Beyond the Silence

My Life, the World and Autism

Author: Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay

Publisher: National Autistic Society


Category: Autism

Page: 108

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Autism:Beyond the Silence


Publisher: Lichtenstein Creative Media


Category: Autism


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A radio program discussing new developments and research in autism, with parents of autistic children and a professor who recovered from autism among the guests.

Writing Beyond the Silence

Author: Libera Università dell'Autobiografia

Publisher: Youcanprint


Category: Reference


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This methodological Manual, that is the final product of the Project “Writing beyond the Silence. Promoting autobiographical competences to help survivors of gender violence” (co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Daphne III program), addresses public organizations and institutions that wish to use the autobiographical approach in the supporting and listening work they do by adopting and implementing the good practices produced by the Project. The main goal of the Manual is to be a tool for educators and trainers, for the counselors who work in facilities that provide support to women who have experienced violence. The Manual presents methods that may be further developed and fine-tuned but they undoubtedly are a valid starting point for the introduction of new practices based on the real experience of all those who for a long time have been working with skills and sensitivity in the helping professions.

Beyond The Silence

Author: Ted Allbeury

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Lord Carling is one of the great and the good now, but once he was just George Carling, a privileged young idealist who wrote a letter to the Soviet Embassy to say how much he admired the way the Russians were resisting the Nazis. And later he was an intelligence officer for the SIS. A very good officer with very accurate information about the Soviet Union and a cordial relationship with the Americans. Now, the whisper has gone round that Carling's information was too good to be honest. That he was too close to Philby and the other legendary traitors of his era and that he might have been working for the wrong people. So SIS sends Tim Mathews to find out what Carling has to say about his past and his friends. Mathews is surprised when Carling talks candidly about how he found information, friendship and even love on the other side of the Berlin Wall in the days when the Cold War very nearly became World War III. Carling's real secrets are deeper and more astonishing. For he is the man who knows about Kim Philby's last great coup: the ultimate deception of the Cold War.

Beyond the Silence

Listening for Democracy

Author: J. Cynthia McDermott

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books


Category: Education

Page: 146

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In this book, the contributors investigate some of the essential elements of a democratic classroom.

Beyond the Silence

A Refutation of the Traditional Interpretation of Murasaki in The Tale of Genji

Author: Takako Shigehisa




Page: 162

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Beyond the Silence

Author: Tracie Peterson

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Powerhouse Team Pairs Up for Second Novel Lillian Porter has always wanted to fulfill her mother's dream of going west, so when she hears about a nanny position in Angels Camp, California, she defies her grandfather and takes a chance on a new future. But she quickly wonders if she made the right choice. There are rumors in town that her new employer, Woodward Colton, caused the death of his wife. This accusation doesn't match the man Lillian comes to know--and Mrs. Goodman, Woody's long-time housekeeper, is decisively on Woody's side--but many in town stay far away from Lillian because of her association with the Colton family. Lillian's six-year-old charge, Jimmy, was there when his mother died, and he hasn't spoken a word since. Gently, Lillian tries to coax him out of his shell, hoping he'll one day feel safe enough to tell her the truth about what happened. But the Colton olive farm is no longer a safe place. Lillian encounters suspicious characters on their land and mysterious damage done to the farm. Will Mrs. Goodman and Jimmy be able to speak what they know in time to save Lillian from tragedy?

African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade

Beyond the Silence and the Shame

Author: Anne Caroline Bailey

Publisher: Beacon Press


Category: History

Page: 289

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A different perspective on the slave trade focuses on the few stories that have been remembered in the Anlo Ewe community, residents of an area in southeastern Ghana once called the old Slave Coast.