Acing Tort Law

A Checklist Approach to Tort Law

Author: Shubha Ghosh

Publisher: West a Thomson Reuters Business

ISBN: 9780314279972

Category: Law

Page: 240

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This study aid features an innovative method of content organization. It uses a checklist format to lead students through questions they need to ask to fully evaluate the legal problem they are trying to solve. It also synthesizes the material in a way that most students are unable to do on their own, and assembles the different issues, presenting a clear guide to procedural analysis that students can draw upon when writing their exams. Other study aids provide sample problems, but none offers the systematic approach to problem solving found in this book combined with concise analytical summaries of the leading issues in law.

Tort Law

Author: Nicholas J. McBride,Roderick Bagshaw

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780273686781

Category: Law

Page: 820

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This bookprovides readers with an extremely lucid, intelligent and lively overview of the entire law of tort. The rules and principles making up this area of the law are clearly set out and brought to life by considering how they apply in concrete situations. At the same time, key issues in the law of tort (such as, among many others, the scope of public authority liability in negligence, the effect of the law of defamation on freedom of speech, the scope and rationale of vicarious liability, and the scope of liability under the Consumer Protection Act 1987) are critically discussed in great detail.

Basic Tort Law

Cases, Statutes, and Problems

Author: Arthur Best,David W. Barnes

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 0735563152

Category: Law

Page: 894

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Basic Tort Law: Cases, Statutes, and Problems, Second Edition, written by authors who bring years of experience teaching and writing about torts to the task, is concise, accessible, and employs a well-articulated and class-tested pedagogy. A torts book that doesnt hide the ball from students, both students and teachers will find it user-friendly. The new edition of this casebook retains the features that made it a success: clear, direct text introduces cases and explains important concepts a balance of modern and classic torts cases, including Vaughan v. Menlove (on standard of care), Vincent v. Lake Erie Transportation Co. (on doctrine of incomplete privilege), Greenman v. Yuba Power (on product liability) appealing, memorable problems based on actual reported cases that reinforce understanding and build analytical skills contemporary conception and content with the most current thinking on key issues ample background information that places cases and statutes in context varied note materials -- introductory and transitional notes that encourage close attention to cases and perspective notes that explore a range of viewpoints on tort law a comprehensive Teachers Manual that includes sample syllabi and guidance for structuring 4- and 6-credit courses, detailed suggestions for presenting and preparing cases and materials for class, and answers and analysis to all problems and questions raised in the book The second edition of this popular casebook provides updated material throughout the text illuminates the procedural posture of every case refreshes and updates case selection in a number of chapters, including those for standards of care, statutory violation, multiple sufficient causes, foreseeability as a proximate cause test, substantial factor as a proximate cause test, assumption of risk, and defamation supplies reworked notes and introductory sections, particularly for res ipsa loquitur, duty, and professional standard of care

Tort Law: Challenging Orthodoxy

Author: Stephen G A Pitel,Jason W Neyers,Erika Chamberlain

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1782252495

Category: Law

Page: 516

View: 3426

In this book leading scholars from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia challenge established common law rules and suggest new approaches to both old and emerging problems in tort law. Some of the chapters consider broad issues such as the importance of flexibility over certainty in tort law, connections between tort law and human flourishing and the indirect effects of changes in tort law. Other chapters engage more specific topics including the role of vindication in tort law, the relationship between criminal law and tort law, the use of epidemiological evidence in analysing causation, accessory liability in tort law, the role of malice in intentional torts and the role of statutes in tort law. They propose new approaches to contributory negligence, emotional distress, loss of a chance, damages for nuisance, the tort of conspiracy and vicarious liability. The chapters in this book were originally presented at the Sixth Biennial Conference on the Law of Obligations at Western University in London, Ontario in July 2012. They will be highly useful to lawyers, judges and scholars across the common law world.

