Barron's New York City SHSAT

Specialized High School Admissions Test

Author: Lawrence Zimmerman,Larry Zimmerman,Gilbert Kessler,Anne Villeponteaux

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764136481

Category: Study Aids

Page: 315

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Reviews the test contents and provides test-taking strategies, and includes three full practice tests and four half-length tests with answers.

Barron's New York City SHSAT, 3rd Edition

Specialized High Schools Admissions Test

Author: Lawrence Zimmerman,Gilbert Kessler,Anne Villeponteaux

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated

ISBN: 9781438001364

Category: Study Aids

Page: 324

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This new edition of the SHSAT manual prepares eighth and ninth grade academic achievers for the competitive test that qualifies them to enter New York City's Specialized High Schools. These schools include the Bronx High School of Science, Brooklyn Technical High School, and Stuyvesant High School, among others. The manual presents-- More than 600 problems with answers and detailed solutions Three full-length practice tests, and four half-length tests with answers and complete solutions to all problems A revised and expanded ninth grade math supplementary section Math Diagnosers to help identify and correct student weaknesses Test-taking techniques and study strategies to help students build confidence Highlighted "Tips" and "Facts" boxes placed throughout the book Skillbuilders that provide comprehensive preparation for each test section The authors also provide a clear, detailed treatment of the test's challenging Logical Reasoning section, which includes examples and practical problems.

Cracking the New York City Specialized High Schools Admissions Test

Author: Jonathan Arak,Princeton Review

Publisher: The Princeton Review

ISBN: 9780375763335

Category: Study Aids

Page: 208

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Featuring practice tests and drill questions, this guide's second edition will help students prepare for the entrance exam for three of New York City's elite public high schools.

McGraw-Hill Education New York City SHSAT, Second Edition

Author: Drew D. Johnson

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 1259837572

Category: Study Aids

Page: N.A

View: 9666

Everything You Need to Get the Score You Want on the SHSAT You need to score well on the Specialized High School Admission Test if you want to get into one of New York City's specialized high schools: The Bronx High School of Science, The Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn Technical High School, High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College, High School of American Studies at Lehman College, Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, Staten Island Technical High School, and Stuyvesant High School. We’ve put all of our proven expertise into New York City SHSAT to make sure you’re fully prepared for this challenging exam. With this book, you’ll learn essential skill-building techniques and strategies created by a leading test-prep expert. You’ll also get three full-length practice tests, hundreds of sample questions, and all the facts about the current exam. This book will guide you through your preparation program and give you the tools you need to succeed. Inside you'll find: • 2 full-length practice SHSAT tests • A full-length diagnostic exam to help you focus your preparation efforts • A step-by-step review of all Verbal and Mathematics topics covered on the test • More than 300 practice questions to build your confidence • Expert strategies to help you raise your score on questions involving algebra, probability, statistics, scrambled paragraphs, and logical reasoning

New York City New Shsat Test Prep 2018, Specialized High School Admissions Test (Argo Brothers)

Author: Brothers Argo

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781946755025

Category: Education

Page: 368

View: 4914

Argo Brothers SHSAT prep book reflects the latest changes and includes revising/editing questions along with math grid-in questions. Argo Brothers SHSAT test prep book offers 5 full-length exams, along with a grammar and mathematics overview. Our workbook comes equipped with video explanations and includes OVER 12 hours of video!

How to Solve Shsat Scrambled Paragraphs, Volume 2

Study Guide for the New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test

Author: Five Points Learning

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780985966010

Category: High schools

Page: 144

View: 3223

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is the required exam for admissions into one of New York City's highly selective public high schools for academically gifted and talented students. The Specialized High Schools that require the test for admissions are: Stuyvesant High School Bronx High School of Science Brooklyn Latin School Brooklyn Technical High School Staten Island Technical High School High School of American Studies at Lehman College High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College Queens High School for the Sciences at York College. Admission is based solely on results from the test and whether a student's score is above the cut-off score for a particular school. Often overlooked by students preparing for the SHSAT, the "Scrambled Paragraphs" section of the test can be a strategic opportunity for students to earn critical test points. Students who take advantage of this opportunity increase their chances of gaining admissions into one of these highly selective schools. "Five Points Learning's Second Volume of How to Solve Scrambled Paragraphs Study Guide" provides students with score raising strategies and an abundance of practice problems to help students master this tricky section on the test. As the old saying goes, ""Practice makes perfect."" So be sure to include "Five Points Learning's Second Volume of How to Solve Scrambled Paragraphs" in your test preparation plans today, and get the edge you need to beat the test.

