A Family Secret

Author: Harry Brooks

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 472

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A Family Secret is a fast moving novel that takes the reader from the streets of South Philly to the backroom gambling joints of Atlantic City in the early forties to the most Mafia-infested, politically corrupt city in the world Las Vegas. It is the story of two half brothers who each follow different career paths. One becomes a successful Las Vegas casino owner, while the other ends up in the Mafia. The author's use of sharp "street" dialogue makes the characters as real as a "royal flush." A Family Secret is a gritty sometime humorous story that keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. You will meet all kinds of interesting characters in the book. People like Fat Lenny, Little Pussey and Eddie "the hat" Weisberg, who is more like somebody's old grandfather than a "Jewish Gangster." The main character, Goldy, is the essence of every young man's dream. Handsome, rich and as cool as a winter night. And Bobby Cippolini, Goldy's half brother, a careless, cocky young Italian who answers only to the face he sees in the mirror. A Family Secret is a story about people as much as it is about gambling and the mob. It is a beguiling and sometime witty love story that keeps the reader in suspense until the very end. R E V I E W S! on Amazon.com Absolutely outstanding book! I found myself immersed in the characters' lives because of the author's incredible attention to detail. The characters were very well developed and it incorporated aspects of business, the underworld, and family in a realistic portrayal of Mafia life. The plot kept me guessing... I couldn't put it down! Very highly recommended as it is now one of my favorite books! - Stephanie Cohrac (Grand Rapids, MI) This book was one of a kind. A real pageturner!! It really paints a perfect picture on how life really was back then. A must read!! - A big fan, Jason Nissan The story takes you through a realistic portrayal of what it was like to be a wise guy in South Philly. The story flows well and the characters are well developed to give the reader a visualization of the story. The author is currently unknown, but won't be after people get a copy of this book. A must read! - Daniel Halpern (State College, PA) I was pleased to read a story that was true to life.No phony characters or make-belive ":wise guys".The author knew what he was doing A great read.Can see this as a movie. - Florida Mike "Mike the Man" (Florida)

Echo of a Family Secret

Author: Michael E. Gibson

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: History

Page: 92

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In 1886, Peter Higgins was murdered in Antrim County, Michigan. No information about Peter and what happened to him was ever mentioned by family members. This is the true story of how one descendant uncovered the murder and pieced together the shocking details of that fateful event.

A Family Secret (Psuedo Incest, Threesome, Breeding)

Author: Tori Westwood

Publisher: Tori Westwood


Category: Fiction

Page: 213

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For years, Bella's never felt like she quite belonged in her family. Her Mother and Step-Daddy love her like nothing else, yet still, she cannot pin-point a source or explanation for her feelings. A sordid, accidental encounter with her Step-Daddy kick-starts a series of events that explain who Bella really is, and exactly why she feels the way she does. A desperate plea from her Mommy pushes the whole family closer together in unimaginable ways as each gives way to temptation, lust and love as they strive to stick together in spite of Bella's shocking realization. Warning: This 6,000+ word story contains explicit scenes of psuedo-incest, a hot Mommy-Daddy-Daughter threesome and steamy depictions of breeding. A story you won't soon forget. Strictly Adults Only. -Read An Excerpt- "Can I see it again, Daddy?" I asked, sat on the edge of the bed, hands on my knees, braced to sample the view once more and unable to contain my excitement. He opened his towel at the back and stretched it across his midriff, teasing me and enjoying it too by the looks of it. I was so excited I was almost wriggling as he pulled the towel taut to his waist, running it left and right across the outline of his fat cock and watching my face fill with glee. Then slowly he dragged it down himself, revealing his short pubic hair and then the beginnings of his thick shaft, looking wider now and strained downwards. I swallowed nervously as his cock sprang free, hungry for it and salivating as I watched him grip it in his hand whilst the towel dropped to the floor, pumping slowly along his length. I opened my legs and continued where I'd left off, circling my finger over my stiff clit and gazing at my Step-Daddy's big cock. We stayed a little away from each other at first, as if silently confirming that this was as risqué as we were going to get. I'd watch my Daddy's stiff cock as he worked it and he'd stare as I coaxed the juices out of my pussy and that would be that. Pretty soon though, we both realized mutual masturbation would not quench our thirst for each other. It simply wasn't enough. It was like staring at a dessert: After a while, you begin to wonder what it tastes like. My Daddy approached me as I sat on the bed, pumping his cock as he walked purposefully towards me. When he was close enough, I took my hand from my moist groove and wrapped it around his length, feeling the hot flesh in my midst for the first time and marveling at it as I held it close to my face.

