Martyriumsvorstellungen in Antike und Mittelalter

Leben oder sterben für Gott?

Author: Sebastian Fuhrmann

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 330

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Voluntary death plays a central role in various discourses of the Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Period Judaism, Early Christianity and its pagan environment, Rabbinic Judaism as well as in Islam. The established concepts of martyrdom are challenged. - Das freiwillige Sterben spielt eine zentrale Rolle in zahlreichen Diskursen der Hebräischen Bibel, im Judentum des Zweiten Tempels, im frühen Christentum und seiner paganen Umwelt, im rabbinischen Judentum und im Islam. Ein verallgemeinernder Martyriumsbegriff wird der Komplexität dieses Phänomens nicht gerecht.

Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds

A Sourcebook

Author: Daniel Ogden

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: History

Page: 353

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In a culture where the supernatural possessed an immediacy now strange to us, magic was of great importance both in the literary mythic tradition and in ritual practice. In this book, Daniel Ogden presents 300 texts in new translations, along with brief but explicit commentaries. Authors include the well known (Sophocles, Herodotus, Plato, Aristotle, Virgil, Pliny) and the less familiar, and extend across the whole of Graeco-Roman antiquity.

Religious Context of Early Christianity

A Guide To Graeco-Roman Religions

Author: Hans-Josef Klauck

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Religion

Page: 544

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This is a uniquely well-informed and comprehensive guide to the world of religion in the Graeco-Roman environment of early Christianity. Drawing on the most up-to-date scholarship, the volume paints a carefully nuanced portrait of the Christians' religious context. Besides describing ordinary domestic and civic religion and popular belief (including astrology, divination and 'magic'), there is extended discussion of mystery cults, ruler and emperor cults, the religious dimensions of philosophy, and Gnosticism. A valuable textbook for advanced students, as well as an authoritative reference work for scholars.

Attis, Between Myth and History

King, Priest, and God

Author: Maria Grazia Lancellotti

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 207

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This volume deals with the figure of Attis and aims to reconsider the mythical and cultic information about this character, studying the processes of "construction" and "reconstruction" that contributed to the moulding of the different forms of Attis that developed as a result of various demands within different (Anatolian, Greek, Roman) cultures.

The Supreme Gods of the Bosporan Kingdom

Celestial Aphrodite and the Most High God

Author: Yulia Ustinova

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 371

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The first systematic study of the religion of the Bosporan Kingdom. It examines the cults of Celestial Aphrodite and the Most High God, viewing them as a blend of Greek and indigenous Iranian traditions.

In Search of the Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Traditional Tales of Lucian's Lover of Lies

Author: Daniel Ogden

Publisher: Classical Pressof Wales


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 310

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In Search of the Sorcerer's Apprentice is the first book in English to be devoted to Lucian's Philopseudes or Lover of Lies (ca. 170s AD). It comprises an extensive discussion, with full translation, on this engaging and satirical Greek text with its ten tales of magic and ghosts. One of these is the famous story of The Sorcerer's Apprentice , and this conveys the flavour of the rest. In other tales a plague of snakes is blasted with a miraculous scorching breath, a woman is drawn to her admirer by an animated cupid doll, and a haunted house is cleansed of its monstrous ghost. The Philopseudes stands at the intersection of three of the liveliest fields in the study of antiquity: magic, traditional narratives, and the Lucianic oeuvre itself. Ogden's cross-fertilising expertise in all three of these fields enables him to build sophisticated analyses for each of the tales and to place them sensitively in their historical, cultural and literary contexts. Among the themes of the work are Lucian's methods of adapting motifs from traditional narratives, and the text's overlooked Cynic voice.

Night's Black Agents

Witches, Wizards and the Dead in the Ancient World

Author: Daniel Ogden



Category: Greek literature

Page: 230

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Practitioners of the Divine

Greek Priests and Religious Officials from Homer to Heliodorus

Author: Beate Dignas

Publisher: Harvard Univ Center for Hellenic


Category: History

Page: 285

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“What is a Greek priest?” The volume, which has its origins in a symposium held at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C., focuses on the question through a variety of lenses: the visual representation of cult personnel, priests as ritual experts, variations of priesthood, ideal concepts and their transformation, and the role of manteis. Each chapter looks at how priests and religious officials used a potential authority to promote themselves and their posts, how they played a role in conserving, shaping and reviving cult activity, how they acted behind the curtain of polis institutions, and how they performed as mediators between men and gods. It becomes clear that Greek priests had many faces, and that the factors that determined their roles and activities are political as well as historical, religious as well as economic, idealistic as well as pragmatic, personal as well as communal.