Lifetime, Ladybugs, Coney Island, Sylvia Scarlett, The Masquerader, Hello, I'm Your Aunt!, A Woman, Good Night, Nurse!, Victor and Victoria, Mabel's Blunder. Excerpt: Psycho is a 1960 American film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Martin Balsam, Simon Oakland, John McIntire, and Anthony Perkins. The film is based on the screenplay by Joseph Stefano, who adapted it from the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. The novel was loosely inspired by the crimes of Wisconsin murderer and grave robber Ed Gein, who lived just 40 miles from Bloch. The film depicts the encounter between a secretary, Marion Crane (Leigh), hiding at a secluded motel after embezzling money from her employer, and the motel's disturbed owner and manager, Norman Bates (Perkins), and the aftermath of their encounter. Psycho initially received mixed reviews, but outstanding box office returns prompted a re-review which was overwhelmingly positive and led to four Academy Award nominations. Psycho is now considered one of Hitchcock's best films and is highly praised as a work of cinematic art by.

Punk Rock Blitzkrieg

My Life as a Ramone

Author: Marky Ramone,Richard Herschlag

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451687796

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 5128

The “entertaining and enlightening” (Stephen King) final word on the genius and mischief of the Ramones, told by the man who created the beat behind their iconic music and lived to tell about it. When punk rock reared its spiky head in the early seventies, Marc Bell had the best seat in the house. Already a young veteran of the prototype American metal band Dust, Bell took residence in artistic, seedy Lower Manhattan, where he played drums in bands that would shape rock music for decades to come, including Wayne County, who pioneered transsexual rock, and Richard Hell and the Voidoids, who directly inspired the entire early British punk scene. If punk had royalty, in 1978 Marc became part of it when he was knighted “Marky Ramone” by Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee of the iconoclastic Ramones. The band of tough misfits were a natural fit for Marky, who dressed punk before there was punk, and who brought his “blitzkrieg” style of drumming as well as the studio and stage experience the band needed to solidify its lineup. Together, they changed the world. But Marky Ramone changed, too. The epic wear and tear of a dysfunctional group (and the Ramones were a step beyond dysfunction) endlessly crisscrossing the country and the world in an Econoline—practically a psychiatric ward on wheels—drove Marky from partying to alcoholism. When his life started to look more out of control then Dee Dee’s, he knew he had a problem. Marky left music in the mid-eighties to enter recovery and eventually returned to help the Ramones finally receive their due as one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time. Covering in unflinching detail the cult film Rock ’N’ Roll High School to “I Wanna Be Sedated” to Marky’s own struggles, Punk Rock Blitzkrieg is an authentic and always honest look at the people who reinvented rock music, and not a moment too soon.