Choice of Law

Author: Dean Symeon C. Symeonides

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Law

Page: 800

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Choice of Law provides an in-depth sophisticated coverage of the choice-of-law part Conflicts Law (or Private International Law) in torts, products liability, contracts, forum-selection and arbitration clauses, insurance, statutes of limitation, domestic relations, property, marital property, and successions. It also covers the constitutional framework and conflicts between federal law and foreign law. The book explains the doctrinal and methodological foundations of choice of law and then focuses on its actual practice, examining not only what courts say but also what they do. It identifies the emerging decisional patterns and extracts predictions about likely outcomes.

Conflict of laws

cases, comments, questions

Author: Roger C. Cramton

Publisher: West Group


Category: Law

Page: 743

View: 803

Finding the law

an abridged edition of "How to find the law, 9th ed."

Author: Morris L. Cohen

Publisher: West Publishing Company


Category: Law

Page: 570

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Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny



Category: American literature


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Liberty of Contract

Rediscovering a Lost Constitutional Right

Author: David N. Mayer

Publisher: Cato Institute


Category: Law

Page: 165

View: 298

Examines the history of the liberty of contract and shows how this right has been continuously diminished by court decisions and by our country's growing regulatory and welfare state.