Tort Law

Author: Ernest J. Weinrib

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351760769

Category: Social Science

Page: 586

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This title was first published in 2002. The first series of The International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory has established itself as a major research resource. The rapid growth of theoretically interesting scholarly work in law has increased a demand for a Second Series which includes significant recent work and also gives an opportunity to include additional areas of law. The new series follows the successful pattern established in the first of reproducing entire essays with the original page numbers as an aid to comprehensive research and accurate referencing. Volume editors have selected not only the most influential essays but those which they consider will be of greatest continuing importance. Each volume has an introduction which explains the context and the significance of the essays chosen.

Tort Law: Text and Materials

Author: Mark Lunney,Ken Oliphant

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199655383

Category: Law

Page: 980

View: 9570

The fifth edition of Lunney and Oliphant's market-leading tort law text provides a complete, authoritative guide to the subject. The book combines clear overviews of the law with well-chosen extracts from cases and materials supported by insightful commentary.

Tort Law

Author: Marshall Cavendish Corporation,Routledge Cavendish

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781845680152

Category: Law

Page: 148

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Cavendish lawcards are complete pocket sized guides to the key examinable areas of law. Their concise text, user-friendly layout and compact format makes them the ideal revision aid for identifying, understanding and memorizing the vital aspects of each area of law. Important features of the new edtion include: New four colour text design for easier navigation throughout each book Colour coded highlighting of cases and legislation Diagrams and flowcharts Bullet points of crucial information

Justice, Rights, and Tort Law

Author: M.E. Bayles,Bruce Chapman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400972032

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

View: 9882

The essays in this volume are the result of a project on Values in Tort Law directed by the Westminster Institute for Ethics and Human Values. We are indebted to the Board of Westminster Col lege for its financial support. The project involved two meetings of a mixed group of lawyers and philosophers to discuss drafts of papers and general issues in tort law. Beyond the principal researchers, whose papers appear here, we are grateful to John Bargo, Dick Bronaugh, Craig Brown, Earl Cherniak, Bruce Feldthusen, Barry Hoffmaster and Steve Sharzer for their helpful discussion, and to Nancy Margolis for copy editing. All of these papers except one have appeared before in the journal Law and Philosophy (Vol. 1 No.3, December 1982 and Vol. 2 No.1, Apri11983). Chapman's paper which was previously published in The University of Western Ontario Law Review (Vol. 20 No.1, 1982) appears here with permission. Westminster Institute for Ethics and Human Values, M.D.B. Westminster College, London, Canada B.C. vii INTRODUCTION The law of torts is society's primary mechanism for resolving disputes arising from personal injury and property damage.

Unification of Tort Law


Author: W. H. van Boom

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 904112098X

Category: Law

Page: 391

View: 8535

Covers various European countries, Israel, South Africa, and the United States.

Tort Law

Text and Materials

Author: Mark Lunney,Ken Oliphant

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199211364

Category: Law

Page: 993

View: 2550

Tort Law: Text and Materials combines the best features of a stand-alone textbook with those of a traditional materials volume. Detailed introductions develop the authoritative commentary, and set the materials in context.

Unification of Tort Law

Contributory Negligence

Author: Ulrich Magnus,W. H. van Boom

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9041122206

Category: Law

Page: 300

View: 4088

The European Group on Tort Law aims for the formulation of common European principles on tort law. Towards that end they have undertaken a comparative examination of tort law in Europe and elsewhere. This is the eighth volume to result from their researches, concentrating on the issue of "contributory negligence." The legal principles of contributo

Tort Law Directions

Author: Vera Bermingham,Carol Brennan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 019968989X

Category: Law

Page: 350

View: 5964

The book includes a range of learning features to help guide and support students through the material in an interesting and engaging way. Questions, summaries, and thinking points encourage active learning, and enable students to check their understanding of the subject as they progress through the course. These learning features and the clear writing style ensure that students can also benefit from the arguments developed throughout the chapters, and from someintroductory academic debates.

