Barbour's Bible Dictionary and Concordance

Author: George W. Knight,Rayburn W. Ray

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 9781683222989

Category: Religion

Page: 704

View: 2729

This dictionary and concordance provides you with more than 2,500 dictionary definitions as well as 10,000 scripture reference spanning more than 1,800 concordance topics.

Bible Dictionary & Concordance

Author: N.A

Publisher: Castle Books

ISBN: 9780785825265

Category: Religion

Page: 448

View: 2197

Reading the Bible provides inspiration and hope to millions of people worldwide, but sometimes the language and geography leaves readers with questions. This reference guide of over six thousand Biblical names and terms helps you locate your favorite biblical passages. Formatted as a dictionary, its topics range from people and cultures to religious terms. As a concordance, it also includes places and events keyed to verse in the King James Bible. From Abraham to Jerusalem, and from Frankincense to Queen Jezebel, this dictionary can help you learn about and truly understand the people and terms used in the Bible.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance to the Bible

Author: James Strong

Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers

ISBN: 1598563785

Category: Religion

Page: 1685

View: 4499

Allows the reader to easily find all biblical occurrences of a word in the King James Version; points the reader to the underlying Hebrew and Greek words using the Strong?s numbering system; updated Hebrew and Greek dictionaries give brief definitions of each word of the original languages.?Cover.

Super Giant Print Bible Dictionary and Concordance

Author: George W. Knight

Publisher: Holman Reference

ISBN: 9780805494921

Category: Religion

Page: 1288

View: 1207

The "Super Giant Print Dictionary and Concordance" features a combined 45,000 dictionary entries and Scripture references in 18-point type for KJV readers who want to avoid eyestrain.

The Illustrated Dictionary & Concordance of the Bible

Author: Geoffrey Wigoder

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402728204

Category: Religion

Page: 1035

View: 9234

'The illustrated dictionary & concordance of the Bible' is an essential resource for anyone seeking to fully understand the message and meaning of the Bible. This fully illustrated reference book provides entries that identify and describe every person and place in the Old and New Testaments. These informative entries explain the significance, historical as well as scriptural, of each name. In addition, this one-volume encyclopedia features separate entries on every book in the Bible, major religious concepts and relevant general topics. The coverage is both wide and deep - 'The illustrated dictionary & concordance of the Bible' describes biblical rituals, feast days, home life, plants, animals, and much more. Other entries cover important families, tribes, dynasties, kings, priests, cities, and entire civilizations - from Assyria, Mesopotamia and Egypt to Greece and Rome. This updated edition also includes references to recent archaeological discoveries and other new advances in biblical scholarship. This encyclopedic dictionary doubles as a concordance. Distinctly colored citations identify the location of every biblical reference to each person and place, enhancing the book's usefulness as a companion to biblical study or research. This volume contains over 1500 full color illustrations, including photographs of Biblical sites, flora and fauna; classical age artwork and manuscripts; each fully captioned and linked to the text. This edition contains scores of redrawn maps that clarify the location of key places and events and an awesome set of cutting-edge satellite photograph maps of the Holy Land.

Poor Man's Bible Concordance and Dictionary & King James Bible

Author: TruthBeTold Ministry,Robert Hawker

Publisher: TruthBeTold Ministry via PublishDrive

ISBN: 8233915734

Category: Religion

Page: 4059

View: 4285

This is the compilation of Poor Man's Bible Concordance and Dictionary & King James Bible. It contains 1,449 definitions and 185,177 cross-references. The reason for the high number of cross-references is that each word within a given definition is further linked to its own definition in The Poor Man's Concordance and Dictionary, if such a definition exists. We have also included the King James Bible and linked the Bible references from the dictionary. And we have referenced the use of the definitions in the Bible back into the dictionary. It holds 1449 entries on topics related to The Bible and has been designed by Robert Hawker for "The General Use Of All Pious Readers Of The Word Of God"

New Combined Bible Dictionary and Concordance

Author: N.A

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9780801066801

Category: Religion

Page: 456

View: 928

More than 10,000 entries define names, places, objects, and concepts of the Bible with thorough references. Charles Pfeiffer introduces the volume with an essay on "How to Study the Bible."

How Can I Understand the Bible?

God's Word Can Change Your Life

Author: Bill Bright

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 073696620X

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 8426

The Bible is the greatest treasure you will ever own, waiting for you to mine its depths and receive all the direction, encouragement, and wisdom it holds. Most people need a little help, though, and Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), ably fills that role as he uncovers for you the Bible's rich resources for living in today's world. In How Can I Understand the Bible?, Dr. Bright reveals the reasons for believing the Bible provides insights for understanding its contents offers tips on applying its lessons to your life Included are summaries for each book of the Bible, a one-year Bible reading plan, and help on how to study the Bible for yourself. Whether you're new to the faith or a more seasoned follower of Christ, How Can I Understand the Bible? will help you dig deeper into the book God wrote, an adventure that may just change your life.

Die Bibel

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783893970421


Page: 1354

View: 6585

Eine volkstümliche, gut verständliche Bibel, wie es um die vorige Jahrhundertwende die Luther Bibel 1912 war. Vom Urtext her reicht sie, wo es nötig ist, an die Genauigkeit der Elberfelder Bibel und verliert trotzdem nicht ihre seelsorgerliche Sprache. Die Bibel wird sich - je nach Ausgabe - sowohl als missionarische Bibel, als auch als Studienbibel hervorragend eignen. Zahlreiche Erklärungen biblischer Wörter in Fußnoten sowie ein ausführlicher Anhang mit Sach- und Worterklärungen, Übersichtstabellen und Karten bieten Hilfen für den Bibelleser.

