Constructing Educational Achievement

A sociocultural perspective

Author: Sivanes Phillipson,Kelly Y.L Ku,Shane N Phillipson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136764232

Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 5853

International interest focuses on why pupils from East-Asia tend to outperform pupils from the West and scholars have proposed a number of possible explanations to account for these international trends. Using Vygotsky's theory (1978) as a conceptual framework to "construct" school achievement, this book puts forward culturally relevant context for understanding developmental aspects of children’s school achievement and their implication to classroom practice and education progress. Converging the two important lines of inquiry – the child factor and the sociocultural factor – this book showcases evidence-based scholarly works from across the globe that shed light on causes of academic achievement in different contexts. The book brings together eminent scholars from early childhood, primary education, secondary and vocational education who expertly capture the vitality of development and processes of specific child factors and their interaction with their environment that explain their school achievement. Foregrounded in the five planes of cultural historical, institutional, social, personal and mental, the research explain how children think, learn and form the will to perform amidst the changing social and family environment, and challenging school and educational environment.

Exploring Unequal Achievement in the Schools

The Social Construction of Failure

Author: George Ansalone

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739135155

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 8891

One of the most disturbing problems in American education today is the unequal achievement of children in schools. Few problems have sparked greater concern than the issue of why students from different social origins differ so significantly in their academic performance. This book explores the role played by families and schools in this troubling problem. It employs a social constructionist approach in considering how ascribed characteristics (race, gender, and class) intersect with the daily interactions of teachers and students in classrooms and with the educational practices and structures within schools (tracking, testing, and teacher expectations) to play an exacting role in the construction of success or failure. It suggests that the new student identity that begins to emerge as a result of these processes provides a self-fulfilling prophesy of expectation and belief, which defines how students see themselves as learners and achievers. Through these practices, schooling becomes a crucial factor in the social construction of academic success. The author's final conclusion is inescapable: unequal achievement in school is largely a social construction. But it is a social construction facilitated both by student attributes including gender, race, and class and by the educational structures and policies some schools employ. Because of this undeniable fact, parents, educational practitioners, and policy makers must continue to investigate social policies and practices relative to student abilities and make every effort to understand how they may be related to achievement. Informed by research, they must endeavor to see this power inherent in schooling and the need to effect change.

Constructing Educational Inequality

A Methodological Assessment

Author: Peter Foster,Roger Gomm,Martyn Hammersleley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135719136

Category: Education

Page: 216

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The issue of educational opportunity has long been of public concern and a major focus for eduational research. As a result, there is now a substantial body of research findings in this field, both quantitative and qualitative.; This work relates to various levels of the educational system and to different categories of student, but particularly social class, gender, ethnicity and race. The central trend has been to find persisting inequalities despite reform at system, institutional and classroom levels. Furthermore, the educational system is frequently portrayed as playing a key role in reproducing wider social and economic inequalities.; This book examines the status of educational inequality as a social problem, explores the conceptual issues surrounding it, assesses a representative sample of recent research, and seeks to clarify the relevant methodological ground rules, thereby laying the basis for future research in the field.

Educational Psychology: Constructing Learning

Author: Dennis M McInerney

Publisher: Pearson Higher Education AU

ISBN: 1486007074

Category: Psychology

Page: 558

View: 7750

Educational Psychology: Constructing Learning 6e sets the standard for educational psychology texts in Australia and New Zealand, with its comprehensive, authoritative and research-based coverage of the subject. This edition includes completely updated content to reflect recent advances in the discipline, including revised theory into practice features from 39 international developmental psychologists. The author has retained the constructivist approach that made previous editions so engaging and relevant to student teachers, and content has been constructed around the new Australian Profession Standards for Teachers.

Families, Education and Giftedness

Case Studies in the Construction of High Achievement

Author: Jim Campbell,Laura Mazzoli Smith

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 946091991X

Category: Education

Page: 182

View: 2132

What is it like to be YOUNG, GIFTED AND WORKING CLASS in contemporary England? How do working class family values support high educational achievement? What do researchers and policy makers have to learn about giftedness from working class families? These provocative questions are explored in this ground-breaking book. Most studies of giftedness focus on the characteristics of individuals, and draw upon psychological frameworks to understand them. Participants in most gifted education programmes are recruited disproportionately from the higher social classes. Sceptical of the concept of giftedness, Mazzoli Smith and Campbell question conventional methodologies, using a narrative approach to understand how four families of working class origins, each with a gifted child, construct their values in relation to education and social class. They explore the influence of their family histories, cultural values and life styles upon educational engagement and achievement. The authors show that gifted education policies are poorly matched to the values of these families and argue that much research into giftedness has been flawed by social and cultural discrimination. They propose an agenda for change in research paradigms in the giftedness field, which should be characterized by interdisciplinarity and more culturally relative conceptions of giftedness.