New York City's Best Public High Schools

A Parents' Guide, Third Edition

Author: Clara Hemphill

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807774472

Category: Education

Page: N.A

View: 1800

If you lived anywhere else in the country, you would probably send your child to your neighborhood high school. In New York City, it’s much more complicated than that. But what parent has time to research hundreds of school options? To help you choose a high school that is just right for your child, Clara Hemphill and her colleagues at Insideschools visited nearly all of the city’s 400 high schools. This essential revision of the critically acclaimed parents’ guide features new school profiles; invaluable advice to help parents and students through the stressful admissions process; and new sections on alternative schools, vocational schools, and schools for students learning English. Featuring interviews with teachers, parents, and students, this guide uncovers the “inside scoop” about school atmosphere, homework, student stress, competition among students, the quality of teachers, gender issues, the condition of the building, class size, and much more. “For [this] third edition I looked for schools that spark students’ curiosity, broaden their horizons, and help them develop into thoughtful, caring adults.” —Clara Hemphill Praise for Clara Hemphill’s Parents’ Guides! New York Daily News... “Brisk, thoughtful profiles of topnotch, intriguing schools.” Big Apple Parent... “Hemphill has done for schools what Zagat’s did for restaurants.” New York Magazine... “Thoughtful, well-researched required reading.” The New York Times... “A bible for urban parents.”

Practice Math Tests for New York City SHSAT Specialized High School Admissions Test

Author: Violetta Dubinina

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781480053731


Page: 106

View: 6762

This book is the second of two volumes of practice math exams for the the New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test. This volume contains five more practice tests, each consisting of well-written problems that were thoroughly tested by real students who have been admitted to the top specialized high schools. The included practice problems are consistently kept up-to-date and closely match those found in the real SHSAT Math section. The book also has full solutions for each of the exams, improved with additional details and multiple solving approaches. Along with the first volume from this set, this collection is ideal for students who desire additional practice for the SHSAT exam and want to make sure that they are using high quality, recently updated material. This 2015 edition is fully up-to-date for the current SHSAT exam.

New York City Shsat

1,000+ Practice Questions: Updated for the 2018 Redesigned Shsat

Author: The Tutorverse

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781986487412


Page: 312

View: 5615

March 13, 2018 - 3rd Edition: Includes multiple literature and poetry passages as per Department of Education guidelines. Rebalances practice tests per DOE guidance (see below for more details) In NYC? Looking for a class? Check out our author page or our website for more information! ----- Get it here first! With New York City SHSAT: 1,000+ Practice Problems: 3rd Edition, there's no shortage of high-quality, well-edited practice questions. This book contains more questions than even 10 full-length exams! This book contains: 200+ reading comprehension questions - including for poems and literature! 100+ grid-in math practice questions 1,000+ high-quality practice questions in print - no need to go online or watch videos! 79 pages of detailed answer explanations that actually make sense 2 full-length practice tests tie everything together and simulate a real test-taking experience Separate, dedicated sections for each section of the test, to help build confidence through understanding Questions that progress in difficulty help you quickly master the basics and score extra points on even the toughest questions. Great for independent study or for use with a tutor! ----- The SHSAT is changing (again!). Starting in October 2018, the ELA section will focus less on revising and editing, and more on reading comprehension. New to the SHSAT will be reading comprehension questions based on poems and excerpts from works of fiction. We've updated our practice tests and reading comprehension sections accordingly.

New York City Specialized Science High Schools Admissions Test

Author: Arco,Stephen Krane

Publisher: Peterson's

ISBN: 9780768907117

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 200

View: 6623

The Bronx H. S. of Science, Brooklyn Technical H. S., and Stuyvesant H. S. provide gifted students in the New York City area a challenging science and math curriculum. The entrance exam is rigorous and highly competitive. In this essential resource, a former teacher at Bronx School of Science provides middle school students a brief explanation of the exam format as well as practice tests and hands-on training.

