Analog Electronics for Scientific Application

Author: Dennis Barnaal

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 1478607947

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 366

View: 3292

Nicely balanced and workable, this introductory book emphasizes practical application of instrumentation, offers clear explanations with a minimum of mathematical analysis, includes a large number of review exercises and real-world problems in every chapter, and shows many examples that are worked out, clearly marked, and set off from the text. Topics are covered in an easy-to-read format and explanations are lucid.

Digital and Microprocessor Electronics for Scientific Application

Author: Dennis Barnaal

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 9780881334210

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 384

View: 3292

This book emphasizes practical application of the instrumentation of digital & microprocessor electronics specifically for science students who need to use electronics in their work.

Hands-On Electronics

A Practical Introduction to Analog and Digital Circuits

Author: Daniel M. Kaplan,Christopher G. White

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521893510

Category: Science

Page: 204

View: 2250

Teaches analog and digital circuit theory by building working circuits. For college students and self-study.

Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers

Author: Dennis L. Eggleston

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139500562

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: N.A

View: 6482

Ideal for a one-semester course, this concise textbook covers basic electronics for undergraduate students in science and engineering. Beginning with the basics of general circuit laws and resistor circuits to ease students into the subject, the textbook then covers a wide range of topics, from passive circuits through to semiconductor-based analog circuits and basic digital circuits. Using a balance of thorough analysis and insight, readers are shown how to work with electronic circuits and apply the techniques they have learnt. The textbook's structure makes it useful as a self-study introduction to the subject. All mathematics is kept to a suitable level, and there are several exercises throughout the book. Password-protected solutions for instructors, together with eight laboratory exercises that parallel the text, are available online at

Analog Circuits and Systems for Voltage-Mode and Current-Mode Sensor Interfacing Applications

Author: Andrea De Marcellis,Giuseppe Ferri

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789048198283

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 231

View: 6148

Analog CMOS Microelectronic Circuits describes novel approaches for analog electronic interfaces design, especially for resistive and capacitive sensors showing a wide variation range, with the intent to cover a lack of solutions in the literature. After an initial description of sensors and main definitions, novel electronic circuits, which do not require any initial calibrations, are described; they show both AC and DC excitation voltage for the employed sensor, and use both voltage-mode and current-mode approaches. The proposed interfaces can be realized both as prototype boards, for fast characterization (in this sense, they can be easily implemented by students and researchers), and as integrated circuits, using modern low-voltage low-power design techniques (in this case, specialist analog microelectronic researchers will find them useful). The primary audience of Analog CMOS Microelectronic Circuits are: analog circuit designers, sensor companies, Ph.D. students on analog microelectronics, undergraduate and postgraduate students in electronic engineering.

Analysis and Application of Analog Electronic Circuits to Biomedical Instrumentation

Author: N.A

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439867437

Category: Medical

Page: 584

View: 3631

Analysis and Application of Analog Electronic Circuits to Biomedical Instrumentation, Second Edition helps biomedical engineers understand the basic analog electronic circuits used for signal conditioning in biomedical instruments. It explains the function and design of signal conditioning systems using analog ICs-the circuits that enable ECG, EEG,


Author: Bowker Staff,R R Bowker Publishing,Bowker

Publisher: R. R. Bowker

ISBN: 9780835216166

Category: American literature

Page: 1245

View: 2312

National Union Catalog

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Union catalogs

Page: N.A

View: 857

Includes entries for maps and atlases.

Introduction to Electronic Analogue Computers

International Series of Monographs in Electronics and Instrumentation

Author: C. A. A. Wass,K. C. Garner

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483185508

Category: Mathematics

Page: 312

View: 7188

Introduction to Electronic Analogue Computers, Second Revised Edition is based on the ideas and experience of a group of workers at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Hants. This edition is almost entirely the work of Mr. K. C. Garner, of the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield. As various advances have been made in the technology involving electronic analogue computers, this book presents discussions on the said progress, including some acquaintance with the capabilities of electronic circuits and equipment. This text also provides a mathematical background including simple differential equations. It then further tackles topics on analog computers, including its types and functions. This book will be invaluable to students specializing in any computer related studies, as well as others interested in electronic analog computers.

