All in All Journaling Devotional

Loving God Wherever You Are

Author: Sophie Hudson

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 304

View: 426

Written by popular author and blogger Sophie Hudson, this elegant devotional journal reminds teen girls that Jesus is their All in All—over all, through all, and in all that they do.

In His Footsteps: A Devotional Journal

Author: Shauna Leis



Category: Religion

Page: 146

View: 829

In His Footsteps is a devotional journal that will aid anyone in drawing closer to God, no matter what life journey you have been through so far. Whether you are newly devoted to God, an experienced Christian for decades, or wondering who in the world this God really is; then this book is for you. Even if you have walked close to God every day of your life, or strayed away from Him at every turn; God longs to draw you close and develop a very personal relationship with you. He desires to reconnect with each one of us and getting into His Word is one of the best places to start.

Know That I Am God

A 30 Day Journaling Devotional Book-reflections, Prayers and Inspirational Photography from a Mother and Daughter

Author: Linda Grace Armes

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 80

View: 693

Know That I Am God is more than a devotional book. It is a life changing, soul shaking, spiritually reviving interactive journey. From the depths of her heart, the author shares her innermost struggles and fears as well as her praise and worship of who God is. She makes us feel that she is God's only child with His attention fully focused on her that there is no one else in the world that He has to attend to. She knows that she can come to Him anytime, anywhere, about anything at all. She whines, requests, thanks, praises, screams, confesses, submits. Then, with insightful questions and probing thoughts, she asks you to do it with her. Her insistence that you join her takes you behind the "Sunday Smile" and reaches deep into the core of your heart, where you can be honest with God about who you really are. She teaches you to go before the throne of your Heavenly Father and tell Him what's really going on inside of you. This unique and innovative devotional leads you to surrender your own will to the perfect love and goodness that God bestows on you, and asks you to give God more of yourself than you ever have before. Know That I Am God's full color, brilliant photography takes your breath away, draws you into reflection, and reminds you of the glory and magnificence of God's creation. Specifically chosen to accent the daily devotional entry, each distinctive photo radiates the beauty that is around us everyday and captures the spiritual relevance in everything we see. These inspirational images reflect the awesome nature of God's creation, from the great to the tiny. They also capture the beauty of the world around us, as God's crowning creation man interacts with the resources God has provided. The photographer's vivid colors, distinctive textures, and awareness of exceptional shapes mold your heart to the recognition of God and His all-encompassing power. This combination of intense, driving spiritual motivation and exciting, moving photography makes Know That I Am God an essential devotional tool for women of all ages. As you read and reflect each day, you will be lifted up, challenged, encouraged, and strengthened. Your daily cares will melt away when you immerse yourself in the world of God's unlimited care and attention as you join the author on this exciting 30 day journey.

All in 4 God

Devotions for Young Women

Author: Megan Clinton

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 144

View: 711

Through her books, speaking engagements (including the Extraordinary Women conferences), and radio, 21-year old Megan Clinton has shared her spiritual journey with candor and impressive insight, helping young women everywhere realize God's love and care for them. In this devotional packed with her own journal entries, stories of everyday life, and solid biblical application, Megan speaks as one friend to another. She writes about real issues, real life, and a real faith. In each of these 90 short devotions, she shares from her heart on topics every girl deals with, including... beauty and body image crazy emotions and how to handle them guys, relationships, and drama learning to be totally God's in everyday life This book is a rerelease of Totally God's 4 Life Devotional.

Looking Up Devotional Journal

Trusting God with Your Every Need

Author: Beth Moore

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc


Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 982

When life is looking down, lookup and find God’s deliverance! Life can be hard...sometimes to the point of feeling as though yourstruggles will never end, and God isn’t anywhere near. The Looking Up Devotional Journal is BethMoore’s timeless message of hope and deliverance taken from Psalm 40. You’lldiscover you are indeed not alone,and that God’s gracious provision of love and faithfulness is at work, pointingyou toward a life of wholeness and fullness. Guided journaling gently leads youout of hardship into a brighter future of purpose and peace. This lovely devotional journal is based on Beth’s bestselling book, Get Out of That Pit.

Do I Love God?

The Question That Must Be Answered

Author: Rod Culbertson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 140

View: 924

Do I Love God? The Question That Must Be Answered is written for the purpose of helping believers in Christ, as well as those curious about God, evaluate their relationship with God. The most important priority and assurance in life is knowing God! Because God is a trinity of persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—who have loved one another in full and perfect relationship from eternity and is thus relational, we who are made in his image can actually know him personally and walk in loving relationship with him. God is not impersonal; he is love. Loving God is why we are created. Using the three domains of the heart—know, feel, do—the reader is encouraged to take a personal look into what he believes about Christ, how he loves others and how he seeks purity of life. Assurance of a relationship with God is gained through proper doctrinal belief, passionate spirituality, and godly obedience. These three tests of assurance are evidence that one loves God. God is a God of grace. Do I Love God? will help the reader explore the depth of God’s grace and his love!

Lady in Waiting

Devotional Journal and Study Guide

Author: Jones/Kendal

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 533

Keep the principles taught in Lady in Waiting in your heart by applying them with this devotional journal and study guide. These questions, quotes, thoughts, and teachings will help you to become the woman of God that He designed you to be. You also can record your spiritual growth in a specially designed journal section.

The Christian Teen Devotional

Encouraging You to Love God, Love Others, & Do Right

Author: Ryan A. Rench

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 234

View: 337

YOU ARE A WRITER. And you may not even know it yet. Don't say, "Nah, that's not me." Say, "Yeah, that could be!" A writer is a thinker. A thinker needs a brain. Got one? Good. You can be a writer. Anyone can say, "I want to live for God!" but it takes a thinker to articulate what that might look like. Journaling is writing your thoughts. Nothing gets published. Nothing gets criticized. Nothing gets graded. It's just simple: 1) Think. 2) Write. "For me, living for God means I should invite my buddy John to church today. I'll bring an invitation." You are a writer. And you may not even know it yet. Maybe this journal is all you need to get started. You'll find: - Over 175 notes from a youth pastor to his teens - Journal prompt questions to go with each note - Blank lines to journal thoughts from God's Word - Encouragement to love God, love others & do right. Journaling will only help you. Test it out and see!

Quiet Moments with God Devotional Journal for Women


Publisher: David C Cook


Category: Religion


View: 247

Today's women are busier than ever. Careers, relationships, families, where does she find time for herself? Quiet Moments provides the answer.Not only does this collection provide insightful meditations for spiritual retreat, but each devotion ends with a prompt and space to journal personal, spiritual reflections. Quiet Moments with God Devotional Journal for Women appeals to women searching for understanding, peace and personal outlet. Readers are encouraged to explore the great personal value God places on them and His relationship with them, and to respond to it in a tangible way. Over time, the reader can go back through the journal and review their personal growth.

Hers to Treasure

100 Devotional/Journal from Sisters in Christ (Women's Fellowship)

Author: Gillian M. Henriques

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

View: 112

This book is a devotional journal, gift, and keepsake for women, filled with encouraging words for your daily walk with Christ. Each devotion seeks to uplift, inspire and help you overcome all challenges that may come your way.