Anxiety and Panic

How to reshape your anxious mind and brain

Author: Harry Barry

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Self-Help

Page: 304

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THE NUMBER 1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER A practical guide to understanding, managing and overcoming anxiety and panic attacks by bestselling author and GP Harry Barry. Do you or does someone you love suffer from general anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, a phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder? Or are you a health-care worker treating people with these disorders? Then this book is for you. Dr Harry Barry combines a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the mind and brain with a wealth of experience treating patients as a GP to offer a way out of the fear, worry and shame of anxiety. In this wise, supportive book, Dr Barry explains clearly and simply what it is about our minds and brains that generates the symptoms of anxiety. Through a series of case studies based on his real-life experiences treating patients, he explains and demonstrates how to use lifestyle changes, mindfulness, exercise and CBT techniques to cope with these symptoms and ultimately feel better. Previously published as Flagging Anxiety: How to Reshape Your Anxious Mind and Brain, this edition has been fully revised and updated.

Flagging Anxiety & Panic

Author: Harry Barry




Page: 288

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Countless people in Britain and Ireland live in a hidden world of fear and worry, where anxiety is crippling their capacity to live normal lives. In Flagging Anxiety, Dr Harry Barry lays bare the hidden world of the person struggling with anxiety and shares what routinely goes on in the 'emotional mind' of that person. Useful if you suffer from anxiety and phobias, or are a professional working with this field, this book will update you on the latest treatment solutions for overcoming the fears that stand in the way of living a full, happy life.