10 Simple Tricks of Mental Math

Author: Reuven Rosenfeld

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Mathematics

Page: 26

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I believe everyone can learn mental math. In this short book, I am going to share 10 simple rules on how mental math works in practice. Unlike many other books, I will not burden you with tons of exercises. Rather I will give you several tricks you can use right there. For some tricks, I will teach you method that you can calculate quickly. In computer science, those are called the “algorithm”. e.g. Trick 1 “Squares of number ended with 5” gives you an impressive party trick such that you can calculate the squares of two or even three digit number instantly. In some cases, I tell you the principles of mental math. Why sometimes certain rules take a long time to execute. e.g. Trick 5 “Always working out the largest digit first in addition”. This allows you to call of or understand seemingly “smart” mental mather. The truth, not many of them are that smart once you understand their trick. In any case, sit back and I hope you enjoy.

Secrets of Mental Math

The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

Author: Arthur Benjamin

Publisher: Three Rivers Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 224

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These simple math secrets and tricks will forever change how you look at the world of numbers. Secrets of Mental Math will have you thinking like a math genius in no time. Get ready to amaze your friends—and yourself—with incredible calculations you never thought you could master, as renowned “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin shares his techniques for lightning-quick calculations and amazing number tricks. This book will teach you to do math in your head faster than you ever thought possible, dramatically improve your memory for numbers, and—maybe for the first time—make mathematics fun. Yes, even you can learn to do seemingly complex equations in your head; all you need to learn are a few tricks. You’ll be able to quickly multiply and divide triple digits, compute with fractions, and determine squares, cubes, and roots without blinking an eye. No matter what your age or current math ability, Secrets of Mental Math will allow you to perform fantastic feats of the mind effortlessly. This is the math they never taught you in school.

From the Heart of a Teacher

Blurring Color Lines

Author: Diana Hilton

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Education

Page: 152

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This book is an account of a school year in the life of an inner city teacher. It is a healthy look at schools, teaching methods, and successful ideas to incorporate into the classroom. These methods were formed over many years by observing, teaching, loving and improving the lives of children. Experience in the inner city is the setting of this book, however, the events chronicled in its pages happened compositely throughout the authors career. It is fiction based on real life happenings. All accounts are typical of her teaching style and the successful methods she presents. Many of the techniques she employs are innovative, unusual, and encouraging. It will motivate and excite the reader, as well as engage them in an interesting account of a school year in an area where poverty is prevalent and children are very needy. The school room is a place where children grow and change and become delighted with learning. Without a doubt this book will instill a desire for everyone to really examine how they can effect the lives of all of the children in which they come in contact. Above all it is a good story about children and their lives and the problems that can so often alter their road to success. The seeds of a life of crime can begin in grade school and society should guard and defend all of the ideals that form its citizens. The story highlights research to back the many methods she has found successful over time and makes the book especially significant for President Obama's "Race to the Top!" Agenda.

The Mental Math Magician

Underground Secrets and Tricks to Amazing Lightning Speed Math and Becoming a Real Life Human Calculator

Author: Hugo Briggs

Publisher: R & C Publishing via PublishDrive


Category: Education

Page: 100

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Have you ever wondered how those freaks of nature known as Human Calculators do what they do? How they're able to solve seemingly impossible math problems in their head in mere seconds? Well there is a method to their madness! And in this book, I am going to spill all the beans... From accurately determining the tip on your restaurant bill to considering how much interest you are going to end up paying if you refinance your mortgage, there are plenty of common math problems that you likely run into every day that send you sheepishly scurrying for a calculator. If you are interested in solving these problems, and many more just like them, in the blink of an eye using nothing but your wits and saving yourself countless hours in the long run, then "The Mental Math Magician" is the book you have been waiting for. Inside you will find a detailed breakdown of many of the equations, tips, and tricks that the world's best mathematicians use to compute impossibly complicated calculations using nothing more than their mental might. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and all else will fall before your startling brain power thanks in large part to a variety of easy to memorize equations and simple strategies that you can use to untangle large numbers all in your mind. So, what are you waiting for? Don't struggle under the tyranny of a calculator any longer, and buy this book today! Here is a short preview of some of the things you will find in this book: - Mental Math tricks and how to simplify Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division - How to do common conversions from everything from miles to kilometers to Fahrenheit to Celsius and everything in between - The power of rounding and estimating - Simplifying squares, roots and cubes - Mental math tricks to impress your friends (my favorite chapter!) - Easy and impressive ways to read the minds of anyone you meet - And much, much more… Don't wait any longer, and see what the Mental Math Magician is all about!