Developing Tests and Questionnaires for a National Assessment of Educational Achievement

Author: Prue Anderson,George Morgan

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821374982

Category: Education

Page: 168

View: 8945

Developing Tests and Questionnaires for a National Assessment of Educational Achievement is the second in the National Assessments of Educational Achievement series. It is designed to help build capacity in carrying out technically adequate assessments of national levels of student achievement. It introduces readers to the activities involved in the development of achievement tests, and includes developing an assessment framework, writing multiple choice and constructed response type items, pretesting, producing test booklets, and handscoring items. A section on questionnaire construction feat.

Handbook on Monitoring Learning Achievement

Towards Capacity Building

Author: Vinayagum Chinapah,Unesco

Publisher: UNESCO

ISBN: 9789231034404

Category: Education

Page: 150

View: 2496

A detailed account of the Joint UNESCO-UNICEF Monitoring Learning Achievement Project in five pilot countries (China, Jordan, Mali, Mauritius and Morocco), and the implementation strategies designed to promote a 'critical mass' approach to capacity-building through national and inter-agency partnerships. It also presents some common core and country-specific tests of basic learning competencies and proposes a step-by-step framework for data collection, analysis and reporting.

Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement

Research on what Works in Schools

Author: Robert J. Marzano

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 0871209721

Category: Education

Page: 219

View: 2800

Provides information on how to use sustained silent reading and instruction in subject-specific vocabulary terms to attain academic achievement.

Constructing School Success

The Consequences of Untracking Low Achieving Students

Author: Hugh Mehan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521568265

Category: Education

Page: 247

View: 600

Bolstering the academic success of low achieving students and providing a more egalitarian classroom setting are two constant challenges to our schools. This book describes the process of "untracking", an educational reform effort that has prepared students from low income, linguistic and ethnic minority backgrounds for college. Untracking offers all students the same academically-demanding curriculum while varying the amount of institutional support they receive. This book is a highly readable account of a successful school reform effort. It provides systematic research results concerning the educational and social consequences of untracking previously low achieving students, and will be of great importance to researchers in educational and social psychology.

Constructing Black Education at Oberlin College

A Documentary History

Author: Roland M. Baumann

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 0821443631

Category: History

Page: 472

View: 3475

In 1835 Oberlin became the first institute of higher education to make a cause of racial egalitarianism when it decided to educate students “irrespective of color.” Yet the visionary college’s implementation of this admissions policy was uneven. In Constructing Black Education at Oberlin College: A Documentary History, Roland M. Baumann presents a comprehensive documentary history of the education of African American students at Oberlin College. Following the Reconstruction era, Oberlin College mirrored the rest of society as it reduced its commitment to black students by treating them as less than equals of their white counterparts. By the middle of the twentieth century, black and white student activists partially reclaimed the Oberlin legacy by refusing to be defined by race. Generations of Oberlin students, plus a minority of faculty and staff, rekindled the college’s commitment to racial equality by 1970. In time, black separatism in its many forms replaced the integrationist ethic on campus as African Americans sought to chart their own destiny and advance curricular change. Oberlin’s is not a story of unbroken progress, but rather of irony, of contradictions and integrity, of myth and reality, and of imperfections. Baumann takes readers directly to the original sources by including thirty complete documents from the Oberlin College Archives. This richly illustrated volume is an important contribution to the college’s 175th anniversary celebration of its distinguished history, for it convincingly documents how Oberlin wrestled over the meaning of race and the destiny of black people in American society.

Assessment of Student Achievement

Author: C. Keith Waugh,Norman E. Gronlund

Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed

ISBN: 0133094812

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 7766

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Balanced, concise, and practical, Waugh and Gronlund’s Assessment of Student Achievement, Tenth Edition , presents an exceptionally strong set of strategies to help teachers assess all learners in today’s schools. Written in a simple and direct manner, and using frequent examples and illustrations to clarify important points, the text is a balanced, concise, and practical guide for testing and performance assessment. The authors’ approach emphasizes testing as well as performance evaluation—each used when it is most appropriate—as integral steps that improve student learning and ultimately build student success. This highly-regarded textbook, replete with thorough updates in the new tenth edition, prepares educators use assessment as a tool to help develop all students in their classrooms. A great portion of the textbook is devoted to preparing and using classroom tests and performance assessments, assigning grades, and interpreting standardized test scores to individual students and parents.

