Courting the Countess

Author: Jenny Frame

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781626397859

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Professor of Archeology Henrietta "Harry” Knight becomes Countess of Axedale upon her father’s death and takes a sabbatical from Cambridge University to begin refurbishing the long-neglected and run-down Axedale Hall. The child of a loveless marriage, witness to her father’s infidelities and her mother’s pain, Harry has no intention of ever falling in love. Annie Brannigan is a survivor, remaining positive through hardships. As an agency housekeeper, she moves from post to post with her daughter Riley, taking care of people who have everything she will never have. Annie’s greatest wish is to find her happy ever after. Can love restore the countess’s heart and the crumbling Axedale Hall, or will the first foundations of love turn to dust?

Courting the Countess

Author: Donna Hatch

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1509209492

Category: Fiction

Page: 388

View: 3665

When charming rake Tristan Barrett sweeps Lady Elizabeth off her feet, stealing both her heart and a kiss in a secluded garden, her brother challenges Tristan to a duel. The only way to save her brother and Tristan from harm—not to mention preserve her reputation—is to get married. But her father, the Duke of Pemberton, refuses to allow his daughter to marry anyone but a titled lord. The duke demands that Elizabeth marry Tristan’s older brother, Richard, the Earl of Averston. Now Elizabeth must give up Tristan to marry a man who despises her, a man who loves another, a man she’ll never love. Richard fears Elizabeth is as untrustworthy as his mother, who ran off with another man. However, to protect his brother from a duel and their family name from further scandal, he agrees to the wedding, certain his new bride will betray him. Yet when Elizabeth turns his house upside down and worms her way into his reluctant heart, Richard suspects he can’t live without his new countess. Will she stay with him or is it too little, too late?

Courting the Countess

Author: Barbara Pierce

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 1466817062

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 4780

A scoundrel whose fame as an artist, libertine, and notorious seducer of beautiful women is ongoing fodder for the ton, Mallory Claeg has a secret obsession-Brook Meylan, Lady A'Court, a beautiful widow who abandoned London two years earlier, deliberately severing all ties to her past. Under the pretense of his interest in the primitive landscape of the Cornish coast, Mallory watches her, fascinated and utterly mesmerized by her beauty... Brook tried to escape the gilded cage of the ton's merciless gossip, the memory of a cruel husband, and the pity of well meaning friends. But meddling relatives and unwanted suitors shatter her peace. At first, Mallory Claeg was another intrusion. Yet his sinfully handsome face and irresistible charm bring both temptation and torment. Now Brook must choose between opening her heart-or sealing it off forever...

Ein Lord mit gewissen Vorzügen

Author: Lynsay Sands


ISBN: 3802599942

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 9054

Suzette ist eine reiche Erbin auf der Suche nach einem Ehemann. Doch im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Frauen wünscht sie sich einen Mann, der selbst mittellos ist. Daniel Woodrow scheint der ideale Kandidat: Er ist gutaussehend, aus adligem Hause und ... vollkommen verarmt. Suzette ist überglücklich. Aber Daniel spielt nicht mit offenen Karten. In Wahrheit verbirgt er seinen Reichtum, weil er nicht will, dass eine Frau ihn nur seines Vermögens wegen heiratet. Doch wie lange kann er dieses Geheimnis vor Suzette bewahren?

