An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols

Author: J. C. Cooper

Publisher: Thames & Hudson


Category: Design

Page: 208

View: 545

In nearly 1500 entries, many of them strikingly and often surprisingly illustrated, J. C. Cooper has documented the history and evolution of symbols from prehistory to our own day. With over 200 illustrations and lively, informative and often ironic texts, she discusses and explains an enormous variety of symbols extending from the Arctic to Dahomey, from the Iroquois to Oceana, and coming from systems as diverse as Tao, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Tantra, the cult of Cybele and the Great Goddess, the Pre-Columbian religions of the Western Hemisphere and the Voodoo cults of Brazil and West Africa.

Holy Bingo, the Lingo of Eden, JumpinÕ Jehosophat and the Land of Nod

A Dictionary of the Names, Expressions and Folklore of Christianity

Author: Les Harding

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

View: 292

Christianity abounds with fascinating, little-known trivia. Gas station attendants, for example, enjoy their own patron saint. So do stamp collectors, truss makers and sailors in the Bolivian navy. Jesus and Judas were common names in the biblical period, and Jesus of Nazareth had a brother named Judas. The forbidden fruit was more likely an apricot than an apple, and Delilah hired a barber to cut Sampson’s hair. This dictionary of miscellany combs the annals of Christian esoterica, offering the most intriguing facts that are often forgotten, overlooked or ignored. Departing from the standard subject matter, this work serves as an unruly companion to the typical Bible dictionary. Nearly 1500 entries range from Aaron’s beard (a popular name for Saint John’s wort) to zounds (an antiquated Christian swear word). Information is cross-referenced and includes numerous quotations.

The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit

Fifty-Two Ways to Find Your Soul Voice Through Journal Writing

Author: Janell Moon

Publisher: Red Wheel


Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

View: 876

A heartfelt combination of spiritual discovery, environmental observations, and journal writing, this book offers readers a 52-week cycle of themed essays and related questions about the natural world. Included are themes such as night and sky and parakeets, wind and mud and rain, snakes and tea and thistle, among others. In addition to folklore, myths, stories, and symbols connected to each theme, there are inspirational quotes from well-known writers.

The Book of Consciousness

Author: Dr. Bara H. Loveland

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Reference

Page: 640

View: 251

The Book of Consciousness by Dr. Bara H. Loveland Have you ever wondered what Consciousness is, or the mind, the unconscious or Archetypes and Symbols – how they work and how to define these? Without arriving at the reach of Consciousness, there are numerous books on "consciousness;" there are conferences held, and groups searching for "consciousness," with dictionaries attempting to define it. Why have they not found the ultimate definition of Consciousness, to this day of the publication of The Book of Consciousness, in January 2011? Could Bara’s new book, The Book of Consciousness, hold the answer? Can it deliver the ultimate in Consciousness? There are many other questions, which science has not positively answered yet. Why is it that our “brain” (cerebrum), seat of the mind, has to be calmed from 40+ Hertz to 8 Hertz or less (literally put to sleep), in order to reach highest states of awareness, although the cerebrum is supposed to be the seat of the world ́s highest intelligence? Why is this "seat of highest intelligence" polluting the earth to the brink of dying of life? Why is the unconscious called unconscious, when it is able to construct meaningful dreams; and is there a difference between an Archetype and a Symbol, appearing in dreams and myths? Could a neurosis not be a disease? And what is it the mind really knows? Profound contemplation of Consciousness must lead to further questions about the origins of Archetypes and Symbols, about wisdom and similarities of ancient Stone Age Symbols, East Indian and Egyptian scriptures, Runes, Mayan glyphs and biblical Symbols, or world religions in general. One may wonder, why an Egyptian god is frequently named in Christian churches, and is mentioned in both, the Old and the New Testaments. Is God “He,” and could “He” exist? Could there be a different world behind our visible one, and could we have “Bio*Modulators” to sense the other world? What can we learn form a Germanic “king?” Is it possible that we have more than five senses and how many diseases could naturally exist? Can the DNA communicate, and how many laws exist in the universe? What is the meaning of certain Bible verses, and what could have been the message, Jesus gave the world on the cross? Is New Age wisdom contained in the Bible, and could it be that common science limits itself, when excluding miracles it could perform with ease, protecting the animals from harm? Are there more levels of logic than one? How could we realize or activate them? What is the role, our belief plays in our life and in science? The Book of Consciousness begins where common science ends. Be surprised by the innovative answers, with some published about 30 years ago by this author! Be captivated by the author’s authentic, new style; by the insights, humor and vivid experiences, enjoy the 40 figures and tables, as well as exercises, to reach altered states of awareness—naturally and at will. May The Book of Consciousness raise into Oneness the conscious of all those who read its 640 pages; may they be the "igniters," inspiring divine Oneness and Love in the perception of all! Genre: Specialty Books

