501 German Verbs with CD-ROM

Author: Henry Strutz

Publisher: Barron's snippet


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 704

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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Five Hundred One German Verbs Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses in a New Easy-to-learn Format, Alphabetically Arranged

Author: Henry Strutz

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 585

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From chzen (to groan) to ziehen (to pull), 501 of the most commonly used German verbs are presented alphabetically with translations. The arrangement is one verb per page in easy to comprehend table form. Each verb is listed with its principal parts and followed by complete conjugation in all tenses. Additional material includes tables of strong verbs arranged according to pattern of change, and a section on prefix verbs and model auxiliaries. An added feature in this edition is a set of 27 verb tests with answers explained. Language students will also find weather expressions as they are used with impersonal verbs, a selection of German idioms and proverbs, and a concise review of rules for verb tenses and moods. This book, with its emphasis on grammatical form, makes a fine classroom supplement for beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in German.

Erzähltextanalyse [German-language Edition]

Modelle, Kategorien, Parameter

Author: Meinhard Mair

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 634

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This comprehensive and systematic text book provides teachers and students alike with a profound, yet concise reference for the analysis of narrative texts. It provides appropriate and differentiated terminological and methodological tools to all the questions that arise when analyzing a narrative text. An advantage of this textbook is that the narrative theory models and concepts are presented in understandable and operational analytical categories and parameters and illustrated by tables and matrices to help make the sophisticated analysis easier to understand and memorize. Exemplary model analyses are provided to present and test the performance of this method.This book is valuable not only to literary scholars but is also suitable to teachers and students.Lehrende und Studierende, die einen Erzähltext analysieren wollen, finden in diesem umfassenden, systematischen, profunden und zugleich übersichtlichen Lehrbuch und Nachschlagewerk ein geeignetes und differenziertes terminologisches und methodisches Instrumentarium, um alle Fragen, die bei der Analyse eines Erzähltextes auftauchen, beantworten zu können. Ein Vorzug des vorliegenden Handbuches besteht darin, dass die erzähltheoretischen Modelle und Konzepte in verständliche und operative analytische Kategorien und Parameter umgesetzt und durch Tabellen, Matrizen und graphische Darstellung veranschaulicht werden, um die anspruchsvollen analytischen Raster besser fass- und memorierbar zu machen. In exemplarischen Musteranalysen wird die Leistungsfähigkeit der vorliegenden Erzähltextanalyse erprobt. Das Buch wendet sich nicht nur an Literaturwissenschaftler, sondern ist auch für Lehrkräfte und Schüler geeignet

Austrian Foreign Policy in Historical Context

Author: Anton Pelinka

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 423

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In 2005, Austria celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of its liberation from the Nazi regime and the fiftieth anniversary of the State Treaty that ended the occupation and returned full sovereignty to the country. This volume of Contemporary Austrian Studies covers foreign policy in the twentieth century. It offers an up-to-date status report of Austria's foreign policy trajectories and diplomatic options. Eva Nowotny, the current Austrian ambassador to the United States, introduces the volume with an analysis of the art and practice of Austrian diplomacy in historical perspective. Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch analyzes recent Balkans diplomacy as an EU emissary in the Bosnian and Kosovo crises. Historians Gnther Kronenbitter, Alexander Lassner, Gnter Bischof, Joanna Granville, and Martin Kofler provide historical case studies of pre-and post-World War I and World War II Austrian diplomacy, Austria's dealings with the Hungarian crisis of 1956, and its mediation between Kennedy and Khrushchev in the early 1960s. Political scientists Romain Kirt, Stefan Mayer, and Gunther Hauser analyze small states' foreign policymaking in a globalizing world, Austrian federal states' separate regional policy initiatives abroad and Austria's role vis-is current European security initiatives. Michael Gehler periodizes post-World War II Austrian foreign policy regimes and provides a valuable summary of both the available archival and printed diplomatic source collections. A "Historiography Roundtable" is dedicated to the Austrian Occupation decade. Gnter Bischof reports on the state of occupation historiography; Oliver Rathkolb on the historical memory of the occupation; Michael Gehler on the context of the German question; and Wolfgang Mueller and Norman Naimark on Stalin's Cold War and Soviet policies towards Austria during those years. Review essays and book reviews on art theft, anti-Semitism, the Hungarian crisis of 1956, among other topics, complete the volume.

Essential 25000 English-German Law Dictionary

Author: Nam H Nguyen

Publisher: Nam H Nguyen



Page: 5596

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The Essential 25000 English-German Law Dictionary is a great resource anywhere you go; it is an easy tool that has just the words you want and need! The entire dictionary is an alphabetical list of Law words with definitions. This eBook is an easy-to-understand guide to Law terms for anyone anyways at any time. The content of this eBook is only to be used for informational purposes and an invaluable legal reference for any legal system. It's always a good idea to consult a professional lawyer or attorney with legal issues. Just remember one thing that learning never stops! Read, Read, Read! And Write, Write, Write! A thank you to my wonderful wife Beth (Griffo) Nguyen and my amazing sons Taylor Nguyen and Ashton Nguyen for all their love and support, without their emotional support and help, none of these educational language eBooks and audios would be possible. The Essential 25000 Deutsch-Englisch-Wörterbuch Law ist eine großartige Ressource, wohin Sie gehen; es ist ein einfaches Werkzeug, das gerade die Worte, die Sie wünschen und brauchen hat! Das gesamte Wörterbuch ist eine alphabetische Liste der Rechts Wörter mit Definitionen. Dieses eBook ist eine einfach zu verstehende Anleitung zu Recht Begriffe für jedermann sowieso jederzeit. Der Inhalt dieses eBook wird nur zu Informationszwecken zur Verfügung und eine unschätzbare gesetzlichen Bezugs jedem Rechtssystem verwendet werden. Es ist immer eine gute Idee, einen professionellen Rechtsanwalt oder Anwalt mit rechtlichen Fragen zu beraten. Denken Sie daran, eine Sache, dass das Lernen nie aufhört! Lesen, lesen, lesen! Und schreiben, schreiben, schreiben! Ein Dankeschön an meine wundervolle Frau Beth (Griffo) Nguyen und meine Söhne erstaunliche Taylor Nguyen und Nguyen Ashton für ihre Liebe und Unterstützung, ohne die emotionale Unterstützung und Hilfe wäre keines dieser Bildungssprache eBooks und Audios möglich.


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