Courting His Countess

Author: C.J. Archer

Publisher: C.J. Archer

ISBN: 0987489917

Category: Fiction

Page: 77

View: 9305

This book is also available with 3 other stories in THE 4 SCOUNDRELS BOX SET: A PIRATE, A SPY, A MERCENARY AND A ROGUE. Each book in the boxed set is available separately, but by buying them in a bundle, you're getting a better deal! Contains SURRENDER, REDEMPTION, THE MERCENARY'S PRICE, COURTING HIS COUNTESS. Get the set here: DESCRIPTION The last woman Thomas, Lord Avondale, expected to fall in love with was the wife he betrayed and abandoned six years ago. When Rose doesn't accept his apology, however, he loses all hope of a happy future together. Yet he's thankful she has agreed to come to his bed to beget an heir. Known as the Ice Maiden at Queen Elizabeth I's court, Rose has been trying to forget the man she once loved—a love she thought destroyed after he spent their wedding night with his mistress. Withstanding Thomas's charms, however, is proving more difficult than she expected. Can she forgive the ultimate betrayal? Can he ever atone for what he did? Note: Courting His Countess is a novella of approximately 20,000 words, about one-quarter the size of a full-length novel. I've priced it as low as I am able. A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR COURTING HIS COUNTESS may be shorter than most of my other books, but it was one of the most difficult stories I've ever written. What Thomas did to his wife is despicable and when I began to write, I didn't think I could make you, the reader, believe he was hero material. Yet the characters and their tale wouldn't leave my head, nor would the opening lines, so I wrote the story anyway. As I progressed, and especially when I switched to Thomas's viewpoint, I realized how very male he was being, and part of me started to feel sorry for him. Being a nobleman of his time, he just didn't get it. Not until he finally saw how his actions had affected a wonderful, strong woman. COURTING HIS COUNTESS breaks one of the "rules" of the romance genre, and I know some of you will find Thomas's actions unforgiveable. I certainly don't blame you for that! But I've never been very good at sticking to the rules, and I hope you don't blame ME for listening to the voices in my head. Happy reading! ~CJ Keywords: Christmas romance, historical romance, sexy historical romance, short novel, quick read, cheap

The Countess of Charny

Or, the Execution of King Louis XVI

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 1776532252

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

View: 9842

Known as one of the important early figures in the burgeoning genre of historical fiction, Alexandre Dumas spent much of his life chronicling the social and political unrest that utterly transformed France -- and by extension, the rest of the world -- in the eighteenth century. This sweeping epic focuses on several parallel plot lines, all leading up to the death by beheading of the king in 1793, marking him with the dubious distinction of being the only French king to be executed.

Power: Die 48 Gesetze der Macht


Author: Robert Greene

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446435530

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 6966

Mit über 200.000 verkauften Exemplaren dominierte „Power – Die 48 Gesetze der Macht“ von Robert Greene monatelang die Bestsellerlisten. Nun erscheint der Klassiker als Kompaktausgabe: knapp, prägnant, unterhaltsam. Wer Macht haben will, darf sich nicht zu lange mit moralischen Skrupeln aufhalten. Wer glaubt, dass ihn die Mechanismen der Macht nicht interessieren müssten, kann morgen ihr Opfer sein. Wer behauptet, dass Macht auch auf sanftem Weg erreichbar ist, verkennt die Wirklichkeit. Dieses Buch ist der Machiavelli des 21. Jahrhunderts, aber auch eine historische und literarische Fundgrube voller Überraschungen.

The Countess Confessions

Author: Jillian Hunter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101637234

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 5283

New York Times bestselling author Jillian Hunter has charmed readers with her “sizzling sexual chemistry and rapier wit"(Booklist). Now she returns to the scandalous Boscastle family… All Emily Selwick wanted was to convince the man she had adored for years that she was the woman he ought to marry. She never expected that her ill-fated deception at a party would uncover a scheme against the Crown and ensnare her in the sensual trap of an enigmatic stranger. Damien Boscastle, the Earl of Shalcross, knows he must marry Emily to defend her honor and keep his mission secret. But, by saving her reputation, he will draw her into his arms as well as a dangerous intrigue. After a whirlwind courtship that leaves her breathless, Emily finds herself wed to a husband who vows not only to protect her from his menacing world—but to train his wife in the pleasures of passion.

