Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Publisher: Skyscape


Category: Fiction


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Lucas Thorn wasn't born a cheater. All it took was a single moment--say, a certain disastrous incident on the night before his wedding--and boom. Reputation destroyed forever and always. So now he owns it. He has a lady friend for every night of the week (except Sundays--God's day and all), and his rules are simple: No commitments. No exceptions. But a certain smart-mouthed, strawberry blonde vixen is about to blow that all to hell. Avery Black has never forgiven Lucas for cheating on her sister. And suddenly being forced to work with him is pretty much a nightmare on steroids. Of course, it does afford her the opportunity to make his life as difficult as possible. But no good revenge scheme comes without payback. Because he didn't become the Lucas Thorn without learning a few things about women. Now Avery's lust for vengeance has turned into, well, lust. And if Lucas stops cheating, it's definitely not because he's falling in love...

An American Liaison

Leamington Spa and the Hawthornes, 1855-1864

Author: Bryan Homer

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 472

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In 1855 the Hawthornes came to Leamington Spa for the first time. This book presents an almost day-by-day account of the family's life during three periods of residence in Leamington. It also relates how they amused and instructed themselves in the thriving Spa town and its attractive surrounding countryside, making trips to such well-known "tourist traps" as Coventry, Warwick, Rugby, Kenilworth, and Stratford-upon-Avon. Unfortunately, for several reasons, to a large extent the subsequent and much-anticipated return to their home in Concord, Massachusetts, in 1860 did not result in any real benefit.

Liaisons dangereuses

Sex, Law, and Diplomacy in the Age of Frederick the Great

Author: Mary Lindemann

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: History

Page: 376

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Nevertheless, the case that developed around the killing of Visconti provides fascinating insights into the diplomatic, cultural, legal, social, and political history of the last third of the eighteenth century.

Come after Me

Author: Billy-John

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 437

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Nine years in the making, author Billy-John releases through Xlibris his new book Come after Me. The stirring narrative is all set to entertain readers as they get wrangled into doing whatever’s necessary to be of service; flashlights seen sweeping the passages in their effort to help the heroine, Susan Parble, whose life’s sultry drama forms the spline of the story. Wise in the ways of the world, Susan puts away her childish things, including coning off the boy next door. And he´s not liking it either! So without the appeal of buff, his BLING so immature, Jeff takes matters in hand, but quickly learns his inventions, spiteful actions of a cast-off lover, are no match for the new man in her life. Fooled into believing her new career is on the up and up, Susan soon wants off the merry-go-round, out of porn, but not without him—the heartstrings now yearning for a different guy. And if that´s not love than somebody better tell her what is!—Because her enflamed brush is only splashing out happy clouds now, her ecstasy so controlling that she´s not wanting to make mention of the cougar whose mature experience and seduction are all so sweet on the same flame—further fraught with the tissues of lies a meddling aunt has revealed in anger. So paramount a think up of dark behavior here, that its readers exhibit unpreparedness; falling on them is what’s beyond what is marked out—the truth! Will Susan be blessed every step of the way and succeed in life and love or will the deprivation shake her trust and be so wantonly wowed that she’s left coupling without ever connecting? With Come after Me, readers will find believable authenticity attached to each of the fictitious roles which will draw them into the story and latter find out that their emotions have been stirred. Warning! The moving novel, ‘Come after ME’ involves unrevealed stimuli that purposely affects below the threshold of consciousness; unrealized by sleight of what’s perceptible text! Prologue: Hello! I’m Susan, the heroine of Billy-John’s novel; wasn’t it awesome, reading Marilyn’s love letter I mean, poking our nose into her erotic business so secret like and all? Wonder what he looks like? Hey, I admit it. I am so given to any form of snooping! Susan is referencing a promotional campaign, whereby copies of Marilyn’s private love letter were mailed out, her penned feelings scattered far and wide, all across the country—hopefully drawing some favorable attention to Billy-John’s new book, ‘Come after Me’...Susan didn’t happen to mention that she stole the woman’s—shoots from the heart—right out of her personal safety deposit box did she?—Of course not! She knows full well that her conduct need not be judged if enough people partake in the deliciousness of what she snuck. And for those unfortunate diehard romantics who missed out, a copy of the letter is included within each book. Well, after seeing the author’s eraser being exhibited in a menacing way, I suddenly feel compelled to speak with you on behalf of all the cast; memorable characters whose stream of imagery will stage the show that’s going to deliver your draw with the intimacy it shares—not discounting the salty hook, entertaining exuberance, cool excitement, or any of the splendid thematic considerations that’s deliciously waiting for you. And ladies, I can tell you that my paramount role, culled to champion our gender in the story, is only more dimensional and more powerful because it is in fact a female led thriller, a female led romantic journey whose emphasis is greatly on love—dripping with so much emotional content that the books spleen is a swamp of passion, such that it can’t segue, for the descriptive writing constantly whelms you with splashes of womanly luxunance, all to it creating pell-mell for him—the supposedly stronger sex who’s r

Beat Generation Writers

Author: A. Robert Lee

Publisher: Pluto Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 225

View: 661

Focuses on some of the most popular writers of the last forty years. One of the few books to explore the role of women and gender in the Beat movement.

One Foot on the Floor

The Curious Evolution of Sex on Television from I Love Lucy to South Park

Author: Louis Chunovic

Publisher: TV Books Incorporated


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

View: 756

Chronicles the issue of sex in televison from the 1950s censorship of vulgarity to the present on-air sex scenes, and explores how every decade has addressed the need to attract viewers without offending the general audience.