Ivyprep New York City Shsat 2018

Complete Prep for the New 2018 Test With Literature and Poetry; Includes Comprehensive Review and 3 Practice Tests

Author: Tom F. Wen

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781987796537


Page: 310

View: 9875

IvyPrep New York City SHSAT 2018 The New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test is changing. Again. The 2018 test adds literature and poetry while condensing the editing/revising section. Be ready for the new test with this ultimate guide! Designed to help current eighth- and ninth-grader planning to take the test in October, this manual provides a comprehensive review of all the relevant skills you need to score your best on the revised 2018 test. Use this guide to find out about the details of the new revised SHSAT test take a diagnostic to identify your strengths and weaknesses hone your verbal and math skills while building confidence learn score-raising strategies to complement your prep take practice tests and review the detailed explanations to improve your performance This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date prep guide available and contains everything you need to master the test and gain admissions to New York City's specialized high schools including Stuyvesant High School Bronx High School of Science Brooklyn Technical High School Brooklyn Latin School High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College High School of American Studies at Lehman College Queens High School for the Sciences at York College Staten Island Technical High School IvyPrep has been helping NYC students gain admissions to their dream schools for over 20 years. This guide represents the culmination of our success and the key to your SHSAT victory.

Barron's COOP/HSPT/Tachs, 3rd Edition

Author: Kathleen Elliott,Carmen Geraci,David Ebner,David Ebner Ph. D.

Publisher: Barrons Test Prep

ISBN: 9781438001456

Category: Education

Page: 600

View: 5768

Provides subject reviews for each section, six full-length practice tests with explanatory answers, and test-taking strategies to improve TACHS, COOP, and HSPT scores.

Kweller Prep New Shsat Mathematics

Author: Douglas S. Kovel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781548217044


Page: 418

View: 1703

This book includes lessons and practice questions for the new math SHSAT.

The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools and Selected Public Schools, Seventh Edition

Author: Victoria Goldman

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807774588

Category: Reference

Page: N.A

View: 4718

This is the best and most comprehensive guide to Manhattan’s private schools, including Brooklyn and Riverdale. Written by a parent who is also an expert on school admissions, this guide has been helping New York City parents choose the best private and selective public schools for their children for over 20 years. The new edition has been completely revised and expanded to include the latest information on admissions procedures, programs, diversity, school size, staff, tuition, and scholarships. It now lists over 75 elementary and high schools, including schools for special needs children. Book Features: Factors to consider when selecting a school, such as location, single sex versus coed, school size, after-school programs, and academic pace. Preparing your child for admissions interviews. Resources for test preparation. School profiles that include key information on school tours and applications, tuition, financial aid and scholarships, staff, class size, homework, diversity, educational approach, atmosphere, and more. “The information is on the mark and insightful. . . . Parents will pass The Manhattan Family Guide to parents as gleefully as they once passed notes in class.” —New York Magazine (for a previous edition)

Shsat Power Practice

Author: N.A

Publisher: Learning Express (NY)

ISBN: 9781611030815

Category: Study Aids

Page: 240

View: 6330

The most practice in one place to score higher on the competitive and high-stakes SHAT exam, taken by New York City students to gain admission to specialized public high schools.

More Best of Mad Libs

Author: Roger Price,Leonard Stern

Publisher: Price Stern Sloan

ISBN: 9780843125498

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 288

View: 9644

"World's greatest word game. Over 140 classic Mad libs stories inside!"--Cover.

Barron's SSAT/ISEE

High School Entrance Examinations

Author: Kathleen J. Elliott,Carmen Geraci,David Ebner

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

ISBN: 9781438009643

Category: Study Aids

Page: 528

View: 9953

This updated manual prepares students to pass either the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) or the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), nationally administered tests used as admission requirements by many private secondary schools. Students can improve their test-taking skills by taking the book’s two practice SSAT exams or its two practice ISEE exams. All test questions are answered and explained. The book also includes extensive practice and review exercises in: Verbal skills Reading comprehension Analogies Essay writing Mathematics Review material is set up in a way that will help students recognize and pinpoint areas where they need more intensive study.