British Auto Legends

Classics of Style and Design

Author: Michel Zumbrunn

Publisher: Merrell Pub Limited


Category: Transportation

Page: 288

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Now in an unabridged compact edition, this beautifully presented book gathers together more than 50 of the most significant British cars designed between 1907 and the present. With an introduction describing the often tortuous story of British motoring and its great brands, a succinct description of each cars history, design and performance, and unparalleled images by one of the worlds foremost car photographers, this book is an authoritative tribute to the nation that gave the world the sports car.

The Chequered Past

Sports Car Racing and Rallying in Canada, 1951-1991

Author: David Anderson Charters

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: History

Page: 348

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In the forty-year period between 1951 and 1991, Canadian sports car competition underwent a massive change, transforming itself from an amateur recreational pastime to a commercialized profession and from an individual sport to a spectacle for mass consumption. The Chequered Past is the story of the struggle over power and purpose within the Canadian auto sport that led to this transformation. The first comprehensive history of sports car racing and rallying in Canada, The Chequered Past traces the efforts of the national governing body - the Canadian Auto Sport Clubs (CASC) - to bring its sports car competition up to a 'world class' level, and to manage the consequences of those efforts in the second half of the twentieth century. David Charters traces the social origins of the sport and the major trends that shaped it: professionalism, technological change, rising costs, and the influence of commercial sponsors. Charters argues that while early enthusiasts set the sport on a course toward professionalism that would eventually produce world-class Canadian events and racers, that course would also ultimately change the purpose of the sport: from personal recreation to mass entertainment. As technological innovations drove up the costs of competing at the top ranks, racers were forced to rely on sponsors, who commercialized and ultimately gained control of the sport. The end result, Charters argues, was the marginalization of the amateur competitor and of the CASC itself. Based on extensive research into the CASC's records and dozens of interviews with former competitors and officials, The Chequered Past opens a window into the rich but virtually unknown history of the auto sport, and claims for it a place in Canadian sports history.

Supercars 2014

16-Month Calendar


Publisher: Motorbooks



Page: 28

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Nothing in the automotive world is more exciting than a supercar. It is the pinnacle of engineering and performance, the dream of every car enthusiast. For every month, Supercars offers one of the world's most beautiful and desirable performance cars--shot in the studio, where the photographer's lens reveals not just the engineering brilliance of these cars, but also the inherent beauty in their form and details. Both classic and new models from the world's most famous marques are featured, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Maserati, Porsche, McLaren, and Alfa Romeo. There is nothing more exciting to hang on your wall!

Too Good to Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends

Author: Jan Harold Brunvand

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Social Science

Page: 480

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"If you enjoy these too-good-to-be-true tales, Brunvand's new book will give you hours of pleasure."—Chicago Tribune A fabulously entertaining book from the ultimate authority on those almost believable tales that always happen to a "friend of a friend." Alligators in the sewers? A pet in the microwave? A tragic misunderstanding of the function of cruise control? No, it didn't really happen to your friend's sister's neighbor: it's an urban legend. And no matter how savvy you think you are, you are sure to find in this collection of over 200 tales at least one story you would have sworn was true. Jan Harold Brunvand has been collecting and studying this modern folklore for over twenty years. In Too Good to Be True he captures the best stories in their best retellings, along with their latest variations and examples of how the stories have changed as they move from person to person and place to place. To help you find your favorite, Brunvand has arranged the tales thematically. "Bringing Up Baby" is full of episodes of child-rearing gone wrong, including the grisly tale of the drugged out baby-sitter who mistakes the kid for a turkey. "Funny Business" showcases stories of infamous lapses in customer service, such as the story of the shockingly expensive chocolate chip cookie recipe. And "The Criminal Mind" features both brilliant --if they were real --scams, as well as the purported antics of the less mentally gifted. Whether you want to become an expert debunker or just have plenty of laughs, this book will surprise and entertain you. Illustrated throughout. "Informative and entertaining.... Brunvand has collected more than 200 of the most-repeated and best-known examples of modern folk-myth."—Tampa Tribune "[N]ot only an entertaining anthology, but an excellent introduction to the study of folklore itself."—Publishers Weekly "A fun read... . All the classics are here from the killer upstairs to the Kentucky Fried Rat."—New City "Resonant stories that express our hidden anxieties ... make us laugh, [or] arouse our fascinated horror."—San Francisco Chronicle Book Review "Informative and entertaining... . Brunvand has collected more than 200 of the most-repeated and best-known examples of modern folk-myth."—Tampa Tribune "[N]ot only an entertaining anthology, but an excellent introduction to the study of folklore itself."—Publishers Weekly





Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 317

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A catalogue of postmarks used on mail posted at congresses, exhibitions, shows etc, and for anniversaries from 1994-2003.

Jaguar Cars

Author: James Mann

Publisher: Motorbooks International


Category: Transportation

Page: 224

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Jaguar Cars features 50 of Jaguar's most iconic models through James Mann's stunning photography, from the original SS Jaguar to today's F-Type sports cars and the C-X75 supercar concept.

How To Photograph Cars

Author: James Mann

Publisher: Auto Focus


Category: Photography

Page: 144

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In How to Photograph Cars award winning car photographer James Mann teaches the skills and techniques needed to shoot outstanding car photographs both out on the road and in the studio for business, or just for fun. With over 200 images illustrating the text many taken specially taken for the book, you'll learn how to: choose the right equipment, understand depth of field and compose your images, use the right shutter speeds for action photography with panning, tracking and cornering explained in detail, shoot cars at shows and indoor museums, plan your photography at motorsport events, find the best locations, use studio lighting in an infinity cove, shoot a magazine feature and get started as a professional car photographer.

Mapping the Self

Space, Identity, Discourse in British Auto/biography

Author: Frédéric Regard

Publisher: Université de Saint-Etienne


Category: Authors, English

Page: 398

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Collector's Originality Guide Corvette 1968-1982

Author: Tom Falconer

Publisher: Motorbooks


Category: Transportation

Page: 144

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The third generation Corvette was the longest-running version of America’s sports car, with a production run spanning some 15 model years. Because of their abundance, they are generally the most affordable of Corvettes on the market, and due to their age, they are often ripe for restoration. This book details the correct parts, finishes, options, and trim pieces for all fourth-generation Corvette models. The wide variety of options are covered in detail, as are all special editions and model variations from 1968 to 1982. As with the original edition, this value-priced version is filled with detailed, high-quality images of excellent original cars (survivors) or meticulously restored examples.