Conditional Love

Parents' Attitudes Toward Handicapped Children

Author: Meira Weiss

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 296

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Loving your child is not necessarily part of human nature and should not be taken for granted. Parental feelings are dependent upon our preconceptions of a child's appearance. Nevertheless, this cultural notion has been powerfully constituted as a "natural" part of the social myth of bonding. It is this myth that the author sets to expose by presenting data on parents' behavior toward 1,450 children in 3 major hospitals in Israel over a period of six years. Meira Weiss shows that 68.4% of the appearance-impaired newborns were abandoned by their parents, whereas 93% of the newborns suffering from internal defects--even severe ones--were "adopted." She also describes patterns of seclusion, neglect, and abuse such appearance-impaired children were subjected to at home. Both the rich ethnography and the lucid analysis contained in this book offer unique theoretical insights and social implications that should not be missed by anyone interested in the pragmatics of parenthood and the social and psychological aspects of the body.

Conditional Love

Author: Cathy Bramley

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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A totally charming, modern love story for fans of Katie Fforde, Carole Matthews and Trisha Ashley. What surprises might life have in store for you? A takeaway, TV and tea with two sugars is about as exciting as it gets for thirty-something Sophie Stone. Sophie’s life is safe and predictable, which is just the way she likes it, thank you very much. But when a mysterious benefactor leaves her an inheritance, Sophie has to accept that change is afoot. There is one big catch: in order to inherit, Sophie must agree to meet the father she has never seen. Saying ‘yes’ means the chance to build her own dream home, but she’ll also have to face the past and hear some uncomfortable truths. Will Sophie be able to build a future on her own terms - and maybe even find love along the way? Praise for Cathy Bramley: 'Delightfully warm and with plenty of twists and turns' Trisha Ashley 'A witty, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy . . . I highly recommend it!' Miranda Dickinson

Love Without Conditions

Reflections of the Christ Mind

Author: Paul Ferrini

Publisher: Paul Ferrini-Heartways Press


Category: Religion

Page: 192

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The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. Rarely has any book conveyed the teachings of the master in such a simple but profound manner. This book will help you to bring your understanding from the head to the heart so that you can model the teachings of love and forgiveness in your daily life.

Real Love

The Truth about Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships

Author: Greg Baer

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 268

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Furnishes a practical blueprint for successful relationships by detailing the various steps to finding and maintaining love, dicussing such topics as the difference between conditional and unconditional love, how to eliminate conflicts, how to differentiate between imitation love and real love, and the destructive impact of dishonesty and criticism. Reprint.

Stop Ostracising Your Negative Family and Friends - Love No Matter What

Author: Leah Thomas



Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

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Love No Matter What! It's time for some gutsy change within families to bridge the gap from conditional to unconditional love. This book gives you the opportunity to learn: - Why people do what they do and ostracise negative family and friends - The difference between conditional and unconditional love - How to love negative family and friends unconditionally - How to maintain your personal power and values without ostracising negative people from your life.

Be Your Best! a Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life

Author: Jeff Thibodeau

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 315

View: 503

Everyone wants to be their best at all times. You do. I do. We all do. But most of us don't always know how. If only there was a roadmap to help point the way. Well now there is one! Be Your Best-A Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life provides discussion, inspiration and practical guidance to help you become the best that you can be in every daily life experience, with particular attention given to the major issues that most people grapple with. It is the first book of its kind to offer 12 books within a book- chapters that can stand on their own but together comprise a truly comprehensive and comprehensible, practical and spiritual guide to being your best in life's most universally challenging situations. Be Your Best is useful as a quick reference when time is short and the need is specific and also as a more comprehensive guidebook for life. Be Your Best - A Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life, is based on the Author's study, experience, introspection and teaching related to spirituality, nature, creativity and healing. His passionate interest and experience in these disciplines led him to create Helios Cape Cod, LLC, a center for personal and planetary healing, which has two branches. Helios Natural Therapeutics offers services and classes in natural therapeutics, hands on healing therapies, and lifestyle counseling/coaching. Helios Land Design provides landscape design and planning services including sacred space design. Jeff earned a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, and Certification as a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Cranial-Sacral/Core Synchronism Therapist from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. He also earned a Black Belt and Instructor Certification in Kung Fu from the U.S.A. Kung Fu Academy, and is an accomplished singer-songwriter. He lives and works on Cape Cod. Please visit his website at for more information or to contact him about speaking engagements and consultations.

