Ask For It

How Women Can Use Negotiation to Get What They Really Want

Author: Linda Babcock

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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In their groundbreaking book, Women Don’t Ask, Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever uncovered a startling fact: even women who negotiate brilliantly on behalf of others often falter when it comes to asking for themselves. Now they’ve developed the action plan that women all over the country requested—a guide to negotiation that starts before you get to the bargaining table. Ask for It explains why it’s essential to ask (men do it all the time) and teaches you how to ask effectively, in ways that feel comfortable to you as a woman. Whether you currently avoid negotiating like the plague or consider yourself hard-charging and fearless, Babcock and Laschever’s compelling stories of real women will help you recognize how much more you deserve—whether it’s a raise, that overdue promotion, an exciting new assignment, or even extra help around the house. Their four-phase program, backed by years of research, will show you how to identify what you’re really worth, maximize your bargaining power, develop the best strategy for your situation, and manage the reactions and emotions that may arise—on both sides. Guided step-by-step, you’ll learn how to draw on the special strengths you bring to the negotiating table to reach agreements that benefit everyone involved. This collaborative, problem-solving approach will propel you to new places both professionally and personally—and open doors you thought were closed. Because if you never hear no, you’re not asking enough. From the Hardcover edition.

Ask for It

Author: Sylvia Day

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Ask for It - a classic erotic romance, part of the Georgian series - by Sylvia Day is a daring, lusty tale of a young woman's resistance and surrender to a man she jilted. England, 1770. As an agent to the Crown, Marcus Ashford has fought numerous sword fights and dodged bullets and cannon fire. Yet nothing arouses him more than his hunger for former fiance, Elizabeth. Years ago, she'd abandoned him for the boyishly charming Lord Hawthorne. But now Marcus has been ordered to defend Elizabeth from her husband's killers and he has sworn to do so while tending to her other, more carnal needs. He will be at her service, in every sense. Praise for Sylvia Day, bestselling author of the sensational Crossfire series: 'Move over Danielle Steel and Jackie Collins, this is the dawn of a new Day' Amuse 'Several shades darker and a hundred degrees hotter than anything you've read before' Reveal

Ask for It

Author: Bestsellers - Books USA Press





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This story is set in England, in the year 1770. Beneath the silk and lace of London society lies a secret, elite organization of spies. Protecting the Crown from its enemies is hazardous, but for Marcus Ashford, protecting his heart from an unyielding passion is the far greater peril...As an agent to the Crown, Marcus Ashford, the Earl of Westfield, has fought numerous sword fights, been shot twice, and dodged more than any man's fair share of cannon fire. And yet, nothing excites him more than the primitive hunger his former fiance, Elizabeth, arouses. Years ago, she'd jilted him for the boyishly charming Lord Hawthorne. But now the elegant widow is his to defend, and he will do so while tending to her other, more carnal needs, showing her the depth of a real man's desire...Dangerous secrets led to the murder of Lady Hawthorne's husband, secrets she now holds in a diary many would kill to obtain. But to entrust herself to the protection of the most seductive man she's ever known? Outrageous. Unthinkable. Irresistible. For it was Marcus's strong passions and burning desire that frightened her into abandoning him years ago - and her answering craving has never waned. Now he means to be at her service, in every sense. And perhaps the only sensible course isn't to resist temptation, but to surrender to it completely... From Booklist Even though it had been four years since his fiancee, Elizabeth, scandalously jilted him at the altar, Marcus Ashford, the Earl of Westfield, had never forgotten her. Now the widow Lady Hawthorne, Elizabeth is free of any matrimonial bonds, and Marcus is determined to pursue her. When Marcus discovers that Elizabeth is in danger because of the coded diary left behind by her late husband, Marcus insists on being the one to protect Elizabeth since it will provide him with the perfect opportunity to seduce her into admitting he is the only man for her. Day expertly crafts a potent sense of sexual chemistry between her irresistibly arrogant, sinfully sexy hero and the one woman clever enough to be his equal. With its surfeit of sensually detailed love scenes and vividly descriptive writing, Ask for It is perfect for readers who prefer their historical romances filled with plenty of sizzling passion and dangerous drama. John Charles Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved Review ...a wonderful story... It will make you laugh, cry and above all, believe that love rules all. -- Love Romances, August 2006 ...everything you could want: a beautifully detailed setting, strong characters that grow and change, and exciting erotic love scenes. -- A Romance Review, August 2006 ...the characters' angst and heartrending quest to love without hurting each other told a story that is truly beautiful. -- Just Erotic Romance Reviews, August 2006 ...wickedly entertaining...certain to be appreciated by readers who like hot historicals by Virginia Henley and Susan Johnson. -- Booklist, February, 2006 ASK FOR IT is a scorching hot love affair penned by one of the queens of sensual romance, Sylvia Day. -- Single Titles, August 2006 ASK FOR IT will sweep readers back in time...with fascinating characters, a thrilling plot, and intense sex scenes. -- Romance Junkies, June 2006 Day spins a marvelously sensual novel of suspense that tantalizes our senses, as well as challenges our minds... -- Romantic Times, July 2006 Sensuality, a sexy-as-hell hero, action, danger, great dialogue and superb writing...recipient of The Road to Romance Reviewer’s Choice Award. -- The Road to Romance, May 2006 TOP PICK! ...ASK FOR IT is on fire! This book is hot! ...a super sexy read with an intriguing plot. -- Romance Reader at Heart, May 2006

