Penguin Rescue

Author: Clare Hibbert

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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African penguins, also known as black-footed penguins, are a species of seabird that many dedicated people are working to protect. Readers are introduced to one of the leading penguin-protecting organizations in South Africa: the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. As they learn about the work this organization does to rescue and care for penguins, they learn fascinating facts about penguins through engaging text and fact boxes. Full-color photographs of penguins and the workers who care for them allow readers to see for themselves how much work goes into protecting penguins.

100 Facts on Penguins

Author: Camilla De la Bédoyère

Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing


Category: Penguins

Page: 48

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100 Facts Penguins is bursting with incredible images, fun activities and exactly 100 awesome facts. Children will learn everything they need to know about these fascinating birds. 100 Facts Penguins includes key topics about the icy world of penguins in easily-digestible, numbered facts. Every page is covered in amazing illustrations and photographs that clarify difficult points for children. This interesting penguin book for children aged 6+ is perfect for the classroom and home. Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Penguins: The whole family from the smallest species to the Emperor penguin Living in temperatures below zero Penguin predators and human contact in Antarctica Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: Penguins have excellent vision and can swim to depths where there is little or no light. Adelie penguin parents sometimes have to travel up to 120 kilometres in search of food to feed their chicks. A male Emperor penguin goes without food for up to 115 days while it courts, mates, incubates its egg and looks after its chick. During this time it can lose up to one-third of its body weight! Activities to make learning accessible and interactive include: Quiz question: Skuas eat penguin eggs. True or false? Penguins can't fly, but many other unusual animals can. Do some research to find out more about this list Quiz question: Where do Yellow-eyed penguins live? Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere Consultant: Steve Parker Pages: 48 Age: 6+ Dimensions: 9 X 12 Format: Paperback with holographic foil ISBN: 9781848101036

100 Facts About Pandas

Author: David O'Doherty

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Humor

Page: 208

View: 614

Pandas are irresistible and people think they know a lot about them. But only the true panda expert knows: -The age of a panda can be determined by measuring the distance between its nipples -In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the panda symbol means "notwithstanding" -Prince's song "Purple Rain" was inspired by the mixed emotions he feels about pandas Smart, funny, and chock-full of panda pictures, 100 Facts About Pandas will astonish and entertain both animal lovers and everyone who laughed their way through The Book of Bunny Suicides and F U, Penguin.

A Rookery of Penguins and Other Bird Groups

Author: Jilly Hunt

Publisher: Raintree


Category: Bird communities

Page: 48

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Different animals live together in different ways. In this book, readers find out how penguins form rookeries and work together to find food and raise young. The book also explores how other birds, such as puffins and social weavers, live in groups.

The Puffin Book of 1000 Fun Facts

Author: Puffin Books

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 152

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Discover some fascinating trivia in this compilation of 1000 fun facts from the worlds of science, literature, history, entertainment and more. This book reveals facts you may never have heard of before such as: which is the most ‘stolen’ book in the world, how can one marry a dead person, and how did the word ‘dude’ originate?

The Penguin Book of Facts

Author: David Crystal

Publisher: Penguin Books


Category: Almanacs

Page: 939

View: 647

Penguin's bestselling Penguin Book of Facts is the most comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date general fact book available. Organized in thematic sections that cover topics as diverse as science and technology, sport and culture, religion and mythology, it is easy to navigate and great value for money. The first edition has sold almost 15,000 copies and has proved a huge hit, especially among crossword solvers, students and editors. An essential desk reference.

My First Book about Penguins - Amazing Animal Books - Children's Picture Books

Author: Molly Davidson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 62

View: 463

Table of Contents Introduction About Penguins Penguins' Feathers How Penguins Hunt For Food Why Preening is Important Caring For Their Young Penguin Groups Emperor Penguins King Penguin Gentoo Penguins Adelie Penguin Chinstrap Penguins Rockhopper Erect Crested Penguins Fiordland Penguins Macaroni Penguins Royal Penguin Snares Penguins Humboldt Penguins African Penguins Magellanic Penguins Galapagos Penguins Yellow-eyed Penguins Fairy Penguin Fun Facts About Penguins Read More Amazing Animal Books Publisher Introduction Not all penguins are black and white. Some penguins weigh 100 pounds, others weigh only 2 pounds. All penguins are unable to fly."

100 Birds and How They Got Their Names

Author: Diana Wells

Publisher: Algonquin Books


Category: Nature

Page: 320

View: 951

How did cranes come to symbolize matrimonial happiness? Why were magpies the only creatures that would not go inside Noah's Ark? Birds and bird imagery are integral parts of our language and culture. With her remarkable ability to dig up curious and captivating facts, Diana Wells hatches a treat for active birders and armchair enthusiasts alike. Meet the intrepid adventurers and naturalists who risked their lives to describe and name new birds. Learn the mythical stories of the gods and goddess associated with bird names. Explore the avian emblems used by our greatest writers--from Coleridge's albatross in "The Ancient Mariner" to Poe's raven. A sampling of the bird lore you'll find inside: Benjamin Franklin didn't want the bald eagle on our National Seal because of its "bad moral character," (it steals from other birds); he lobbied for the turkey instead. Chaffinches, whose Latin name means "unmarried," are called "bachelor birds" because they congregate in flocks of one gender. Since mockingbirds mimic speech, some Native American tribes fed mockingbird hearts to their children, believing it helped them learn language. A group of starlings is called a murmuration because they chatter so when they roost in the thousands. Organized alphabetically, each of these bird tales is accompanied by a two-color line drawing. Dip into 100 Birds and you'll never look at a sparrow, an ostrich, or a wren in quite the same way.

100 Voices

An Oral History of Ayn Rand

Author: Scott McConnell

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 656

View: 598

An extensive collection of never-before-published interviews reflecting on Ayn Rand's life and character. Drawing on 100 never-before-published interviews, Scott McConnell presents a unique portrait of a larger-than-life literary giant and a fascinating individual, Ayn Rand. Focusing on the private Rand, McConnell talked to the author's family, friends, fans, and associates, as well as Hollywood stars, university professors, fiction writers, and many more. Arranged in chronological order, these interviews cover a broad range of years, contexts, relationships, and observations on one of the most influential- and controversial-figures of the twentieth century. From Ayn Rand's youngest sister to the woman who inspired the character of Peter Keating in The Fountainhead, the subjects interviewed offer fresh, sometimes surprisingly candid, affectionate, and intriguing insights into a complex and remarkable writer, philosopher, and human being.

Know about Dinosaurs

100 Amazing & Interesting Fun Facts with Pictures: "never Known Before" Dinosaurs Facts

Author: Bandana Ojha




Page: 36

View: 909

Filled with up-to-date information, color photos, fascinating & fun facts this book " Know About Dinosaurs: Amazing & Interesting Facts with Pictures" is the best book for kids to find out more about the incredible Creatures Dinosaurs. This book would satisfy the children's curiosity and help them to understand why Dinos are special. This book gives a story, history, detailed science, explores the interesting and amazing fun facts about different species of dinosaurs. It's a fun and fascinating way for young readers to find out more about the world's largest, heaviest, fastest, longest, smallest, smartest, toothiest - bits of information which can touch the kid's inquisitive mind. With its awesome facts and action-packed images, this book brings kids close to the lives of Dinosaurs and how they got extinct. This is a great chance for every kid to expand their knowledge about Dinosaurs and impress family and friends with all "discovered and never known before" fun filled facts.Check out our other kids' books series (1-10) - Dolphin Facts, Whale Facts, Penguin Facts, Kangaroos Facts, Shark Facts and many more.