Constructing Multicultural Education in a Diverse Society

Author: Ilghiz M. Sinagatullin

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810843400

Category: Education

Page: 263

View: 3461

Professor Sinagatullin believes that a well-built multicultural classroom is key to reducing racial, ethnic, religious, class, and gender prejudices. Incorporating the notions of multiculturalis and globalism into one entity called multicultural education, and focusing on a wide range of educational practices, leads Sinagatullin's study to look at the various ethnic groups of Russia. This book also explores issues of diversity in a rural setting, as well as introduces the reader to issues of folk pedagogy and enthopedagogy that have previously remained unexplored.

Research in Education and Psychology:

Author: R.P. Pathak

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9332501173


Page: 472

View: 833

Research in Education and Psychology explains how the application of research principle can make learning more effective and result-oriented. It tries to blend research with classroom teaching and to uplift the idea of practical knowledge. Divided into two parts, the book begins by introducing research, research process, methods and parameters of quality research and moves on to discuss various data analysis and representation techniques.

Reassessing Gender and Achievement

Questioning Contemporary Key Debates

Author: Becky Francis,Christine Skelton

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415333245

Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 4204

Challenging current theories about gender and achievement, this book assesses the issues at stake and analyses the policy drives and changing perceptions of gender on which the 'gender and achievement' debates are based. This new topical book guides the reader through the different theories and approaches, drawing together and reviewing work on gender and educational performance. The authors also highlight the continuing problems experienced by girls in terms of achievement and classroom interaction. The subjects covered include: perspectives on gender and achievement the construction of gender and achievement in education policy evaluating boys' underachievement the future for boys and girls? raising achievement: 'What works in the classroom?' Teachers, education professionals and students engaged in teacher training will welcome the editors' objective yet critical expertise.

Narrowing the Achievement Gap

Parental Engagement with Children’s Learning

Author: Janet Goodall

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317373243

Category: Education

Page: 170

View: 762

Narrowing the Achievement Gap proposes a radical change to our conception of learning, education and schooling, arguing that parental engagement is the best lever we have for school improvement and closing the achievement gap. Unique in its focus on original research linking underachievement and parental engagement, this book uses a range of international case studies to demonstrate that achievement isn’t only reliant on what happens in school and that what happens out of school is equally important. Each chapter explores how schools can actively engage with parents and communities to reinstate education in the home, and to generate support to combat issues out of their control, including poverty, deprivation, and a lack of social capital. Although schools have an integral part to play in this process, it argues that parents and society must reconsider their own educational responsibility, regardless of background, and offers a solid research base and practical suggestions to help do so. Consisting of an in-depth and contemporary study of this significant issue in educational achievement and written by an expert in the field, this text will appeal to researchers, academics and postgraduate students in the fields of education, schooling, sociology of education, school effectiveness and improvement, school policy and school leadership.

Constructing Borders/crossing Boundaries

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Author: Caroline Brettell

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739115695

Category: Social Science

Page: 334

View: 3554

The essays in this volume tackle the construction and significance of race and ethnicity as boundary-making processes among diverse immigrant populations in the United States. Race and ethnicity can both unite and divide. The individual scholars contributing to this volume model, deploy, and explain notions of "borders" and "boundaries" in various ways, but collectively they emphasize the fluidity of racial and ethnic identities that are shaped, negotiated, and contested in specific contexts and situations. Constructing Borders/Crossing Boundaries also captures the range of spaces in which ethnicity and race become salient the university, the immigrant enclave, the detention center, the work place, the nightclub, and even the trans-Atlantic passage. This interdisciplinary work features essays on a diverse range of immigrant populations from past to present and will interest scholars from across disciplines."

Boys, Girls and Achievement

Addressing the Classroom Issues

Author: Becky Francis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134579217

Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 5676

Girls are now out-performing boys at GCSE level, giving rise to a debate in the media on boys' underachievement. However, often such work has been a 'knee-jerk' response, led by media, not based on solid research. Boys, Girls and Achievement - Addressing the Classroom Issues fills that gap and: *provides a critical overview of the current debate on achievement; *Focuses on interviews with young people and classroom observations to examine how boys and girls see themselves as learners; *analyses the strategies teachers can use to improve the educational achievements of both boys and girls. Becky Francis provides teachers with a thorough analysis of the various ways in which secondary school pupils construct their gender identities in the classroom. The book also discusses methods teachers might use challenge these gender constructions in the classroom and thereby address the 'gender-gap' in achievement.