Schau heimwärts, Engel

eine Geschichte vom begrabenen Leben ; Roman

Author: Thomas Wolfe

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442742554


Page: 781

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Die Schock-Strategie

Der Aufstieg des Katastrophen-Kapitalismus

Author: Naomi Klein

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104907269

Category: History

Page: 768

View: 7812

Erst Schock durch Krieg oder Katastrophe, dann der sogenannte Wiederaufbau: Es funktioniert immer nach den gleichen Mechanismen. Wo vor dem Tsunami Fischer ihren Lebensunterhalt verdienten, stehen heute luxuriöse Hotelresorts, im Irak wurden nach dem Krieg die Staatsbetriebe und die Ölwirtschaft neu verteilt - an westliche Konzerne. Existenzen werden vernichtet, es herrscht Wild-West-Kapitalismus der reinsten Sorte. Naomi Klein, Autorin des Welt-Bestsellers ›No Logo‹, weist in ihrem beeindruckenden Buch nach, wie der Siegeszug der neoliberalen Ideologie in den letzten dreißig Jahren auf extremer Gewalt, auf Katastrophen und sogar auf Folter beruht, um die ungezügelte Marktwirtschaft rund um die Welt von Lateinamerika über Osteuropa und Russland bis nach Südafrika und in den Irak durchzusetzen.

Cases and Materials on the Law of Torts + Casebookplus

Author: Harry Shulman,Fleming James, Jr.,Donald Gifford,Oscar Gray

Publisher: Foundation Press

ISBN: 9781634609456


Page: 277

View: 9479

As a part of our CasebookPlus offering, you'll receive the print book along with lifetime digital access to the eBook. Additionally you'll receive 12-month online access to the Learning Library which includes quizzes tied specifically to your book, an outline starter and digital access to leading study aids in that subject and the Gilbert® Law Dictionary. The study aids included are Torts in a Nutshell, Acing Tort Law and Exam Pro on Torts. The redemption code will be shipped to you with the book. For more than seventy years, leading torts scholars at the Yale Law School and elsewhere have used this casebook. It unconventionally begins with strict liability. A recent study published by the Arizona State Law Journal shows that this sequence results in students experiencing a greater appreciation of "the judge's role as being influenced by social, economic, and ideological factors and a sense of fairness and less as a process of rule application than do students who begin their study with either intentional torts or negligence." The Sixth Edition is more accessible to students because of substantially expanded textual explanations and more tightly edited opinions. Updates include frequent discussions of Restatement (Third) provisions and a significant number of recently decided cases including several from the Supreme Court addressing products preemption, displacement in climate change litigation, and First Amendment limits on liability for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Comprehensive Changes A new appendix to the casebook, "The Litigation Process," facilitates the student's introduction to the torts litigation process. Relevant provisions of the recently adopted Restatement (Third) of Torts are quoted throughout the text. The Sixth Edition adds an unusual number of recently decided cases, including several from the Supreme Court of the United States addressing issues such as preemption, displacement in climate change litigation, and First Amendment limits on the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress. The amount of textual explanation in introductions and in notes has been greatly expanded to facilitate the student's understanding. In addition, the enhanced notes often ask students to consider newly added questions as they read the opinions and prepare for classroom discussion. The excerpted opinions are more tightly edited. The chapter in the previous edition that addressed damages has been split into two chapters, one covering "Damages" and the other, "Other Limitations on Liability Based on Type of Harm."

Haltung zeigen!

Author: Anja Reschke

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644405662

Category: Political Science

Page: 96

View: 3767

Haltung ist wieder ein öffentliches Thema, es wird danach gefragt, gar gerufen. Offenbar fehlt es daran. Menschen, die Haltung zeigen, Journalisten, Politiker, Whistleblower, werden dafür gelobt und geliked. Oder je nach dem auch angefeindet. Aber was ist das eigentlich: Haltung? Seit Anja Reschke immer wieder attestiert wird, Haltung zu zeigen, denkt sie darüber nach. In diesem Buch gibt sie Denkanstöße und auch ganz persönliche Antworten: über den Zusammenhang von äußerer und innerer Haltung, den Unterschied von Haltung, Meinung und Starrsinn, die persönliche und gesellschaftliche Bedeutung von Haltung, ob Journalisten Haltung zeigen sollen und darüber, was Haltung mit Mut zu tun hat. Ein Thema, das uns alle angeht.

Common law

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783428121519

Category: Common law

Page: 423

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