Selling Culture

Magazines, Markets, and Class at the Turn of the Century

Author: Richard Malin Ohmann

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 9781859849743

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 411

View: 7932

At the turn of the nineteenth century, American capitalism was in crisis, producing too many goods for too few buyers, that crisis was ultimately resolved in a novel, historically decisive manner by creating whole new categories of consumer goods and by appealing to new groups of people who might purchase them. What we now recognise as consumer society originated in that period, and it was mass culture, the first 'culture industry', that helped bring it into being. In a magisterial study of the process, Richard Ohmann surveys the new practices of advertising, mass distribution of goods, and, most important, the birth of the inexpensive mass-audience magazine to analyse the creation of the American professional-managerial class. Drawing upon work in economic, cultural, and social history, he integrates the seemingly disparate phenomena of modern middle-class life in a coherent tale of how the class was formed and came to occupy the foreground in the malign ideological formation, 'the American Dream.' Elegantly written, lucidly argued, and brimming with arresting facts and incidents, Selling Culture offers the definitive account of the relation between culture and economy in the transformation of the United States into a mass-consumption, mass-mediated society.

Courting Trouble

Author: Kathy Lette

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448154235

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 9129

Tilly has the day from hell when she's sacked from her barristers' chambers in the morning, then finds her husband in bed with her former best friend in the afternoon. She escapes to her mother, Roxy - a sassy solicitor whose outrageous take on men, work and family life is the despair of her more conventional daughter. Roxy comes up with a radical plan for their future - they'll set up an all-female law firm which will only champion women who have been cheated, put upon, attacked, ripped off or ruined by the men in their lives. In court, Tilly finds herself up against Jack Cassidy, the smooth-talking, politically incorrect, legal love god who broke her heart at law school. Jack is fluent in three languages – English, sarcasm and flirtation... but if he's so loathsome, then why is she committing Acute Lust in the 3rd degree? When a case lands on the doorstep that threatens to change all their lives, Tilly finds herself dangerously close to taking the law into her own hands... Will Jack's cunning ways and expertise in emotional break and enter derail her quest for justice? Or will the women take on the boys... and win?

The Countess

A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory

Author: Rebecca Johns

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0307588475

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 4370

Was the “Blood Countess” history’s first and perhaps worst female serial killer? Or did her accusers create a violent fiction in order to remove this beautiful, intelligent, ambitious foe from the male-dominated world of Hungarian politics? In 1611, Countess Erzsébet Báthory, a powerful Hungarian noblewoman, stood helpless as masons walled her inside her castle tower, dooming her to spend her final years in solitary confinement. Her crime—the gruesome murders of dozens of female servants, mostly young girls tortured to death for displeasing their ruthless mistress. Her opponents painted her as a bloodthirsty škrata—a witch—a portrayal that would expand to grotesque proportions through the centuries. In this riveting dramatization of Erzsébet Báthory’s life, the countess tells her story in her own words, writing to her only son—a final reckoning from his mother in an attempt to reveal the truth behind her downfall. Countess Báthory describes her upbringing in one of the most powerful noble houses in Hungary, recounting in loving detail her devotion to her parents and siblings as well as the heartbreak of losing her father at a young age. She soon discovers the price of being a woman in sixteenth-century Hungary as her mother arranges her marriage to Ferenc Nádasdy, a union made with the cold calculation of a financial transaction. Young Erzsébet knows she has no choice but to accept this marriage even as she laments its loveless nature and ultimately turns to the illicit affections of another man. Seemingly resigned to a marriage of convenience and a life of surreptitious pleasure, the countess surprises even herself as she ignites a marital spark with Ferenc through the most unromantic of acts: the violent punishment of an insolent female servant. The event shows Ferenc that his wife is no trophy but a strong, determined woman more than capable of managing their vast estates during Ferenc’s extensive military campaigns against the Turks. Her naked assertion of power accomplishes what her famed beauty could not: capturing the love of her husband. The countess embraces this new role of loving wife and mother, doing everything she can to expand her husband’s power and secure her family’s future. But a darker side surfaces as Countess Báthory’s demand for virtue, obedience, and, above all, respect from her servants takes a sinister turn. What emerges is not only a disturbing, unflinching portrait of the deeds that gave Báthory the moniker “Blood Countess,” but an intimate look at the woman who became a monster.