The Bridge to Light

Author: Frederick Dawodu

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 502

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The purpose of this book is to bridge the gap between the adolescents and adults in relation to societal needs that tally with the positive awareness in life.

Conditional Love

A Story of Battered Emotions

Author: Michael J. Canzoniero, Ph.d.

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Category: Imaginary companions

Page: 286

View: 631

Homicide detective William Hael Jr. is stuck-both in life and in his current case. The son of an alcoholic father, Hael still suffers the emotional wounds and can't seem to break free from the family role that helped him survive. As he struggles to solve the confusing murder of a young woman, he's disturbed by the reappearance of the invisible friend who once helped him through his toughest times...Babe Ruth. As the baseball legend advises Hael on the case, he also reveals the untold truth about his own harsh childhood and asks the detective to publicize his real story in an effort to help others like them. But sometimes the freedom that answers bring is more frightening than being trapped by confusion, and Hael must decide whether to live in the pain of the past or risk stepping into the future. Conditional Love is both a fascinating fictional primer on family systems therapy and a thrilling psychological murder mystery that offers an intriguing revision of Babe Ruth's history and challenges a man's ability to change his role in life.

Your Children Are Listening

Nine Messages They Need to Hear from You

Author: Jim Taylor

Publisher: The Experiment


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 942

In a world full of negativity, a psychologist reveals how to send your kids healthy, positive messages—both verbally and nonverbally. As a parent, you constantly send your children messages with your words, attitudes, and actions, creating their earliest ideas about themselves, others, and the world around them. This guide describes the vital opportunity you have to shape your children—even when they may not appear to be listening—and shows how you can instill healthy beliefs that will strengthen them against peer pressure, manipulative media, and other negative influences. Your Children Are Listening offers: Nine essential messages all children need to hear—on love, competence, security, compassion, gratitude, nature, respect, responsibility, and emotion Why these messages are so important The different “conduits” through which children receive your messages “Message blockers” that can prevent them from getting through Fun catchphrases and activities you can use to send these messages every day

The Prayer of Love

Author: Mark Hanby

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 120

The Prayer of Love is about a little-known prayer that has the power to bring forth life transformation. Written in the pages of this book is an astounding little prayer that can dramatically change your life. Its words do not merely offer knowledge but, more important, are expressions of truths that have the ability to bring complete and lasting spiritual transformation. Many people today will never reach their full potential or become the person they sense is hidden inside, good people who desire to grow in love beyond their frustrations and weaknesses. They long for purpose, meaning, and fulfillment—to live a life of love—but have difficulty in finding it. I know how they feel. Through much adversity and with the help of God, this is what I’ve found. For all my struggle and disappointment, the answers to life’s most difficult situations are usually simple. In fact, God is a God of simplicity. We are often the ones who make life difficult for ourselves. In fact, the answers to life’s most difficult problems are usually simple. Jesus summed up the secret to life in a very uncomplicated, profound statement: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said that doing this fulfills all of God’s requirements of us. That’s where “The Prayer of Love” comes in. Whether you know how to love or you feel that love has eluded you, this prayer will change your life. This is because love is not meant to be an occasional feeling but a daily experience that continually brings peace and joy. “The Prayer of Love” is a little-known yet powerful prayer that the Apostle Paul prayed over the church he founded in Philippi in what is now Greece. The Prayer of Love follows the outline of this fifty-nine-word prayer and is broken down into seven parts that form benchmarks for understanding and maturing in love. The Prayer of Love is a small book with a simple prayer and a memorable, easy-to-follow method for developing the capacity to allow peace and love to rule in our lives every day.