Author: Burton Raffel

Publisher: N.A


Category: Heroes

Page: 102

View: 3381

Beowulf (Bilingual Edition)

Author: Seamus Heaney

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393320979

Category: Poetry

Page: 213

View: 5836

Presents a new translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic chronicling the heroic adventures of Beowulf, the Scandinavian warrior who saves his people from the ravages of the monster Grendel and Grendel's mother.


A New Translation for Oral Delivery

Author: Dick Ringler

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 1603844112

Category: Poetry

Page: 304

View: 6348

This new translation of 'Beowulf' captures the rhythm and movement of the original Old English poem while employing a fluid Modern English style and relatively simple vocabulary. The resulting text provides an approximation of the acoustic features -- and power -- of the original and is suitable for reading either silently or aloud. This edition also includes a substantial Introduction and translations of three shorter Old English poems that shed light on 'Beowulf'.


Author: Roy Liuzza

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781551111896

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 5910

The classic story of Beowulf, hero and dragon-slayer, appears here in a new translation accompanied by genealogical charts, historical summaries, and a glossary of proper names. These and other documents sketching some of the cultural forces behind the poem's final creation will help readers see Beowulf as an exploration of the politics of kingship and the psychology of heroism, and as an early English meditation on the bridges and chasms between the pagan past and the Christian present. A generous sample of other modern versions of Beowulf sheds light on the process of translating the poem.


A New Verse Translation

Author: Seamus Heaney

Publisher: Wheeler Publishing, Incorporated

ISBN: 9781568959207

Category: Poetry

Page: 243

View: 7765

A New York Times Bestseller. Composed toward the end of the first millennium of our era, Beowulf is the elegiac narrative of the adventures of Beowulf, a Scandinavian hero who saves the Danes from the seemingly invincible monster Grendel and, later, from Grendel's mother. He then returns to his own country and dies in old age in a vivid fight against a dragon. The poem is about encountering the monstrous, defeating it, and then having to live on in the aftermath. In the contours of this story, at once remote and uncannily familiar at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Seamus Heaney finds a resonance that summons power to the poetry from deep beneath its surface.

Beowulf, a new translation

Author: Bernard Felix Huppé

Publisher: Mrts


Category: Poetry

Page: 140

View: 1159

"Huppe's clear and spirited translation includes a running outline, a dynastic chart, lively and provocative commentary, and a word list. In the introduction, Huppe, sometimes provocatively, discusses the structure of the story, the narrative method, and the Augustinian ethic underlying the conflict between heroic values and Christian values."


A Translation and Commentary

Author: J. R. R. Tolkien

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0544442784

Category: Fiction

Page: 425

View: 4350

Presents the prose translation of the Old English epic that Tolkien created as a young man, along with selections from lectures on the poem he gave later in life and a story and poetry he wrote in the style of folklore on the poem's themes.


A Translation

Author: Thomas Meyer

Publisher: punctum books

ISBN: 0615612652

Category: American poetry

Page: 297

View: 7562

A stunning experimental translation of the Old English poem "Beowulf," over 30 decades old and woefully neglected, by the contemporary poet Thomas Meyer, who studied with Robert Kelly at Bard, and emerged from the niche of poets who had been impacted by the brief moment of cross-pollination between U.K. and U.S. experimental poetry in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a movement inspired by Ezra Pound, fueled by interactions among figures like Ed Dorn, J.H. Prynne, and Basil Bunting, and quickly overshadowed by the burgeoning Language Writing movement. Meyer's translation -- completed in 1972 but never before published -- is sure to stretch readers' ideas about what is possible in terms of translating Anglo-Saxon poetry, as well as provide new insights on the poem itself. According to John Ashberry, Meyer's translation of this thousand-year-old poem is a "wonder," and Michael Davidson hails it as a "major accomplishment" and a "vivid" recreation of this ancient poem's "modernity."