Proverbs- Jensen Bible Self Study Guide

Author: Irving L Jensen

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9781575679044

Category: Religion

Page: 92

View: 8852

This self-study guide offers you insight into one of the most practical books in the Bible—Proverbs. In it you'll learn how to live a godly life in the present with the assurance of eternal reward. Proverbs is more than a book of popular sayings. Its theme is wisdom for those who know and obey the law of God. Written in beautiful contrasts, Proverbs not only gives godly advice, but also shows by graphic example the conseqences of a lifestyle that leaves God out. The books in the Jensen Bible Self-Study Guide series are designed to provide you with a broader understanding of God’s Word. Offering historical context and background, author information, charts, and other helps, these books will equip you with a comprehensive reference tool you’ll return to often. Each study includes an opportunity for analysis, response, and further study in a response-oriented format. The thirty-nine books in this series are suitable for both personal and group use.

KJV, My Holy Bible for African-American Children, eBook

Author: N.A

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310410932

Category: Bibles

Page: 1808

View: 7026

"African-American parents long for a Bible that can help them explain God’s Word and their faith to their children. My Holy Bible for African-American Children answers that need. Included are illustrations by African-American artists, popular Negro spirituals, Heroes of Our Faith, inspirational Christian quotes, and information that ties scripture to a child’s life. African-American children will find meaningful connections to God through features that speak directly to their life experiences and heritage. Features include: Large print type for easy reading 32 full-color tip-in pages with illustrations from African-American artists Introductions to each book of the Bible Dictionary-concordance, and maps Presentation page for gift giving Complete text of the popular King James Version with the words of Christ in red."

Essential Laymans Bible Reference Desk Set

Bible Dictionary/quick Reference Concodance/bible Handbook

Author: George Knight,W. Ray Rayburn

Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781593102142

Category: Religion

Page: 352

View: 3824

These proven reference books have filled a Bible-study niche for tens of thousands of Christians. Now packaged together, they're a tremendous value at only $24.97!

The New Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

Author: James Strong

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Incorporated

ISBN: 9781418541682

Category: Religion

Page: 1968

View: 7419

Only one concordance includes the best of Vine s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words---The New Strong s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible."

Zondervan All-in-One Bible Reference Guide

Author: N.A

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310590698

Category: Religion

Page: 688

View: 1691

To get the most out of studying the Bible usually requires a concordance, a dictionary, a topical Bible, and a handbook. The Zondervan All-in-One Bible Reference Guide combines the best features of all four—in one convenient location.This easy-to-use resource covers a wide range of topics, people, places, events, and themes from Scripture. Entries are arranged alphabetically, making it easy for us to find the information needed to expand our understanding of God’s Word. The Zondervan All-in-One Bible Reference Guide is ideal for pastors, Bible study leaders, and everyone who wants to learn more from God’s Word.Based on the NIV—the most read, most trusted translation of the Bible—this reference guide will prove to be indispensable, no matter what translation is used.

Bible Understanding Made Easy

Volume I: the Old Testament

Author: Anthony L. Norwood

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469117118

Category: Religion

Page: 235

View: 4590

Bible Understanding Made Easy is a series of books used to inspire and teach the Word of God to sincere souls that are trying to draw closer to God. This volume is dedicated to building understanding of the Old Testament portion of the Holy Bible. Many of the worlds prominent religions are based on the teachings of the Old Testament including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In fact, Christian students of the Bible will have a hard time understanding the teachings of Jesus and His apostles without a firm foundational understanding of the Old Testament. The method of teaching used in this book was purposely kept as simple as possible so that beginning students of the Bible can be inspired and build a rich foundation of understanding the Bible that will last a lifetime! The main themes of each chapter, and many times, entire books of the Bible are presented to help one understand particular verses that may confuse sincere students of the Bible. Lastly, as an added bonus, there are many life application style mini-lessons that Christians of today can use to help build faith, encourage, and inspire sincere folks to maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For ordering within the United States of America and outside of the United States of America please call (toll-free in the U.S.) 1-888-795-4274 or Email XLibris at [email protected] The easiest way would be to add the book to your shopping cart above and order online as another alternative. Normally, you may pay using your nations own currency (i.e. the U.S. dollar, the British pound, Euro, etc.). Please call or Email XLibris Corporation for currency exchange rates. Please also explore the next in this series called Bible Understanding Made Easy, Volume 2: Matthews Gospel available now! {click here to be taken to volume 2}

Start Right, Finish Strong

What Every Christian Should Know

Author: G. Arnold Wafer

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1607997134

Category: Religion

Page: 308

View: 8965

Many Christians are disappointed in their faith due to mistaken beliefs, which stem from the lack of a proper understanding of essential Bible truths. In Start Right, Finish Strong, author Arnold Wafer presents the Bible in a way that is logically understandable for those who lack a proper introduction to God's Word. Readers new to Christianity will get a jargon-free introduction To The most important book of all-the Bible. Those who have been Christians awhile will appreciate Wafer's fresh approach, especially if they have had trouble understanding the Bible in the past. Anyone looking to better understand God, The Bible, or themselves will find Start Right, Finish Strong indispensable in building a firm foundation for continued comprehensible study and spiritual growth. Who should read Start Right, Finish Strong? bull; All Christians desiring greater biblical understanding bull; New adult Christians seeking focused study bull; Bible teachers and Sunday school teachers bull; Leaders of home Bible-study groups bull; Bible-school students seeking perspective bull; Young adults entering college or the workforce bull; Pastors seeking fresh, relevant sermon material bull; Anyone interested in learning about Christianity