The Gods of Man: Gods of Nature - God of War

Author: Gary R. Varner



Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 529

Today the majority of humankind worships a single God. Although this God is said to be all loving and wanting peace for his worshippers there is very little peace among the three religions based on common theology. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all foster hatred for one another, causing millions of deaths and untold suffering for hundreds of years.This book explores the mythic, historical, and archaeological record to illustrate the history of these conflicts. The Gods of Man also looks at how monotheism eventually dominated and destroyed the ancient and peaceful goddess traditions that had existed for thousands of years before. Is the God of today simply used to enforce government edicts, justify war and to control society?Gary R. Varner has written several articles and books on ancient religions, folklore and mythology. He is a member of the American Folklore Society and the Foundation for Mythological Studies.


A Jungian Engagement with Chinese Culture and Psychology

Author: Shirley See Yan Ma

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 208

View: 164

In this book Shirley See Yan Ma provides a Jungian perspective on the Chinese tradition of footbinding and considers how it can be used as a metaphor for the suffering of women and the repression of the feminine, as well as a symbol for hope, creativity and spiritual transformation. Drawing on personal history, popular myths, literature, and work with clients, Footbinding discusses how modern women still symbolically find their feet bound through this ancient practice. Detailed case studies from Western and Asian women demonstrate how Jungian analysis can loosen these psychological bindings allowing the client to reconnect with the feminine archetype, discover their own identity and take control of their own destiny. This original book will be of great interest to Jungian analysts looking for a new perspective. It will also be of interest to anyone studying Chinese culture and psychology.

Rise of Surrealism, The

Cubism, Dada, and the Pursuit of the Marvelous

Author: Willard Bohn

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 260

View: 327

Examines the developments that paved the way for the Surrealist movement in literature and art.

Angels A to Z

Author: Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Publisher: Visible Ink Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 432

View: 988

Written by two recognized authorities on nontraditional religious movements, this resource is one of the most comprehensive books on angels and related topics currently available. More than 300 entries are included and drawn from multiple religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and Hindu traditions, as well as from pop culture. A variety of angel topics are discussed, including celebrity angels, classifications of angels, obscure angels still waiting for their big break, guardian angels, fallen angels, Anaheim angels, biblical figures associated with angels, angels in art and architecture, and angels in the media and literature. Angels are also discussed in terms of the occult and metaphysics, with entries on UFOs, fairies, and witches. A comprehensive resource section lists movies, books, magazines, and organizations related to angels.

Planets in Therapy

Predictive Technique and the Art of Counseling

Author: Greg Bogart

Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 365

This book explores archetypal symbolism, predictive technique, and counseling process in therapeutic astrology. Combining insights from Jungian depth psychology, developmental theory, alchemy and dream symbolism with the precision of planetary transits, progressions and midpoints, Planets in Therapy is an inspiring approach to the healing art of astrology. Planets in Therapy clearly and succinctly explains the interpretation of the language and techniques of astrology, the depth psychological, transpersonal and spiritual meaning of planetary symbolism, and its power to heal and transform. Greg Bogart masterfully guides the reader through the principles of psychological astrology, emphasizing the process of selftransformation, spiritual evolution, and discovering the meaning in every event and every moment. A wide range of examples demonstrate how to apply this knowledge to skillfully help others as a counseling astrologer.

She Is Everywhere!

An Anthology of Writings in Womanist/ Feminist Spirituality

Author: M. a. Annette Lyn Williams

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Philosophy

Page: 410

View: 482

Splendid, spiritual, and subversive, this anthology offers a sampler of just some of the feminisms emerging in academic seminars, street demonstrations for justice, and places where people are reclaiming their ancestral values. She Is Everywhere! Vol. 2 is comprised of international essays, poems, and works of art from the growing community of women and men who recognize Her and feel Her call to expression in many forms. This unique volume presents a fresh look at women in the Judeo-Christian Bible, in the Koran, and in the kaleidoscopic beauty of the world's women from her signs in caves, cliffs, and forests to her many faces, manifestations, and hidden places. Celebrate woman's spirituality, her colors, her islands and continents, her rages and blessings in weather, her silences, and her surprising epiphanies. She Is Everywhere! Vol. 2 leads the contemporary cultural and political nonviolent revolution for a radically democratic and harmonious world full of compassion, equality, and transformation!