Electronic identification, monitoring and tracking of animals

Author: R. Geers

Publisher: CABI


Category: Nature

Page: 156

View: 8682

Preface Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The Art of Digital Electronic Identification and Monitoring 2. Electronic Identification of Farm Animals 3. Monitoring of Farm Animals by Digital Telemetry 4. Identification and Monitoring of Laboratory, Zoo and Wildlife Animals by Digital Telemetry 5. Expected Benefits and Future Applications 6. Existing and Future Devices and Applications Bibliography Index

CMOS RF Modeling, Characterization and Applications

Author: M. Jamal Deen,Tor A. Fjeldly

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789810249052

Category: Science

Page: 409

View: 1054

CMOS technology has now reached a state of evolution, in terms of both frequency and noise, where it is becoming a serious contender for radio frequency (RF) applications in the GHz range. Cutoff frequencies of about 50 GHz have been reported for 0.18 æm CMOS technology, and are expected to reach about 100 GHz when the feature size shrinks to 100 nm within a few years. This translates into CMOS circuit operating frequencies well into the GHz range, which covers the frequency range of many of today's popular wireless products, such as cell phones, GPS (Global Positioning System) and Bluetooth. Of course, the great interest in RF CMOS comes from the obvious advantages of CMOS technology in terms of production cost, high-level integration, and the ability to combine digital, analog and RF circuits on the same chip. This book discusses many of the challenges facing the CMOS RF circuit designer in terms of device modeling and characterization, which are crucial issues in circuit simulation and design.

Make: Elektronik

Author: Charles Platt

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3897216019

Category: Electronic books

Page: 327

View: 3401

Mochtest du Elektronik-Grundwissen auf eine unterhaltsame und geschmeidige Weise lernen? Mit Make: Elektronik tauchst du sofort in die faszinierende Welt der Elektronik ein. Entdecke die Elektronik und verstehe ihre Gesetze durch beeindruckende Experimente: Zuerst baust du etwas zusammen, dann erst kommt die Theorie. Vom Einfachen zum Komplexen: Du beginnst mit einfachen Anwendungen und gehst dann zugig uber zu immer komplexeren Projekten: vom einfachen Schaltkreis zum Integrierten Schaltkreis (IC), vom simplen Alarmsignal zum programmierbaren Mikrocontroller. Schritt-fur-Schritt-Anleitungen und uber 500 farbige Abbildungen und Fotos helfen dir dabei, Elektronik einzusetzen -- und zu verstehen.

Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing

Author: Yu. K. Rybin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400722057

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 260

View: 3142

Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing is intended for engineers and post graduates and considers electronic devices applied to process analog signals in instrument making, automation, measurements, and other branches of technology. They perform various transformations of electrical signals: scaling, integration, logarithming, etc. The need in their deeper study is caused, on the one hand, by the extension of the forms of the input signal and increasing accuracy and performance of such devices, and on the other hand, new devices constantly emerge and are already widely used in practice, but no information about them are written in books on electronics. The basic approach of presenting the material in Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing can be formulated as follows: the study with help from self-education. While divided into seven chapters, each chapter contains theoretical material, examples of practical problems, questions and tests. The most difficult questions are marked by a diamond and can be given to advanced readers. Paragraphs marked by /// are very important for the understanding of the studied material and together they can serve a brief summary of a section. The text marked by italic indicates new or non-traditional concepts. Calculated examples are indicated by >. The main goal of Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing is not only to give some knowledge on modern electronic devices, but also to inspire readers on the more detailed study of these devices, understanding of their operation, ability to analyze circuits, synthesize new devices, and assess the possibilities of their application for solution of particular practical problems.

Handbook of Modern Sensors

Physics, Designs, and Applications

Author: Jacob Fraden

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319193031

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 758

View: 7038

This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the theory (physical principles), design, and practical implementations of various sensors for scientific, industrial and consumer applications. This latest edition focuses on the sensing technologies driven by the expanding use of sensors in mobile devices. These new miniature sensors will be described, with an emphasis on smart sensors which have embedded processing systems. The chapter on chemical sensors has also been expanded to present the latest developments. Digital systems, however complex and intelligent they may be, must receive information from the outside world that is generally analog and not electrical. Sensors are interface devices between various physical values and the electronic circuits that "understand" only a language of moving electrical charges. In other words, sensors are the eyes, ears, and noses of silicon chips. Unlike other books on sensors, the Handbook of Modern Sensors is organized according to the measured variables (temperature, pressure, position, etc.). This book is a reference text for students, researchers interested in modern instrumentation (applied physicists and engineers), sensor designers, application engineers and technicians whose job it is to understand, select and/or design sensors for practical systems.