The Countess

Author: Lynsay Sands

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062041661

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 4872

“You can’t help but fall in love with Lynsay Sands!” —Christina Dodd New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lynsay Sands trades in highland kilts for lush ballrooms and high-waisted gowns in The Countess, the first in a brand new, sexy, laugh-out-loud funny Regency romance series. Fans of Julie Garwood, Jill Barnett, and Teresa Medeiros will adore The Countess, and sympathize with her hilarious attempts to cover up the untimely demise of her despicable husband, even as the late earl’s twin brother sets her heart aflutter. The much adored creator of the popular Argeneau vampire family paranormal romance novels, the incomparable Lynsay is equally adept at historical romance—as this wonderful Regency romp so emphatically demonstrates!

Romancing the Countess

Author: Ashley March

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101543957

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 8629

Sebastian Madinger, the Earl of Wriothesly, thought he'd married the perfect woman-until a fatal accident revealed her betrayal with his best friend. After their deaths, Sebastian is determined to avoid a scandal for the sake of his son. But his best friend's widow is just as determined to cast her mourning veil aside by hosting a party that will surely destroy both their reputations and expose all of his carefully kept secrets... Leah George has carried the painful knowledge of her husband's affair for almost a year. All she wants now is to enjoy her independence and make a new life for herself-even if that means being ostracized by the Society whose rules she was raised to obey. Now that the rumors are flying, there's only one thing left for Sebastian to do: silence the scandal by enticing the improper widow into becoming a proper wife. But when it comes to matters of the heart, neither Sebastian nor Leah is prepared for the passion they discover in each other's arms....

The Secret Countess

Author: Eva Ibbotson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0230226035

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 5987

Eva Ibbotson's charming and warm-hearted tale, A Secret Countess was originally published as A Countess Below Stairs. Anna, a young countess, has lived in the glittering city of St Petersburg all her life in an ice-blue palace overlooking the River Neva. But when revolution tears Russia apart, her now-penniless family is forced to flee to England. Armed with an out-of-date book on housekeeping, Anna determines to become a housemaid and she finds work at the Earl of Westerholme's crumbling but magnificent mansion. The staff and the family are sure there is something not quite right about their new maid - but she soon wins them over with her warmth and dedication. Then the young Earl returns home from the war - and Anna falls hopelessly in love. But they can never be together: Rupert is engaged to the snobbish and awful Muriel - and anyway, Anna is only a servant. Or so everybody thinks . . .

The Playground of Satan

Author: Beatrice Baskerville

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465594701


Page: N.A

View: 3063

Until August, in the year of strife nineteen hundred and fourteen, you could find no pleasanter country house than Ruvno, Poland. It stood a little way back from the high road between Warsaw and Kutno, slightly on a hill, surrounded by pines and hardy hornbeams which guarded it, like sentinels, from the gaze of passers by. It had stood thus for centuries, ever since another Ian, Lord of Ruvno, built him a great house with the spoils of war against the Turk, laying the foundation of a hard-fighting, hard-living race, good for anything on earth but trade, always ready for a row, out of sheer love for adventure and broken heads. And of adventures they had full share, both in love and war. All the hordes of Europe passed over their land during the centuries; for Poland is Europe's eastern battlefield, as Belgium is her western. And the plows were forever turning up human bones, which lay where they fell; and human treasure, which lay where it was buried, either because the owners failed to find it when peace came again or because they happened to go where neither Turk nor Swede, Russian nor Prussian, could trouble them more. And so the domestic history of Ruvno, half fortress, half palace, filled many parchment volumes. I am not going to bore you with it; but quite recently, as Ruvno counts time, Napoleon slept there when on his luckless march to Moscow. And he supped at the large oaken table which was carved out of Ruvno oak long before the discovery of America brought mahogany to Poland. And in his clumsy, violent way, he made love to the reigning Countess of Ruvno, toasting her in that Hungarian wine which looks like liquid sunshine and makes your feet like lead. Some of the same vintage still lingered in the cellars when one smaller than Napoleon crossed the Polish borders a hundred years later. Napoleon, remembering the good cheer, paused here again to take breath on his homeward flight. But this time there was neither toasting nor courting. The Countess, in solitude, wept for her gallant husband, whose body lay at Beresina, his gay tongue frozen forever, his blue eyes staring up at the stars in the fixed gaze of death. So the great man sat at the dead one's board, silent and sullen, surrounded by the weary, ragged remnants of his staff. Those who were in Ruvno that night said that he paced his room, restless and sleepless, till daybreak. Then he went his way, no longer a conquerer, but a fugitive.