151 Rapid Math Tricks

Become a Mathemagician

Author: Shibu C P

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Mathematics

Page: 257

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Is it possible to multiply 897589798678 x 999999999999 or divide 889576/ 9999 in less than 10 seconds? Get ready to amaze your friends, teachers, family and society with 151 mind – blowing and lightning speed calculating math tricks and world's fastest mental calculating techniques. The tricks using in this book are easier and faster; sometimes even faster than the computer, often in a matter of seconds. . This book is fully packed with fascinating short cuts, tips and tricks by using the techniques of Vedic maths and speed math that will make you a mathematical wizard in future. In 151 Rapid Math Tricks, Become a Mathemagician, you will learn How to multiply faster than a calculator? How to find square root and cube root in less than 10 seconds? How to solve percentages mentally? How to calculate 3 x 3 digits and 4 x 4 digits multiplication in single line? How to square numbers in seconds? How to square numbers up to 100? How to divide numbers in your mind? How to subtract without borrowing etc..? Each trick elucidates how to calculate problems imminently with examples of over 500 solved problems in simple language. This book is very ideal for students, teachers, people from all walks of life and those preparing for competitive exams like MBA, MCA, GRE, GMAT, SSC, PSC, BANKING etc can make use of it.

Up Your Score: SAT, 2018-2019 Edition

The Underground Guide to Outsmarting "The Test"

Author: Larry Berger

Publisher: Workman Publishing


Category: Study Aids

Page: 336

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Thoroughly revised for the revamped SAT, Up Your Score: SAT is the only test-prep guide written for students by students—all of whom achieved perfect or near-perfect scores and went on to the colleges of their choice. A complement and reality check to the mainstream SAT study guides, it’s the book that kids recommend to one another, because it’s as entertaining as it is effective, showing students how to: • Think like the SAT • Ramp up their “mental math” powers • Remember the 12 most important grammar rules • Hone speed and timing • Understand key vocabulary words in context • Be a better guesser (and why it’s always better to guess) • Vanquish anxiety and improve concentration • Best fill in the answer circles, saving nearly six minutes • Unwind with SAT Yoga

Magical Book For Fast Track Mental Maths

A Vedic Maths Book

Author: MP Gurav

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 124

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How Vedic Maths Can Help You Crack Competitive Examinations: Practice makes man perfect, and to learn Mathematics, one needs continuous practice to master the required skills. Mathematics is useful for each & every Individual in day-to-day life. Fast calculation skills have played a vital role in Maths. Mental vigilance and logical efficiency are highly required to solve the Numerical Ability Section of any competitive exam. Rather than using traditional methods for solving sums, we can use tips and tricks included in Vedic Maths is a simple system of Mathematics. It is very effective and at the same time it is easy to learn. One can do calculations much faster with Vedic Maths than with the conventional method taught in schools. This book will assist you in your pursuit of superior mathematical abilities. The essential features of this book are: (A) When you solve the whole book it teaches the right approach of dealing with similar questions as well as each and every new rule and trick. (B) All types of basic mathematical questions based on the Tricky Approach. (C) New techniques and fast track methods even for basic mathematical operations such as addition and multiplication. (D) Basic rules at the beginning of each chapter, followed by illustrative examples to explain the essence of each topic.

Self-working Card Tricks

72 Foolproof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician

Author: Karl Fulves

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Games

Page: 113

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72 spectacular and entertaining tricks: card locations, coincidence tricks, mental magic with cards, tricks with double endings, tricks with two decks, predictions, tricks with borrowed decks, trick poker deals. Easy-to-learn, clearly illustrated, these tricks produce spectacular effects with a minimum of practice. 42 illustrations.

Math for Humans

Teaching Math Through 8 Intelligences

Author: H. Mark Wahl

Publisher: Livnlern Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 256

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