The Ask

How to Ask for Support for Your Nonprofit Cause, Creative Project, or Business Venture

Author: Laura Fredricks

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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A completely revised edition of the must-have resource for increasing your nonprofit's bottom line This thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling book The Ask is filled with suggestions, guidelines, and down-to-earth advice that will give you the confidence to ask anyone for any size gift, for any purpose. Written in winning language, filled with sample dialogues, and offering a wealth of tips and tools, this book addresses common mistakes made when asking and shows how to correct each mistake, providing guidance and direction on how to make a great ask. Offers step-by-step guidance for learning personal solicitation skills Filled with real-world tools and techniques for raising money or support Contains advice for overcoming situations such as hesitating to ask for money and following through on the ask Written for fundraisers from any size organization Includes information on how to apply asking skills to a fundraiser's personal and professional pursuits. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

She's Asking for It! - The Sex Your Woman Is Secretly Craving (and How to Give It to Her) - A Guide for Men, Women, and Couples

Author: Eve Kingsley



Category: Psychology

Page: 186

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EVE KINGLEY'S FOLLOWUP TO THE UNDERGROUND SEX INSTRUCTION CLASSIC, JUST F*CK ME There's Something She Isn't Telling You... Men, this message is for you, so listen up Chances are, right now, the woman you're in a relationship with is craving something beyond the "normal" sex you've been giving her. To be blunt, she wants you to take control in the bedroom. And I mean really take control. What she doesn't want is for you to be a douchebag who thinks he's still on the high school football team. That's where most men who try to be an "alpha male" go wrong... I'll help you give her exactly what she wants, satisfying her unfulfilled fantasies of you taking charge and being assertive. I'll show you how to take her to the edge and keep her satisfied, both in and out of the bedroom. Her Deepest Desires... It's time you found out what they really are. This book has been designed for two types of people: 1.The man who is wondering, "How much can I turn up the heat?" 2.The woman who wants more from her man, but isn't sure how to ask for it. There are three sections in this book; one for men, one for women, and one for couples to read together. Each will help you to improve communication with your partner, increase intimacy, and build trust. Don't let unspoken sexual desires put a strain on your relationship. If you're ready to satisfy your partner, as well as yourself, get this book

Ask for It

Author: Sylvia Day

Publisher: Brava


Category: Fiction

Page: 319

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An agent of the Crown, Marcus Ashford, the Earl of Westfield, must protect his beautiful former fiance, Lady Hawthorne, who has in her possession a diary of secrets that many would kill to obtain, while igniting the flame of passion that still lingers between them. Reprint.

Property Investment: the essential rules

How to use property to achieve financial freedom and security

Author: Samantha Collett

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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This inspirational book contains the guiding principles to help you become a successful property investor. Whether you want to invest in buy-to-let, have a go at some development projects, or take a calculated risk on some speculative opportunities you can succeed if you follow the essential rules in this book. You will discover how to: · Think, act and live like a successful property investor · Develop the skills needed to identify potential opportunities · Undertake buy-to-let and refurbishment projects which make money · Develop the techniques and skills you need to manage the cash flows · Improve your business analysis skills · Enhance your market understanding and improve your service levels to increase your return on investment. Each rule is followed by action points that will direct your investment decision making and increase your confidence.

A Course in Miracles




Category: Self-Help

Page: 664

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This volume contains the original "Course in Miracles" text, as well as the "Course for Miracles for Teachers" and "The 360 Lessons."

Emotional Fitness for Couples

10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship

Author: Barton Goldsmith

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 208

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The 10-Minute Relationship Workout Peak athletic performance requires regular exercise, and a great relationship depends on regular emotional practice to stay in top form. Don't wait for a crisis to make you scramble to save your relationship. Start building emotional fitness today! Emotional Fitness for Couples is a collection of simple tips that will energize you and hone your relationship skills to championship levels-in just ten minutes a day. Topics include: what the word 'love' really means; how to start fires in your sex life; how to date your mate; tricks for stopping an argument before it starts; and many other fun and practical ideas for getting emotionally fit.