Delphi Complete Works of George Meredith (Illustrated)

Author: George Meredith

Publisher: Delphi Classics


Category: Fiction

Page: 5678

View: 8026

The last of the great Victorian novelists, George Meredith was also a celebrated poet and a distinguished critic. This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works of George Meredith, with numerous illustrations, rare texts appearing in digital print for the first time, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Meredith's life and works * Concise introductions to the novels and other texts * ALL 20 novels, with individual contents tables * Images of how the books were first printed, giving your eReader a taste of the original Victorian texts * Excellent formatting of the texts * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the poetry * Easily locate the poems you want to read * Includes rare essay collections appearing here for the first time in digital publishing * Special criticism section, with 12 essays evaluating Meredith’s contribution to literature * Features the celebrated biography on Meredith by Constantin Photiadès: GEORGE MEREDITH: HIS LIFE, GENIUS AND TEACHING, available in no other collection - discover Meredith's literary life * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: The Novels THE SHAVING OF SHAGPAT FARINA THE ORDEAL OF RICHARD FEVEREL EVAN HARRINGTON EMILIA IN ENGLAND RHODA FLEMING VITTORIA THE ADVENTURES OF HARRY RICHMOND BEAUCHAMP’S CAREER THE HOUSE ON THE BEACH THE CASE OF GENERAL OPLE AND LADY CAMPER THE TALE OF CHLOE THE EGOIST THE TRAGIC COMEDIANS DIANA OF THE CROSSWAYS ONE OF OUR CONQUERORS LORD ORMONT AND HIS AMINTA THE AMAZING MARRIAGE CELT AND SAXON THE GENTLEMAN OF FIFTY AND THE DAMSEL OF NINETEEN The Play THE SENTIMENTALISTS The Poetry INTRODUCTION TO THE POETRY OF GEORGE MEREDITH LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Essays ESSAY ON COMEDY MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS UP TO MIDNIGHT The Criticism THE QUALITY OF GEORGE MEREDITH by Oscar Wilde MEREDITH by Arnold Bennett THE NOVELS OF GEORGE MEREDITH by Virginia Woolf ON REREADING MEREDITH by Virginia Woolf GEORGE MEREDITH by Robert Lynd TWO LETTERS by Robert Louis Stevenson GEORGE MEREDITH AS A POET by Arthur Symons ABOUT MEREDITH by G. K. Chesterton GEORGE MEREDITH by James Joyce HARDY AND MEREDITH by Richard Burton GEORGE MEREDITH by W. E. Henley LIVING MASTERS: MEREDITH AND HALL CAINE by David Christie Murray The Biography GEORGE MEREDITH: HIS LIFE, GENIUS AND TEACHING by Constantin Photiadès Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles

Philip's Phoenix

Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke

Author: Margaret P. Hannay

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195363357

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 346

View: 8003

In contrast to previous studies that have portrayed Mary Sidney as a demure, retiring woman, this biography shows that she was actually an outspoken and dynamic figure. Basing her work on primary sources including account books, legal documents, diaries, and family letters, Hannay shows that Sidney was a vibrant, eloquent, self-assertive woman who was deeply involved in Protestant politics. Although she did confine her writings to appropriately feminine genres, she called herself "Sister of Philip Sidney" to establish a literary and political identity. As a Phoenix rising from her brother's ashes, she transcended gender restrictions by publishing her brother's writings, by writing and translating works which he would have approved, by assuming his role as literary patron, and by supporting the cause for which he died. Hannay also reveals--via court cases--that in her final years the countess turned from literary to administrative responsibilities, contending with jewel thieves, pirates, and murderers.