All Our Waves Are Water

Stumbling Toward Enlightenment and the Perfect Ride

Author: Jaimal Yogis

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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In this meditative memoir—a compelling fusion of Barbarian Days and the journals of Thomas Merton—the author of Saltwater Buddha reflects on his "failing toward enlightenment," his continued search to find meaning and a greater understanding of grace in the world’s oceans as well as everyday life. Born to a family of seekers, Jaimal Yogis left home at sixteen to surf in Hawaii and join a monastery—an adventure he chronicled in Saltwater Buddha. Now, in his early twenties, his heart is broken and he’s lost his way. Hitting the road again, he lands in a monastery in Dharamsala, where he meets Sonam, a displaced Tibetan. To help his friend, Jaimal makes a cockamamie attempt to reunite him with his family in Tibet by way of America. Though he does not succeed, witnessing Sonam’s spirit in the face of failure offers Jaimal a deeper understanding of faith. When the two friends part, he cannot fathom the unlikely circumstances that will reunite them. All Our Waves Are Water follows Jaimal’s trek from the Himalayas to Indonesia; to a Franciscan Friary in New York City to the dusty streets of Jerusalem; and finally to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Along his journey, Jaimal prays and surfs; mourning a lost love and seeking something that keeps eluding him. The poet Rumi wrote, "We are not a drop in the ocean. We are the ocean in a drop." All Our Waves Are Water is Jaimal’s "attempt to understand the ocean in a drop, to find that one moon shining in the water everywhere"—to find the mystery that unites us.

Waves of Healing

How Surfing Changes the Lives of Children with Autism

Author: Cash Lambert

Publisher: Hatherleigh Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 208

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“Stand up, up, UP!” is the mantra of Surfers for Autism, an organization that runs surf events for children with autism, providing the opportunity to not only catch waves, but to become part of a supportive surfing community. It is also a message to all those struggling with autism: a message to stand up, no matter how hard it gets. Waves of Healing collects the stories of a group of everyday families who discovered Surfers for Autism in their search for hope, answers, and healing for their children with autism. These are stories about the struggles children with autism face—the struggle to stand on a surfboard, the struggle to communicate, the struggle to make progress in a world which accepts “normal” and rejects all else. But they’re also stories of breakthroughs, of authentic joy and unbridled excitement as they learn to see their world from a whole new perspective—standing tall atop a surfboard, riding a wave all their own. Exploring new avenues of therapy for those with autism, with therapeutic and extraordinary results, Waves of Healing is a snapshot of hope, courage, and human perseverance.

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

Publisher: Random House


Category: Religion

Page: 96

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Present Moment, Wonderful Moment contains a wide range of short, evocative verses which we can use as meditations as we go about our daily affairs. Each verse is accompanied by a commentary, and the themes that are explored include: smiling at you anger; opening the window; getting dressed; serving food; greeting someone; washing vegetables; watering the garden and driving the car. Thich Nhat Hanh provides a perfect aid to mediation whatever you are during the day.

We Were In The First Waves Of Steel Amtracs Who Landed on Iwo Jima

Author: SGT. John "Jack" Ryland Thurman

Publisher: Author House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 148

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This book is based on my personal experiences. I have always felt that what I did was just my job and what was required of me to do as a Marine following orders. It became apparent to me when I visited the island of Okinawa for a month in 1997. I was honored by Marines, young and old, who were stationed there at the time. They wanted to hear of my experiences, to meet me and shake my hand. I started writing this book late in my life and I am not a professional writer. For a long time after Iwo Jima, I found it hard to talk about my experiences. I was able to do some talks at private clubs and at the Marine Corps Training Center in Okinawa and from these talks; I was encouraged to write this book. What really made me decide to try and write was after my talk at the Marine Crops Training Center in Okinawa. There was a group of Marines waiting for me and one of the Marines stepped up and asked, “Sir, we would like to ask you some questions“. I said “sure“. He then asked “Is our training anywhere near the real thing?” That caught me for a second. I said “yes, your body had been conditioned to be strong and is ready to handle any kind of unknown rough terrain and still have the strength to take out any enemy gun position; you’re going to need it. But the mind could never be fully ready. It can’t be. It has to happen fi rst. You’ve been told what to expect, but it is diff erent when you see it for real right in front of your own eyes. You have to swallow hard and just keep going. You’re training has given you a healthy mind and this will get you through”. That question made me realize these young men need to be told what it’s like out there. I owe it to the men and the Corps. I have come to realize that these personal experiences are also a very important time and a piece of history that will go with me if I fail to share them here. Memories and sights that only a few have experienced and all should have the opportunity to learn about if they so choose. This book is not intended to be abrasive, insultive, discriminatory, or grotesque in nature as is more to capture and recollect the vivid memoirs of a Marine who fought on the front lines in the battle of Iwo Jima. To defend the freedoms and this great Country for which I have never taken for granted.

All Your Waves Swept Over Me

Looking for God in Natural Disasters

Author: Nancy Marie De Flon

Publisher: Paulist Press


Category: RELIGION

Page: 93

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Reflections from nine authors, through the lens of each person's discipline or specialty, on the search for God's role in natural disasters.

Waves of Revival

Author: Bill Vincent

Publisher: XinXii


Category: Religion

Page: 107

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You will see as Bill Vincent unfolds revelation of Current revival's and relates them to revival of the past. Waves of Revival reveals revival's to come in the coming years as well. God all over the world is putting together a people that will truly be sold out for revival. There are many whom say the right words and say they are sold out, but when things heat up where are they. God is speaking of a coming healing revival that is unlike this world has seen. Are you ready? It is time to prepare your heart for waves of revival. This is where you never know what to expect next. Within the first Chapter the Spirit of Revival you will be stirred for more of God. Bill will share how his ravenous hunger for Jesus Christ drove him in hot pursuit of God's presence, and then the amazing way that God responded. First he explains why it's vital to remember God's hand of intervention in your life and how remembering activates several important keys, keys that will drive you further and deeper into God's purposes. At the end Bill discusses, from personal experience, the secret he learned about cultivating and maintaining intimacy with God. You will also discover how your desperation for fellowship with God will propel you into the spirit of revival. Bill also reveals through prophetic insight the Healing Revival he shares about how to be in the right position to be a part of this healing revival and how we can tip the scales so that our lives, our cities, regions and nations capture their hour of visitation. Awesome things have been happening in Bill's Ministry these past few years because of his encounter with God. The Lord has given him a life of miracles, signs, wonders and healings!

Waves of Light

Messages from Nature to Heal our Planet

Author: Pen Augustin

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 210

View: 164

All of life flows in beautiful waves of light connecting us to our Creator. Messages from our cohabitants on this planet~those in non-human form~can ease our path to peace within ourselves and inspire harmony among us all, bringing healing to our planet. Pen Augustin is an energy healer or lightworker, as some would say. She gives a voice to the various life forms of our world by connecting with their essential energy and consciousness. When entering into the archives of the Akashic Records, Pen communicates with guides who express the soul wisdom of those who share our beloved Earth with us~bodies of water, animals, insects, even the moon. Each of them has an essential role in teaching us about the unity and value of our sacred existence. Pen shares personal stories of awareness as she shares bits of her own and others’ healing journeys. Peace of mind and joy of heart are everyone’s birthright. Humanity’s awakening will usher in paradise for all who dwell here.

Harper's Magazine

Author: Lee Foster Hartman





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Important American periodical dating back to 1850.