Author: Sarah M. Anderson,Alan Sullivan,Timothy Murphy

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780321107206

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 234

View: 6493

A new translation of Beowulf, by Alan Sullivan and Timothy Murphy, is enhanced by Sarah Anderson with commentary and notes that explain unfamiliar terms, assist with literary allusions, and clarify a wealth of cultural and historical references. Near at hand is a chart of family genealogies, a glossary of proper names, and maps of Anglo-Saxon England and Denmark.

Beowulf: Facing Page Translation - Second Edition

Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1770483373

Category: Poetry

Page: 336

View: 1929

R.M. Liuzza’s translation of Beowulf, first published by Broadview in 1999, has been widely praised for its accuracy and beauty. The facing-page translation is accompanied in this edition by genealogical charts, historical summaries, and a glossary of proper names. Historical appendices include related legends, stories, and religious writings from both Christian and Anglo-Saxon traditions. These texts help readers to see Beowulf as an exploration of the politics of kingship and the psychology of heroism, and as an early English meditation on the bridges and chasms between the pagan past and the Christian present. Appendices also include a generous sample of other modern translations of Beowulf, shedding light on the process of translating the poem. This new edition features an updated introduction and an expanded section of material on Christianity and paganism.


A Prose Translation : Backgrounds and Contexts, Criticism

Author: Ethelbert Talbot Donaldson,Nicholas Howe

Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated

ISBN: 9780393974065

Category: Poetry

Page: 198

View: 874

The text of this edition of Beowulf is based on the highly regarded Donaldson prose translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem.

Die Königin der Unsterblichen


Author: Maria Dahvana Headley

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 3426414422

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 4143

Kleopatra, Königin von Ägypten, ist verzweifelt: Octavian, der Heerführer Roms, steht mit seinen Truppen vor den Toren Alexandrias und droht die Stadt zu vernichten. Als dann auch noch Kleopatras große Liebe, ihr Ehemann Markus Antonius, Selbstmord begeht, ist die Königin wild entschlossen, weder ihre Liebe noch ihr Land aufzugeben. In einem uralten Ritual beschwört sie Sachmet, die altägyptische Göttin des Krieges, herauf. Mit ihrer Hilfe will sie Octavian besiegen und Markus Antonius vom Tod zurückholen. Doch die Anrufung Sachmets bringt keine Rettung, sondern verwandelt Kleopatra gegen ihren Willen in eine Kreatur der Dunkelheit. Daraufhin ist Kleopatra entschlossener denn je, Rache zu nehmen – an Octavian und an der Göttin.


A New Verse Rendering

Author: Douglas Wilson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781591281306

Category: Beowulf

Page: 137

View: 9008

"Hear the song of spear-Danes from sunken years, Kings had courage then, the kings of all tribes, We have heard their heroics, we hold them in memory." So begins a dark, but sturdy epic full of warriors, dragons, monsters of the deep, mead halls, and mounds of treasure. Beowulf is the great Norse epic poem, and one of the great inspirations for J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. In this bold and truly innovative translation, Douglas Wilson reproduces the alliteration and stresses of the original, though being more dynamic with particular wording. This is without question the most musical translation of Beowulf, one which many readers will return to again and again if they want to get the feel of the original Anglo-Saxon.


The Oldest English Epic

Author: Charles William Kennedy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780195024357

Category: Science

Page: 121

View: 5461

A lengthy introduction discussing historical background accompanies the poem about the monster slayer Beowulf


Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101212993

Category: Poetry

Page: 176

View: 8454

Before there was Game of Thrones, there was Beowulf... SONG OF BATTLE AND KINGS Beowulf is one of the earliest extant poems in a modern European language, composed in England before the Norman Conquest. As a social document this great epic poem is invaluable—reflecting a feudal world of heroes and monsters, blood and victory, life and death. As a work of art, it is unique. Beowulf rings with beauty, power, and artistry that have kept it alive for a thousand years. The noble simplicity of Beowulf's anonymous Anglo-Saxon singer is recaptured in this vivid translation by Burton Raffel. Translated and with an Introduction by Burton Raffel and an Afterword by Roberta Frank