Feedback Networks

Theory and Circuit Applications

Author: John Choma,Wai-Kai Chen

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9810227701

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 863

View: 7846

This book addresses the theoretical and practical circuit and system concepts that underpin the design of reliable and reproducible, high performance, monolithic feedback circuits. It is intended for practicing electronics engineers and students who wish to acquire an insightful understanding of the ways in which open loop topologies, closed loop architectures, and fundamental circuit theoretic issues combine to determine the limits of performance of analog networks. Since many of the problems that underpin high speed digital circuit design are a subset of the analysis and design dilemmas confronted by wideband analog circuit designers, the book is also germane to high performance digital circuit design.

High-speed Integrated Circuit Technology

Towards 100 GHz Logic

Author: Mark J. W. Rodwell

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789812810014

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 372

View: 1444

This book reviews the state of the art of very high speed digital integrated circuits. Commercial applications are in fiber optic transmission systems operating at 10, 40, and 100 Gb/s, while the military application is ADCs and DACs for microwave radar. The book contains detailed descriptions of the design, fabrication, and performance of wideband Si/SiGe-, GaAs-, and InP-based bipolar transistors. The analysis, design, and performance of high speed CMOS, silicon bipolar, and III-V digital ICs are presented in detail, with emphasis on application in optical fiber transmission and mixed signal ICs. The underlying physics and circuit design of rapid single flux quantum (RSFQ) superconducting logic circuits are reviewed, and there is extensive coverage of recent integrated circuit results in this technology. Contents: Preface (M J W Rodwell); High-Speed and High-Data-Bandwidth Transmitter and Receiver for Multi-Channel Serial Data Communication with CMOS Technology (M Fukaishi et al.); High-Performance Si and SiGe Bipolar Technologies and Circuits (M Wurzer et al.); Self-Aligned Si BJT/SiGe HBT Technology and Its Application to High-Speed Circuits (K Washio); Small-Scale InGaP/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for High-Speed and Low-Power Integrated-Circuit Applications (T Oka et al.); Prospects of InP-Based IC Technologies for 100-Gbit/S-Class Lightwave Communications Systems (T Enoki et al.); Scaling of InGaAs/InAlAs HBTs for High Speed Mixed-Signal and mm-Wave ICs (M J W Rodwell); Progress Toward 100 GHz Logic in InP HBT IC Technology (C H Fields et al.); Cantilevered Base InP DHBT for High Speed Digital Applications (A L Gutierrez-Aitken et al.); RSFQ Technology: Physics and Devices (P Bunyk et al.); RSFQ Technology: Circuits and Systems (D K Brock). Readership: Researchers, industrialists and academics in electrical and electronic engineering.

Chemische Sensoren

Eine Einführung für Naturwissenschaftler und Ingenieure

Author: Peter Gründler

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3540350527

Category: Science

Page: 295

View: 7543

Die Forschung und Anwendungsentwicklung in dem Bereich chemischer und biochemischer Sensoren ist weiterhin in einem schnellen Wachstum begriffen. Die Erfahrungen des letzten Jahrzehnts haben jedoch gezeigt, dass die erfolgreiche Entwicklung solcher Sensoren, die auch den harten Routinebedingungen in den vielfältigen Anwendungsgebieten widerstehen, nur dann möglich ist, wenn Chemiker und Ingenieure kooperieren. Daher ist es das Ziel dieses Lehrbuches, sowohl Chemikern als auch Ingenieuren, Lebensmittel- und Biotechnologen in einer streng systematischen aber sehr praxisorientierten Darstellung die Technologie und die Anwendung chemischer Sensoren nahezubringen. Der interdisziplinäre Ansatz überbrückt die unterschiedlichen Denkweisen in Chemie, Physik und Ingenieurwissenschaften erfolgreich.

Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology

Proceedings of International Conference, ICERECT 2012

Author: V Sridhar,Holalu Seenappa Sheshadri,M C Padma

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 813221157X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 947

View: 5529

PES College of Engineering is organizing an International Conference on Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology (ICERECT-12) in Mandya and merging the event with Golden Jubilee of the Institute. The Proceedings of the Conference presents high quality, peer reviewed articles from the field of Electronics, Computer Science and Technology. The book is a compilation of research papers from the cutting-edge technologies and it is targeted towards the scientific community actively involved in research activities.