The Family Secret

Becoming A Riccardi, #2

Author: Jamila Jasper

Publisher: Jamila Jasper


Category: Fiction


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Eve never thought she'd fall for a guy in the mafia. But she did -- and now they have a beautiful baby boy. A tragic event devastates their family. For their love to survive, Eve and Nico will have to fight against something bigger than both of them. ...And more importantly, they'll have to save their son's life. This BWWM novel is an extra-steamy read. Book #1: Mad Mafia Love Book #2: You are here! Book #3: Out Of Bondage

A Family Secret

Author: Josephine Cox




Page: 352

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The new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Josephine Cox - the master storyteller.

Annie's Ghosts

A Journey Into a Family Secret

Author: Steve Luxenberg

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Psychology

Page: 432

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The Great Michigan Read 2013-14 Michigan Notable Book for 2010 A Washington Post Book World's "Best Books of 2009," Memoir Beth Luxenberg was an only child. Or so everyone thought. Six months after Beth's death, her secret emerged. It had a name: Annie. Steve Luxenberg's mother always told people she was an only child. It was a fact that he'd grown up with, along with the information that some of his relatives were Holocaust survivors. However, when his mother was dying, she casually mentioned that she had had a sister she'd barely known, who early in life had been put into a mental institution. Luxenberg began his researches after his mother's death, discovering the startling fact that his mother had grown up in the same house with this sister, Annie, until her parents sent Annie away to the local psychiatric hospital at the age of 23. Annie would spend the rest of her life shut away in a mental institution, while the family erased any hints that she had ever existed. Through interviews and investigative journalism, Luxenberg teases out her story from the web of shame and half-truths that had hidden it. He also explores the social history of institutions such as Eloise in Detroit, where Annie lived, and the fact that in this era (the 40s and 50s), locking up a troubled relative who suffered from depression or other treatable problems was much more common than anyone realizes today.

The Scholar Gypsy

The Quest for a Family Secret

Author: Anthony Sampson

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Reference

Page: 230

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As a child, Anthony Sampson was haunted by a family skeleton. He knew his grandfather John Sampson had been an authority on the gypsies. They had called him the Rai - the Master - and had flocked to his magnificent funeral on a Welsh mountain. But of his grandfather's private life he was told nothing, nor of the mysterious aunt who joined the family after his death. In fact only sixty years later did the truth begin to emerge. This book follows a trail of clues to uncover an extraordinary hidden life and a gypsy world now disappeared. John Sampson was a brilliant philologist who, happening to encounter a gypsy tribe in North Wales, compiled over thirty years a dictionary of the Romani language that remains the standard work. But he also became a Bohemian himself, a bigamist and the father of a child who was brought up secretly and who would in turn become a remarkable scholar. Using intimate letters, bawdy rhymes and wonderful illustrations- including many by Augustus John who was part of the circle - Anthony Sampson brings to life a group of scholars, writers and painters who escaped Victorian convention to pursue an alternative life in the Welsh hills. The Scholar Gypsy is both a detective story and a moving voyage of discovery. Ranging through finely observed contrasts and connections it illuminates many lesser-known aspects of Victorian and Edwardian Britain and vividly conveys the spell that gypsies cast on the imagination of artists and writers, and the fear that they arouse among the conventional.